Friday, September 25, 2015

The Fervent Prayers of Many

So, Yesterday I was in serious pain, after I sprained my ankle doing yard word. I had fallen over a tree stump in the yard and scraped my leg and ankle on the darn thing as I fell backwards onto my back and shoulder. Hard! My ankle instantly swelled to a huge nob! My neck was hurting and my thigh where I landed squarely on the tree stump. OUCH! I crawled along the grass into the house on my hands and knees and my son Jason helped me into a wheelchair he resurrected from the garage for me. My foot had swollen so large it literally felt as if it were going to explode. The bleeding areas were so swollen I actually wondered if the darn ankle was going to pop open? The pain was just so severe I could hardly believe a small sprain could present this much discomfort. I wondered if it might be more than a sprain? .
I immediately had Jason prepare the couch for me with pillows and blankets. We immediately elevated the leg. I was so grateful this hadn't happened to me while I was home alone! I can't imagine having to crawl from couch to freezer on my knees hurting this bad! Yikes, my prayers immediately went out to those who suffer something like this all alone! I felt so blessed to have Jason there with me. I was crying from the pain but not being alone was such a blessing!
I was crying as I tried to transfer from the wheelchair to the couch. Screaming actually.
Jason made an ice pack for me as I yelled where to find the zip lock bags and towel.
Putting the ice pack on this ankle was like torture to it.
I laid there trying to assess my situation.
I decided I was going to live! LOL. But it was going to be uncomfortable for a few days.
I had Jason prepare dinner with me yelling instructions from the couch. It was really hysterical actually. I found something funny about everything he did. Men in the kitchen! It's a trip.
Three hours passed with me on the couch and I needed to get up to head to the restroom. Jason got the old crutches from the garage and off I went screaming the entire way.
I thought to myself maybe I should head off to the Emergency Room?
I didn't want to go to the ER for an x-ray as I knew it would be painful somehow. Never the less
I had Kevin who was now home from work call my Humana plan to prepare me to go to the emergency room. It took me till about 9:00pm to submit to going for x-rays now as the pain was so severe I couldn't take it another second.  I thought I may have really fractured something.
Kevin made all the calls for me and I got my clearance from Humana and was preparing to go. But, then I became so sleepy,  It just came on me. It was like all the Advil I had taken just kicked in  all at once and I could not keep my eyes open.  I couldn't fathom getting up and heading to the ER. 
Just then I tried to move off the couch just a tad, and a horrific charley horse hit this already distraught foot of mine. I must have awoken the neighbors I screamed so loud.
Both Kevin and Jason almost started crying they were so afraid for me in my pain. I know I was scaring them but I was in pain. They wanted to help me but clearly couldn't. The charley horse travelled up my leg as I was screaming so loud it sounded like I was being murdered. I really did try to stop screaming, but the pain in this swollen foot was just off the charts.
The swelling was now throbbing along with the charley horse! 
 Kevin grabbed my whole leg and the warmth of his hands started to ease the pain of my leg from the charley horse and ankle. He pushed the toes on my left foot back slowly, the heat from his hand and the light pressure on my toes caused  the charley horse to ease up a bit.  I could breath again! I finally stopped screaming. I was so worn out after this experience I  asked to be wheeled into bed to lay down for a few moments.
Off to bed I went, so we elevated my leg once again with pillows. It really felt good to lay down.  The throbbing finally stopped all together. I decided I could not go to the ER now,  I was worn out from all the screaming. I'd have to wait till the morning, I really needed to sleep right now! 
 As I was falling asleep my son Jason yelled into me from his room, "Mom, I'm praying for you", and I smiled and yelled back to him, "Thank you!" I need it! Then I fell asleep.
 I woke up at 3:33am and I got up to go to the restroom. I was looking for the wheelchair and the crutches when I realized, my foot did not hurt at all!! It was completly fine! I walked in disbelief to the restroom by myself , no crutches, no wheel chair! I was  being careful not to wake anyone in the house. I was really amazed that I had no pain at all. I could feel that my ankle was still swollen but I could put all my weight on it! The foot was actually still very swollen, but I had NO PAIN!
I had posted this incident on Face book after it happened and so many people were praying for me. They had shared loving, kind thoughts and advise for me. I really appreciated it all. As I walked into the restroom  last night I realized the prayers of all the people had been heard! I was healed.
Jason's prayer had worked a miracle on me!
His words were the last words I heard as I fell off to sleep.
Miracles are still happening! We just have to believe. It took this silly accident to remind me of so many blessings I endure everyday. When we ask for prayer, we should expect a miracle.
I got mine last night!
I thank all those here for their part in their prayers for me.
I am blessed to have praying friends!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Momentary Glance

So, for Christmas last year I received a gift of a new tablet and I had someone misplace the power cord for it. Not sure how that happened, but one day it was there and the next, well, it just wasn't. I finally got around to purchasing a new cord at the local Best Buy last week and I decided to plug the new power cord in and see what my little tablet could do.
I was sitting alone in my living room, reading all the little prompts and studying the tablet. my oldest son was sitting out front on the porch swing, I could see him through the front window.
I was just pushing all the little buttons on the Tablet following the sign in prompts.  I was trying to get the thing connected to the internet. It wasn't working out too well for me. I am a bit technically challenged until I find a path I am comfortable with.
So, I kept pushing buttons and gliding my fingers across the screen. I wanted to get my tablet registered and set up.
All of a sudden the camera function came on. I didn't push the camera icon! I could see I was on a totally different page.
I looked into the screen and saw a small grey extraterrestrial standing next to the couch and the table in my living room, he was just a few feet away from me! I starred intently into the tablet looking at him. I saw the coffee table and the bookshelf, the rug on the floor and the alien being, just standing there looking right at me!  I was shocked for a moment! The hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood up! Then I looked up from the tablet to the actual room where he was and he was gone! Just gone. I looked back at the tablet and it was on a different function all together! How did that happen?
O.K., I thought, how "did" that happen? I know I pushed a lot of buttons, but the camera function wasn't one of them. I was trying to register my tablet, not take a picture. I clearly saw an extraterrestrial standing there looking right at me as this function for the camera came on. It was freaky to say the least! A small grey alien. He was no higher than the back of the couch. It happened so fast it was like a flash yet it was a clear depiction that was in the tablet. I could clearly see my whole living room in the camera with a presence in the tablet!  I couldn't  figure out how to take the picture while looking into the camera as I was too amazed at what I was looking at and I didn't know how to take a picture on the tablet yet.!
 I honestly didn't even think to try to take a picture.
It so caught me by surprise!
Me of all people, how did I not think of that?
Why, I asked myself?  I asked this several times later. Extraterrestrials seem to show up when you're not expecting them. Then all of a sudden, they're just gone. It's strange, so elusive, 
 I know, but nevertheless that's exactly what happened.
I'm grateful once again I had the opportunity to get a glance at an alien being. Even though it was in a very strange manner. There was no time to ask a question or even smile! There was no time to interact, other than the shock it must have seen on my face. I know they don't play games with us, so I have to wonder what the message in that was? Was there a message? Did he just want me to know he was able to be here?  
Perhaps he just did want to let me know, they're still here with me?
I'll except that for now.
Tomorrow is another day, who knows what it will bring?
I tell myself this often, "Truth is stranger than fiction, and believe me, in my life, it really is"!