Thursday, December 29, 2016

Handled By The Unseen

So, I was asked about a year ago to visit a friends home and cleanse it from unwanted entities that had been seen in the home from several people. It was in the home for some time maybe a year or so. It had been seen by the family that lived there as well as others and they were all being frightened by it.
They weren't sure who it was they were seeing but all agreed it was clearly a woman.
It appeared ghostly in several spots in the home and moved around the room like an ectoplasm type apparition.  Sometimes she was known to move items in the room. Chairs and papers and dishes left out. Aides that were there to assist the Mother of the home through a transition of illnesses had refused to return to the home because they had seen this ghostly woman in the parlor and the bedroom of the home they were attending.
It had become such a problem that the news was spreading among nurses and aides and no one wanted to help this poor woman any longer and the family was at their wits end.
Two of the sisters in the home had experienced the entity  as well as noises in the parlor on several occasions and tried hard to ignore it as they had so much work to do caring for their invalid mother. But they were actually afraid and were loosing their ability to ignore the visions.
I arrived with my team around 6:00pm and it was getting dark as it was the winter season and evening comes quickly here in Florida at that time of year. The interior of the home was dimly lit. It was a beautiful older home.
We entered the home and immediately I felt a strong presence come right at me. Almost like it was welcoming me. As I walked through the front music room into the parlor of the home I felt yet another presence. This one was eerily cold. I knew things were going to move quickly now that I was here. I was sure there was more than one entity and we were not alone in the room!
I continued walking towards the Mothers bedroom in the center of the home to see if the entity would appear to me as it had others.
When I got into the doorway of the bedroom I backed up near the wall to face the living room, which was where three of the aides reported seeing the woman appear and stand. It was then that a very strong, very firm hand grasped my left shoulder and squeezed  tightly! I was immediately very angry and turned around quickly as there was no one behind me and I knew now that the eerily cold entity had made contact with me. Not by appearing but by handling me. This is forbidden as I will not allow the entities control while I'm investigating.
I immediately stood my ground and rebuked the entity in the name of Jesus. It let go immediately! I instructed it to be bound and unable to touch me or any other person in the room.
I felt the entity leave the room. Not the house, just the room.
What is interesting to mention here is that the entity did not have boney fingers when it grasped my shoulder. It was just a strong and firm pressing in of a force. Not actual fingers. Yet it had a firm forceful grip. I wanted to mention this as I often hear others say that they feel the hand, but what it is actually is the force the presence can control.
We all gathered instantly for prayer and set both of the spirits free from the house. Once an entity has this type of power you don't want to play games with it. We the living must take control or we open ourselves up for attachments and possessions if we are uneducated in spiritual matters. Happens every day!
The entire home felt peaceful, Every person present could actually feel the release. The family was elated!
As I left the home I noticed It was across the street from a large old Funeral home. This was an issue for those living in this house, as the Mother would occasionally wander across the street  and walk on the grounds of the Funeral home. Because her mind was weak from strokes and Alzheimer's she was leading the lost into her home. This can truly happen. It isn't always a problem living around Funeral homes or Hospitals, but it can be.  Depending on the spiritual well being of those living in the homes it can cause issues. I have seen this many times.  Even in my own life.
We live in a world where the unseen are everywhere. We must educate ourselves and be aware of what we can do to alleviate problems with issues such as these.
The good news is the Angels are all around us as well.
We are truly NEVER alone here.
Loved ones are close and so are many others however we are in charge of the moment always and have full authority if we will just educate ourselves of the truth.
Without the Lord himself there is no hope of escape from the spiritual entities that annoy and frighten us.
Plain and simple. Be advised.