Friday, November 4, 2016

Tracked by Aliens

So, yesterday after I got home from work I spent most of the early evening in bed. I wasn't feeling just right. Very strange and out of sorts. I wasn't sure why! I wasn't sick, I wasn't overly tired for a change, I just didn't feel right.
I wondered often throughout the evening what was wrong with me?
Then I just forgot about it.
Laying in bed after coming home from work just seemed to be the best idea. So I'll put my feet up, I thought to myself. Relax, drink water, unwind. Well, it all sounded really good.
I tried to sleep on and off but sleep wouldn't come.
I wasn't that tired.
I felt uneasy. Why? I couldn't put my finger on anything.
I wondered if maybe I was coming down with something after all?
I felt as if something was going to happen to me, but what?
I got up at nine and watched a little TV. Then went online for an hour or so. Then I laid back down again. Nothings going to happen I said to myself, everything is fine!
Finally around 11:00pm I fell asleep.
Somewhere around 3:00 am in the morning I woke up. I felt as if I weren't alone in the room. Ahh I thought, this is what I have been waiting for all night! I've had this happen many times in my life just before an Alien or Paranormal intervention of some kind would take place. I looked all over the room, I couldn't see anything in the darkness, I didn't want to turn the lights on and wake anyone else up, so I slid back down under the covers again.
The next thing I remember  that while yet in the dark I could see someone coming into view now,  I was seeing an older man, very frail and odd looking man standing on the side of my bed. Oh my word! This is so freaky! I continued to look at this visitor, feeling like I was in no real danger from him, but I was taken aback. Not to the point of screaming out loud though. I noticed he was holding a strange small cup and dipping a small wide paint brush into the cup, the bristles seemed very long and soft looking as he pulled the brush up and continued making a stirring motion. He did all this while he was just standing there. What came to my mind was he was mixing up a potion or something. He then immediately came towards me, I couldn't move he moved so fast in my direction. Then he started brushing the liquid from the cup all over my mouth with his brush! Over and over again, brushing this strange tart liquid all over, but only on my mouth! I didn't feel it dripping anywhere and I thought that very strange! Very strange indeed. How was that even possible? It tasted just a little tart and I don't remember any smell attached to it all!
I heard the one doing this to me say in a firm and caring male voice "This will help you". I thought I recognized his voice? He seemed very thin. Very frail as I caught a better quick glance of his arm over me as he continued painting this liquid on my mouth. The liquid was not cold or warm, that was odd. It was just wet.
I was truly amazed at all this and the fact that I did not move!
I was in a freeze frame like. I had had this happen to me many times before. 
I thought to myself, get the heck off of my face now already  with that brush! Stop putting this on my mouth! Is this liquid drying on me? Is it suppose to keep me from speaking something? Or is this to make me say something? Within a second of that thought I heard the being say to me, "you must attend an event, you must go there"! He showed me through a mental connection a few thoughts he was thinking, I cannot say exactly what he showed me  here, but it was in the state of California. I had no desire to go there! I immediately resisted this order! I had stated that several times throughout my life, there is no way I'm going there! I laughed at first a bit and said, I'm not going there! This was odd, I had never wanted to go to this place and now my mouth is saturated with some sort of non dripping liquid and he's telling me I have to go! Then he was gone! Just like that, Cup and brush just gone! Why and how do they do that?
I sat straight up in bed and rubbed my mouth vigorously. It was dry but felt tight, like something like egg whites had dried on it. I jumped up and ran into the bathroom immediately, turned on the light, and looked in the mirror.
I looked very normal. Concerned, but normal. Freaked out a bit, but normal. Nothing at all odd about my mouth. I kept rubbing my face and mouth over and over as I looked at myself in the mirror. The tightness subsided quickly and my mouth felt normal. Not wet at all. No residue at all! No discoloring at all. What just happened to me here? This was really strange!  I just stood there and wondered  about this all as I starred at myself and questioned why this even happened?
I wondered why I was being contacted again? Who is this visitor? What intelligence brings this information to me and from where? He showed me a place I actually know of that is a once a year gathering and asked me to attend this place. He showed me a word I was to focus on. How strange I thought? I wondered how this word could apply to me? How could that word mean anything to me? When he spoke his voice reminded me of my father who had passed away many years ago. That was strange I thought. Why would he sound like him? He clearly wasn't him!
I won't reveal the place or the word as I am still contemplating what this all means to me. I'm searching for inner answers to make sense of this all. Extraterrestrials have their own agenda with us.  
The Alien/Paranormal seems to keep track of me, interjecting information to me throughout my life since the 1950's.
There are always commands, short, direct and important for me.
I am hoping to connect these experiences to understand them better. Just because the extraterrestrials speak to me doesn't always mean I completely understand what they are inferring. 
Perhaps it may be time to tell?
Thus the painting of my mouth? To "help" me say or tell something.
As I sit here pondering this recent happening I am praying about how to move forward.  I am very aware that I have been led by the Spiritual realm as well as the extraterrestrial realm. Often for me they intersect.

We are NEVER alone. There is always something happening if we are awake and watching. I believe this was a message for me to speak up about something I normally would not have spoken up about. This finally did happen, I ended up going where I never wanted to go! the word he spoke to me made perfect sense now.  
I have learned to trust and obey once I have prayed and tested the spirit in the situation. As my life progresses, if I am blessed to continue here, perhaps I will revisit this writing and share further this connection with the alien visitor that came and spoke words that commanded me.
I am grateful and humbled by these interactions.