Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Key

So, here we go again. It's April, 2016. It's only been a few days since our last key experience. And the key thief is at it again. You can't make this stuff up. It's simply ridiculous how keys in this home simply disappear!
When we purchased the home in March of 2016, (last month) we were handed a ring of at least ten keys at the closing. I laughed and shared with my fiancé, these people have a real "key issue" here!
I thought nothing about it after that. They were such an awesome couple. I figured they just wanted a lot of keys?
Well, this week has been my second visit to the key maker thus far!
I can hardly believe that with all the keys given to us I have had to make 3 more house keys already! If you haven't read the
"Key Thief"  in my blog, you should, as that was last weeks post!
So, yesterday I asked my son if he would please go to the mailbox to get the mail? I'm still busy painting and unpacking this new home. It's only less than a block away to get the mail from the box. He said he was glad to get the mail for me and off he went.
About four minutes later he came back with the mail and the mail key, which is on it's own key holder and he plopped the mail and key down and said politely with a smile, here's your mail Mom.
Off he went to his room and I grabbed the key chain and put it back on my purse key holder.
That was the last time I saw the mail key!
I didn't realize then but the next day when I went to get the mail the key was gone! Just disappeared! It was not on my Key fob.
We have turned the house upside down for hours looking for the key! It's not here! Where can it be? How is it missing from my purse when we are the only ones here all day?
I called my fiancé at work immediately and asked him if he had taken my key to get the mail and didn't tell me about it? He said, "no", I have my mail key here with me on my chain!
I explained we are again missing a key! This is getting old I thought! I'm out $15.00 dollars from the last three keys I had made and now I'm getting mad. (I know I didn't have to spend that much on keys but I had to have the fancy ones!)
So, off I go again to the key kiosk to get another key made! Funny thing is I went to the same one I went to before but this time they didn't have the size key for my mail box I needed. I was so bummed out by that. This means I'm on the hunt for the right size key now. I'm so frustrated by this key caper I'm ready to cry.
As we were leaving the store my fiancé noticed a little box by the front door of the store. It was an automated keymaker box! Shocked to see that there, as I had never noticed it before, I looked into the keys offered and there it was! My size key! We had one made to my amazement in under two minutes and off we went towards home. I couldn't wait to get to the mail box to try it out!
It worked!
I have my key again.
Where the original brass key went, I have no idea.
How it got out of my purse is a mystery to me!
I rebuked the energy that steals key's and were moving on with our lives. It's so strange this issue we have had. I'm praying I don't have to deal with the key thief again!
It's those little things that make you mad at the drop of a hat. I guess the LORD is teaching me to handle these capers a bit better!
I'd still like to know how they disappear though? That will be a lesson for another day I'm sure!