Tuesday, February 20, 2018


So, it was 1987. It was a very warm summer evening.
I had gone to bed that night later than normal, but except for that, just like I did every other night. Nothing special had gone on.
This night however, was unfolding very differently from those other nights.
I woke up around 3:00am in the morning and tried to move. I was unable to. I thought to myself, "get up silly, you need to use the restroom"! I didn't seem alarmed that I could not move. I always drink so much coffee before I go to bed every night, that I rarely make it through the night before I have to get up.
This night was no exception.
But I couldn't get up!
So I concentrated on moving a bit, my arms were frozen to my sides. I kept on trying to move, not really thinking to much about it, as I was in a fog from being so sound asleep.
I don't ever sleep on my back however, I am a side sleeper and  I did think it odd I was on my back, but I didn't dwell on it at that moment. Nothing was making sense. I wasn't overly concerned.
Again I said to myself, "get up"!
I am a very tenacious soul however and since I wasn't moving, I said one more time, "get up"! With that my body sat up in bed and I was able to move a bit. I rubbed my eyes, my arms felt very heavy, and threw my legs over the side of the bed.
I thought to myself, ok, here we go!
As I went to stand up, I fell on the floor, by hitting the side of my bed and bouncing straight down to the carpet!
My legs were like jelly. I had no use of them at all!
What was this?
I was now fully sprawled out on the floor and unable to move at all! I thought to myself, "what the heck is going on here"?
My arm hit the dresser, but just barley as I fell to the ground.
I tried to move my arms again, they would not move!
Now, I was afraid! Very afraid! AND MAD!
What the heck is going on here? What is causing this? This has never happened before and I am not drunk so, how does this happen to someone? Why me?
My eyes were opened and I could clearly see myself laying on the floor! I could not seem to speak though, all my commands to myself were coming from my thoughts!
I lay there on the floor for I don't remember how long, getting more upset about all this, feeling all alone and concerned! Then I said to myself again, in a strong and somewhat angry voice via telepathy "get up"!
I was wedged a bit between the bed and my nearby dresser. My arm had hit the dresser as I went down to the floor, but I didn't seem to be hurt, this was awkward, but I didn't feel any pain anywhere. Knowing I was basically ok,
I said again, "Teri, get up"!
And with that, my arm control came immediately back. I pushed my upper body up off the floor. I was able to rise to a full standing position instantly! I carefully took one step forward, then another. Testing out my legs as I moved. I felt a tad bit shaky but for the most part, I was moving forward with no issue.
I headed out of my bedroom and to the restroom.
I appeared to be one hundred percent normal again.
I headed back to bed and before I lay back down, I stood there for a moment, in the dark, wondering if I wanted to get back into bed again? Would I be able to get back out?
My voice was back and I said out loud now, what the heck is this all about?
I am used to having strange things happen to me, but never like this! I'm not a drinker and I don't use drugs, so how did this happen I wondered? Was it an abduction I was paralyzed from? Was it a spiritual battle I had been fighting? Was something there just before I woke up that had caused this to happen to me?
I still to this day do not know exactly what happened, but I can say with all honesty, it has never happened again! Not before that day, and not since.
We live in such a strange world with so many different dimensions, I believe, somehow, I woke before my experience was over that night. I awoke and took a mind over matter approach to standing up, and it worked.
The take away here is our minds are so much stronger than we understand. We hold amazing powers within us.
Truth is stranger than all fiction!
Be careful what you say when you talk to yourself, your whole body is listening!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

In Tune

So, I am simply amazed as I write this post tonight. I can hardly believe what has happened myself. As I contemplate all the vibrations on this planet, I must say I am blessed and utterly blown away at how intricately everything is connected.
If we look for it!
I have a little bracelet I wear every day, all the time and even to bed. I looked at it as I was in my office working, thinking to myself, I just love this little bracelet. I've worn it for years. I was amazed at how it glistened and blessed me. Such a sweet little trinket. Not expensive, but so loved.
So, I was sitting in my office that same day, about a week ago, when all of a sudden I thought very clearly of my youngest son.
Well, you may think, what's so strange about that?
Well, my youngest son and I have had many issues over the years and we don't talk much. I am a firm disciplinarian and he is a firm rebellious child, youngster, teenager, man.
No one could love him more than I, however we agree to disagree about many things. So we don't talk much.
So here I am, feverishly working away at my desk a week ago and out of the seemingly blue, his name comes to mind.
I whisper up a prayer for him as I'm sure, he's probably going to be calling me soon, and may need my help. It feels odd though.
Really odd.
Sure enough, to the day a week later, I get a text and a picture sent to me. He is very ill. So ill, that he has already been to the hospital, been on medication and is now wondering what his next step will be. I plan to see him the next day and spend time going over what has taken place, and what he should perhaps do next.
I had planned in the evening of this day, the day that all the news came to me about my son, to go to a friends birthday dinner party. So my husband and I went to dinner with the Birthday group and had a wonderful time, even though I was very prayerful throughout the evening for my son.
I was seated next to a woman who grabbed my arm at the party and said to me, "what a lovely bracelet, it's so sweet and glistens so"! I thanked her and agreed with her and told her it was my absolute favorite bracelet.
It was at that very minute the thought came to me that I would not have this bracelet much longer. I laughed to myself and thought, how ridiculous is that? Why would that silly thought come to me now? I ran my hand over the beads and smiled. I've had this little treasure for such a long time! I just love it!
Then I put the thought away from me, and laughed at myself for thinking it.
We stayed at the party much later than we should have, and headed home, dead tired!
As I lay in bed that night, before I went to see my son, I heard the LORD remind me of many things through the years that I have shared with my son. Things he did not want to hear. Hard things for me to share with him. Things I knew he needed to hear. I was concerned for him deeply and prayed in the SPIRIT that the LORD would grant him favor and healing. It was no small prayer!
The LORD prepared me that night for what I was to do, what I was to say and what to bring along with me as I visited, as I would have some alone time with him.
I woke that morning and did as I was instructed by the LORD.
I gathered the things together to take to him and I jump in the car to head out.
I head out to see him, a sixty mile drive one way to his home, praying all the way there, asking for wisdom and guidance.
Praying I am in tune with what the LORD wants me to do!
I find once I get there that I am immediately in tune with his needs and in fact have already met them!
GOD is so good!
It was as if what the LORD showed me the night before was clearly what was needed. I had a wonderful visit and talk with my son and felt we would be seeing a lot more of each other now.
It was so good to see him. I was receiving a lot of incoming information from the LORD as I sat and spoke with my son and watched him as we laughed and had a good visit.
It just blessed me.
I made the long trip home from my son's house and contemplated all that had taken place.
After more prayer and pondering I was very tired and ready for bed! I was grateful for such a wonderful day.
That night, as I got ready to go to bed, I threw the covers back to jump in the sac and I see all these glistening beads all over the sheets. I thought to myself, what the heck is this? I quickly look at my arm and I see that as I slept the night before wrestling with what I was going to do and say, talking with the LORD, my bracelet of all these years, broke! I hadn't even been aware of it all day! It had broken through the night and all the little beads were everywhere on the sheets!
I remembered how this silly little bracelet was a part of this whole process with my son. How it all started from me admiring it. Then the thought of my son came to me, then the text, then the prayers, then the healing, then the woman at the party and now, just as I thought, I don't have my little bracelet any longer!
How strange is this life?
It never ceases to amaze me.
The lesson here, the take away. Is all about my son.
Forgiving and letting go so that life can take it's own path.
The glistening gems of life and how GOD is in all the details.
He gives and takes away. ONLY HE can.
I am blown away. There are lessons everywhere, if we will just pay attention to the small things.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Close Encounters

So, in March of 2017 I had an experience that showed me something was coming into my life.
This is what is coming.
This show is the answer!
Click on the link to see the show sizzle!

We're looking at several options, make sure to join our group and sign up for more information, that way you'll be among the first to know what is happening!"
Please know there will be much to see and hear of what is true in the realm of experiences I have had.
We're very excited about the show! We can't tell you much until it's all official with the network.
So, stay tuned!
Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Picture

So, It was 2009, it was a beautiful day in June that my Mother took her last breath on this planet after much suffering.
You can never be ready for that moment really. It's very strange on many levels. Wonderful for the deceased as they move on and leave the pain of this life behind, and horrible for those left behind. I didn't cry for months, it was so odd for me.
I was actually that happy for her.
My Mother and I were very close and had been through many changes together. Very hard changes in this life many will never know.
Everybody deals with death in their own way. There is no right or wrong. I was a bit shocked at how I was feeling through the changes I was going through. I always thought it would be different.
So, as the day approached that the family would all gather in her hometown of Franklin NC, to lay her to rest, there were many preparations to be done. The sale of her home, the Funeral home,  the local church where her service would be held, and then the graveside service in the graveyard.
It's crazy the amount of energy you have to muster to do these things at a time like that.
All my siblings had flown in and were there which made it comforting for all of us! We were all so relieved my Mother was no longer suffering. It was truly a blessing.
The Church service was to be held at her regularly attended Catholic Church in town, This was such a wonderful gesture for so many of her church friends to come together to serve her one last time with a wonderful dinner.  I was so happy to see so many gather to say goodbye to her, it was very well attended.

The church was packed by the time the service began, which was a wonderful comfort to me. Knowing she was loved by so many in the city. She never retired, she always did volunteer work for hospice even though she herself were dying for so many years. Not to many had any idea of it! She was never one to complain.  
As we entered the church her picture was at the front on a grand little table along with her prayer book and her Urn.
We all filed in and sat silently awaiting for the priest to begin the service.
I so wanted this to be over as it was hard to sit there for me for some unknown reason.
The whole family was all seated in the front row at the church. There were many of us, and I was just to the right of the little table and could see it very clearly.
I felt my Mom close by and wondered if she truly was there, or if it were just "the moment" and me wanting to feel her there?
This priest we were waiting for as we all sat quietly was a Chinese priest who only knew my Mother briefly.
He finally came out a bit late and was on a platform just above my Mothers little table with her picture and Urn on it, which was even  on the floor to where we were all sitting.
As he began speaking, his accent was so hard to understand the whole family were trying to hide our laughing under our breath as he was mispronouncing her name so badly. We could only understand every other word or so he spoke.
I mean it wasn't even close the pronunciation of her name! Can you imagine! A time like this and the priest gets the name wrong because of his accent? Oh boy, I thought. How unfortunate this is. If my Mom were here she would probably correct him! She was a strong, loving woman, but very firm! Things were to be done right!
All of a sudden after thinking that thought, her picture that was standing on the little table, threw itself into the isle right up near our feet! We all gasped as this happened. One sister cried out loud! It so shocked her. I thought to myself, 'Mom, you are here"!
There was NO WAY that this could have happened except that it was truly a paranormal act!
I thought to myself this is you Mom, saying correct the priest already!
So I did. I said to the priest, excuse me sir, "you are mispronouncing our dear mothers name"!
He said well, she didn't have to make such a scene, and then he laughed! My brother picked up the picture and set it back on the table. It had not broken, which I took for her not being mad, but being firm to correct the priest!
So, with that the priest corrected himself somewhat and continued the sermon. It was beautiful, short and sweet.
It was such a comfort to me to have my Moms picture fly off the table as it did. You see, that was just like her and she could see us all laughing. She would never have allowed any of us to be laughing at church at such as time as this. It just was disrespectful!
Yes, this actually brought me comfort. It's one of the reasons it took me so long to cry at her loss.
I was wondering how long I would feel her presence. It was on and off for awhile following the burial. It did finally dwindle some within the year, but to this day I still feel her strongly. I speak with her in my dreams. But I am well aware she is dead and gone and at peace. I believe the Lord allows this type of happening once in awhile.
And as usual I will say, Truth is always so much stranger than fiction.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Ticket

So, it was 2104 and we (My fiance and I) were on vacation heading from Florida to North Carolina.
We were going to do interviews of a few people in Pensacola FL on our way as well as in Georgia. This was going to be an expensive trip. There were many stops planned along the way and we were very excited.
We stayed in wonderful bed and breakfast haunts as well as wonderful areas where we knew many oddities had happened.
We were having such a wonderful time.
We had completed our week in Pensacola and went on to Georgia. We had such a marvelous time there interviewing and photographing our person of interest we stayed longer than we probably should have! I kept thinking, wow this is costing us a fortune, but we were elated at all the information we were gleaning!
So after a few days we finally packed up our gear and headed to North Carolina.
I wanted to visit the grave of my Mother so badly as I hadn't been there in a few years. I was really missing her that year. So much more than most other years.
Grave sites are so interesting. I know the loved one is not there, but a remnant of the flesh that I had loved so was all that was really there. Yet, it always amazes me as we sit and meditate in these areas where our loved ones who have passed once lived, we feel a connection to them. Their home turf if you will. Those things that were dear to them. The sights, sounds and smells of where they had chosen in this life to make home.
So as I sat in the very cold Carolina winter sun at the site of the mausoleum where my Mother is buried, I reflected on all things I held dear in her remembrance. Hours had passed.
It was starting to really get cold and uncomfortable as the wind was whipping up on the high mountain area she is buried on. My ears were freezing, I said my goodbyes quickly wondering when I would come this way again? I was pretty sad for the most part but I knew she was always with me, so I smiled and pondered the whole visit for a moment and then we headed off to the city to get a warm cup of coffee.
We also needed gas, so we stopped at one of my Mom's favorite haunts. The infamous "Hot Spot" in the center of Franklin. It's nothing special, but for those who live so far from the big cities these little stores are a regular happening. She always stopped there with me to get her gas when I visited her. She said they had pretty good prices all the time and great coffee.
I went inside remembering her being there with me only a few years before. I got my  extra large hot coffee and decided to sit on their tables where many local workers would have their lunch breaks inside the store.
It was a pretty busy day in the little store and I heard people saying we would be getting snow later on in the evening. I could see Kevin pumping the gas outside. It was a fun memory. He was waving at me!
It was then as I waved back at Kevin and I turned and watched all the chatter and goings on in the store that I clearly heard my Mothers voice say, "go ahead Ter, get yourself a lottery ticket for fun". I laughed out loud as this was comical to me. I'm so frugal, I never purchase lottery scratch offs or the lottery tickets EVER!
But it was so clearly her voice. I thought to myself, "that's just nuts" that was clearly her voice!
But "Why" would I do that I thought, I never get those things? So , as if led by the fun of the thought, I got up and walked over to the counter and asked to purchase a lottery scratch off ticket, I thought, what the heck, why not?
So I did.
I was shocked as I scratched this ticket to find I just won $100.00 dollars! I screamed for Kevin as he was walking in the store to get his coffee and said to him, "please look at this, my Mom told me to buy a ticket, so I did and look at this thing, I think I won $100.00 dollars".  
He looked at it, laughed, and then I showed it to the clerk. She immediately shelled out my $100.00 to me.
I was dumbfounded! I never win anything as I never gamble! I never buy those silly scratch offs, but when Mom said, go ahead Ter, I knew if I ever was going to do it, it would be then! I was so happy! Here we're on the second week of vacation and we really needed that extra cash.
I smiled as I sat down to finish my coffee and thanked my Mom for the "Tip off".
That was just like her too! She always wanted me to have "enough"
and once again from beyond the veil she was keeping herself real to me!
Truth is always stranger than fiction and this truth is no exception.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Gift of Tenacity

So, it was 1970. My boyfriend and I were going downtown St. Petersburg, FL to get some papers he needed from Tomlinson adult education center in the Mirror Lake area of St. Pete. He had just purchased a new motorcycle and we were so excited to drive it down town.  It was around 11:00 am, a bright and very hot summer day in July. We pulled up in front of the school parking area, he parked his motorcycle in one of the spots for bikes and we headed into the office to pick up his paperwork.
As we did, I had a strange feeling come over me. Like something was about to happen. I laughed at the thought of me thinking this way and simply literally laughed it off.
We were both in the Tomlinson office for around a half hour or so. We got his paperwork settled and were relived to be heading out the front door so quickly. We walked over to the area where he had parked the bike and it wasn't there? It was simply gone?
We stood there for a moment, just looking at each other. My boyfriend said he was so upset! He hadn't even made two payments on the bike and it was stolen! He was very distraught. I was shocked to see him this way. It hurt to see someone you cared so much for to be so upset and helpless. I remembered feeling strange before going into the office and having laughed it off as if it were nothing. This made me mad, why didn't I question that feeling? What had I missed here? Why was this happening to such a great guy? Oh, and it began to set in that, hey, we were walking 7 miles home at this point!
That didn't sit well with either of us.
 I suggested he call the police and make a report, so we went back into the office where we had just been and he called the police and said he would wait where the bike used to be to make his report to the police. They assured him they would be there in about ten minutes.
We walked back across the street and I felt a very powerful cloaking come over me, as if I were feeling an anointing come on me. It is really hard to put into words. But it was all over me and my hair was standing on end! I was feeling very strong in the spirit!
It was then, all of a sudden I said to my boyfriend, stay here for a moment, and wait for the police I am going to find your bike for you! I was very matter of fact when I said it. It almost shocked me hearing "myself" saying that to him! But somehow I knew I could find it! I just knew it! There was no doubt at all in my mind. I mean NONE! My boyfriend said no, just wait here with me, don't worry, I replied, NO, I'm going to find that bike! I then turned and started walking down the street as if being led by the hand by an unseen powerful presence. I was actually very angry that some creep had done this to my boyfriend! What a horrible thing to do I thought, steal something so valuable from someone! How could some creep do that, we were only gone for a half hour?  I was going for vengeance while I walked towards the buildings in front of me!  I looked in every shop window, I walked around this one two story  apartment building that was right across the street from where we had been. This was it! I just knew this was the place I would find the bike! I prayed, please take me to the bike! Someone led me to the second floor, I knew I was headed in the right direction. It was as if I could smell the dishonest soul that had done this and I was getting closer. Closer still, closer still with every step! It was like nothing I had ever experienced until now. I was focused completely on finding this bike! I walked past more than 10 apartments on the second floor and then...BINGO... the screen door was open to one of the apartments and inside was a very young and I must say, actually very good looking young man  (this shocked me as I had an ugly creep in mind) sitting on the floor of his apartment living room disassembling  my boyfriends motorcycle! He was right there, he had looked up at me as I passed the door just briefly,  I was shocked, there he was, there was the bike! I had found him right there in his apartment living room. I was elated! I had been led right to the very spot I wanted to be! I walked past the door and then stopped once out of his view. After seeing the bike in that room with this young man, I knew I had found the stolen bike! I asked the Lord, what do I do now? Here it is, here I am, I thought and before I even heard back from the Lord,  and with my heart pounding in my chest, I walked back past the door and looked in and said to the man very calmly,  "hey", that's a nice looking bike, why are you disassembling it, as I smiled and acted very flirty? He rose from the floor and said after looking quite shocked,  "I need to get some new parts for it", and he looked at me rather strangely. I asked him if  he would mind if I could come in and use his phone? (where that came from I have no idea?) He said "sure", come on in. We both smiled at each other as he opened the screen door and pointed to the phone on the counter in this very tiny little room. I acted as if I was calling someone and said, gee, the numbers busy, but thanks for letting me use your phone, I then had a sense of almost fear come over me, and knew I had to get out of the apartment immediately, I knew he was very suspicious of me and I could see he was holding a very large craftsman tool in his hand! I smiled at the man very kindly and said, "Thanks, have a good day", maybe I'll see ya around again some time? He smiled at me, but I also noticed a strange look in his eye, like he was beginning to really question this whole interaction so I quickly walked straight to the screen door and headed out to the hallway. Once out the door I made haste to go back downstairs and find my boyfriend!
The police were with him and I said, "I found the bike"! My boyfriend smiled and said, "you're kidding", I said "no", I'm not, so I told the police exactly where to find the bike and they went and handcuffed the young man and that was it! The bike was not ride able so we took the bus home. But I was elated that we were able to locate the bike and get it back. I was so grateful for the tenacious spirit that walked me to the site of the stolen bike!
I never thought twice about not looking for that bike that day, and I had a certain knowing that I would find the bike. It's very interesting to me how the spirit world works. GOD gives us a knowing, we can have complete confidence in HIM when the anointing comes over us, regardless if we feel qualified or not!
Isn't HE good! I will always treasure that day. That was the day that the LORD gave me the gift of tenacity.
I treasure it with all my heart!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Dream Before The Deliverance

 So, I never knew anything about how the dream world works in the spirit realm, when someone is possessed or has an attachment or a familiar spirit hanging around. But in 1973 I embarked on a very strange calling. It was not my desire for this gift, but non the less the gift came to me. I was clearly chosen for it. I received it from the LORD.
The way this gift has always worked with me for Deliverances, possessions, oppressions, cleansings as well as clearings and the like, is that I will go to bed just like I always do every night.
Then, while in the night I will have an extremely vivid dream.  A very clear dream. Sometimes seeing the room or the color of the walls or drapes, recognizing a place, or I will hear a mother speaking to her child. The dream is clear in that way.  Leaving me  certain memories to hold onto once I awake. "Someone" in the dream is usually fighting a fight and they are not able to win the battle. They are also sometimes just crying or complaining to me of their defeat over an enemy or entity. I will watch this scenario in the dream for a few moments and begin to see the powerful entity they are fighting or upset about. The entity is always large and in charge of the person. The dream will usually start with a person or persons whom I do not know. I will have a "Feeling" in the dream that this person needs my help to be free from something attacking them that they cannot deal with any longer.  They want to be free of it finally. I immediately take the issue on in the dream and protect the person in the dream by instructing them to leave the area so I can now take over the fight. It is then that I see the entity more clearly. It is never an easy thing to see it.
As if I am a warrior for the poor soul who could not handle the battle, I know I am to "take it over from here".  I feel the Aura of the LORD anoint me! It's very powerful! I feel much more powerful than that person who was losing the battle. I know I will win this battle against this entity I face now before me. There is never any doubt of this. I assess the situation and then go to the LORD  in the Spirit for HIS instruction. "Like saying, How do you want me to handle this spirit, or demon or entity"?  I will feel the answer immediately. I will know how to proceed. I then begin the battle in the spiritual realm. It is always a very strong enemy I fight. The enemy or entity is an enemy of my very soul, as well as the soul of the person they were fighting. I know which type of entity I am fighting as they always reveal themselves in the battle against me. I don't want to know who they are, I just happen to know it. I am always amazed at how easy it is to fight them, but yet it is usually a long strange process. The gift of tenacity is strong with me while fighting, as this battle can and sometimes last all night long. I do not relent! I am committed to win at any cost. The enemy is always weakened eventually and the victory is the LORDs, and finally mine. It can get very hard at times, and it certainly can take a lot out of me. I often wake up the next day exhausted. Like I didn't even sleep at all, and then throughout the day, I find myself tired and a bit lazy. I need to recharge myself. It effects me for at least one day.
 Once awake from the dream  the next day or through the night and victorious, I then know the battle has been won and I will now get a phone call from someone within a few days who will be "that person" I just fought for all night long.
Yes, that is how it has always happened and still to this day does!
The fight FIRST in the spiritual realm, then the phone call!
I am always careful to mention these fights to my husband or son right away as I wake, as I want verification once the call comes to me. This validation process is very important.
It never fails to come.
I remember being aided by angels a time or two while in the spiritual battle. These are "strong men" or strong "leader type demons" I fight when these angels come to help me. They hit harder and stay in my face longer. It is literally a spiritual battle. I pray in the spirit and rebuke and bind these entity's. The effort I use against them is no small fight. Those are the more difficult possessions or attachments. If the angels come I know the battle will be very difficult. Many spirits only last a few minutes, or hours, however. I walk away amazed. But it isn't always so easy.
The phone calls come from all over the United States. Mostly close to home, but not always. I am always expecting the call once the dream and fight have taken place!
This has happened this way for over 40 years now.
It's no coincidence!
This year for the first time my husband had the dream. I heard him yelling out in his dream this week, Monday night. He woke me up two times. I prayed a short prayer that he would get peace and go back to sleep! The next morning he revealed to me he fought a demon all night long, it was very scary he said and difficult. I told him I heard him in the night and prayed for his peace and sleep to come to him.
He said it was very hard to fight this demon and that there were two spirits who were claiming the souls of those he was fighting for. I said you didn't believe the lies of the entity did you? He said no, but it was all very confusing. I asked him to write it all down and remember as much as he could. He did. He said to me, this time the LORD gave me the battle. I replied to him, "GOOD"! We will now wait for the call!
By Wednesday night the phone rang and it was a young couple having a very frightening happening in their apartment. They needed us to come. We agreed, told them we had the dream and were waiting for a call, and we will be there on Saturday.
Isn't GOD good! They are already free from the attack, we know this! The battle has already been fought and won and they will have victory! I gave them instructions on what to do until we get there to stay safe and free from any harm.
"We" look forward to going to finish the fight!
This is a gift given to me and now my husband, I am so pleased to serve this way. I pray the LORD never retires us from helping those in need!