Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Unseen Again

So I was in the kitchen tonight making dinner for the guys who were on their way home from a walk in the woods, and I had a very odd interaction with something I could not see.
It gave me goosebumps like I have never had before.
I felt as if whoever the energy came from wanted to get my attention.
I was making a hot chicken breast salad and potatoes for dinner. 
Suddenly I thought I heard a rap on the window near the front door. My two little puppies were running around in the living room, I looked at the front door, I didn't see anything. What was that rapping I thought? I ignored the raping. I thought maybe it was the guy's coming home from the woods. I knew they both had keys to let themselves in so I continued with what I was doing. Everything was going just fine until I opened the two instant potato packages. I cut open the bags of the potatoes with a scissors to add to the piping hot water I had just boiled. I was to add the freeze dried flakes to the water. After I cut the top of the 2 bags of potato's off I left the tops on the left side of the stove. I then took the potato bags over to the right side of my stove to add to the water. 
And then one of the two tops I had cut off, simply flew off the counter into the center of the kitchen floor!
I was immediately covered in goosebumps!
It just gave me the creeps for some reason.
I also immediately rebuked the presence that just caused one out of two tops to fly off my counter. I cast the energy out of the house as well.
There was no air flow that was in the kitchen that could have caused the top to fly off the counter like it did. The windows in the house were closed. It's 40 degrees outside. The heat was not running at that moment in the house. There were no fans on either. I was alone in the kitchen, there was no way this could have happened in a normal setting.
O.K., So it got my attention! I thought I heard the raping sound again at the front door, I walked into the living room again to look. Both puppies were staring at the front door, but there was no one there! I wondered if they heard the rapping as well? They seemed to be focused in that direction for a few moments.
I went back into the kitchen, and finished making the dinner salad.
Not sure who or what caused the top to fly off the counter into the middle of the kitchen floor.
Someone or something wanted my attention.
They had it briefly, but it's not here anymore.
These entity's only have the energy we allow them to have. Don't focus on them, get them out of your home immediately!
Keep your eyes on GOD and don't let them keep your attention.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Blackness

So, it was the night of January 15th, 2016.  Funny, how I never know what is coming. I think that's because I'm a sensitive, not a psychic.
I had been sleeping on this particularly cold night here in Florida.
I was as snug as a bug in a rug, as they say.
Then it happened.
It was 11:53 p.m. exactly when I woke up. I remembered looking at my cable box clock on my dresser. A huge blanket of darkness had entered the room. It came over the entire room within just a few seconds. I could no longer see the cable box clock. It vanished in the darkness right before my eyes! It came from the south of the house and carried on towards the north of the house. I watched it move so quickly, ending after it engulfed the whole room I was in and then it moved to the yard and the lake out back. It was heading completely over the whole lake, it was terrifying!
The darkness was so black! More black than I had ever seen anything before. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. Everything seemed so strange and quite, even time seemed to stand still.  I couldn't hear anything, the loss of hearing was a bit frightening for a moment. I became very concerned for my life and cried out to the LORD. I asked him if HE were here? If this was HIM? I asked if HE were coming back, right NOW, at this very moment? The truth is I was very concerned at that moment that the end of the world might had finally arrived.
Or perhaps the end of MY world!
I got up out of bed and went into the living room.
I sat alone in the dark trying to understand what had just happened.
Why had I seen this blackness? What did it mean?
I prayed and asked for peace, I then got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. I questioned my health at that moment trying to debunk what I experienced and wondered if something had happened to me as I slept. Maybe a heart attack? Or some other malfunction of my faculties?
I have never had any issues like that before. What could it be?
I was perfectly fine! Very healthy actually. I so wanted to understand what I had just been through. It made the hair on my whole body stand straight up.
The spiritual realm is more than what meets the eyes. It is sometimes known to me as I experience something and then again it can take a month or more for me to understand what it all means.
I do feel as if a darkness was lifted away from me.
 I have made it through yet another "test" of sorts. The retrogrades have opened my eyes and I have learned yet again that darkness can come to us but it isn't meant to stay. We can overcome it.
I am sharing this tonight in hopes that this experience may help someone else.
We may go through very frightening things in this life, but we don't have to accept negative. Look for the positives.
They are here for us to claim! 
I did, and so can you!