Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Donut Shop

This is a true story of a very bizarre but purposeful 7 year experience I had along with my entire family 42 years ago. I have changed the name of the person and left out the children's names I interacted with to protect their privacy.
It was around 1:00 pm in the afternoon in 1977, I was married and living in St. Petersburg FL. Raising my two sons along with my now ex husband. My boys were 4 and 2 years old. We were all out on this particular beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon for a drive to see some friends in Largo, Florida. It's just a few cities north of St. Petersburg.  We were taking our time just enjoying the light conversation and the great weather, really excited to have been invited up for a day at their pool.
We were heading north up 66th Street, we were taking a different route today for some reason.  We were just passing the light at the corner of 38th Avenue North and 66th Street when all of a sudden I heard the powerful voice of a man speaking to me. You see this was common for me throughout my life. I had heard HIS voice all my life and it was second nature to me to suddenly hear HIM ask me a question or give me direction. HIS voice was firm and yet kind. The voice was always very comforting but extremely strong, unlike other men's voices. It always felt like a powerful vibrational force as HE said to me very matter of fact, "Teri, have your husband stop in the donut shop up ahead and you go in and stand at the counter".  I said out loud, O.K.!
Then I said out loud immediately to my husband, Please pull the car over to that donut shop, there, (as I pointed) on the right, up ahead.  My husband looked at me strangely and said "why"? Are we getting donuts now at this time in the afternoon? I said, "I don't really know yet why, just please, pull in, please just pull in now"! (My husband always fought me on spiritual issues like these) I was now raising my voice as again I firmly said "PULL in there NOW! He said "O.K." and turned the wheel into the parking lot.
I explained to my husband what was happening, I told him of this urgency, I was walking on blind faith here!
Then he said to me again as I waited to hear from the LORD, Teri, why are we here, I don't want a donut.
 I said to him, neither do I but I believe the voice of the LORD has just instructed me to pull in here and go stand at the counter.
 So having said that, I got out of the car and asked my husband to please just be patient and let me see where the next instruction I would receive would lead to.
I just wanted to do as I was asked by the LORD. 
 I pulled my shirt down tight swallowed hard and headed into the Coffee shop. I was thinking the whole time as I walked toward the door, What do I do now LORD?
I walked inside. And I just stood there, like I was told. There weren't that many people in the shop.
Maybe 8 or so total. I just Stood there near the front counter, waiting.
There was a man and women in front of me. I continued to wait. They ordered their donuts. Then as I heard the man giving his order to the waitress, I heard the voice of the LORD again clearly say to me, "Do you see the woman and the three children at the end of the counter", I whispered out loud, yes LORD. He then said to me, "Go to the woman and ask her if there is anything you can do for her, anything at all", I replied "O.K."
At the end of the counter was a young woman seated alone and her three children. All girls. The woman had long brown hair and the children were very young.
Now, the waitress was starting to speak to me as all this was happening, she said "excuse me ma'am", What can I get for you? I said, well, I'm not sure yet, just a moment please. ( I stood there waiting to see if the Lord was going to give me any further instruction, like exactly what to say to this stranger) She replied, sure, just let me know when you're ready. I then smiled at her and started to head down towards the woman with the long brown hair seated at the end of the counter with the three sweet little girls.  
As I was walking toward them I said to the Lord, "what will I say, what do you want me to say here"?
He replied to me "say exactly as I have spoken to you". I said again, "O.K." Thinking to myself "here we go"!
So I extended my hand to a young pretty woman with long brown hair and big brown eyes, and introduced myself to her. Hi, I said, My name is Teri. She said her name was Debbie, She looked at me rather oddly, I said to her, I'm sure you will find this pretty strange Debbie, but is there anything I can do for you, you see I was asked to ask you this question?
She replied with, "excuse me, what"? Do I know you? Who asked you? I said no actually you don't know me, but I was driving up to Largo to see some friends with my family and as I got near this donut shop I heard the voice of the LORD say to me too pull in here and then, too come speak to you and ask you what I can do for you.
As I was saying this to her a very odd thing happened to me. I felt a surge of power come over me, cloak me actually, it was an unbelievable feeling! I had amazing compassion pour over me for this stranger and her three children.
 I pointed out the window to my car and my husband and children who were just sitting there waiting patiently on me, waved a hello and a smile to Debbie.
 Her face went as white as a sheet. She said, What? Really? Who are you? Are you kidding me here? Oh my God! That's hard to believe.
I said, perhaps it is Debbie, but I am to ask you a question. So I'm wondering, what is it that you need, what can I do for you right now? I was asked to ask you that specifically, what can I do for you! She looked at me as if I were completely nuts and as if she were going to scream! Then she blurted out, sit down please. Please, just sit down here a minute. So I sat on the stool next to her. She was shaking visibly. Her hands were just shaking so hard she was holding them to try to stop them from shaking. I had never seen anyone shake that much before. I put my hand on her shoulder and said, whatever it is you're going through the LORD has heard your prayer, and HE has sent me to help you. What can I do for you? With that she calmed down and stopped shaking.
Her big brown eye's were full of tears. She sat there for a long moment with her head in her hands and sobbing she said "I want to show you something", I said "O.K." She then pulled a piece of paper from her purse unwrapped it quickly and handed it to me. She said, "this is just so crazy,
I can't believe what you're saying to me here"! 
I smiled but did not respond.
I unfolded the paper and said, "do you want me to read this"? She replied, "first promise me you will not tell anybody what you  are about to read"! I said, O.K., I won't tell anybody. She replied then go ahead and read it.
To my absolute shock and amazement, (which I tried to conceal) because what I read was so horrifying, I could hardly believe it myself was all the reasons why Debbie was going to kill herself!Contained in this note was Debbie's suicide letter.
She had planned on taking her life that very day!
Just moments from my fateful visit! GODs instructions to me were purposeful to save her and possibly her children's lives!
She had stopped to get coffee at the donut shop with the girls so she could figure out her details, and how she was going to do this to herself and maybe her children!  She wanted to spend her last moments alive with her children, here at the donut shop!
She just couldn't figure out what to do with her daughters at the moment she would commit her crime!
She explained to me she had serious problems at home. She was recently disfellowshipped from her church and was being divorced. Her family had turned their backs on her, her husband was awarded the children in the decree. She now was going to be all alone after 10 years of marriage. He was getting the children. She explained it was because her husband had fallen in love with a younger girl at the church and had gotten the young girl pregnant.
Her husband, an elder in the church, was to marry the young pregnant lady in his congregation and replace his wife (Debbie) with this younger woman. They then they would raise Debbie's girls and raise their family as one new happy family. 
It all sounded very strange to me.
Debbie was so distraught to say the least. Her husband had accused her of being an unfit mother to justify their divorce and move on with his new plans. There was nothing she could do.
As odd as the story was, I did not question her further.
This young woman at the donut counter was so discouraged and broken she could hardly speak as she told me her side of her sad and hurtful story. I just listened. My heart just broke for her.  
After about 20 minutes, I walked outside and let my husband know what was happening. He asked me what I thought we were to do for her? I said I feel as if I'm going to leave it up to her. I'm going to let her direct the outcome of this visit, as I hadn't heard anything else from the LORD since I started talking with her!  HE asked me to ask her what I could do for her, so I would wait for her to tell me what to do.
It was decided then by Debbie, that I would take her children and keep them safe while she spent some time alone, and she would call me in a day or two after she thought things through. I agreed to do this only if she agreed to do nothing foolish. She agreed, she said she was so overwhelmed with what I had told her from GOD that she wasn't going to go through with her suicide plan now. Even though I knew I couldn't really depend on that promise she made to me, I just had to trust GOD! I hoped I would see her again in just a few day's.
We prayed with her in the parking lot, hugged her and assured her we would do as GOD instructed us. I gave her my phone number and address. Introduced her to my husband, who verified to her what GOD had told me and how HE instructed me to pull into the donut shop. She was just flabbergasted about it all!
We invited her to come home with us. We pleaded with her telling her we would say nothing about what she was dealing with. She hesitated and said "no", thank you, I think I need to be alone for awhile. she said she just had to sort things out in her mind. She needed time. She convinced me she would be in touch in a few days. I had no choice but to believe her.
I guess she just needed time to understand how all this had come to be. After all, it isn't every day this sort of thing happens in this manner.
I assured her I would care for her sweet young girls as if they were my own until she returned. I told her not to worry at all, I was as far away as a phone call. I gave her the tag number on my car just to give her more peace. I asked her if she needed any money? She said , No.
So, I loaded the little darlings into the car in the back seat with my boy's and I drove off with her three precious daughters, safe now, in the back seat of our car. They were instantly all so happy to be with us. I was surprised, as if they had known us all their little lives. I think they were emotionally drained from the stress of being with their seriously distraught mother. They actually seemed excited and  immediately started chatting with my boy's.
It would be three weeks before I heard from or saw Debbie again.
I must say, I was starting to wonder if I would ever see her again! Talk about stressful, I had no idea if she had gone through with her plan or not. There were no cell phones back in that day, so there was no way of communicating with each other. Something inside me had assured me however that everything was going to be fine, but I must agree the waiting is never easy!
She came to the front door alone one afternoon and the girls and I were elated to see her. Such joy was in my heart, she was alive and now safe!
I was so grateful she was still alive! She looked me right in the eyes and one of the first things she said to me was she would be converting from her religion to mine! She was so impressed with how GOD had come through for her in her absolute deepest darkest hour, literally. She said she never felt so loved like this in all her life.
This began a 7 year friendship with Debbie and our family. She did convert to become a Christian.  She lived with us, her and the girls, for over a year from that first day until we could help her get on her feet and into her own home.
I never questioned the limits of service I was asked of GOD. Miracles and blessing continued over the next 7 years, everyone at church and in my family witnessed them all. I never tried to change the flow of helping this woman.
I understood I was to do what ever it took to help her find her way.
But the story would continue to have it's twists and turns.
For some of us to be given such love and kindness, dedication and service it would have been more than enough. Others, will walk away, ignore and forget what a HOLY GOD and a good friend had done for them.
It wasn't my place to judge her, it was my place to help her.
I was to be open, available and kind, understanding and helpful.
I realized what the LORD was doing in my life by having me become the servant.
It clarified for me how HE while here alive on this planet as a man himself, HE had done the same thing constantly. I identified personally with HIS ministry, and the lessons I learned which were very hard and painful at times, so difficult as seven people crammed into a small 2 bedroom home lived out their lives. The goal was peace, and that is exactly what I found.
I look back often at those days and smile.
I left my home one beautiful sunny Sunday morning to visit friends in a neighboring city, took a different longer route for some odd reason and then heard the voice of GOD himself redirect my plans for that day, and my life to save a woman and her three children.
My world instantly and forever would change. This miracle in the making would challenge my faith and teach me how to love others, truly love with the love of Christs ministry here on earth.
I highly advise this for all readers. Jump in, abandon your own plans and let the love of GOD guide you, there is no better high, no better satisfaction known to man in this life than to lay down his life (or plans) for his friends!
Miracles like these are all around us. Waiting for us to obey and tap into them. We have to listen for them, recognize them, and truly just obey the signs and the LORDS calling, to see what lessons for this life can come of it all. I might add that not questioning, once you know HIS voice is always beneficial as well.
It is all about learning, growing and coming to feel and understand GODS love and HIS human life here among us!
Everything HE does with us is purposeful!
It never ceases to amaze me what can happen when we don't question and just simply obey! 
To obey is better than sacrifice, (1 Samuel 15:22)

The Miracle

So, it was the Autumn of 1998.  I was on the beach with a bunch of friends. We had all decided this would be a day of hanging out at a majestic old resort, The Don CeSar, on one of America's finest beaches on the West coast of Florida and enjoy a spectacular sunset. We had had a early dinner at the "Don" and headed out on the beach. The Sunsets are always so colorful and majestic out over the Gulf of Mexico. It's always a beautiful sight!
There were about 8 of us in all.
We were all running around all over the place just laughing playing tag and being silly. It had been an awesome day. My youngest son was one of the people with us in the group. We were all having a really wonderful time, but it was starting to get late and I was wondering when we should all pack up and get ready to head back home. Just then one of the girls that was there with us, all of a sudden screamed out and said "OH NO, I've lost my car key"!
 She had driven about 4 people to the beach for the outing that day. I asked her if it was on a key chain or a fob? She said no, it was just the single key she had put in her pocket and now it was gone.
We all were thinking "Oh no, this won't end well". We had covered an entire city block wide area while playing tag and running all over the beach. I decided the only thing
we could do is to all hold hands and
PRAY for divine intervention! 
 We needed this key to get people home so we needed to find this lost key before the sun set. We all knew we needed a miracle.  It was completely dark now on the beach and only the lights from the street gave us any hope of seeing anything, and they were not as close as we needed them to be.
We all gathered in a circle grabbed the hand next to us and  I prayed, "Please LORD, help us find this lost key, we thank you for hearing this prayer, we need a miracle, Amen"!
It was no grand prayer full of elegant words and promises, just a simple begging from my heart! We all said Amen, and then after about 2 minutes, my son Joshua said, is this it? He held up a single key with a square end to it, and sure enough, there it was! We all started screaming, jumping up and down and laughing and crying! It was a miracle and it only took two minutes to reach us!
I have always wondered just how Joshua found that key! He claims he literally stepped on it. Have you ever been to the beach? Have you ever seen how thick the sand can be and how anything you stand on can get buried in the sand in an instant? And in the dark no less? Well, I have! I was just in amazement of this recovery. It was a blessing for sure, but then again I prefer to call it a
miracle. GOD heard our prayer and HE delivered!
You can't make these things up! This was a blessing beyond blessings. I am so grateful! GOD does answer prayer.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Night of the Collection

So, it was 2012, I was at home in St. Petersburg. It was a night just like any other night. I was getting ready for bed, so I drank my last cup of coffee and jumped in the sac with a good book.
I fell asleep quickly as I had been working very hard that day doing this and that for MUFON meetings throughout the state. I'd been on the computer all day and had several cases on the CMS I was working on as well. I was just mentally worn out.
I got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, as I have this bad habit of drinking coffee late into the night and I never seem to make it all the way through till morning.
I remember thinking, I'm so groggy, and a bit sore on my right side. I was so very tired however I didn't turn the light on or look to see why I was sore. My right side near my hip just hurt a bit. I remember thinking, what the heck did I do now? I was just so tired I wanted to get right back in bed to get back to sleep. I felt as if I'd been drugged I was so tired. I could hardly walk back to the bed. The moment I got back to the sac, I was out like a light.
I woke up the next morning and headed right to the shower, my usual routine, brushed my teeth and  headed back to the bedroom to get dressed. I was wrapped in a towel and drying off as I walked past my closet mirrored doors. As I did I glanced in the mirror for just a moment. I noticed a red spot on my right hip area and I came to a dead stop and starred at it in the mirror. I tried to see it closer. I said out loud, "what the heck is that"? On further inspection I could clearly see two slices in my hip. The top slice was a bit longer than the bottom slice. They both had a scab of dried blood on them. There was blood on both of them! I touched the spot and then yelled out "Ouch!" It was then that I remembered it was the same area that bugged me when I'd gotten up last night to use the restroom. I took a picture of the slices and reported it to a few MUFON friends. I tried to remember what had happened as I slept that night? I had no idea how I had gotten these from a super soft pillow top mattress? I looked for blood on the white sheets on the bed, but not a drop could be found. I checked my nighty and not a bit of blood was on it either? I took pictures of the bed and the nighty for documentation. How did this happen? My side was very sore to touch but it didn't bother me otherwise. The blood was dried on the wounds even after the shower I had taken. I thought that was odd. Why didn't the blood wash off? It was in a scab form, but it just didn't wash off.

I later spent some time with a regression therapist and an abduction specialist who believed I had been the victim of an extraterrestrial bone marrow collection. That did seem to be where the collection would have been taken from.  I was so foggy that night,  I remembered thinking I wasn't usually that foggy, what could have made me that way? That was just odd. I wondered why? Why would they need my bone marrow? What do they do with it? I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders this way after something with high strangeness happens to them?
I had documented this very well and so at that point there was nothing more that I could do. The truth is once this sort of thing happens to you, what exactly can you do? The answer is frankly, nothing! I suppose we will never know the why's on this side of the veil. I'm just grateful I wasn't traumatized through the process. 
I have never been harshly treated and I hear that that isn't always how it goes. My experiences are always on the more humane side.
I never could remember a thing about how this happened. I could not recollect the actual experience. I don't recall any of it.
It happened for certain but I just don't know how.
I sleep in a very soft and spacious king size bed. It has mattress pads and an extremely soft comforter on it. Nothing in my bed could slice me! Nothing in my room could cause that to happen either. Of this I am certain!
And then again,
I had the exact same experience 6 months later. Only this time it was the exact same slices on the left side of my body and in exactly the same area of my body! It was as sore as the time before and the blood was exactly the same. Dried very hard. The top cut was a bit longer than the bottom cut. I had gotten up just as before to use the restroom and I had felt the pain on my left side. I thought to myself, is this the same thing as before? And again, I have no idea why? I was too sleepy to fully wake up and check it out. I thought to myself, I guess this is just what extraterrestrials do as they study a subject. I'm not in control and it's as if I am drugged because I'm unusually groggy after the incident.
I reported these happenings again to the same friends as before and documented the slices on me with pictures. There is nothing else that "can" be done. As before I have no recollection of the actual incident. I felt so groggy when I went to the restroom that night as well. I can only say that I'm
glad that it's over!  It was not unpleasant this time either, as I don't remember any trauma. I hope it never happens again to me and I certainly hope it never happens to you!

Vocal Attack

So it was 1980, I was at home and cleaning up around the house. I had been working for about 4 hours and I thought I'd take a break and go into the kitchen to get a drink of cold water. I poured my drink and was just standing there.
 It was quite and I had a lot on my mind.
I thought I heard a voice in one of the bedrooms.  I just thought to myself, no, I couldn't have, must be outside. I'm the only one home after all. So I went into my bedroom to see if there were workers out in the yard talking near my bedroom window. I pushed the curtains back and there was no one there.
I got a strange feeling because I thought O.K. what was that? It felt odd in the house all of a sudden. The hair on my neck fluttered!  
Then I thought I heard another voice. I could almost make it out this time. I thought it actually said my name! It sounded like maybe more than one voice. It really creeped me out. I thought to myself, Oh no, what is this?  I was hoping that would be the end of it and it would just stop. Then within a minute I heard it again. I heard a few voices this time. Like they were right at my back! They were saying "run, run, run, don't stay here, run".  I was really scared! I thought why is this happening? Where am I suppose to run to? Why should I run? It was so frightening, I cupped my hands over my ears. I started toward the front door. I was actually getting more and more scared and the hair was standing up on the back of my neck and arms now. I was so confused. Why should I run? Who is this talking to me?
Then the thought came to me, this is my house I'm not going anywhere! The voices returned saying the same things over and over, it felt as if I were standing in a room full of people. But I was there by myself. I still had my hands over my ears. I ran towards the front door and ran out into the front yard slamming the door shut behind me. I felt like I was being pushed out of my own home! I stood there for a few moments. I was so afraid to go back into the house again. I never saw a thing, I only heard the voices and I thought to myself, voices can't hurt me! I'm going back into my house and casting those voices out. I'm out here, they're in there! The heck with this! So I mustered up my strength and opened the front door and stood in the doorway for about 10 minutes. I heard nothing. Then I stood in the front room with the door still open for 10 minutes. I still didn't hear anything. I made my way room by room back to the kitchen. I wasn't in any hurry. As I moved from room to room I was less and less fearful. Once I got into the kitchen I was more mad than fearful. I said out loud in a very angry voice, "Get out of my house in the name of JESUS"! "all of you, get out of my house"!
I repeated this a few times. I was so angry. I felt as if I were set up almost? How does that happen I wondered?
As I stood in the kitchen, I grabbed the olive oil from my cupboard and went room by room anointing each and every doorway in the house and asking GOD'S blessing and protection for my family on each room.
I had a wonderful peace come over me. I anointed my own head and asked GOD for wisdom! I walked through the house now without fear. I felt as if I were alone again. It was a great feeling.
I wondered why these attacks came at me so frequently. A friend at church suggested that I made the enemy mad with the good works I had done. I wondered if that were true? I never really did find out the actual answer. I'm just very grateful this sort of thing doesn't happen as much anymore. When I have attacks from the spirit world now, I am well prepared and victorious. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Divine Intervetion

It was the summer of 1983 and I was walking home from a local corner food store less than a mile from my home. I had run to the store just for the exercise and a cup of coffee, the coffee was my reward for the exercise. It was about 8:00 pm at night and it was starting to get dark out. I wanted to get home quickly so I decided to take a short cut behind the food store and go through a small wooded area. It was along a train track that was close to my neighborhood but would get me home a few minutes quicker than walking the street route home.

I started heading behind the little store and was walking at a brisk pace to get through the lightly wooded area. It was getting really dark and I saw 3 young men standing on the outskirts of the trees near the Rail road tracks.
I wasn't really concerned as I was obviously older than the three boys from what I could hear of their voices in the distance and thought to myself, they're probably harmless little kids. So I kept walking at a good pace.  I did pay close attention to the boys however. I realized it could be a problem.
All of a sudden I heard the one young man say to the others, "hey, when she gets close to the tracks lets grab her purse and rough her up", then he laughed! I was shocked and horrified all in the same moment when I heard that, as I was getting closer and closer to them with every step. They didn't realize I could hear them and I began to panic a bit. It actually didn't make any sense that I could hear them so clearly, I wasn't that close I thought! How was it possible for me to have heard this?
My heart was pounding as I got closer and closer to the young men.

I had just cashed a large check a day before at my bank and had around three hundred dollars cash in my wallet as I approached these boys and I knew if they tried to over power me they probably would get my purse easily. Three against one was bad odds for me!

I cried out to GOD and prayed "GOD please help me NOW"!
Just as the words left my thoughts, I heard a very strong male voice whisper in my left ear "Ask the boy's if you can borrow a dime for a phone call". So as I got directly across from them, right at the rail road tracks I said to them, "hey you guy's got a dime I can borrow for the phone at the store over there"?
They all answered and said, (very politely I might add),
"no sure don't". I was still shaking a bit as I kept on walking towards them. But I acted and spoke as if I weren't a bit afraid.

I was now close enough to see their faces. One said, hey, where you going? I said "home to get some money", I forget my change purse! Then I laughed and walked quickly over the train tracks and onto the neighborhood street. I was at a faster clip now. The street lights had come on and I was grateful to be closer to the roadway. They boy's were still talking to me, but I kept walking. My heart was pounding so fast and loud I could barely hear what they were saying. I felt like I was going to faint. I didn't want to even look behind me to see if they were coming my way. I thought as long as I'm on this street I can bolt to a local home for help if I need to.
Then all at once an amazing peace came over me!

After about two minutes, I looked behind me and I could see by the street lights that they were way behind me at the same place I had walked quickly past them. It was then that I realized the voice that spoke to me, literally saved me! It must have been an Angel I thought to myself? I clearly heard him say to me, to ask to borrow a dime. I didn't question what I heard. I was so afraid I simply repeated what I hear him say.  I just did as the voice said! I would have never thought of that on my own! I was to panic stricken at that moment to come up with a plan. How was it I thought I could hear them all so clearly too? Why did that happen?
I thanked GOD all the way home for sending a messenger to help me.  I had asked and for help to protect me and I received it!  I carried all that money safely past the boy's and the danger they poised towards me. The VOICE I heard spared me from a very different possible outcome!

Even today as I think of this memory I give the Glory to GOD for this miracle in my life! It was truly divine intervention!
One more vocal intervention that I am very grateful for!

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Demonic Apparition

I want to share with you just how real the paranormal world can be. I had just come home from doing work as a Demonologist and successfully delivering a young girl from strong negative spirits and I must say I was exhausted. It was pretty late in the day so I had dinner and went to bed. I turned out the lights and pulled the covers up to my neck and shut my eyes. Just as I shut my eyes a very dark frightening face came at me quickly, very fast. I felt it wanted to scare me or  intimidate me. Instead of being fearful, it made me very angry. I was so angry I opened my eyes and I said out loud, "get out of here, get out of here now in the name of JESUS, get out that front door now. You are bound from here"! 
With that my anger subsided.  I pulled the covers up again to my neck, rolled over and fell fast asleep.
The next morning I was up at 6:00am saying goodbye to a fellow worker. As I opened the front door to send them off, to my surprise there were thousands of dead black bugs all over the patio and walkway in front of the front door. Literally thousands! This is what the above picture is all about. It is the actual picture I took that morning.
I then knew what had happened. When I cast the entity out the front door and bound it the night before, it killed those bugs that were in the area. Perhaps it even brought them to the front area to do away with them to alarm me. It did not alarm me at all. I simply knew I had the victory, yet again.
I have no idea what kind of bugs these are. They are not mosquitos or flies. They look like flies but are much smaller.
It never ceases to amaze me the lengths these rejected entities go to, to try and cause fear. I am grateful for my understanding and that the LORD protects me, always and gives me great peace!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Connections and Completions

As I look back over my life I see the connecting and completions of so many things.
One of those connections is the relationship between extraterrestrials and my family.
I have no real understanding of  "why" our family was chosen. I only know for certain that we were. I do believe the different species that visit this planet and those species who are living here have needs and use our human race to fill those needs.
They share technological  information with us which benefits mankind for the feeding favors we present them.
While I was very young I began experiencing spiritual and extraterrestrial interactions. I did share with my parents what was happening to me but they didn't want to discuss it or even educate me, not that they could!  I'm sure they were pretty stumped themselves as no one spoke of these things back then in our family. It was forbidden. We didn't ever discuss GOD either, but we kids were shuffled off to church so my parents could have a weekend break from us kids.
Eventually I would come to find that my Mother and her husband, my oldest brother, a sister and my son would also join the ranks in our family as having revealed to me what they had seen and experienced.
While extraterrestrials are a species more advanced than we are on some levels they also lack many things as well.
I know they have no spirit. No spiritual nature. they don't live eternally and are not a part of the evolution we go through here on earth. They are other than we are and live longer than we do. We as humans go on to a spiritual existence beyond this life.
We evolve. They do not. How do I know this? I just do. I believe they have shared this with me. It is understood between us.
Perhaps they have shared many other things with me as well that I just understand. I can't say for sure. But we are very different from them as a species.
I have received many things through mental telepathy. I don't ask for answers or information, they just come. They are clear and they are true. They guide me through many circumstances and lead me to situations I would not choose myself.
As a spiritual being I submit everything I experience and consider to The Ancient of day's. I believe in an all powerful being. The "GOD" if you will of the universe. HE directs me and confirms what I am hearing from extraterrestrials. If I don't see HIS hand in something. I do not continue. They respect HIM. HE is their creator as well. I have often wondered why the people of earth struggle with the obvious truth that even the off world beings see so clearly?
I do believe extraterrestrials have interacted with us and created hybrids. Just as the Nephalim have interacted with us to create Giants and spiritual amalgamations here on earth. As hard as that was for me to wrap my mind around I have come to know this for certain. The extraterrestrials  have a need to prolong their connection with us. I know that they are trying to create a spiritual link between us and them. It has not happened yet. They are dedicated to combining this aspect of life with ours.
I was told it will not happen. They continue to try.
They cannot create.
Abductions are a real part of what they are doing here. This is how they learn from us. In this process we have also learned from them. Exchanging information, at a cost.
Cattle mutilations are very real and happening still as I write this post. I am not certain it's extraterrestrials doing the mutilations, but our Government wants us to believe it's all their fault. Remember they continue to search for what they probably won't find.
Knowledge has increased at record speed because of our association with these beings. Fiber optics and the like.
There is, however, a limit to what even they can share with us.  They have chosen the one on one reveal of who they are because our governments have been dishonest with them. They know this.
We all wonder why so many species have interacted with us here? What is the ultimate outcome for us all? Believe me, they have an agenda.
 They are all hesitant to interact with us as we are a very fickle group here on Earth. We cannot be trusted. We have allowed our nature to be revealed in our interactions with other species. We strive to be dominant in our greed to learn and will take life if threatened in any way. Or just to enjoy it for dinner!
Man is corrupt and the whole universe is very aware of this.
But still they come and still we experience their interacting's with us.
After all, Truth is stranger than any written fiction could ever be.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Abduction From The Hotel

It was November of 2014. I was on a trip to Laughlin Nevada and had spent an entire week focused on everybody's extraterrestrial information and presentations for a symposium I was working at.  The time went off without a hitch and was a wonderful uplifting and educational experience. Very informative!
My crew had a day left for some sightseeing before we headed back to Florida so we spent the day in Las Vegas checking out all the sights.
We had a wonderful time exploring the terrain of Nevada! We visited many famous Hotels and Resorts. It was non stop sightseeing! After all, we were in Vegas!
We were exhausted by 8:00 pm that evening and everyone headed off to bed. I fell asleep immediately and can not remember a thing that happened that evening. When I woke up I had a very sharp stabbing pain behind my right eye. This happened a few months earlier while I had an experience at home which led to the knowledge that I had another extraterrestrial experience which was very odd. It affected my eye sight in my right eye. It was confirmed by a doctor that I had had a serious trauma to my right eye. We thought perhaps an implant of some sort. The doctor said there was scar tissue from some incident. Fact was however, I have never had an incident to cause a scar as the doctor described.  I also discovered on this day that I had a bump in my upper right abdomen that was not there when I went to bed! It felt so odd. Not painful but It had my attention. I had no idea how this could have happened while I slept at the hotel.
My traveling companion also had a very odd experience which could not be explained. He went to bed with a tight fitting grey t-shirt on and woke up with it off and on the floor right next to the bed. If he had woken up he would have thrown it off on a chair. But It was placed right next to the bed on the floor somewhat neatly. He also had shared how he had a vivid dream as he fought an alien presence from taking me from my room that night while I was sleeping.  Something like two short blue humanoids, but not blue in the face.  He said he was unsuccessful in fighting them off. They did end up taking me. When he woke up he had a long scratch on his arm and hand. It was still red from
the experience when he showed it to me. There were three dots in a scratch and then a long scratch on the back of his right hand under the three dots. We took a picture to document it. It was clear he had a struggle with something that night.
I have had many, many incidences with unexplainable happenings to my physical body for years now that always seems to happen as I sleep. This is the first time it has happened to someone in the same hotel as myself and on the same night.
We both believed what we experienced was from the same event throughout the night in that room.
We are not alone! We have frequent interactions with the extraterrestrials. Stay alert and pay attention.
It's not just happening to me! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Unseen Hand

I was so young when I had an awkward experience that really opened my eyes to the high strangeness of this life.
I was 9 years old. My Mother and I were in a rented apartment in St. Petersburg, FL.
In those days it didn't seem to be as big a deal to leave your children alone or unattended for small amounts of time. It was a different day and time, things didn't seem so dangerous back then. Maybe we were just more na├»ve? Or perhaps I could simply be trusted. My Mother was always working hard to keep us a float and sometimes she worked as many as three jobs at a time. I must say. She was always busy.
There were many nights I would fall asleep alone and hear her come home a few hours later to check  in on me, kiss me goodnight and then start her ironing job by the radio or sometimes watch our little T.V.
I always knew it was her arriving as I usually was woken up by the sound of her car puling up to the apartment making all the racket that little Tempest could make! It was always a big relief to have her home.
One night as I lay asleep, I was awoken by a hand on my forehead. I felt it  touch me and move down my cheek to my chin, my eyes were still closed. it was as if to caress my face. This happened two times and finally I opened my eyes.
There was no one there!
The hand had just left my face and there was no one there!
I immediately called out to my Mom in fear, and yet there was no answer. I became very afraid! Extremely afraid!
I sat up and grabbed my blanket close to my face and felt the area I just had caressed by who? By what? I could not understand how this could happen! Being so young I was almost bewildered by the experience. Later that night my Mom came home to find me awake and fearful. She asked me why I was up? It was an angry voice  coming from her that night. I wasn't sure I wanted to share this with her because she was already upset about something. I had waited all night for her to get home, and now, I said nothing. I was so relieved she was home, I just said "I couldn't sleep". I lay back down and fell fast asleep in the comfort of her presence.
Many years have passed since this experience.   I have always wondered, what was that? Why did that happen? Who was that?
What did it mean?
I believe many things like that happen to teach us to overcome fear.
To guide us and mold us into what we are quickly becoming for the next phase of our life. To prepare us for the life preordained and chosen for us.
I am grateful. If we live long enough, everything comes full circle and all questions become known.
Today, I understand.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The White Light

It was 1973. I had just given birth to my first son. I was just 21 years old. I was having a bit of difficulty after his birth. I kept feeling faint. A few days after I brought my son home I felt very dizzy. I called the doctors office and asked them if they could see me. They said , "yes" come right in. I went to the hospital as this is where the doctors office was located at that time, and I went in and sat down waiting my turn.
It was all I could do to stay sitting up. My body wanted to lay down. I was very weak. I felt myself swaying, as if I were going to faint again. I remember the lightheadedness coming and going and I said to the receptionist, "I think I need to lay down". She took one look at me and went to get a wheelchair.
The next thing I remember I was in a hospital bed. I thought this would be an easy in and out kind of thing at the doctors office, I could not have been more wrong. I was being admitted for tests, I was as white as a sheet and very frail.  I couldn't imagine what was going on with me.  As the test came back, the doctor said there was nothing clear going on, some of my levels were questionable, he could not be sure what was happening to me, so I would have to stay for observation. I explained I had just given birth to a baby boy and I needed to get home to him. The Doctor told me if we couldn't find out what was going on with the fainting, I may be delayed a few days until we could pin point the problem. He said he felt this was very serious.
Truth was I was so weak I could hardly hold my son for any length of time. My stomach was in knots and I felt so horrible and always like fainting. I agreed to stay. My Mother encouraged me to stay as well and get the much needed rest my body needed.
I was tortured with a colonoscopy, IV drip, blood work, X-rays a catheter  and you name it.
All the while, the drip I was getting in my arm was actually getting very sore and aggravating after two days.
I transitioned from a happy patient looking for answers to a "let me out of here patient"! The Doctor and staff however were hearing none of that.
I was in their care and I could not leave until we got to the bottom of this. With every test came a  reply from the Doctor,
"I just can't figure out what is causing this"! You are having all these problems clearly, but I just don't know why!
I must say, I did enjoy sleeping and being cared for, I was so weak I could barely do anything on my own.  It was almost all I could do to stay awake.
My stomach stopped hurting after I slept a bit, That was a plus.
That night I lay in bed wondering if I was ever going to get out of that hospital. There was still no diagnoses and I was missing my son terribly! The nurse came in to take my blood pressure and draw blood, get my temperature and so on. She turned to leave the room and she gathered her things, shut off the lights and shut the door. I called out to her and asked her to please leave the door open to let a little light in. She told me to just get to sleep! She left the door just slightly ajar. I could not get up to open it more. I was attached to a line going in my arm and I was afraid I might get dizzy and fall if I got up.
Immediately I started feeling very strange, almost afraid as I lay there in the dimly lit, large private room.
And then, all of a sudden a huge white floating light came right through the door and was making it's way towards me. I tried to reach for the call button in my fear but I couldn't find it!
The light was silent, no sound at all coming from it as it got closer and closer to me. It lit the room up a bit, but not totally. It was controlled somehow coming slowly towards me. It looked like it was a wheel in a wheel with a bright white light on the outside about two inches thick and a lesser light in the center, It was just radiating softly as it approached me!  I didn't say a word as I stared at it. I felt under it's control somehow. It came and literally hovered right over my bed! It was so warm and the love I felt, the peace I felt were radiating from it somehow. I felt as if it were communicating something to me.  I wasn't sure what I was hearing or seeing, I had never seen anything like this before! It was beautiful, but I was shocked! I was in a panic of sorts. It was right over my abdomen right where the pains were, for about one minute it hovered there. I watched it intently but could see nothing known to me from this world in that light! Then it simply disappeared right before my very eyes! Gone!
The room went back to dark, I scurried around my blanket to find the call button. I must have hit it 5 times. A very angry nurse came in and asked me "What do you want, you need to get to sleep"!
She was so cruel! She turned to leave.
I asked her to please open the door a bit more! She denied my request again, but left the door a tad more open then the first time. Just seeing and talking with someone in that very large room comforted me for a moment. Even if she was cruel. It was comforting! It was like I felt a bit safer seeing someone even if it was only for a minute.  I simply could not allow myself to tell her what had just taken place. I feared they would shoot me up with something for hallucinations!
This was no hallucination!
How I got to sleep that night I will never know!
Through the night the nurse came in and took blood work and did my blood pressure and temperature. The doctor came in to see me the next morning and had ordered another round of tests. He asked me how I felt? I said much better actually.
He said you look much better Teri.
I actually felt very normal!
I took that as a compliment as I had looked so pale and sullen for a week. I asked him when I could go home? He said he was keeping me for a few more tests and we would discuss it when they came back. I agreed. That afternoon the doctor came into my room again holding my chart and said, How would you like to go home? I almost started crying! He said I don't know what happened here over night but all your levels are excellent and your doing very well all of a sudden.
I never shared with any of the nursing staff what had happened. I never discussed it with the doctor either.
Something was odd for two weeks after my first son was born.
Perhaps it was related to his birth? He was after all a child named by GOD himself. I will never understand this experience on this side of the veil. But I will be asking many questions when I'm finally on that other side!
Some things we just down understand here, but I know everything happens for a reason. All the reasons are for lessons. I learned to trust that I am cared for in ways I will not understand in the here and now. I am so very grateful for my care, I know I am loved!

The Proclimation

I was 13 years old and my Mother and I were heading out to visit a new psychic she had made an appointment with. I had no clue what a psychic was. My Mother was in such a hurry to meet this new woman, "Miriam". It was all she could talk about. I remember my Mom telling me that Miriam had great powers with the "other side" whatever that meant, and it had taken her nearly 6 months to book this appointment. To say the least my Mother was extremely excited and here we were driving to the North East section of our city to see this "wonderful" woman. I was feeling very confused. I just didn't understand what all this fuss was really all about.
The North East area of our city was known for it's enchanting homes. I thought, well, at least she'll have a nice house to wait in.
I had no idea what my Mom's excitement was really all about. At 13 there isn't much to know about these things. They just didn't concern me. I was thinking, "Oh great. I'll sit and wait for hours as my Mom and Miriam go do whatever it is psychic's do with the other side"! Needless to say, for me it was simply going to be scary, weird and boring!
My Mom had fed me so full of stories about Miriam, she said this woman would talk to the dead and share what they tell her! Sounded weird and scary to me. I wasn't looking forward to waiting in the front room alone like my Mom had told me too, while she was in the back room with dead people talking to Miriam!
So I drove along to this house of high strangeness and didn't speak nary a word to my Mom the whole trip there.  
My young mind was just racing.
As we pulled up to the driveway and beheld the house we were amazed at how pretty it was. Lush landscaping and the home was well taken care of. Beautiful potted plants and various wonderful trees of all kinds. My Mom gave me her last minute instructions.
"Do not say a word when we get inside. Be kind and take a seat immediately and be quite. Don't  come bother us while we are in the back room"! I had heard these instructions a time or two before so I nodded my head and hesitantly followed my Mom up to the front door.
On the front door to this massive home was a pretty framed note. It said,
"Come in, sit down in the foyer and Miriam will be with you at your appointed time". We both looked at each other and whispered, O.K. that's odd.
Then I made my last attempt at not going inside.
That seemed really creepy to me, I was starting to get a lot more nervous. I told my Mom I would wait in the car. She was insistent I keep myself quite and proper and sit inside and wait. I remember asking her, well, actually begging her to let me sit in the car. She would simply not allow for this. I was making her angry. She again said sternly, "be quite and behave"!
I felt as if I wanted to run to the car. She gave me that "look" Mom's can give you when you're on their last nerve!
My Mother opened the door and we walked quietly inside. The room was huge and so spacious and open. There were a few trees in the room in large pots, they really made a statement! There were beautiful large carpets that lay on the floor, beautiful furnishings and pictures adorned this lovely home. The house had a peculiar smell to it. Like an incense kind of smell. We both  took a seat on a lovely tufted bench in the foyer and in the deafening silence of this huge home, we could hear the ringing of bells like wind chimes, that was the only noise at all, so we waited. Like the sign said to!
We were about five minutes early when we arrived so after about four and one half minutes, we heard a yell from the back room, It shocked us both, even though she was right on point, "Welcome, I will be with you in just a minute". Her voice kind of sang as she spoke, she sounded pleasant enough, was that Miriam?
And with that this Old grey haired woman dressed in a long flowing gown type of dress made her entrance and came around the corner. Her nails were long and painted and she wore sandals with matching polish on her toes.  She had a huge smile, but she was staring at me the whole time. She was truly staring.
My Mother stood up and began to approach her to introduce herself to her, and as she was speaking, Miriam stopped dead in her tracks while looking over at me and screamed out loud! I mean actually screamed, like she had just seen a ghost!
(I thought I was going to faint she scared me so) She said:
I was still holding my breath from the scare of this strange woman yelling and pointing at me! I was shocked, to say the least. What was she talking about? ME?  White light? What is that? GOD? How does she know this?
Then something happened I will truly never forget. My Mother quickly spoke back and became indignant and said very matter of fact, "well Miriam, I did not bring her here to be read!
 I want you to read me!
With that Miriam looked strangely at my Mother and said "but Mary", this child is different! My Mom responded, we are wasting my allotted time here. I've waited for months to be here with you!
So Miriam said, very well, yes you have, she composed herself and said, I am just stunned with the light this child has around her, her aura is huge! You must bring her back for me!
With that Mom and Miriam disappeared down the hallway and I heard a door close. Then silence again. All I could hear was my pounding heart! I waited at least an hour sitting on the bench alone. I sat thinking about what this woman had said and really mostly how she said it.  I didn't understand a word of it.
My Mother came down the hall alone with Miriam following behind her a moment later. She asked my Mothers permission to read me. My mother said No, I haven't the money for it. Then my Mom looked at me and could see I was very much afraid of this woman who screamed and startled the dickens out of me. I must have had a very petrified look on my face. Then Miriam offered to read for me for free. My Mother said, No, we have to get back so I can go to work. Miriam asked her to make an appointment with us then at a later date.  My Mother hesitated and said she would call her. With that my Mom said, come on Teri we have to go. My Mom seemed almost as if she was in a hurry to leave. She thanked Miriam again and said goodbye, and we left.
My Mom said almost nothing the whole way home. She looked troubled. I was in fear of asking what the dead had said, so I kept quite.
We never spoke of the visit to Miriam's again, until many years later, while I was in my 50's. My Mother had said she had had a very similar odd experience with me the day I was born. The Doctor and nurses made odd comments to her about me, they told her it was like watching a miracle. She explained you have always been different. I just laughed and took her words into stride.
All Mothers feel that way, don't they?
She told me then at this discussion it would be me who would be the one with her at the end of her life. She had always known that. I would be the one chosen to be with her as she moved into the unknown realms. I assured my Mother then, because I didn't want to have that conversation with her, yes, Mom, I will be there with you.  I am here for you now and will always be.
She smiled and we never talked about any of this again.
I actually was the one at my Mothers bedside when she passed.
But that's another story.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Seraphim and The Doors

So it was 1983, I had had a very powerful experience with two Seraphs (Angels) a few years earlier.   An Angel had appeared to me and I had been taken out of my body and brought to a city where two HUGE doors were presented before me. I was promised the doors to be opened according to the timing of GOD himself.
He had made this promise to me and spoke to me through the Angel HE had sent to deliver me to the city where the doors were.
I had shared this with a handful of close friends and family in 1976 when I had the experience and then we never spoke of it again.
Odd and amazing spiritual happenings were very prevalent in my life in the 70's, and now I was soon to add the 80's to that list.
So anyway, my older sister was down visiting from Wisconsin with her two twin daughters, my sweet adorable nieces and her son, my nephew. The twins were three years old and as cute as could be. My sister wanted to spend some alone time with our Mother as her visit was coming to an end, so she asked me if I would babysit the children for her. Mom and her could spend some much needed alone time together. I jumped at the chance to have these sweeties over to spend some time with Aunt Teri.   
After my sister and Mom headed off to the beach and a nicely planned lunch I settled into a time of singing and coloring with these little darlings. We sang songs and laughed and colored for over an hour. I needed to get some lunch for the girls and their brother started, so I gave them all a colored pencil set and asked them to draw me something special.
I could see the girls laying on the tile floor coloring away and drawing, they were making such sweet little conversation with each other as twins do, and their brother was off coloring alone. It was truly adorable! As I prepared the sandwiches and loaded them onto the plates both of the girls ran up to me holding their pictures they had drawn for me. I put the plates down to look at what they came up with. To my shock and surprise, I saw two doors. Two HUGE doors! Each twin drew one door! They matched almost perfectly, and in front of the doors they drew big yellow fire! This was amazing as this is what I saw as the Seraphim were standing in front of the doors the LORD had promised to me years earlier in 1976. That fire was the protection of "The HOLY SPIRIT" who was guard over the promise spoken to me by GOD!
I was fascinated how these two little three year old girls could draw these doors! They were huge doors, just as I had seen. Then they put the yellow fire in front of them! This was beyond odd to me.   
I didn't know what to think but I knew this was not a coincidence.
As is with most things done in Faith we walk expecting and here it was. I knew then that the LORD was reminding me of the promise he had made to me.
It has been said that the LORD works in strange ways. I am here to tell you and attest to that fact.
Yes, HE does.
Many years later I look back to see how faithful HE has been to me. The wisdom and insight HE has given me.
My life hasn't been perfect, but this I know....I am never alone!