Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Lost Soul

So, you never know when a dimension will open for you and change your day, or night.
Last week on Wednesday I went to look for a new King size bed for the bedroom. I had feared I would be out all day going from store to store to find what I wanted. But then the miracle happened. I walked into the first store on my list and found not just the bed I wanted to order but the Headboard as well! My favorite Tommy Bahama headboard! I was so excited! It was a used headboard but basically brand new. The store sold new and used items.
Job done already! I was just so excited.
I paid for everything and the order went out to have the bed shipped from Miami to me and the headboard would be delivered the next day at 7:00 a.m.! WOW, dream come true already!
So that night I went home and shared all this with my husband, We both were relieved everything was in order.
That night I climbed into the old Queen bed for close to the last time. I was counting the days!
I really did love that bed, but it was time for the upgrade.
At around 3:00 am that night I rolled over to get out of bed and head to the restroom as I do every night, and as I did I saw a ghostly man standing right next to the bed. He was tall and had a white T-shirt on and a pair of white long men's boxer shorts. He was bending over as if to shoo me aside to get into bed with me.  He seemed to be confused and lonely. I noticed he had short curly hair, seemed to be blonde or perhaps white? I quickly said to him,
 "get away from me, don't bother me"! He simply then, disappeared.
I proceeded to get out of bed and head into the restroom.
While sitting there I thought to myself how tired I was and how I did not want to wake up fully and deal with any paranormal lonely ghost situations right now. I was actually a bit angry and said out loud softly, as not to wake up my husband, "you better not be anywhere near me when I get back into that bed"! Get out of here!
I came back into the room and thank GOD there was nothing there. I climbed back into bed and went fast asleep again.
My husband woke up at 6:00 a.m. to head to work and I never told him about the experience with the male ghost from the early morning hours.
When he got home from work I never mentioned it either, we were so busy preparing for a long weekend.
That next night as we both headed off to bed again I remembered to tell him that the Head board had been delivered that day and was in the garage. I told him I was thinking about painting it another color so I was going to leave it out there until the next night. He said, "that's fine" and off to sleep we went.
The next morning he woke up at 6:00 a.m. and the first thing out of his mouth was, "hey, did you have any strange dreams last night"? I said, yes, but can we talk about it later, I'm to tired right now. He said, "sure", and off to work he went.
That night when he came home from work I had already painted the headboard and had it in the room. I was so excited to get the new bed. He loved it!  Then for some reason I said, I think we better anoint that headboard, and he asked me why I would say that. I said I just felt strange while painting it.  He then said, well, I had a very strange dream I wanted to tell you about last night. I asked to share it with me and he said, "as I slept last night a man was standing over the bed looking down at me with his hands flailing, saying over and over again, "where am I"? "Where is my bed"? "Where is my bed"? "What happened"?
When he finished telling me this I was truly amazed, and then I shared my story with him, and explained it just as it is written above. We both felt very odd at that moment and we knew that the headboard had an attachment to it.
We were going to do the anointing right then but we had a very big weekend planned and started packing for it which took us into the wee hours again, so off to bed we went. It was now Friday and we would be getting up early to go camping the next day.
As it turned out I had the opportunity to have a girlfriend come and stay with me as we had a ton of things to do here to get ready for an upcoming meeting I would soon be holding in Lakeland.
So I decided to stay home and off to the Green swamp my husband went with all his 15 buddies. I had a girls get together at my house that evening.
We girls stayed up until 1:45 a.m. talking our heads off, finally I set up the aerobed for my friend and we both went our separate ways to hunker down. The next morning my girl friend woke up and said to me, "I don't want to alarm you, but right after you went to bed, a man walked from your room to right where the aerobed is I was in, and he stood over me and just stared at me.  
She said he was lost, and seemed very lonely. She said she told him to go to sleep, she would help him later!
I laughed when she told me this. I told her what my husband and I had experienced with this same man, then I went right into my bedroom and got the anointing oil and anointed the house, the headboard and the windows and sent him on his way to the light of GOD!
It just never seems to stop! Spirits want peace and want out of their confusion. Only GOD can do that for them. We are simply vessels HE uses to carry this out! I sleep well knowing this soul is now at peace. I'm so grateful to have been the one who purchased that headboard, look at where it all led.  There is always a good reason for everything. Like I have said a thousand times, we are never truly alone here in this life. So much is going on along side us in other dimensions. I am also grateful for all the corroborating that was able to take place with three separate situations concerning this man. It makes me happy to be a part of this deliverance.

Awakend By Fate

So, it was 1959. My Mom had packed us kids into the car for a quick trip to Florida. We all thought that was wonderful! We were traveling at night and in the hot summer months of the year. It was uncomfortable, but the windows were open and we were heading to Florida!
My parents were getting a divorce and my Mom decided to visit her parents so she could work a few things out for the future.
I didn't really understand what the divorce thing was all about. I was just too young.
We had travelled all evening and it was time for Mom to take a rest from all the driving. It was still dark as I heard the tires pull onto a crunchy road. I remember being the only one awake, but I kept my eyes closed, the engine of the car was still running.  I was still very tired and it was cooler I thought now. So I stayed snuggled together with my sleeping siblings. We were in an older car, with a big back seat. All my siblings were sound asleep. Unaware of what was transpiring.
After being parked for a while, I heard my Mom start crying. It was soft but desperate. I was so small I could not see over the big front seat to where she was in the drivers seat. She sat looking straight ahead. I could see her profile from where I was in the back.
I tried to get up but thought maybe I should stay quite. It wasn't often I heard my Mom crying. It was a bit weird for me. I sat up a bit and peeked out the window but did not speak a word. The window was open and I could see a huge empty unpaved area that we were parked on. It was all white, like sand or shells or something I thought. I had no idea where we were.
I looked over at my mother, still not speaking and looking straight ahead. She hadn't noticed through her crying that I was awake and looking about. Her hands were firmly on the wheel as she cried softly. As the night darkness was leaving somewhat and the morning was now arriving I could almost see clearer out the window, but it was still dark.
It appeared we were on a huge piece of property that was over looking a cliff.  A huge deep cliff!
The car still running, I heard my Mom start to roll the car slowly closer towards the edge of the cliff. Then all of a sudden she stopped, as if she was reconsidering something! She did this a few times. I sat wondering what was happening here?
She started again....
My eyes widened as she did this as I thought to myself, we are rolling pretty fast here, doesn't she see the cliff there in front of her? She still did not acknowledge me being awake.
Her hands were firmly gripping the steering wheel as she continued to cry her muffled crying. She stopped the car again! She seemed to be arguing with herself. Shaking her head. Again we started rolling closer to the edge of the cliff. We were pretty close at this point, I could see the depth of the cliff now, it was getting a bit brighter outside. It seemed as if this was taking a very long time.
I was now wide awake!
All of a sudden I spoke, and to this day I can't completely explain what I said to her. I said in a very wimpy pleading voice  "Mommy, stop the car, don't do this, PLEASE Mommy, don't do this to us"!
I absolutely shocked her! She did not know I was awake and watching her. She slammed on the brakes and turned towards me. She said to me, "do what"? "What am I doing"?
Then she broke into heavy crying. Now the light was getting brighter outside. It seemed to me we were on some work sight she had pulled into to rest up. My older sister woke up a bit moving around in her seat in the front, completely unaware of what was going on.
My Mom turned the car wheel away from the cliff immediately and drove quickly away from the edge. She spoke not a word.
As I look back now I'm sure it was because if my older sister would have seen where we were at that cliffs edge she would have been screaming at the top of her lungs in fear!
That morning once back on the road  again with my sister back to sleep, my Mom said to me,
"we won't ever talk about this to anyone".
I said, "O.K. Mom".
I stayed awake the rest of the trip to Hialeah, Florida to her parents home and so did my Mom. I remember being afraid to fall asleep actually since she was so upset. What I thought was odd though, was that the next morning she pulled into a Graveyard under the shade trees for us all to get out of the car, stretch our legs and have a bite to eat from the picnic basket she had in the trunk, and I'm sure to also rest her weary eyes.
I will never forget this experience. My siblings all thought this was weird how we stopped at the graveyard. We still talk about it from time to time when we all gather.
 I now think she pulled into that grave yard because she was very grateful we all were alive and she had been thwarted in her plan to end all of our lives because of the pain she was suffering going through that divorce.
I have never spoken of this to anyone since it happened in 1959. I don't know why. For many years I forgot about it. I tried to bring it up to my Mother one time in the 80's while we were both alone chatting in her home in North Carolina. She said she had no idea what I was talking about? So I left it at that. I guess she was never going to admit that this had happened. I'm sure the pain was way to deep in her soul. I can't imagine how she must have felt!
I often would think of this day and be so grateful I was awakened that night!
Sometimes even as children we are led to intervene in the course of the future for our lives and others. I am grateful our lives did not end that way, that night! We were all protected by the only one who has our last breath in HIS hands! At HIS timing.
Not anyone else's

The Human Arrival

So, know matter how I try to forget or deny these  remembrance experiences they are still so strong and ingrained within me, they are clear and fervent in my life. They are clear from my beginning here and I share them with you to remind you also of your beginning. Try to remember.....
We are all walking each other HOME!
I was an infant when I had my second recollection of being here. I was in a buggy being pushed down the street by my mother. I was aware there were cars and older children. I saw the trees and the houses. But my focus was on the buggy I was in. I to this day remember the odd smell of it. The plastic and the blankets, the spilled milk, the dark material all over it, covering it. The smell of the cigarettes, and the bed head odors.  I was inquisitive and drinking it all in. It was uncomfortable. Then my focus was broken by a woman who bent down to attend me somehow. She was young with beautiful green eyes. Auburn brown hair and bad teeth. I noticed the teeth on everyone I saw. I was aware I had none!  I distinctively remember her bad breath. There was no where for me to go to be away from it. It filled the entire buggy! It made me very uncomfortable, I would kick and squirm trying to get away from it but I had no power to change what I was experiencing. The lady smiled and handled me to move me and cover me. I drank it all in. I understood explicitly what was happening but I could not communicate it to her. I so wanted to make changes in my condition. I clearly remember the warmth in my diapers. I knew what caused it but this is how it was here.  Odors were of special interest to me. I had issues with these odors. I would grow to smell everything before I ate it and I was always looking for what I previously knew but it wasn't here, anywhere.
Why was I here, I remember thinking. Then I would hear the voice. HE would assure me, I accepted HIS assurance whole heartedly and went on. But why? Where is here? It was cool and beautiful as well as frightening all in the same thought. Everything was so different! The voice did not always answer all my questions. And there were many. It's as if I were here to experience the journey and then make decisions on my own about how I would interact with them. I remember not wanting to do this really.
I later came to find that this woman who attended me was my Mother here. She smoked almost constantly and this is why her breath was so horrible on top of the fact her teeth were so rotten.
I saw the source of odors. I still do to this day. My sense of smell s
has always been above normal.
I knew this somehow. I didn't like it then and I still do not!
I had advanced thoughts and reason but was just a small frail child, unable to communicate my thinking. It was frustrating and made me uncomfortable constantly to be out of control of my circumstances.
I remembered that I knew it would be this way, but could not remember why I knew that!
For the rest of my life/experience I was learning the ways of the people I was associated with.
It all seemed so odd. Things didn't seem to go as I knew they should. I felt very different, yet more and more I was fitting in.
When I felt I was fitting in I would slip past many months until the awareness would come back to me that I didn't want to be here, I had made a commitment though and I knew it somehow. What was really happening here? I would go in and out of understanding.
I remember my Father figure and he was often unconcerned with me. He also was a smoker, the smell was on him. Seemed busy but would take a few moments to acknowledge me from time to time. I have no endearing thoughts from childhood of him. But I knew he was there. There was also another "child", an older one. She was delightful and kind. I would watch her interact and I would copy or follow her ways and align with her as  if she were a teacher. She was my older sister.
Years went by and there was a boy, a brother, he was very special.
I could now communicate with them all well and had opinions about what I was seeing. I voiced them all as best I could.
I remember wanting to experience everything, as if I knew there was a specific reason to be here. But what was everything?
I clearly remember standing at the front glass, screen door window with my little brother, I was about three years old and he was two now. I said to him as we both gazed out the front door glass window, lower level, "Oh look at that beautiful little girl coming towards us", his reply shocked me, he said, "she's not pretty", I argued, "her long hair is so pretty", he retorted, "I don't like it". It was right then and there I knew for certain we did not all think alike or see things the same. My sister and I agreed on many things but there was a difference between us all. I knew he was a male some how, He was not the same as the sister and I. Now however, I was certain, our thinking was separate and individual. This was a mile stone in my life. I remember it like it was last night. Men and woman did not see things in the same way.
I began testing my little brother. I would ask him to bite his finger nails because they tasted so good, and he would not accommodate me. He said that was silly, but I found an enjoyment biting mine and liked the smell of my fingers. Then I would question him in other ways as if I were trying to assess the different thinking to make sense to me.
I also clearly remember after having had to listen to loud traumatic fights between my parents and dealing with odd feelings and emotions, experiencing more siblings and having tasted Ice cream and different foods and many other remembered experiences, even playing with the sweet puppy and seeing all the differences between human and animals, the colors of the sky and the world around me, so I called upon the voice I would speak with from time to time, and asked HIM to let me come home now as I was ready to leave.
 I said I have experienced everything here  now and I understand why I came. So NOW I am ready to leave. The voice spoke to me in a warm, loving, supportive way that I yearned to hear, but he said there was much to learn yet. I replied to HIM, what more could there possibly be? I have seen the trees and the people and the communities the animals and the ways of this world. HE loving asked me to continue. I never did disagree with HIM. To this day, I still follow HIS lead. I didn't want to stay. I wanted to go home with HIM, but this was not a current option. I was only around five years old when I asked HIM if I could come home.
I laugh now as I understand HIS answer to me, I am in my 60's.
I thought at five I had experienced enough here!
There is a reason why we must all come to understand, it isn't about just this life. There is so much more to know, but we cannot hardly handle what we have all already been given here! So the journey goes on, so we can come to know and understand.
I know this all sounds strange to the reader at first, but I'm certain I am not the only one with these profound memories from the early arrival days. I have come to know that we all go through the transitions here in the land of the living exactly the same way as I did. Some of us remember it well and others of us never remember the process of arriving at all while adjusting to the new situation we find ourselves in, called LIFE. We all have different situations. Some of us hear the voice of GOD early on as HE leads us through the journey, others of us do not and perhaps will not. I have always wondered if it is because early on in the initial experience they felt as I did and wanted to leave, maybe even sooner, but HE kept us here for experience and training, so they got angry and aggressive towards HIM? They lost their way.
I have always known I was to help, teach and support while here.
I have come across some who are also awake and aware.
But they are few. It's a big picture to see.
I have also always known we are spiritual beings transitioning into the world of the flesh and human experience.
This is the Land of the Living.
I even remember my first horrifying experience. I was trying to hold my head up as a newborn. I remember the pain involved, I focused on one issue in the transition process at a time. Holding my head up took constant work as there were no muscles tight enough to remain in control. My head would fall to right and left and back and forward as I would concentrate on the muscle group in my neck to take control.  I remember the workout process and was unhappy with it. I also knew instinctively I had to follow through. I would go through times where I would loose remembrance, and find myself slipping into routine with my siblings and parents
They never seemed to see what I was experiencing. They were unaware of who they were. I felt unheard and misunderstood.
So I would face challenge after challenge and try to commune with the voice I was always aware of throughout the entire process of ageing.
We are never alone here and we are all here together, until our time has been fulfilled. I pray you can relate and understand. This is my journey remembered. Feel free to share your journey with me.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Handled By The Unseen

So, I was asked about a year ago to visit a friends home and cleanse it from unwanted entities that had been seen in the home from several people. It was in the home for some time maybe a year or so. It had been seen by the family that lived there as well as others and they were all being frightened by it.
They weren't sure who it was they were seeing but all agreed it was clearly a woman.
It appeared ghostly in several spots in the home and moved around the room like an ectoplasm type apparition.  Sometimes she was known to move items in the room. Chairs and papers and dishes left out. Aides that were there to assist the Mother of the home through a transition of illnesses had refused to return to the home because they had seen this ghostly woman in the parlor and the bedroom of the home they were attending.
It had become such a problem that the news was spreading among nurses and aides and no one wanted to help this poor woman any longer and the family was at their wits end.
Two of the sisters in the home had experienced the entity  as well as noises in the parlor on several occasions and tried hard to ignore it as they had so much work to do caring for their invalid mother. But they were actually afraid and were loosing their ability to ignore the visions.
I arrived with my team around 6:00pm and it was getting dark as it was the winter season and evening comes quickly here in Florida at that time of year. The interior of the home was dimly lit. It was a beautiful older home.
We entered the home and immediately I felt a strong presence come right at me. Almost like it was welcoming me. As I walked through the front music room into the parlor of the home I felt yet another presence. This one was eerily cold. I knew things were going to move quickly now that I was here. I was sure there was more than one entity and we were not alone in the room!
I continued walking towards the Mothers bedroom in the center of the home to see if the entity would appear to me as it had others.
When I got into the doorway of the bedroom I backed up near the wall to face the living room, which was where three of the aides reported seeing the woman appear and stand. It was then that a very strong, very firm hand grasped my left shoulder and squeezed  tightly! I was immediately very angry and turned around quickly as there was no one behind me and I knew now that the eerily cold entity had made contact with me. Not by appearing but by handling me. This is forbidden as I will not allow the entities control while I'm investigating.
I immediately stood my ground and rebuked the entity in the name of Jesus. It let go immediately! I instructed it to be bound and unable to touch me or any other person in the room.
I felt the entity leave the room. Not the house, just the room.
What is interesting to mention here is that the entity did not have boney fingers when it grasped my shoulder. It was just a strong and firm pressing in of a force. Not actual fingers. Yet it had a firm forceful grip. I wanted to mention this as I often hear others say that they feel the hand, but what it is actually is the force the presence can control.
We all gathered instantly for prayer and set both of the spirits free from the house. Once an entity has this type of power you don't want to play games with it. We the living must take control or we open ourselves up for attachments and possessions if we are uneducated in spiritual matters. Happens every day!
The entire home felt peaceful, Every person present could actually feel the release. The family was elated!
As I left the home I noticed It was across the street from a large old Funeral home. This was an issue for those living in this house, as the Mother would occasionally wander across the street  and walk on the grounds of the Funeral home. Because her mind was weak from strokes and Alzheimer's she was leading the lost into her home. This can truly happen. It isn't always a problem living around Funeral homes or Hospitals, but it can be.  Depending on the spiritual well being of those living in the homes it can cause issues. I have seen this many times.  Even in my own life.
We live in a world where the unseen are everywhere. We must educate ourselves and be aware of what we can do to alleviate problems with issues such as these.
The good news is the Angels are all around us as well.
We are truly NEVER alone here.
Loved ones are close and so are many others however we are in charge of the moment always and have full authority if we will just educate ourselves of the truth.
Without the Lord himself there is no hope of escape from the spiritual entities that annoy and frighten us.
Plain and simple. Be advised.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Tracked by Aliens

So, last night I spent most of the early evening in bed. I wasn't feeling just right. Very strange and out of sorts. I wasn't sure why! I wasn't sick, I wasn't overly tired, I just didn't feel right.
I wondered often throughout the evening what was wrong?
Then I just forgot about it.
Laying in bed after coming home from work seemed to be the best idea. Put my feet up, I thought to myself. Relax, drink water, unwind. Well, it sounded good.
I tried to sleep on and off but sleep wouldn't come.
I wasn't that tired.
I felt uneasy. Why? I couldn't put my finger on anything.
I wondered if maybe I was coming down with something after all?
I got up at nine and watched a little TV. Then went online for an hour or so. Then I laid back down again.
Finally around 11:00pm I fell asleep.
Somewhere around 3:00 am in the morning I woke up. I felt as if I weren't alone in the room. I've had this happen many times in my life just before an Alien or Paranormal intervention of some kind. I looked all over the room, I couldn't see anything in the darkness, I didn't want to turn the lights on and wake anyone else up, so I laid back down again.
The next thing I remember is  seeing someone standing on the side of my bed. He was holding a strange small cup and dipping a small wide paint brush into the cup and making a stirring motion with the brush in the cup. Like he was mixing up something. He then immediately started brushing the liquid from the cup all over my mouth! Over and over again, brushing this strange tart liquid all over, but only on my mouth!
I heard the one doing this to me say in a male voice "This will help you". I thought I recognized his voice? He seemed very thin. Very frail as I caught a quick glace of his arm over me as he continued painting this liquid on my mouth.
I thought to myself, get the heck off of my face with that brush! Stop putting this on my mouth! Is this suppose to keep me from speaking something? Or is this to make me say something? Within a second of that thought I heard the being say in a male voice, "you must attend an event" You must go there! He showed me a few thoughts he was thinking, I had no desire to go there! I had stated that several times in my life I thought. I laughed at first a bit and said, I'm not going there! Then he was gone! Just like that, gone!
I sat straight up in bed and rubbed my mouth. It was dry but felt tight, like something like egg whites had dried on it. I went into the bathroom immediately, turned on the light, and looked in the mirror.
I looked very normal. Concerned, but normal. I kept rubbing my face and mouth over and over as I looked at myself in the mirror. It felt normal. Not wet at all. No residue at all! No discoloring at all. What was that I wondered again and why?
I wondered why I was being contacted again? What could this possibly mean? Who is this being? What intelligence brings this information to me and from where? He showed me a place I actually know of that is a once a year gathering and asked me to attend this place. He showed me a word I was to focus on. How strange I thought? I wondered how this word could apply to me? How could that word mean anything to me? When he spoke his voice reminded me of my father who had passed away many years ago. That was strange I thought. Why would he sound like him?
I won't reveal the place or the word as I am still contemplating what this all means to me. I'm searching for inner answers to make sense of this all.
The Alien/Paranormal seems to keep track of me, interjecting information to me throughout my life since the 1950's.
I am hoping to connect these experiences to understand them better. Perhaps it may be time to tell?
Thus the painting of my mouth? To "help" me tell something?
As I sit here pondering this recent happening I am praying about how to move forward.
We are NEVER alone.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mimicing Voices

So, here we are in October in our new home already! Time has really flown and we have been so busy painting this and fixing that.
We have spent the better part of everyday doing something to upgrade and make ready this beautiful home we found just a few months ago.
Often times I'm on one end of the home and my son is on the other as we work on our lists of things to be accomplished. I do work closely with my son an a daily basis, so often I'll yell across the rooms to check this or get that and he is always there in a moment helping me.
this last week, he has come into the room I'm in and has said on many occasions, frustrated and upset, "What"?
I look up at him and smile and reply, "what? why are you asking me that"? He will say, you were just in the hallway by my bedroom and called me! I answered and you didn't!
I then say clearly to my son, I have been right here in this room the entire time, I have not called you!
He has gotten very upset with me and said, Mom! I heard you call me from the hall, I stopped what I was doing to answer you and you never replied to me! How can you say you didn't?
I assured him with no doubts, I have not been on that side of the house, I have been right here working on this project!
He walks away confused and perplexed at the matter. And a bit upset with me.
Twenty minutes will not pass and here he comes again, just as upset as before,
And we replay the same scenario!
Clearly someone is calling his name and mimicking me!
So well is the voice sounding like me that he swears it is me!
I am not the one calling him however.
 If I call him, I follow through with a whole message. This entity is taunting him with only calling his name.
He will come to me in the evening as well and say, Mom, did you just call me? Again, I will tell him "NO"!
He has done this with my fiancé home and he has also heard this from him.
It amazes me sometimes how persistent energies can be. Ghosts, spirits, if you will, they can taunt you if you let them.
I am working with my son to not interact with these spirits that mimic. They can be so frightening. My son must take charge and rebuke these "callings" himself. I am not the one they are dealing with. I'm the one hearing about them, But I am not the one hearing the callings.
Why am I sharing this with you?
Because if you live in a home with someone hearing these types of calls and you are not hearing them yourself, then you need to help and support the person involved. Often, these voices can be heard only by the one being attacked by them. The person isn't crazy, they are simply under attack!
What can happen to you, can happen to others as well.
This is when you help the person walk through the moment and be a team! Encourage them to stand against the voice. Call on the LORD JESUS to cast the spirit out that is calling in mimic fashion, and be done with it.
Spirits can shape shift and mimic. It is usually very frightening for the one going through this. Also extremely confusing!
Sometimes the other people will have a hard time standing firm against the energies. We all must develop our "Sea Legs" if you will. We need to learn to stand on our own. Each person has a path to walk in this life, and they walk it alone! You cannot walk their path for them, but you can help them.
If you can't, find a qualified person who can.
This is my reason for sharing my paranormal life. To bring answers and peace to you as I suggest and guide you to do the right thing.
GOD's love and Light I pray for you!

The Unfamiliar Voice

So, the other day I was sitting at my desk in the front room of our home. I was busy working on paperwork which I needed to complete. I was just finishing up. I was fully engrossed with putting letters into envelopes to stamp, address and walk to the mail box.
I had noticed what a wonderful breezy morning it was as I glanced out the large front window. It almost made me stop to admire the beautiful palms and Bird of Paradise out the front window swaying in the breeze.
It was then out of nowhere I heard it.
A mans voice almost directly behind me, said very clearly, "hello".
I stopped immediately and turned around fully expecting someone to be there! But who? I don't know that voice I thought in an instant, I've never heard that voice before. It sounded as if it were someone in their 50's perhaps, not young but, not old!
As I turned to look, "no one was there"!
Because the voice sounded so strange to me, I did not reply to answer it. Being a demonologist, I am very careful to whom or what I interact with.  I choose to not respond.
I stood up now and walked into the living room, I could feel a presence but I saw nothing.
I waited a moment as I stood there, feeling the energy in the room. Finally I said out loud, In the name of JESUS leave this home NOW!
I immediately felt the energy leave.
I welcomed the Holy Spirit into the home and asked that HE search out the entire home and cleanse it immediately. I knew what I had heard was not kosher at all. It wasn't anyone here in the land of the living. It had to go immediately!
Why do I share this? What do you need to know of this?
Simply this.
Never speak to an entity that comes upon you suddenly.
There are spiritual energies out there that want your attention. But what you focus on is your business, not theirs!
Always be in charge and in full control when something strange happens to you. Don't let fear over take you. Keep your head about you. Look for obvious answers. Debunk it if you can and if you cannot, MOVE ON! Go to the only one who can help, and is always available instantly ONLY JESUS has the power and authority you need to take hold of the situation. HE is in the spiritual realm, HE has full authority and can deliver you instantly from any form of attack. We simply only need to call on Him! ANY FORM of attack at all! The wonderful news is also, he will give you His peace to walk through the moment. You are truly never alone!
After I called on the Holy Spirit, I simply went back to work.
I didn't give this stranger a moment of my time.
This is our time to live, this is our reality, not theirs!
There are surely spirits about just as there are Angels and other forms of energy, be in control! Take the authority and control of your own life.
Being alone by yourself and having something attack you is never easy, but at least come well equipped to the fight!
Be at peace.