Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spirits Want Your Attention

It was another beautiful day, as are most in the Sunshine State.  I was working feverishly on my computer at my desk in the living room. I had been working at home for about 5 years at this time.
I had been busy all morning and was thinking I might take a break. I kept pushing myself to finish what I was working on today so I could just get it over with. I was so focused I just had to press on. You know how it is when you just have so  much on your plate you feel as if you have to catch up before more work comes your way.
All of a sudden I heard a huge crash in the kitchen! It was so loud! I thought immediately what could that be? Geeze did the ceiling cave in? I didn't have anything in there that could fall and make all that noise! It sounded as if every pot and pan I owned in the kitchen was dropped on the tile floor.
I quickly threw my chair back from the desk, got up and went into the kitchen. My mind was racing the whole time, I was headed to the kitchen, "what was that"? What could make such a racket? 
I thought to myself, surely the tile floor will be all cracked from that loud bang!
I stood in the doorway to the kitchen and 
 looked on the floor to see what had fallen, and to my utter surprise the floor was completely clean, nothing was on it all, nothing had fallen! There was nothing at all on that floor, how is that possible? Nothing seemed out of place, It was as I had left it after breakfast. Clean! I stood there for a moment and thought about what could have made all that ruckus? Where did that loud pot and pan crash sound come from? My pots and pans were all in large drawers. Stacked nicely into each other. So I opened them one by one to see if something had shifted in them, only to find they were all stacked neatly away. So I opened all the cupboards to see if a shelf had broken, but everything was in it's place.  There was no explanation for the loud crash I had just heard. I continued looking  around the kitchen for answers, I looked in the oven to see if a shelf had broken in there, I didn't think it could have really, but I was desperate to see where this noise came from. I had to debunk this loud bang, but everything was in perfect order.
I stood there in the doorway to the kitchen and thought to myself,
"this is not something from the natural world". I'm not alone here today. This is truly paranormal.
Someone or something wanted to get my attention!  
I'm certain now that this is clearly a spiritual issue going on here.
I said out loud, what is this? What do you want? Who are you? But no response came. I did feel something odd but not frightening. So I rebuked it in JESUS name and threw it out of the house and walked back to the living room and sat down at my computer to complete my work.
It never ceases to amaze me how strange the paranormal world we live in is. Some people can live their entire life and never hear or see a thing. Never experience anything odd at all. Others of us can't even get through a business day without being hassled. I never figured out what happened that day.  There was no debunking the noise. It clearly happened yet there was no reason for it. I never did find out why whoever made that horrible loud crash wanted my attention? It was just another strange event that happened to me. Another event I left in the LORDS hands.
Something wanted me to know I was not alone that day.
Are we ever really alone ever? I don't think so.
Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Haunting Introduction

It was the winter of 1972.  It was cold and damp in Florida.
The only thing warming my spirit that day was a party I was looking forward to that evening with my husband. It was boasted  to be a "real happening". We were planning on music and good food and drinks with a bunch of new friends. Just hanging out and making the scene! Our friend Dean had invited us and it all sounded like so much fun from his invitation.
I had gotten dressed early that evening as I was looking forward to the night out and the expectations of  the evening. I thought as I got dressed, "I love this new shirt and jeans I was wearing" it really is just perfect! My long blonde hair was not frizzy for a change from the muggy weather we normally have, tonight it looked terrific, I was so pleased with the way I looked. I was feeling good and in a great mood.  
I remember pulling up to the home where the party was and thinking how much fun this night would be. I could hardly wait to get inside. Once we were inside there were smiling happy people standing around everywhere. The typical Flower children of the 70's. I was introduced to at least 15 people as we made our way through the home to the back yard. Just as I was heading out towards the back door I passed a "Florida Room" to my right.
(Here in Florida we have this name designated for small porch like rooms that are inside the house with windows on at
least three walls of the room")
There was just a couple of people standing around in that room. I didn't know any of them. But I stopped and looked in to wave hello to all inside. As I did this, I noticed a young man sitting playing cards in the room on a card table. He looked up and smiled at me. He was a pleasant enough person. He introduced himself as Ron. He said he was just home from his tour in Vietnam. He said it was  great to be home and even greater to be at this party.  He said it was nice to meet me. I said it's great meeting you too Ron. I'm glad your home from the war! Then I said hi to the others and started to turn to leave the room and head out back where my husband was with his friend Dean.
Just then I heard this new friend Ron say to me, "hey, there's something different about you"! I said excuse me, as I smiled and looked at him, are you talking to me?  He replied, "yes, I am". I said, really? How so? He said with a smile and an odd gleam in his eye, "Oh yes, there's something very different about you, I can see it in your eyes, it's all over you, you're special". I laughed nervously and said, gee, thanks Ron. Then his demeanor changed a bit and he said, as he yelled out, "I mean it, don't laugh, you're different from everyone here"! There really is something very special about you! I smiled yet again and said, O.K., thank you Ron, if you say so. What was I to think. This was certainly bizarre to say the least!
Then what happened next shocked me, it took me by surprise to say the least! Ron then changed his demeanor and slammed his fist down hard on the card table and his drink and all the cards flew up and the drink spilled as he screamed and pointed to me with the other hand, he said,
I responded, after I caught my breath, "O.K. man, calm down" then he did it again a second time he slammed his fist down hard on the card table and repeated,
I said O.K. O.K. I got it. Then he repeated his statement to me that I was special and I had a special calling, I was different.
As he said this again he smiled and nodded over and over with a look of satisfaction in his eyes. I could see he was convinced that I was special. It made no sense to me. But somehow as I looked into his eyes, I felt he was trying to reach me, open my eye's. It was really an odd feeling.

I tried to remain in control and not run out of the house saying something I might later regret. This guy had really freaked me out. Who acts like that when you first meet someone I thought to myself? He must be some special kind of nut?
Why was he saying this to me of all people?  What angered him as I took his prophetic canting lightly? I was a bit afraid of what else he might say, I was so embarrassed, so I thanked him for his kind words to me, said it was nice to meet you, and walked out the back door to the food table where I was reunited with my husband and Dean. They had both heard what Ron had said but laughed it off.  I stood outside thinking to myself, "well, I didn't expect something like that to happen! I was thinking I'll probably be the talk of the party and never live this down! I felt uncomfortable and all of a sudden my desire to hang out and mingle changed.
I told my husband I just wanted to leave.
So we said our goodbyes quickly and headed back into the house and through the maze towards the front door. I passed by the Florida Room again and there sitting quietly was Ron at his card table. He looked at me again and said, don't forget what I said to you  as he pointed at me again, because there is definitely something very special about you.
With that, I told Ron it was very nice to meet him and to have a great night.
I headed for the door and out to the car. As we left I couldn't help but think about the strange sequence of events that had just taken place. I had wanted to be at the party so bad and here we were driving away.
A few days later our friend Dean called to speak with my husband, he said he wanted to tell him about one of his friends who had just died in a horrible car accident. Dean said he was real upset. This was a life long good friend of his who had passed.
I gave the phone to my husband and he said after he hung up, we should go to the funeral to support Dean. He's really choked up about his friend passing away. I said really? I'm sorry to hear that. He said yeah, it was that guy we met at the party the other night. I said which guy? He said Ron. Dean's good friend Ron. He was the guy in the Florida room.
My heart jumped when I heard this. I said, Oh my Gosh! He is the one who said to me,
I asked my husband how Ron died? He said Dean told him he was on his way to Georgia to pick up his fiancé from Bible College as they were to get married that next week, when a drunk driver hit him head on and killed him. I was deeply moved to hear this. I said ,Yes, we will go to the funeral to support Dean.
I had met Ron for only a powerful odd moment in time and now he was gone. His strong words burned into my mind and heart.
He had in fact passed away the next day! This was more than strange. It was a prophetic utterance he had made to me. And was it for my benefit?
We did attend the funeral for Ron, and as I approached the casket I was hesitant and yet filled with peace. Here lay a young man who spoke out for my benefit. A bold man who did not care what others thought as he made his proclamation to me that night. I felt as if I had known him my whole life. One thing I knew then, this day would change all my tomorrows.
To this day I place flowers on his grave and say prayers at his grave site.
Thank you Ron for helping me to see what I could not see.
And yes Ron,

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Unwanted Presence

It was the spring of 1993. I was at home and sitting  in my bedroom on my bed reading. The day was spent and night was falling. The sun was setting and the room had that wonderful warm evening glow coming in from the windows.  My favorite time of day. There was a dim light from my bedside table providing just enough extra light for reading. I was deep into one of the last pages before I was going to quit for the night. When all of a sudden  I saw something move to my left near the bedroom door.
I looked up to see something that was almost unbelievable to me. Standing there in my bedroom doorway was my Mothers Mom,
  my Grandmother! 
That was such a shock to see I can tell you. She had been dead for a few years at that point. How could she just appear here in my doorway? And why? She was just standing there. Not smiling really, just looking at me reading on the bed. It was an odd glare.
I wanted to smile and welcome her, that was my first notion, but then I thought to myself, NO way!
It came to my thoughts that while she was alive she had caused so many uncomfortable scenarios for my Mother and myself. She was always a harsh woman towards my Mom. I never heard my Mom share loving memories of my Grandmother. It seemed as if whenever my Mom needed her she was never there for her. She had been less than loving towards me as well for most of my life.
I figured my Grandmother must have had a rough time of things herself, but I could never understand her being course with me about it. I did not contribute to her life issues, why treat me so cold?  She had treated my Mother horribly while my Mom was young. My Mother often shared with me sad stories about feeling lonely and un loved by her Mother. She had many bad experiences at home with siblings and her Mother would chastise her and not the others. Her memories were always so sad. It broke my heart to hear those stories. Yet my Grandmother was so kind to her other daughters and their siblings. It was a painful undertow at every meeting with her throughout my life.
So as I saw her standing there the first words out of my mouth were NO! Oh NO!
You don't come to me like this I thought! Why are you here I screamed out at her? Are you here to ask for my apologies, for the misery you spread around? To say how sorry you are for the way you treated my Mother in this life? NO, I screamed!
I looked at her standing there as I was literally yelling at this ghost in my doorway!
I continued yelling, "Your choices here are done, they are OVER"!
I don't want to discuss any repentance with you now!
Shame on you for hurting everyone. Shame on you for causing so much sadness!
I sat straight up and threw my arm out and pointed at her and said loudly
GO, GO NOW, go away from me. DON'T return here!
I watched my Grandmother standing there dressed like she always had the whole time in human form while I was yelling all this anger towards her from my heart. She was wearing a dress I had seen her in while she was alive. She didn't have her glasses on, but she was a bit overweight still and old looking. Her skin hung on her face as it did before she passed at 96 years old. She wasn't at all what I would have thought someone from the other side would look like. She looked lonely, sad, and distressed.
She was looking down at the floor now, she would not make eye contact with me once I yelled to go away.
She was very certain I was so angry with her!
All the hurt, all the loneliness she caused, all the agony she spread, the unapproved glances she gave and the distance she kept from those who loved and needed her, was not O.K. with me.
The worst of it was that she would always throw her cheek up and over to the left for us to kiss as we would come to visit her as if to say, come kiss me and then go sit down and shut up! She didn't smile, she wasn't warm and I never liked her judgmental stares. Who would? She never drew me out or asked me questions. There was no love, no concern shown towards any of us children. She never included me in any of her conversations. It was clearly as if I didn't even exist and she always made my Mom feel so uncomfortable.
How dare her come here now, interrupt me reading my good book and ask what of me?
I just wanted her out of my house!
The truth is I had no idea why she came and I wasn't about to let her tell me. I knew deep down in my heart this time was NOT the right time to make any amends with me. It was not a proper time. But when is? I just wanted to unleash all that at her to let her know what I felt for a change. I never had the opportunity to tell her while she was alive. I was always so kind and loving towards her. I respected her because my Mother told me too. But these were my terms now. I wasn't ready to hear what she had to say.
Her apparition began backing out of the room slowly as she continued to look straight down at the floor. She did not look at me again, and after a few moments, she simply faded away right before my very eyes! That was a bit freaky. But I was glad she was finally gone.
I got right on the phone and called my Mother! I told her Grandma was just here, (imagine her shock hearing that)! She gasped as I told her. I told her everything that had just happened. I told her how I shouted at her and shamed her. I could hear my Mom crying through the phone. I said, Mom are you crying? Why are you crying? I didn't let her say anything more to hurt you or I! I let her know what a witch she had been in this life time. I threw her out of here! Just like she always shut you and I out. 
 My Mother then spoke very softly through her tears and said, "Teri, why didn't you just at least let her tell you what she was there for"?
I got real quite, I started searching my soul for that answer. I didn't have one.  I was so preoccupied with my own pain and anger towards my grandmother.  I didn't  consider why this woman had come to me in the first place. Where had she come from? How did she get here? I never even considered asking here that.
Call me crazy, but it just seemed like the right thing to do at that moment. After all, how am I suppose to know how to act when the unexpected happens? Where's the rule book? I could clearly see what my Mom was trying to relay to me. Kindness should have come first. It was my first thought, briefly. But I was not able to be in a kind place at that moment. I had hoped my Mom would have been proud of me and understood. She did say so, as to comfort me, It's O.K. Teri, you did what you had to do, perhaps she will come again later in life? Now she knows how she hurt you first hand. Maybe she will have some growing to do herself, wherever she is?
It's been many years since my Grandmother dropped in to see me. I think I'd finally be ready to address her. The jury could still be out on that, but I think I am ready.
Isn't it odd this life? What with the spiritual always knocking at your door and then just the normal daily routines of life mixing in, we never know what is just around the corner.
We truly are spiritual beings on a human journey!
Walking each other home.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

An Appearance From Beyond

It was January 25, 2012. My Mothers birthday.
I decided to take a sunset cruise that evening as I was thinking about my Mom's full life living here in Florida. She loved the water and especially the beautiful beaches and sunsets here in St. Petersburg.  She passed away in 2009.
Being out on the water was relaxing and refreshing. I felt her with me in a strange way today.
It was near here she had seen her first UFO sighting years earlier and I always felt so at home myself near the water. I couldn't help but wonder what insight she would share with me about the great beyond if she could. I know she would try to if she were able. I wondered what keeps them from sharing with us. Is it that there are only certain times and certain situations that allow this exchange? Is it what we do or don't do? I know she is happy where she is but I'm also so curious about what it looks like there. What she does all day and night? Is there day and night? Perhaps it's just day there because they don't need to sleep in a state of
transcended ascension? 
As the boat made it's way to the destination and dolphin watch I felt my Mom standing near me comforting me in my thoughts and enjoying the scenery just as I was. She always enjoyed talking to me about the deep things of life and afterlife.
I said out loud, "Well Mom, here is a sunset on the day you were born", "Happy Birthday", and I took this picture.
I have taken a hundred sunset pictures over the years and never did one respond to the camera in this way. I'm well aware of the light refractions, but there is more here than just that.
I felt if I looked at it with my heart and not just my eyes, I could see so much more.
Our loved ones are not far from us. We will always be able to feel them around us. And if we are really blessed, we'll be able to capture a moment like this.
A moment that they understand, from beyond.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Voice From The Grave

A few years ago I lost the best neighbor I ever had.
When I first moved into my new home my husband and I would marvel seeing this older woman fixing things on her roof next door through our kitchen window. We would be starring at her in amazement. She was 70 years old and fearless. She always wore these funny black boots, that had to be 20 years old. Her legs were so thin and the boots were loose around her legs. My husband said one day as we were watching her climb a ladder, "looks like boots on a chicken" and we both laughed and laughed. I laughed watching her thinking how brave and determined she was.
I ran out side one afternoon and yelled at her "Dotty, get off that roof before you fall and break your neck" and she yelled back, "No way, I've got to seal a leak up here". I said, "Hire a darn roofer"! She responded, "why, I can do what any roofer will do for free"!
  It was just who she was, if something had to be done, she was going to do it herself. I just fell in love with this sweet, funny old lady.
One afternoon while talking over the back yard fence with her  which we did frequently, she confided in me that she was glad to be able to do all she did around the house and yard because when she was younger she had a frightening brush with cancer, but she was in remission from it for many years now. 
Through the years she would amaze me as she wore her little boots in her garden and would drag her water hose around the yard watering her Azalea bushes. They were the most beautiful full vibrant Azaleas. She just always made me smile when I would see her. She had a great attitude and was so kind and thoughtful towards me.
Her yearly ritual of going up on the roof in her little black boots never stopped as the years wore on, and in her late 80's she never thought twice about heading up that ladder.  She really appreciated every day and all that it brought her way! 
It was in her late 80's that she shared with me that her cancer was back and she was feeling pretty bad. I missed seeing her out my kitchen window dragging her watering hose around and seeing her on the roof. I missed hearing her shout at me over the back yard fence.
Hospice came to her home one day and set up a bed in her living room and nurses were there everyday to attend to her.
I walked over to visit her and as I opened her front door, there near the closet were her boots.
I glanced over to the bed she was lying on and felt so sad as I knew her days were numbered, I could feel it. I walked over to hold her hand and chat a bit. She heard my voice and smiled. She said she was sorry she couldn't get her Azaleas watered. She only spoke a little. It was all so sad.
Two day's later she passed away.
A month had passed maybe two. I was in my bedroom, it was around 9:00 a.m. I was making the bed and I heard her familiar voice call to me from the living room. I missed her voice, I knew immediately it was her. I stopped what I was doing and listened again, YES, it was her, she had called my name twice now. I ran down the hall towards the living room, and I yelled "Dotty, Dotty where are you"?
It was just me in the room and the silence. But I knew she had come. She wanted to say goodbye. I just stood in the room and waited to hear her voice again. But I didn't. I wondered how it was possible to cross into this life again? How could this sweet woman call my name and then just be gone? I wondered if I had done something to end the connection, but what?
All I know is I was grateful to hear her happy voice one more time. So strong and full of life!
This life is so strange. Nothing is as it seems.
Albert Einstein once said:
"Energy is never lost, only transferred to another form of energy"
I know that is true and I am so grateful I got to experience it first hand.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shadow In The Storm

So, one night in 1987 I was sitting home reading a good book, which I usually read at night to help make myself feel sleepy. I began to hear the rain start pounding down on my roof. I thought to myself, sheeesh, where did that come from all of a sudden. I don't remember hearing anything about a serious storm coming tonight. The pounding grew louder and louder and it really got me concerned. Nothing was mentioned on the news about a severe storm, but this wind sounded suspicious.
I had put the kids to bed earlier and was hoping to hit the hay early myself. I decided to check the doors before I went to bed to make sure they were locked and bolted. So I  got up and went to the kitchen, I checked the back door, it was dead bolt locked, so then I walked to the front door and l checked that lock, it was also locked. I had just turned out the last light in the den as I headed back into the bedroom. The rain was still just pounding the roof and the wind was blowing so loud I wondered if the lawn equipment was going to be O.K. An uneasy feeling came over me. I got back up and checked the windows to make sure they were closed tight. The lightening was cracking and it seemed really close. I went back into the den to recheck yet again.
I had an odd feeling about the severity of this storm!
It was then as I was standing in the den after shutting off the last light for the night that I heard the wind literally pushing at my back door. It was rushing at it so hard I thought perhaps it was going to blow it wide open. But I said to myself, well, that's impossible, it has a dead bolt on it! I stood there listening to the wind and rain with serious concerns. I checked on the kids one last time and thought I'll just go stand in the kitchen for a moment as this wind is really acting up, it seems worse than I have ever heard it before. I was alone standing in the dark kitchen barefoot and in my night gown. I just felt as if I had to be in the kitchen for some strange and unknown reason. I was to unsettled to go to sleep. I was now literally starring at the back door standing in the dark kitchen. It was moving back and forth from the wind like I had never seen before and I must say I got a bit frightened. That had never happened before and I had been through 12 years of hurricanes and tropical storms in that house and nothing like this had ever happened. It was as if the door were going to come off the hinges. Back and forth it was moving before my very eyes as I stood there!  I felt like I was about to encounter something very strange. I could not shake the feeling.
I didn't know if it would be spiritual or what, but I was mustering up all my strength standing there in my nightgown!
I had always heard that if a tornado comes you can hear it first. I have heard it sounds like a freight train barreling down on you. But I could only hear the wind and the rain. And I started feeling more and more odd.
What happened next was so bizarre and scary I'm surprised I was not hurt.
All of a sudden as I stood there two feet from looking at the back door, it blew wide open!
The rain and wind were coming in so hard It threw me to the floor! I slipped as I became soaked by the water on the tile floor, but what was worse than all that was that in my alley as I looked out past the rain, I could see a tall man standing there looking right at me. The street light from the alley made it clear to see him with the wind and rain and lightening crashing all around. I could not see his face, but I could clearly see a man. He was wearing a cowboy hat. His silhouette was frightening standing there. He didn't move, he didn't come closer, he just stood there as if it was him blowing at the back door. I was laying on the floor when I saw him in the street light in the alley and the hair stood right up on my body. I knew I had to close the door and lock it again immediately!  I felt like I was fighting a demonic spirit! I was afraid the man would try to get in. The tile floor was so wet and slippery I could not get my footing to stand up and the wind and rain were coming in so hard I had to fight really hard to get up, I just kept slipping back down on my knees.  I wedged my right foot at the corner near the bathroom and the back door and pulled myself up the wall. I got the door and tried to close it but it would NOT close to my amazement, I tried several times pushing against the force of the wind but I could not get the dead bolt to close! I couldn't believe it, it just would not catch. The wind kept pushing it open again! How is that possible, I thought, so I pushed it closed once more and again the same thing happened. I started crying, this was just to much! I was so frustrated, how could a dead bolt not bolt the door? It simply slid out like it was broken! The man was still standing there. I was desperate to close the door! I was getting very nervous that he was going to come into the house. It was at that moment,  just as I thought that thought, when he actually started walking up the back driveway slowly and I was in a panic to close the door! My heart was pounding out of my chest! I pushed the door closed one more time and I started praying in the spirit and asking GOD to please help me! I kept slipping on the tile floor every time I tried to use force to close the door!  How I finally got the door closed I will never know. I know it was a miracle because the wind never let up for a moment! The wind was pushing against the door as I was trying to close it with each try. I got close to closing it three times but it would not stay closed. It was as if the man in the alley staring at me was fighting me to keep the door open. After the third try I got the door closed and I bolted it again!
It worked! I had no faith in that bolt however so I also chained the door closed as well with the little chain lock on the door and the doorknob lock as well!  I was so grateful for that chain. The man was in my back driveway now and I was so scared. I was soaked and cold and so afraid. So I kept the lights off as I didn't want him to be able to see in. I pulled the curtains closed tight at the back window. It was all I could do.
Then I rebuked the enemy that fought me, I didn't know if it was the wind or the will of the man in the alley, but I prayed hard against whatever it was. I was so grateful for the victory!  
I dried myself off and sat in my bedroom shaking. I sat quietly in the dark listening to every sound. It seemed as the rain had slowed considerably now. I looked back outside after a few minutes and didn't see the man standing there any longer. Needless to say I wasn't tired anymore. I thought about calling the police but I didn't see the man out back any longer, what were they going do? What could they do?
To this day I don't think what blew that door open was the wind. I think that man opened the door somehow and I could feel the oddness of it all which is why I stood there staring at the door in the first place. I was right there when the door opened and stood my ground fighting to close the door again. I don't think the man was expecting that!
Today I'm grateful that nothing worse happened, but I will never forget that night. Not ever!
And I thank GOD for divine intervention and wisdom as HE protected me from that possible attack.
What doesn't kill you DOES make you stronger!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Extraterrestrials on the Peace River, FL

The year was 1979, 4:00 a.m. in the morning.
I had just experienced an unbelievable sighting and contact with an alien ship and extraterrestrial tall white in St. Petersburg, FL .
I was now sitting at my Mothers home which was a minute and a half north from where the sighting had taken place. I had driven there to tell her what had happened to me as my mind was just simply on overload. I needed to talk to someone who I know loved me and would trust me. I had knocked on her door earlier and asked her husband when he answered the door to please get my Mom for me, I had to talk to her right now.  She came around the corner as I was speaking to her husband and said, Marty, let her in! I asked her to put the coffee on I had to talk to her! Her husband let me and I began my story from the event that I had just experienced.

After sharing with her every detail of the evening and telling her how shocked I was that this could even have happened to me of all people, (someone who didn't believe in anything from out of this world) after all I was a strong Christian, my Mother looked me straight in the eyes and said as she lowered her voice and grabbed my hand,
 "Don't worry honey. I've seen them too"!

I was dumbfounded as she spoke these words to me. I yelled out "You're Kidding me"? I have been alive and living with you all these years and you never told me about this? How could you not have prepared me for this? Where did you see them?

My Mother was shocked at my reaction. (although I didn't know what she expected me to say). I was a mess sitting there telling all this to her.
She again said in a low voice (I'm sure she was trying to calm me down and take control of my dramatic response to her)
"Marty (her husband)  and I were on the boat (They owned a large House Boat), and we were anchored off the Peace River down south where the Peace River ends, we were sitting on the upper deck enjoying the magnificent stars from the water, when all of a sudden a green flash shot up from the water at an incredible speed and continued on into the night sky. She said it came to c complete stop for a few seconds and then took off so fast she and Marty were wondering if they even saw it. She was just as terrified as I was tonight. But she had Marty there with her. And they both discussed it and said they agreed they would not share that experience with anyone else.
Marty was standing right there as my Mother told me this and he did not say a word. He just went back into the bedroom quietly.
I was so shocked at this story. She went on to tell me that the green streak looked cigar shaped and the way it sliced through the water didn't leave much more than  a slight ripple. She said that after that experience they both saw them again. But I think as I look back on that night my Mom didn't want to elevate my anxious attitude with any more information.
She asked me to never speak to anyone about this experience as she said it would not go well for me in my profession. It may prevent people from wanting to hire me. I agreed to what she suggested. And never mentioned it until 29 years later.
After my Mothers passing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Floating Head, Part 3

Well the weather could not have been worse that year. December 1970. I'm stuck in New York, my ship home was not going to sail!  My Mother tells me on the phone, you are on your own young lady! (You see, she never was thrilled that I wanted to go to New York in the first place). She wasn't going to help me with a ticket to get back home. I knew that meant I was staying in the frozen north until I could get the money for a ticket myself.
I don't know why my Mom was so hard on me, It sure was going to change my life to be left in Buffalo! If I had only known then what I know now!
This presented a conundrum for me. No where to live, no job and I was getting a little hungry. I asked my new found friend who resembled the floating head from my Florida apparition, if I could stay at his mothers home in Blasdell, as he had mentioned that could be a possibility if things didn't go well with my Mothers phone call. It was looking like just about all I could do. I ended up staying with his Mother for 2 months along with all his siblings as well. It was getting crowded fast. I called this friend by his name but I won't share that name here.  Now, there was no fear whatsoever being around him. He seemed normal, just like any other friend I had ever had. Our friendship turned into a relationship after 3 months, and we got an apartment together.  I was singing for various groups in the Buffalo and Tonawanda areas. I was doing very well. I had done so well in fact I got a call one night from a man who said he had seen me at Hearthstone manor where I sang for a very large group (500) one night and he said, Lena Horn is very sick with a sore throat and can't sing or  make her show tonight, will you sit in for her. I was so blown away, I accepted the job and had a wonderful night singing with a full orchestra. My singing career was doing very well.
I can't say that about my living conditions however.
In the apartment my friend and I shared things were starting to get strange.  Very strange!
I kept thinking I was seeing something out of the corner of my eye all the time. It was unnerving. I would hear strange footsteps on the stairs leading into the flat we were renting. I would hear someone talking, but I was the only one home.
One night I came home from work rather late after a night of singing my heart out and I fell asleep immediately. I had a strange and terrifying dream of an old man named "Joe" who previously lived in the apartment we were renting. He was upset that we were there and wanted us to leave he told me. I woke up and saw a shadow hovering over me in the room and screamed out load. My roommate said what happened? I told him about the dream. He laughed it off and went back to bed. The next morning while I was cooking breakfast my roommate was taking a shower. When he was done showering he came to the breakfast table and I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I noticed the mirror had a name written on it, and I was very upset with my roommate as I  confronted him at the breakfast table, "very funny", you had to make fun of me didn't you? He said with a very honest look on his face, "what are you talking about"?  I said, "the name on the mirror in the bathroom". He pushed his chair back and went into the bathroom and he was actually shocked as he saw written in the steam from his shower, the name "Joe". He went white as he saw it and said, I did not put that there. I would not do something like that. I knew you were upset about your dream last night. I promise you I did not write that there!
It was then that I told him for the first time about the floating head and the resemblance to him that it had. I told him how weird things had gotten. He didn't seem to think it could have been him. (I was sure that it was him). But what do you do with something like that?
And now terrifying dreams and voices and sounds?
A week later we came home and noticed the rocking chair in the front room was rocking at a steady pace. We both were a bit spooked by that, but tried not to think about it. It had been happening from time to time.  I kept trying to figure it out! I was feeling more and more unhappy being in the flat. But what happened next made me very sure Joe was haunting this apartment.
I had a neighbor who had a young red haired daughter named Shannon, about 7 years old who always smiled at me when I would come and go from the flat.
She always wanted to come up to the apartment and hang out with me. I was actually happy to have her company from time to time.
One day as Shannon was sitting enjoying a cookie at my kitchen table with me she said, "who is the man who lives here with you both"? I said, "What"? She said, she had come over the other day because she thought I was home and said she saw a an old man sitting in the rocker through the keyhole in the front door, she was peeping in. I really got upset and asked her to describe the man, and she did. I didn't let on that I was freaked out by her. She said she has seen him more than once here. I was speechless. I was also terrified! I didn't know how to respond to that, I didn't want to scare her, but I was scared out of my own wits! So I got up from the table and we both left the apartment immediately. I waited outside downstairs all day at the laundry mat until my roomy came home. I explained what the neighbor girl had shared with me. We were both very apprehensive about staying in the apartment much longer. We decided we'd get another flat to rent as soon as we could. This meant breaking the lease and loosing our deposit.
I didn't like being alone in the flat for any length of time so I had  Shannon come over more often during the day while my roomy was at work.
Shannon told me this one day as she was looking at my  Florida drivers license laying on the table that she could see my picture starting to move. She went on to say, she saw me in a white car with a young man with shoulder length brown hair, she said  I was driving the car, she told me this as she was starring at my license!
 That was extremely freaky!
She said she could see something dangling from the rearview mirror in this white car. It looked like it was a basket. I absolutely was frightened beyond belief at this point. She was describing my previous boyfriend, and my car, and it's color, as well as the basket woven talisman I had hanging from the rear view mirror.
How could she know that?
The spirit of Joe had possessed this kid and she was speaking to me of things she could not have possibly known!
Here is a little girl sitting in my kitchen telling me she could see all this from looking at my drivers license? The hair was standing up all over my body. I wanted to scream but I didn't know what to scream! Her face was so innocent looking. Her long red hair and big blue eyes, her milky white skin! And she sees all this?
It creeped me out! It was so unreal. I asked her to stop. She acted as if nothing was out of order. Again I waited all day  downstairs at the laundry mat until my roommate came home. That was it !
 I wasn't going back into that flat again except to get my things to move! And no more visits from that sweet possessed child!
I found out from another neighbor after asking around about the apartments tenants, that there was an older man who lived in our  flat several years earlier. She said he was a very nice man that kept to himself. He was often seen sitting by the front window in his rocking chair there most of the day. He had in fact died in the apartment and his name was "Joe". The woman said that she felt he died of a broken heart as his wife had passed a few years earlier as well and he lived in the apartment alone.
There is so much we don't understand about this life. I will always look back at this experience as an opportunity to open my mind and accept there is so much more to us as humans than we actually understand. I understand it all now, but back then I was living through the fear of it all.
I am sure that the floating head relationship was NOT for me to indulge in. I made wrong choices and bad judgements living on my own back then at such a young age. Wiser now, I will share that when we are guided away from something, take note of that!
Don't go there! There's a very good reason for it.
Sometimes as with me, it's just not going to go well for you.
And never forget, truth is always stranger than any written fiction!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Floating Head, Part 2

So, after about three months had passed since my experience at the St. Petersburg beach apartment I found myself one night in Tampa watching a live group from Miami who happened to be passing through while on their way to Buffalo, New York. 
I had been staying with friends as not to return to my Moms place and that was getting very stressful for me. Living with friends was not working well for me. 
The Group was looking for a female vocalist. I mentioned I sang. They asked me if I wanted to interview for the job. 
 I was honored. I showed up the next day per the invitation and was so surprised when I found out that of all the singers that had tried out for the position, they had chosen me for the job.
I was elated!
They were leaving in a week after a brief unexpected trek back to Miami and would pick me up along the way to New York, that is if I wanted to take the job with them. I said,  "I'd love the opportunity and the experience" I had never been to New York,
I had heard it was pretty cold. But I decided to go along anyway for the experience of it all.
So after the week went by, I was on my way to sing in New York for the first time ever with my new band. "The High Street Carnival".. I had never sung with a group like this before. I was simply star struck. I couldn't wait for those bright lights! I had great expectations.
I had never been to New York and didn't realize how cold 20 degrees actually was!
After singing in New York for 4 weeks with the group and bearing the incredibly cold rehearsals and gigs, I decided it was just to cold for me in New York and I really wanted to head to the warmer climate of Florida and I was home sick. I was given options with the band and I didn't like any of them, so I took off on my own to begin my way back home.
I headed out in the evening with just my suitcase and the clothes I was wearing, which I might add were fit for southern winters, not New York blizzards. It was snowing and the wind was howling, it was so cold my ears were freezing. I was desperate to say the least at this point to get home somehow. I was trying not to cry as I knew it would do no good, but also I didn't want my face to freeze.  With only a few dollars in my pocket, nowhere to go, not being well dressed, and freezing, I had some quick decisions to make. I had to get back to Florida... I ended up stopping in a bar (Mr. Good Bar no less) in Buffalo on Elmhurst to warm my hands, ears and feet while heading down towards the bus stop. Maybe they would let me call my Mom for money on their phones? I walked into the bar and stood just inside the door and felt the immediate warmth engulf me, I so wanted to get home to Florida! I wasn't old enough to drink, so I could not go into the bar.... I glanced around the room and to my surprise I was stunned to see what I saw next.  I saw two men sitting at the bar, one of the men I was looking at who was sitting at the bar, was the face I had seen floating on my wall in my apartment in St. Petersburg beach a month or so before. I was shocked. He had the same face! I was transfixed on his face!
 I froze in fear as I looked at him sitting there. His hair was identical to what I had seen, very long and a bit stringy, he had the same eyes and his appearance was almost frightening, except his eyes were bright, bright blue. The face on the wall had dark shifty eyes. But this man really looked like him, except the eyes.
Was this the same man? He had a long beard, very dark, long hair, and thick eyebrows. It really was similar to the floating head I had seen.
Then something strange happened. It was like he shape shifted right before my very eyes while I was standing there looking at him. He seemed very kind, attractive in a strange way, very much a gentleman. Then all of a sudden, just like that, he got up, paid his bill as I was watching him, and walked out of the bar. He walked right past me, looked me right in the eyes and smiled as he left. A very kind smile. I don't really understand why but I followed behind him after a moment or two. Right back out into the freezing cold. I walked after him in the freezing wind because I could not believe who I was seeing. This was that face that frightened me so in Florida. But it wasn't scary now at all.
This was the floating head in person!
Was this meeting meant to be?
As I was following him, he stopped on the corner, turned and looked directly at me and asked me with a smile on his face, very matter of fact "are you following me"?  I was stunned! I didn't know what to say,
so I simply said..."yes, I am".
Then it was like magic. He seemed to change again right before my eyes. I noticed he had a kind smile.  A trusting look about him. I felt at ease. His eyes were blue, extremely blue, and his stance was one of concern towards me. He asked me where I was going? I told him to the bus stop. He asked why? I told him I was heading home to Florida because I didn't want to stay in the freezing weather another minute. I somehow felt as if I were to meet him here. This was some sort of predestined meeting. I asked him if I could use his phone at home to call my Mother to get a bus or airline ticket back home. He said yes. You see, I only had about $6.00 dollars on me, and that wasn't going to get me home.
Thus began a 15 year friendship with one of the sweetest men I had ever met.
But it came at an incredible price.
Paranormal things began happening to me immediately at an unbelievable pace. Ghosts, dreams, moving objects, moving people in pictures, apparitions, writings on mirrors and so much more. What I didn't know was that even though this man was very sweet, I had been cautioned by the apparition of this mans floating face on my wall NOT to align myself with him, but I didn't realize it at the time. I just never put two and two together. As I look back over my life I clearly see it was a warning to me, and I missed it.
What followed was stranger than any fiction
I had ever even heard of.
My life was changing and I could not stop it.
To be continued

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Floating Head, Part 1

It was 1970 and I lived in an apartment on 8th Avenue on St. Petersburg beach with my Mom. We had been there about 2 months. She worked everyday and I was often there alone by myself. This was my first summer living on the beach, so I lived in my bathing suit for the most part on a daily basis. There was a faulty air conditioner that often left the apartment very warm inside.  It's always HOT in Florida in the summer. We were about 2 minutes walking distance from the water, the Gulf of Mexico. We went swimming to cool off daily. It was wonderful. But it was also very, very hot out every single day.
Our apartment was pretty small compared to some of the places on the beach, but we were happy. There were only 4 rooms in the apartment, but it really was all we needed.
  As you walked in the front door there was a large dining room and living room that were really just one separated room that led to the bedroom and to the right was a small kitchen and a very small bathroom, and there you have it. So from the bedroom you could see right out the front door. My Mom and I shared the bedroom. My bed was in view of the front door. My Mom opted for the bed to the left of the doorway for a bit more privacy.
On this particular day my Mom had gotten up at 6:30 a.m. to head off to work, as she usually did and left me in the apartment sound asleep. It was about 10:00 a.m. when I woke from my sleep, I felt so strange, I felt as if someone were in the room with me.  It was an eerie feeling.  As I rolled over to my great horror just to the right of the doorway was a very dark face emerging from the wall. "It was horrifying"! It came more and more into view until I could clearly see a frightening face just floating there on the wall. What an awful and orphic way to wake up seeing this! The face was that of a man and it had long black hair and a heavy beard and horrifying dark eyes. It was looking at me intently with a frightening fixed stare. I looked away a few times to see if I were imagining it. Unfortunately, I wasn't!
I kept trying to look away, and slowly put my hands to my face! I wanted to scream! How can this be happening?
It was there after I rubbed my eyes. I was frozen in fear. I looked away from it as I was so afraid. I knew I was alone in the apartment and was completely helpless. I couldn't even scream, I was so scared. I was just frozen, what the heck is that thing? I had been sleeping in my night shirt. I had no undergarments on and I knew I couldn't just get up and run outside in what I was wearing. I fought the fear as I tried not to look at this face glaring at me. It just wouldn't go away! I reached down to the floor slowly and found my jeans lying where I had left them the night before.  I thought if I can just slip these jeans on I can run out of here. Then it occurred to me I had to run past the face, which was still on the wall and it frightened me to think of what that would entail. I was trying to talk myself through the fear.  I just wanted to scream! Why wouldn't it go away? I glanced up at the head once again. It was still floating in the same place on the wall just to the right of the door and looking at me.  The eyes would move and blink, it was so horrifying. I wanted to cry! What good would that do, I thought? Just get out of the room, get out! I quickly looked away again. The fear was overtaking me. The facial hair and head hair was pure black, only a slight facial view was seen as the hair was grossly everywhere. !  I started talking to myself . "Just get your jeans on Teri, just get your jeans on! I could see my purse and car keys on the dresser, but there was no way I was going for them. He was floating right over the dresser on the wall to the right of the doorway. I didn't want to get that close to the head.  I slipped into the jeans slowly and didn't even zip them up. I stared forward and got out of bed and ran with my eyes closed past the doorway and headed for the front door at a brake neck pace. I quickly unlocked the door and ran out onto the hot sand in the parking lot which was just out of the apartment door. I stood outside in total disbelief of what I had just experienced. I was freaked out completely!
My feet were burning in the very hot sand. I had no shoes on! I just wanted to cry I was so afraid.
What the heck was that? Why did this happen to me? Where did it come from? I was shaking from the experience and there was no one to talk to. 
I knew I couldn't stand outside in this hot sand and sun for any length of time.  My feet were burning, and the 98 degrees was hitting me hard in the full sun! My purse and keys were still in the apartment so I knew I had to go back in and get them if I were to leave this place. But how? I was so scared. There was no one around so I kept the front door open and waited about a half hour or so. I went into the apartment and went straight into the bedroom to grab my sandals and purse and keys. The apparition was gone. Thank GOD! I moved very fast collecting my things.
What was that? It seemed demonic in every way.
To this day I don't know where I mustered up the nerve to go back into the apartment, but I knew I needed my money and car keys and my sandals. I was desperate to get out of there.
This ended up being the last day I would ever stay in that apartment. I drove to my Moms work and told her what had happened. She saw the fear in my face and heard the desperation in my voice. I told her I wasn't going back until she went home and then I would get my things and go stay with a friend.
My Mom stayed about 2 more weeks to the end of the month and then she also moved out.  She however had her boyfriend stay with her. I stayed with friends. No way was I going through that again.
Little did I know then that this was just the beginning of so many paranormal things to come. Very demonic attacks and strange other worldly dimensions.
Today I believe this was a manifested demonic entity sent to disrupt my life. And that it did!
We live in a strange world. But have no fear. We can overcome all the world throws at us! JESUS was my answer.
It took me about 3 more years however, before I found that truth.
It was a rough ride. He was with me even when I didn't know he was! HE was how I got out of that apartment. HE gave me the strength!
I did find out within the year who this head was....are you ready for the rest of the story.
Part 2, I'll share tomorrow.
Truth is stranger than fiction!

The Prophetic WAKE UP!

It was a beautiful summer morning in 1982. I was driving on my way to work as I do every weekday.
 I was praying on and off as I also usually do on long jaunts across the bridge but I always get so easily distracted, I don't know why.
This particular morning I was flying down the interstate 275 heading North towards Tampa from St. Petersburg. I was working in Tampa but lived in St. Petersburg, which is on the West side of the Howard Frankland bridge. It was always a long, grueling  bumper to bumper ride at 7:30 a.m. in the morning, and like many others I did this every morning.
On this particular wonderfully warm summer morning I was riding along with my radio on but turned down a bit. I wasn't thinking about anything much really that I can remember, just sort of in and out of prayerful thoughts, and just focused on the grind.
Nothing seemed unusual at all.
When all of a sudden I heard an audible male voice
SCREAM out loudly in the car, he said;
"WAKE UP!........ WAKE UP"!
Just like that, and so loud it was deafening!
It seemed to come at me from my left ear!
That was the ear up against the drivers side window!
I was shocked!
What the heck!
I almost had an accident as I jerked the wheel when I heard him scream this. It was frightening and so unexpected. It startled me and scared me beyond belief! It was so loud!
Who said that I thought? Is it going to happen again?
I kept driving somehow and I quickly reached over to shut the radio off and said out loud in an agitated voice, "Are you kidding me"! I am awake, I'm driving 60 miles an hour down the interstate, what do you mean WAKE UP? You can clearly see I'm awake. I'm on my way to work! Who said this?
There was no reply. I waited for a moment more, still no reply.
"Are you kidding me" I said, Who am I talking to here?
I asked again, what do you mean wake up? How can I be driving down the interstate and not be awake? HELLO! Why are you asking me this?
Still, no reply.
I was baffled, I just didn't understand. What could that mean,
wake up, Is this a spiritual question, am I suppose to know what that means???
Sadly to say,
It wasn't until 20 years later that I really understood what that prophetic voice was trying to tell me.
I was spiritually asleep even though I was searching. I was asleep in the light. I only understood parts of what were happening to me throughout my life. It seemed as if every week it was something more I couldn't piece together.
I was being guided to wake up from my spiritual slumber!
 I thank GOD I have lived long enough to finally figure out what was meant by the prophetic voice.
I'm wide awake today. The veil has been opened between this life and the next. I have eyes that see now and ears that hear. I'm learning as I walk with those in the land of the living towards home. I now truly understand.
We are not taught in churches the deep oracles of GOD, we are taught through personal asking, seeking, and knocking until we hear HIS voice! We come to understand truly once we embrace the SPIRIT of life! The HOLY SPIRIT Himself!
We are all on this journey together in this life, walking each other towards home.
I'm so very grateful to be awake.
Are you awake?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

WE have NEVER been alone!

Many times I have been asked while speaking,
"How do you know we are not alone"?
It's an easy answer for me but I respect people asking. After all for those who have not seen, experienced or heard the extraterrestrial visitors I can imagine it would be very hard to wrap your mind around them. It certainly initially was for me.
Before my first experience in 1979 I had always believed that there were no Aliens. I was positive they were comic book entertainment. I wanted nothing to do with any of the science fiction nonsense that was being read by so many back in that day. I thought truthfully that those who read such nonsense were beyond bored and foolish. I was NOT a believer!
So, when I had my first sighting, I remember I said over and over again, to myself "I don't believe in this, what is this, how can this be, these don't exist", right GOD?
The hardest thing you ever do is have these kinds of conversations with yourself!
It took me years to share the experience (29 years to be exact) because I struggled with the subject matter myself. How could this all be true if I have never heard the truth at this stage of my life? A mere 27 years old then. 
I felt like I had been sure these subjects were phony!
I went back to the spot from time to time where I had my experience and just parked my car and starred at the spot it all took place. I never shared that with anyone because I thought people would think I was nuts. I was hoping maybe "They" would come back if I were there.
My Mother advised me to not say a word to anyone about my sighting for fear of losing my job possibilities for the future.
And yet, it had taken place, it did happen!  I experienced it, and there was no denying it. I thought once about just telling myself it didn't happen and ignoring the whole thing, but I could not lie to myself.  How could I live with a lie like that?
Eventually, in 2008, I was spiritually moved to mention it, and then report it and then I finally fully accepted it, no more not dealing with it I thought. Now I study the phenomena and try to understand what and why it happened to me and so many others.
It's simple really,
We never have been and we never will be. We share this planet with other species and dimensions, it's common knowledge for our government and those who have been contacted.
There are reasons for each one of us who have been contacted.
It's a study of our family lines, us, and our openness to them.
There is a lot to learn about the "Why's".
I encourage those of you reading this, don't be fearful, if you haven't been contacted it doesn't mean you won't be. Your experience could be right around the corner. When it does happen, be kind, don't be aggressive. Be open and ask questions.
Disclosure is just around the corner.
Not that contactees need that from any outside source, but
I'm sure it's just a matter of time until it becomes common knowledge!
 Trust me here!
If you need someone to share your story with, report it to MUFON.  You will be glad you did.
I am always here for you as well, you can contact me.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Divine Intervention

While my Mother was alive she and I would frequently spend time together in a day. We lived only one minute from each other and both enjoyed shopping and hunting for fantastic bargains. It was like entertainment for us both.
One afternoon while we were both coming home from a very successful day of shopping in down town St. Petersburg, she and I were laughing and talking about the bargains we had gotten that day.
I had chosen to drive my car today as she was a slightly slower driver then I was and we would frequently fight over who was going to drive. I was going just a tad over the speed limit as I am known to do flying down the road headed home. She was sitting in the passenger seat up front with me and we were talking a mile a minute just having the most wonderful time together. So we were flying down the interstate headed towards the 38th avenue exit heading north.  As usual the light changed to red at the exit ramp, it's always so hard to catch that darn light. 
 As Mom and I continued talking she let me know she was really tired and needed to get home and take her nap. Shopping had just worn her out that day. After all we walked 6 city blocks up and down stairs carrying packages and continued walking to a restaurant nearby at the pier. For a 65 year old, I thought she did real well. But never the less that was her way of letting me know, don't stop anywhere else Teri.
I smiled at her and as I glanced over at her for a second and then the light changed to green.
I will never understand why this all played out the way it did but now she was looking at me, I looked back at her and she spoke to me with her eyes saying, the light is green, why are you sitting here?
 (you know how Mothers are). You can read so much in that glance. It was almost a smirk and a prodding for me to GO, MOVE, the light is green. Even her hand was moving as to make that related inference to GO, the light is green!
I however was hearing another voice while all this was happening and at an incredible rate of speed I might add. It all happened within seconds.
I couldn't go. I felt as if I were frozen sitting behind the wheel of that car. The voice said "don't go Teri".
Then all of a sudden a huge blue semi ran the green light and barreled through the intersection like nothing I had ever seen before. He had to be moving 80 miles an hour, his truck flew past us so fast I hardly knew what was happening as he flew through the light. Clearly, I had the green light. Clearly, he ran the red light he had. My Mother cried out, Oh my GOD Teri, had you gone we would be dead! We could have never survived a hit from that semi! She grabbed my arm and held it. She was shaking. I said Mother there was no way I could have moved. I was physically frozen. Only my eyes and my head could move. I knew not to go, even though that didn't make any sense at all.
I told her
the voice said "don't go Teri".
She said I was wondering why you didn't take off immediately because we all know you have a quick silver driving style. She verified what I didn't hear her say, yet  new she was sending me through mental telepathy.  
I told her again, there was a voice that told me not to go, had I not heard it I'm sure I would have gone through that green light. She just rubbed my arm and said in a fragile voice, this was divine intervention like I have never seen before. We both thanked GOD and we continued on towards home.
I am still Thankful for this blessing 30 years later.
They say if it's not your time, it's not your time!
I believe that.