Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Homecoming

So, we're finally home from our long trip to California. The flight there was 6 hours and we had a delay because of weather. The meetings I attended were elongated as we stayed up way past our bedtimes to visit and get to know friends better. Never forgetting we were 3 hours ahead for the time changes from Florida!
Sure makes you tired just thinking about it.
Once there in California, our hotel room was robbed. We reported the robbery to the front desk, and then the next night the stolen article was mysteriously returned in a very obvious spot in the room.
It's always so obvious.
The flight home was even worse as we had a two hour layover, and then an extended flight from where we were layed over.
Then once home, we found the train to our parking garage was broken (even though it was brand new) and there was no way prepared to take us back to the car for over one hour. When it rains it pours...Did I mention we were dead tired?
Before we left for California I kept hearing voices and noises from around the house. I didn't think much of it, as it's almost become common place for me. I tend to ignore these slight intrusions anymore.  I just rebuke them and move on.
My son had been here holding down the fort at our home and watching our two wonderful, loving fur babies, Wolfgang Tucker, and Lovey.
The first night home while playing with the dogs,
I was sitting out on the lanai around 11:00pm at night, enjoying the cool night air and talking with my son and husband about how things went while we were gone. My son replied, there was nothing to speak of. No voices or noises or anything else funky while we were away.
As we sat in the chairs looking towards the house enjoying the peacefulness of the evening, the back pool bathroom light all of a sudden lite up! The lights came on! Then the lights in the Studio came on! We all said, what is going on? Is someone in the house. My husband jumped up and went inside for a look. He went straight for the pool bath. There was no one there at all. He rushed into the studio, and there was no one there either! The light was on, but no one was in the house!
He  came back out to the lanai and said, well, there is no one home but the local ghosts.
We all laughed and agreed.
We all settled back into our lounge chairs on the lanai and kept chatting.
After maybe 20 minutes the bathroom light went out, all by itself. The studio light remained on. I rebuked the whole situation in the name of JESUS, and we all decided with that we would all head off to bed.
Some homecoming!
Nothing odd happened or was in the house the whole time we were gone. Once back home and in the saddle (so to speak) and here come the attacks.
It's all simply laughable anymore. How strange that the strange and bizarre can be normal!
Truth is always stranger than fiction.
We are never really alone on this planet.