Thursday, November 16, 2017

Octagon Hall 2017

So, on our vacation last week for 2017 we decided to go to the famous Octagon Hall in Franklin KY. I hadn't read anything about it at all, only that others had gone there and were doing ghost investigations and seemed to have lots of good EVP's and the like. So we were at our property in KY and decided to head over a few counties to check it out and meet the men who work there and see what all the chatter was about.
The History revealed this information for us:
An antebellum  eight sided three story brick home
In 1847, Andrew Jackson Caldwell laid out the foundation for his new family home. With a desire for distinction, his home would not be a simple structure with four walls like so many others, but an eight sided edifice unique to the region.
Completed in 1859, it would soon become a landmark in the south-central Kentucky area.
Well, we found out that Andrew Jackson Caldwell was a Mason and he had the octagon shape in mind for a good reason. Or at least he thought it was a good reason.
We also found that there were civil war soldiers there at one time and that it was a hiding place, a hospital, and a residence all in one.
It's truly a beautiful place that is falling into disrepair as it is a museum of the past and needs finances to reestablish it to it's once wonderful grand glory.
I loved talking with the people we met there and we had a wonderful tour of the home. But, right from the moment I walked into the building I was instantly approached by a strong male figure who was not amongst the living. I commanded him in the name of JESUS not to touch me as I felt him on my left arm and back area, standing very close to me.  He wasn't evil, but very interested in why I was there. I took two steps in and felt a woman on my right, she was also interested in why I had come to the home. I moved into the home a few feet more and could feel the children around me. The home was so active I was amazed. I didn't need an EVP device, these spirits were making themselves known.
I walked through each room in the home touching the wood and bricks and it was as if I could hear the LORD tell me the pain that these walls had seen. The fears were very real and horrifying once. Death was everywhere. It was actually overwhelming. Like it was covering the walls of this ancient structure. Not just human death but spiritual death as well! I sat down and listened to the thoughts that were coming to me.  It was a long and I might add, cold visit, as I pondered each room in the home.
I soon felt compelled to walk outside after an hour or so in the house. As I walked out of the house and down the back stairs I noticed the curator of the museum come out on the porch to smoke a cigarette. He sat down in one of the chairs on the porch, I smiled up at him but went out a few yards more into the back yard and I heard the LORD say to me, "you are standing on fingers, bones" and before the Lord finished speaking with me I heard the curator yell out to me from above, "we found fingers right where you are standing, from a recent dig"! I was amazed and told him what I had just heard from the LORD! He said "yes", "I can see that you are getting verification".  I was then led to the back part of the yard, the curator came down to walk with me, and the curator and I walked the back lot towards a few large trees. I was feeling death very strongly and said I feel that there are people literally buried right here, and he said "yes", "there are graves back here everywhere. It was then that my feet were feeling, portions of bodies and with every step I could feel through my feet what I was standing on. It was gravely strange. I could see as if by radar what I was standing on. I felt like crying it was so sad. I could hear the bones crying from the ground. The pain and the sadness was overwhelming. So many young souls gone. So much blood crying from the ground still after all these years! I shared these thoughts with the curator and he said "yes", there were many amputations done here and many were killed and froze to death on these grounds once. Just then I went up to one of the large trees and laid my hands on the cold bark. There were areas where the bark was ripped away and the smooth skin of the tree was exposed in long segments. It was when I touched this that the LORD spoke again and said, "This tree has seen and felt all that you now feel" I said to the curator this tree was talking to me. He said people were hung from the tree and I could certainly feel it. I then felt warm breezes over my face and hands and saw the burial from a day long ago when the master of the home was buried there. The curator showed me his grave. It was so strange. I was feeling things the curator was confirming to me.  I was being led by feelings in my hands and feet and the curator verified everything I experienced. I saw the death in my minds eye of the wife and sorrow all over her. These had been lonely, strange and hard times for these people in these graves. Many young children were present as well. They had all died so early in life and the deaths were very sad. The children here knew little hope! Their lives were not royal or happy. Bitterness kept coming up to me from the ground.
I walked briefly into the slave shack and could not bear the pain and sorrow from this structure. It was fear based and horribly sad. Angry and desperate feelings. I exited immediately. It was as if I walked into a tornado of negative emotions in that shack. I could not stand there as my heart was too heavy. The death and sadness was overwhelming!
I briefly visited the summer kitchen shack and in there it was simply empty. As if no one wanted to be in it. I thought that very strange. It was a step back in time to see all that these women had to do just to prepare one meal! It was an all day ordeal feeding family back in those days.
I went back into the home again and went into the basement now. Touching the walls as I went down the steps, 13 of them actually on the final decent. There was a feeling of confusion, anger, resentment, and grief all over the lower level. It was so thick in the air. Anger was paramount, I was sure. I did not however feel anything focused on me. They (the spirits there) wanted me to know they knew in this life they had made many wrong choices, spirits were everywhere! The voices were coming so fast to me I felt like plugging my ears. These spirits were full of regret! That is where their anger lay, yet they knew it was there own doing their own choices that made them feel this way. As if they were saying we blame only ourselves. There was a strange peace in that to me. Very strange. I know that while we are here in the Land of the Living we are all responsible for the choices we make. Once we cross over to the realm of the dead we have already written our story. It is then finished. Our lives become a tale to be told. No changes can be made. It is History. Yes, HIS story then. The LORD alone keeps the records of our lives. Weather we choose to believe it or not.
I have seen how the angelic realm writes the book of "Teri" or "Kevin" or "You". It is done with extreme caution and perfection! The heavenly messengers keep account of all of us. It's truly amazing to see. I saw this in the 70's while the LORD showed me the process one night in a vision. It was beautiful! Angels appear to us as people while we are alive and we have no clue while we are here in the Land of the Living that they are actually angels, however once we act this way or that, it is documented, what we say and do here. Thus "our" story is written. We NEVER get away with anything here, EVER! The documentation and the "why" is known from the heart by GOD himself!
This was what I was hearing from the spirits for the moment as I was in the basement of this once beautiful home. Regret and despair from poor choices.  I quickly went to the main floor and into the grand room. The room where the families had lived and spent most of their time in, the meetings were held for the Masons in this grand room, the choices were made for the military maneuvers, once upon a time now gone. I felt the wickedness there.  Vindictive spirits, angry and alone! It was awful! The pain and the despair. I felt after 4 hours in this home I could stand it no more.  I wanted to stay all day and night but it was a very cold 38 degrease that day and I was ready to head to warmth for the evening. As much as I loved being there, I felt I could hear no more!
We thanked the wonderful dedicated curators for a lovely day of validation and friendship there at the great museum. I strongly urge others to go and feel the walls and grounds for yourself! See what might be spoken to you.
The home was full of spiritual conversations and insight. We were very glad we spent the day there. So much can be learned from the past when we open the eyes of our hearts!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Connection With Horses

So it was, 1968, I was invited to my friend Wendy's home to spend a day hanging out on her farm and staying for dinner.
I had never been to her farm before so I was very excited! We were planning to ride horses and spend time talking about boyfriends and what was going on in our lives. Just an easy, relaxing day.
Wendy was a sweet, tall, beautiful girl who was very shy and didn't have a lot of friends. When I met her I was instantly impressed with her genuine kindness, She and I felt as if we had known each other our whole lives. Like best friends.

I drove over to Wendy's. I had only been driving for a week or two.
I had a little corvair which was so much fun. I pulled up to this big beautiful house in the country in Pinellas Park Florida.
I was over whelmed at how beautiful this home was. I had never known anyone who lived in such a nice home.
I was very impressed. This was all so amazing to me.
We made our way to the barn to saddle up the horses and found we would be riding with Wendy's older sister and some of her sisters friends as well.
I sure didn't mind, because I was just happy to be there and I hadn't ridden horses in such a long time.  I was really just simply elated to be there and have been offered this fun opportunity.
Since we were the younger and later to come alongside Wendy's sister and her friends, we got the horses that the older girls didn't want to ride.  I ended up with a horse called "Christmas".
This was the largest horse of them all. I had never seen such a big boy! Very tall in stature. Very spirited. Just beautiful! He was a bit intimidating. Wendy said he is usually pretty good though and as  long as I knew how to ride, he should be OK.
I felt very unsure about Christmas. And had asked to switch with someone else. They all laughed and said, no way!
So I was the lucky one!
I could feel in my gut that this may not go well for some reason. I kept thinking, maybe I shouldn't ride today at all? This was a really big horse and I am not feeling good about him. There is a strange aura around all this. I thought to myself, I don't want to be a bummer here, so maybe I'll just  ignore my intuition for once and ride this monstrous horse and that will be the end of it.
So, to get up on him I had to stand on the fence he was near to be able to reach his saddle. So, I got up on him and before anyone had left the area, and before I even got my feet in the stirrups completely , Christmas took off like a bat out of hell! I didn't have control of his reigns, I dropped them! I heard Wendy's sister screaming at me "get a hold of those reigns Teri". She was screaming a few other things as well at Wendy , but the sound of Christmas taking off and my heart pounding out of my chest in that instant, blocked some of the chatter from my ears! This horse was running as fast as he could! He was on his own. What do I do now, I thought? So I wrapped his hair from his mane around my hands very tightly  just to hold on, and off we flew. I was bouncing around on this ole boy like a bobber in the water! I knew I had to get in sync quick!  I kept trying to get my feet firm in the stirrups and as he was picking up speed on a full run I was hanging on for my life. I finally with all my bouncing got my foot in one stirrup securely and then was able to get into the other one, WHAT a RELIEF! 
I was now in control, or at least I thought I was!
Christmas ran towards the barn and went right to the lowest part of the roof that hung low to try to push me off his back! I laid on him so low ducking from the barn overhead  I was almost hanging off the side of him! This horse was possessed! He wanted me off of him...NOW! He tried to brush me off of him by inching his body up against the side of the barn as we ran in full gallop alongside it! He was determined it was either me or him! He then after failing to knock me off or slam me off, picked up into a full run, I truly only had his mane to hold onto. I remember thinking to myself, tell him to stop! So I tried talking to him. I said in a commanding voice, Christmas whoa! I repeated this several times. He didn't even slow down for a second. I kept trying to grab for his reign. I could not let go of his mane long enough to reach it, as we were going so fast and I was bouncing like crazy. He was running now through trees on the property and I thought to myself, he's going to try to knock me off again by a low tree limb!
This horse has a mind of his own, and he's not stupid!!
I was so afraid he was going to injure me somehow. So I started to pull back on his mane hard! Telling him to slow down. I inched my hands up his mane a bit and wrapped my hands tightly into his mane and pulled back again, screaming as he ran Whoa!!! It was then that I prayed, GOD please help me!! I kept trying to speak to this horse with mental telepathy, could he hear me? He wasn't listening to my commands to slow down. With that prayer, the horse came to an almost dead stop. He slowed just enough before stopping so I could get a good grasp of more hair! Then we were stopped. Just like that. The others riders were all behind me, catching up to me one by one. Wendy's sister got to me first and was furious with Christmas. She asked me to get down off him, but he was so big, getting down was going to be an issue for me. So she jumped off her horse and grabbed his reigns and walked us back to the barn area. It was a long way back.  Everyone was amazed I was still on the horse! I had travelled  really far with him running at full speed. I was surprised at just how far. The other horses were left in the dust! This Christmas was some kind of a horse. When I finally got off of him with the help from the fence, I walked up to the front of him and said to him, WHY?
I could feel his anger. He had a very mischievous spirit. I felt he was taunted by it. But what could I do?
I walked away from him feeling like it was all so incomplete.
This lesson in my life taught me that not just humans suffer with spirits, but so do animals. I will never forget the fear I felt as Christmas ran towards the barn roof over hang trying to knock me off of him. This wasn't simply a horse gone running, he was being agitated by a spirit who was dead set against me and was going to do me harm. I am so grateful to GOD for HIS amazing protection and for giving me the insight to hang on and what to do to stay on that horse! I know the meaning of "Christmas", in more ways than one now!
Truth is always so much stranger than fiction!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Tunnel Premonition

So, it was 2005 and my husband and I were on vacation in New York. We had rented a car and drove to all the wonderful sites we had set out to see. We were not on a time frame of any kind and we wanted to see everything on our list! From Manhattan to Buffalo,
we spent hours in the car traveling to Rochester, Albany, Williamsville and Blasdell to name a few places.
As we were going through a tunnel in NY I had a strange premonition come over me like I was reliving a moment in time when Lady Diana was killed in the tunnel in Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris, France, in 1997.
It was so strange. All of a sudden and out of nowhere, I felt as if I were seeing a car deliberately drive her car into a median lane. It was as if I could see her being killed. I could here her screaming.  I instantly knew this was not at all an accident but a deliberate killing.
Here I was in New York, millions of miles from that happening, not to mention 8 years later, but as we entered the tunnel this strong overwhelming sense took me over. Like I was picking it up from some vibration.
I told my husband what I was seeing and he said, it's probably just because your in the tunnel? I said why would that be the sole cause? I wasn't thinking of Lady Diana at all before we drove into the tunnel.
I mean really, why would I?
He also stated that she was in an accident. Not murdered. I said back to him, "No, she wasn't, it was a deliberate kill"!
I'm sure of it!
I felt Diana knew it as well. She had figured it all out too late.
I am not usually that sensitive where others are concerned, but I am interested in truth above all things.
To this day regardless of what the tabloids and the news media have to say I am certain Diana and her Fiancé were purposely killed that day in France in that tunnel in 1997.
 It was clearly Murder!
I felt it. And I have learned to trust what I feel when it comes to me in this manner.
I have never had any other type of incident like this to this day where others are involved.
I believe some day it will be proven and brought to light.

Someone Stopped Me

So, it was 2005. A beautiful Autumn day. My Mom was visiting me for a week from North Carolina. She lives in a very small township in North Carolina called Otto. Near Franklin. There are no nice shopping malls there. No good name brand stores to shop, No nice boutiques, and there is really pretty much nothing else going on in Otto. They have a cemetery and a garbage dump with a free standing little shack for free stuff others are throwing away. So that's the big doin's in Otto. The free shack! Oh yes, and the weekly Bingo at all the churches in town!
When my Mom comes to visit me in St. Petersburg, FL it's like she's rearing to go to all the wonderful shops both here and in Tampa. She can finally find things she loves again.
So, we were headed out to the downtown boutiques on the beautiful streets of downtown St. Pete, we were both so excited to have the day together and we literally wore ourselves out shopping from one store to another! We were heavy laden with packages and box's and could not wait to get home to get off our feet!
I got up on the I-275 ramp from downtown and headed towards my exit at 22nd Ave No. I came to a stop at the light, because as usual, I always got the red light. Mom and I were talking away and laughing from the day's sweet deals we purchased.
The light turned green.
I just sat there. I didn't move the car.
I don't really understand why.
A whole 30 seconds went by.
I still just sat there.
As if I were being held there!
My Mom looked at me and said what are you waiting for Teri, Come on the light is green! She sounded upset. 
I looked at her and said, "that's so weird, I have no idea why"....
And that is when we both saw a Semi Tractor trailer run the red light doing 60 miles per hour right before our eyes!
We both froze as we looked at each other.
We would have both been instantly killed had I moved forward when the light changed. We would not have stood a chance.
It was divine intervention that kept me from moving the car forward. I cannot explain it. It was a spiritual experience to say the least! I could not have moved my foot to the gas had I wanted too! Someone clearly prevented it from happening.
I believe the LORD will watch over us who love HIM.
This was an amazing testimony of that!
It was a GOOD day!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Attack

So, it was June, 2012 and my husband and I went to visit my sister and her husband in Orlando, Florida while they were here on vacation. We had driven over to where they were staying in Orlando at a beautiful Golf Resort Hotel on a wonderful Golf Course.
We left St. Petersburg early to head their way as I wanted to go shopping and have lunch and maybe get a round of golf in with  my sister if we had time. It was a beautiful sunny, hot day in Florida and the trip over seemed to take forever.
We finally arrived and I was so happy to see my sister and her husband. They were standing on the balcony of their beautiful Condo waving us in!
We sat and talked for an hour or so as we caught up on all the latest family plans and such. As we sat talking I noticed my sister was holding her head very still and hardly moving it at all as she spoke and turned from side to side. I asked her what was going on with her neck? I wondered if she had slept wrong and had a sore neck or something? She said "no, that hadn't happened, but just as of late she said, she had been experiencing a severe bout of vertigo and it had been so severe the last few days she could hardly walk"! She explained she was on a special medication for it to help calm the situation. It had just started happening on and off a few months earlier.
Having never had vertigo in my life, I couldn't really relate to what she was experiencing.  I could see it was uncomfortable for her, as she was moving slow but steady and I wondered if there was anything I could do for her? She said it had to run it's course and perhaps would get a bit better soon.
We then all got ready to go out for lunch at a very famous Seafood Restaurant where we had made reservations earlier. We were all starving and so happy to be together, and so out the door we went and down the escalator to the car.
 As I walked out of the escalator, I stood there for a moment, all of a sudden, as if I were hit by a force I never saw coming, the whole earth seemed to be spinning really quickly all around me! I had only taken two steps away from the elevator and I could no longer stand on my own? My head was swimming! I grabbed onto my husbands arm and then began to fall to the ground. What was happening to me I wondered? This is so strange!  I felt so embarrassed! I tried blinking my eyes to make it stop! It was so frightening. I felt a bit sick at my stomach. I could not make the spinning stop! I tried to relate this to my husband but I don't think I was making any sense, I just kept saying over and over, I'm spinning terribly, I'm spinning and I can't make it stop! If I closed my eyes it felt as I was going to throw up! It was like being on a roller coaster! I tried to get up off the ground. I could not on my own, my husband lifted me up and was holding on to me. I was like a rag doll! I kept my eyes open but could not walk. It was as if my feet could not articulate the next move because I was unable to focus at all!  I kept trying to go to the right towards a bench I could see near where I was standing, but my legs could not steady me to go in that direction! Everything was moving. I headed in one direction and quickly found myself unable to get there. My husband helped me over to the bench by almost carrying me, he sat me down on the bench near a fountain.  I could not sit without feeling sick.  I kept feeling as if I were going to fall again! Everything was spinning so fast! What was happening to me? Why can't I focus! Why was this happening all of a sudden?
I could not focus on anything!
As my sister and her husband watched me, she said to me frantically, "Teri, I believe you're suffering an attack of Vertigo"! "I said how can that be"? I don't even know what Vertigo is and I've never had it before in my life? What the heck was going on here? I sat quickly on the bench in the terrace in the hot sun while my husband steadied me for at least 15 minutes. It was so hot and uncomfortable. I was blinking a lot trying to make the spinning stop. Holding my head and trying to focus! I said very matter of factly right then, I bind this attack in the name of JESUS! I rebuked the spinning and the sickness in my stomach as well. It was actually subsiding a bit as I finished my prayer!  My husband gave me a water from the car to drink and I tried to get up slowly and take a few steps. I was hoping I could actually move in the direction I wanted to go! It was still spinning but not like at first. I was still feeling like I was going to fall! It seemed to be getting better though. It was now 20 minutes or so into the ordeal. We all headed towards our car, to get out of the heat, My husband started the car and turned on the air-conditioning, so it was a little less hot and uncomfortable for us all. Why did this happen?
I was settling down a bit but, the spinning was not gone completely. We all wondered what to do next? Should we call this a day and head back home? Should we go get something to eat? Could I even make it into the Restaurant? I felt I was getting better, much better, but I was still frail from the attack.
It was my call, so I said lets head towards the restaurant, everyone is so hungry I will be willing to sit in the car if I had to and I suggested someone could bring me a sandwich to the car. We were all so hungry. Off we went!
By the time we got to the Restaurant I was back to normal. It was only about a 10 minute drive. I could not understand how this had happened, and especially just after my sister shared what she was going through! That was not a coincidence. It was a deliberate attack on me. I have never had anything like this before that day or after! I am always on guard for this sort of attack now and pray protection over me in the name of JESUS.
I hope sharing this experience will help you along your spiritual journey somehow.
Feel free to ask questions if you want to. I am here to be a help to you so you can understand why you go through trials and attacks too! I know why this happened to me now.
I have some very unhappy enemies here.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Spine Tingler

So, it was August 31st, 2017. We had spent the day at our home with a very good friend and her husband. It was such a great visit. Originally it was just going to be a few hours of visiting and hanging out and talking about our passions in life which is our number one love to chat about and all it entails.
One hour past into the next without notice as we watched an old classic movie together. Once we finished the movie we were all getting hungry, so then dinner was on the agenda and I served up what I had in the crock pot for a quick and nourishing meal. We watched another movie while we ate dinner and all sat around talking and then shared a wonderful time of prayers for safe travels home and the night was spent.
I was very tired and went in to bed straight away.
As I slept I was awakened by a very strange feeling I was experiencing. I kept seeing this craft, a very large, dark silver craft hovering over the house. It was going in and out of view via some sort of cloaking that had an odd form like a haze around the craft which ushered it in and out of cloaking.  It seemed to go in and out of a cloud over the house as well. It was very odd. It was then that I saw a tall white extraterrestrial on the underbelly of the craft looking out through a glass like panel and looking directly at me. He seemed to be communicating that I was going to be coming aboard. I didn't disagree with him, I had no power to do so.  I asked what was happening. I heard him say "needed information", I understood him to mean, when I needed the information, I would have it. So this was like receiving coms.
The next thing I remembered was a very strange sensation that was freezing my entire spine. I tingled so strangely.  It was very cold! It did not hurt but it was powerful.  I could not move at all. It felt like a humming going through my entire body on a cellular level from my head to my toes, and I was unable to move away from the connection causing it. It felt like a strip running down my back. I did not see what was attached to my spine.
It had a certain vibrational hum to it. It was very loud and every cell in my body was affected by it. It tingled my ears. It went on for what felt like 15 minutes. It was making me very cold. So cold that it was causing me to come out of the trance like state I was in. When I came to I was in my room (however I got there) I was back in my bed. I saw the craft leave in the very same haze around it that allowed it to come in and out of cloaking.
I had never seen that before with all my other encounters. This was different. I wondered why?
If that was not strange enough all by itself, the next day I had called my friend who had been over that previous night and shared what had happened to me. She then told me as I gasped from her reply, that she and her husband had both experienced strange spine pain once they left our home that previous night. Her husband was actually really affected by the pain and wondered about seeing a Doctor!
She said she was going to see a Chiropractor.
Now I know this is odd but then that is usually the norm for me and my family here.
I think the extraterrestrial craft was hovered somehow over my home the entire day and the cloaking prevented it from being seen. This could be why I had never seen this sort of haze encircling the craft like I did this time. I also think it had affected my friends who were there all day. They obviously have their agenda these extraterrestrials. As odd as it all seems. They are always in control.
I was not hurt at all. My friends were very sore however and related it to being at my home the night before!
If anyone reading this has had a similar experience, I would love to hear about it! Any spine tingling like this?
Truth is always stranger than fiction!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Mimick

So, I usually try to find time to do a post of my experiences somewhere in the early morning hours to post on my blog. It usually works better for me that way, as I can sit back quietly and reflect on that certain time in my life and remember what I endured from whatever I experienced.  
I decided to sit down Monday morning this week around 9:30 am, this June of 2017, in my office, instead of waiting until the wee hours to do my posts. I just felt it would be o.k. once in a while to break patterns and just write a quick experience or two.
On this particular morning however I was having my coffee in the dining room before heading into  the office and  I happened to notice one of my plug-ins in the wall, was empty! Plug-ins are an Air Wick product you plug into the wall outlet in any room to fragrance the room. I enjoy them so much and always have them plugged in  all throughout the house. So I got up to check the rest of the plug ins and as I walked from room to room I noticed they were all empty, and still plugged in. I thought to myself, that can't be safe, can it? The little plastic plug ins with the glass centers can get so hot when they are empty. 
So I decided to collect them all from the walls throughout the house, and I set them on the counter in the kitchen. There were about 7 of them by the time I made my rounds throughout the house.
Finally! I thought to myself, I can "now" go into the office and begin writing an experience or two. It's funny how just when you want to start writing, you start noticing all sorts of little distractions.
So, here I was, heading into the office with my coffee and a few notes I had written down for my post which I had in my hand.
I headed to the office through my kitchen and as I did, I hit one of the plug ins with the note paper I was holding, that was too close to the edge of the counter, and it caused the plug in to fly off the counter and hit the floor with a loud crash and bang! It sounded terrible! It sounded as if I broke the glass portion of the plug in.
It startled me, I was afraid glass would be all over the floor it made such a crash.  I stopped dead in my tracks, since I had no shoes on!  I stopped and looked around for any glass, I didn't see any, thank GOD! Then I picked the plug in up off the floor, made sure it wasn't broken anywhere else, and set it back on the counter. This time however I pushed it way in deep on the counter so that that could not happen again. I also pushed the other 6 back in a bit as well. There now!
And again, I'm off to the office!
I opened my laptop and began writing about an experience from long ago, not two minutes had passed when all of a sudden I heard a huge bang and crash in the kitchen, it sounded like glass breaking on the tile floor! Just like the crash I just heard from the plug in I knocked over earlier, I mean the exact same noise! I thought to myself, what the heck was that? There is no way that plug in fell off the counter!
I got up and ran into the kitchen to see what happened.
I stood there for a moment, glancing all over the kitchen floor area.
No crash! Nothing out of place on the counters, and all 7 plug ins were on the counter! What the heck is going on here?
 I could not believe that just happened!
I went back to the computer in my office and sat down and started to write again. I wondered what the heck was that! It mimicked the exact same noise of the plug in I knocked over? Ten minutes passed as I pounded away at the keyboard and then again, the crash and bang and cracking sound again was so loud in the kitchen! I ran again into the kitchen and saw nothing out of place!
No broken glass on the tile floors?
Why is this happening?
I then thought to myself, you must be kidding me! I am trying to concentrate and write on my blog and I have somehow entered the realm of the paranormal? So I quickly rebuked the force that was playing with me and went back to my blog!
I have to laugh as I write this because I stopped writing about the previous experience and added this one instead!
We never know what is going to happen at any given time in a day.
I thought I would share this with you as it was truly so unexpected.
I do get tired of this sort of thing always happening, but it is strange how just when you think you're alone.....well you know. you are never really alone!
These entities have the power to mimic sounds.
How strange is that? Why? To get our attention. Do not give them your attention! That will never go well for you. Rebuke and bind them and go on with your day!
Call me if you need help doing that.