Friday, September 1, 2017

Spine Tingler

So, it was August 31st, 2017. We had spent the day at our home with a very good friend and her husband. It was such a great visit. Originally it was just going to be a few hours of visiting and hanging out and talking about our passions in life which is our number one love to chat about and all it entails.
One hour past into the next without notice as we watched an old classic movie together. Once we finished the movie we were all getting hungry, so then dinner was on the agenda and I served up what I had in the crock pot for a quick and nourishing meal. We watched another movie while we ate dinner and all sat around talking and then shared a wonderful time of prayers for safe travels home and the night was spent.
I was very tired and went in to bed straight away.
As I slept I was awakened by a very strange feeling I was experiencing. I kept seeing this craft, a very large, dark silver craft hovering over the house. It was going in and out of view via some sort of cloaking that had an odd form like a haze around the craft which ushered it in and out of cloaking.  It seemed to go in and out of a cloud over the house as well. It was very odd. It was then that I saw a tall white extraterrestrial on the underbelly of the craft looking out through a glass like panel and looking directly at me. He seemed to be communicating that I was going to be coming aboard. I didn't disagree with him, I had no power to do so.  I asked what was happening. I heard him say "needed information", I understood him to mean, when I needed the information, I would have it. So this was like receiving coms.
The next thing I remembered was a very strange sensation that was freezing my entire spine. I tingled so strangely.  It was very cold! It did not hurt but it was powerful.  I could not move at all. It felt like a humming going through my entire body on a cellular level from my head to my toes, and I was unable to move away from the connection causing it. It felt like a strip running down my back. I did not see what was attached to my spine.
It had a certain vibrational hum to it. It was very loud and every cell in my body was affected by it. It tingled my ears. It went on for what felt like 15 minutes. It was making me very cold. So cold that it was causing me to come out of the trance like state I was in. When I came to I was in my room (however I got there) I was back in my bed. I saw the craft leave in the very same haze around it that allowed it to come in and out of cloaking.
I had never seen that before with all my other encounters. This was different. I wondered why?
If that was not strange enough all by itself, the next day I had called my friend who had been over that previous night and shared what had happened to me. She then told me as I gasped from her reply, that she and her husband had both experienced strange spine pain once they left our home that previous night. Her husband was actually really affected by the pain and wondered about seeing a Doctor!
She said she was going to see a Chiropractor.
Now I know this is odd but then that is usually the norm for me and my family here.
I think the extraterrestrial craft was hovered somehow over my home the entire day and the cloaking prevented it from being seen. This could be why I had never seen this sort of haze encircling the craft like I did this time. I also think it had affected my friends who were there all day. They obviously have their agenda these extraterrestrials. As odd as it all seems. They are always in control.
I was not hurt at all. My friends were very sore however and related it to being at my home the night before!
If anyone reading this has had a similar experience, I would love to hear about it! Any spine tingling like this?
Truth is always stranger than fiction!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Mimick

So, I usually try to find time to do a post of my experiences somewhere in the early morning hours to post on my blog. It usually works better for me that way, as I can sit back quietly and reflect on that certain time in my life and remember what I endured from whatever I experienced.  
I decided to sit down Monday morning this week around 9:30 am, this June of 2017, in my office, instead of waiting until the wee hours to do my posts. I just felt it would be o.k. once in a while to break patterns and just write a quick experience or two.
On this particular morning however I was having my coffee in the dining room before heading into  the office and  I happened to notice one of my plug-ins in the wall, was empty! Plug-ins are an Air Wick product you plug into the wall outlet in any room to fragrance the room. I enjoy them so much and always have them plugged in  all throughout the house. So I got up to check the rest of the plug ins and as I walked from room to room I noticed they were all empty, and still plugged in. I thought to myself, that can't be safe, can it? The little plastic plug ins with the glass centers can get so hot when they are empty. 
So I decided to collect them all from the walls throughout the house, and I set them on the counter in the kitchen. There were about 7 of them by the time I made my rounds throughout the house.
Finally! I thought to myself, I can "now" go into the office and begin writing an experience or two. It's funny how just when you want to start writing, you start noticing all sorts of little distractions.
So, here I was, heading into the office with my coffee and a few notes I had written down for my post which I had in my hand.
I headed to the office through my kitchen and as I did, I hit one of the plug ins with the note paper I was holding, that was too close to the edge of the counter, and it caused the plug in to fly off the counter and hit the floor with a loud crash and bang! It sounded terrible! It sounded as if I broke the glass portion of the plug in.
It startled me, I was afraid glass would be all over the floor it made such a crash.  I stopped dead in my tracks, since I had no shoes on!  I stopped and looked around for any glass, I didn't see any, thank GOD! Then I picked the plug in up off the floor, made sure it wasn't broken anywhere else, and set it back on the counter. This time however I pushed it way in deep on the counter so that that could not happen again. I also pushed the other 6 back in a bit as well. There now!
And again, I'm off to the office!
I opened my laptop and began writing about an experience from long ago, not two minutes had passed when all of a sudden I heard a huge bang and crash in the kitchen, it sounded like glass breaking on the tile floor! Just like the crash I just heard from the plug in I knocked over earlier, I mean the exact same noise! I thought to myself, what the heck was that? There is no way that plug in fell off the counter!
I got up and ran into the kitchen to see what happened.
I stood there for a moment, glancing all over the kitchen floor area.
No crash! Nothing out of place on the counters, and all 7 plug ins were on the counter! What the heck is going on here?
 I could not believe that just happened!
I went back to the computer in my office and sat down and started to write again. I wondered what the heck was that! It mimicked the exact same noise of the plug in I knocked over? Ten minutes passed as I pounded away at the keyboard and then again, the crash and bang and cracking sound again was so loud in the kitchen! I ran again into the kitchen and saw nothing out of place!
No broken glass on the tile floors?
Why is this happening?
I then thought to myself, you must be kidding me! I am trying to concentrate and write on my blog and I have somehow entered the realm of the paranormal? So I quickly rebuked the force that was playing with me and went back to my blog!
I have to laugh as I write this because I stopped writing about the previous experience and added this one instead!
We never know what is going to happen at any given time in a day.
I thought I would share this with you as it was truly so unexpected.
I do get tired of this sort of thing always happening, but it is strange how just when you think you're alone.....well you know. you are never really alone!
These entities have the power to mimic sounds.
How strange is that? Why? To get our attention. Do not give them your attention! That will never go well for you. Rebuke and bind them and go on with your day!
Call me if you need help doing that.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Crashing Craft

So, It was June 24th of 2011. I had gone to bed that night just as I did every night. Nothing was unusual.
I Jumped into my extremely amazing King size Foam Latex bed which I had added a 3 inch memory foam topper to. It was so comfortable and relaxing in this bed you could fall asleep instantly which is just what I did that night.
I began to have a strange and upsetting dream. Or so I thought? I dreamt that I was walking down a street but I wasn't sure where I actually was. I became aware of a large slow moving craft behind me. I was being followed by this large UFO for some time as I was walking towards a home I was unfamiliar with. It looked as if the craft were going to crash. It was acting irregularly unstable. As I approached the friends home I saw that they were all in the back yard.
They were sitting around the lawn with their young baby girl in a crib next to one of the lawn chairs.  I didn't really know these people. I came upon this scene and started screaming for everyone to run and take cover. I pointed towards the sky and the imminent crash coming towards us all! This large ship was about to crash coming towards them. They all looked up into the sky and started screaming! It was a panicked rush  as they all picked up things near them and ran. They ran towards the house screaming but no one picked up the baby in the crib? So I ran towards the crib knowing this would not go well for me at this late moment!  Just as I grabbed the baby from the crib I saw dirt flying all around me and I could feel a very hot heat coming from somewhere behind me as I was thrown to the ground hard from the loud crashing disturbance of the downed craft. I was hit a few times from flying debris on my left side. It missed the baby, she seemed to be OK.! I got up to run again and was again keenly aware of being hit by something like a strong vibration, it went right through me! I just kept on running, not looking behind me. I ran the baby into the house and put her down safely on the floor. I began to scream for her mother? "Here is your child I said loudly", but everyone was still running scared. No one answered me. The child was screaming in fear and clearly didn't want me to put her down! I didn't know what to do now? I was so concerned for this child! Where is her Mother? I didn't want to leave her but I didn't know what to do with her? I wasn't safe either! I felt as if the Extraterrestrials were headed into the house!
It was then that I awoke.
I had been wearing a flimsy nighty when I went to bed. As I got up I headed into the bathroom. I noticed a sore feeling on my left arm and saw that I had a few bruises on my arm that were not there when I went to bed! I jumped into the shower and felt so strange. The whole happening was playing again and again in my head. What more could I have done for that child?  I walked back into my bedroom and passed three very large mirrored closet doors on my wall, it was then I noticed two bleeding cuts on my left thigh area! What was this I wondered? How could that be? The cuts were clearly bleeding. I wiped them dry and took a picture of them. How did this happen to me? I thought I was in a dream?
I checked the bed for blood, but there was none on my sheets or comforter? I checked my nighty for blood, none at all! How was this possible? I'm bleeding here?
Is it possible to have this happen I wondered? I had heard others tell their stories of what they experienced but could this be true?
I went to bed with no sore arm or with any bruises and I wake up with bruises and bleeding cuts? This is so bizarre!
I looked at the cuts and they seemed like slice marks. One right over the other. They were deep, but small. They were barely hurting at all. The next day they were almost healed? I had a slight bloody scab over them. I thought that odd. No pain at all. My left arm bruise didn't heal that quickly however. It was a week before the yellowing went away. But my shoulder wasn't sore, I thought that odd as well. I fell to the ground pretty hard I thought.
Did the vibration protect me somehow?
Had I fallen in the yard as I saw in that dream and bruised my left arm as I fell trying to hold that baby? Had some debris hit me and cut my left side, had I fallen on something that cut me?
Was the vibration a sort of padding?
I have the pictures to show what happened but I still stand amazed.
Truth is so much stranger than fiction. I know there is so much we don't understand about this life we are living in. So many dimensions we interact with. So much yet to be revealed. I will continue to ask questions and question everything!
Truth will always come to light in the end. I'm counting on it!

The Attack

So, it was February 25th of 2012, I had gotten up early this morning around 6:45 in the morning to make coffee, something wasn't right and I was up so early because I just couldn't sleep any longer. I laughed because I thought to myself, figures it would be a Saturday. I had just recently had a very profound extraterrestrial craft sighting with my son that changed us both. I wasn't sleeping well since the incident. My son and I now were both sure that whoever chose to reveal to us that day, wanted us to be together. It was simply profound and we both were wondering why?
So as I stood preparing my coffee that morning I was standing in front of a very large kitchen window which faced North on the house. I glanced outside and saw the beautiful morning unfolding. The three ficus trees placed in their huge gorgeous pots in front of the window were so beautiful to look at, and the flowers were lovely in their painted pots. Not a leaf stirred on the trees.
It was so beautiful.
It was a very quite serene morning.
I looked at all three planted Ficus trees out the window feeling very pleased at how lovely they looked as I stood gazing at them in front of the window.
You see my yard was very close to the neighbors fence and the Ficus trees hid their fence and yard from my view.
As I poured the water into the coffee maker, then it happened.
A loud pounding on the roof as if there were a herd of animals on my rooftop. It lasted 30 seconds at least!  It was so loud it shocked me! I froze as I listened to the ruckus! I thought for sure it would wake up my sleeping husband. Then I heard something like feet running on the roof towards the kitchen area on the South end of the house, but so loudly as if there was a man on the roof stomping his feet. I stood perfectly still in my kitchen still holding the half poured decanter of water for the coffee maker. I put it down on the counter when all of a sudden three of my beautiful potted plants and one ficus tree were hurled towards the window from the north as if a huge wind had picked them up off the ground and thrown them directly at me! They hit the window! I stood there shocked! I thought the window was going to break so I screamed for my husband loudly! 
It was so frightening! What is this? What just happened? There is no wind outside? It is not raining? what ever was on my roof was on the South side of the house, how could the wind slam me from the North? I was so confused! I stood there wondering what was next?
I wanted to get away from the window in case something more was thrown at me! Yes, I now knew instinctively that this was done to upset me! It was an attack!
There was no question! I could feel it now! It was done to take away my peace.
I immediately went for my camera in the living room and ran outside and started taking pictures. It was still dark out. All this had happened in the realm of a few moments. Perhaps I could catch this being?
I came back in the house after snapping a few photos. I saw nothing but a mess outside my window! I ran back into the house and headed to the bedroom to wake my sleeping husband. He was fast asleep! How could he have not heard all this? I pleaded get up, please get up!
Why does it happen this way all the time?
Why do I have to be alone?
I ran back outside.
I took a few more pictures.
My camera captured the ficus tree and the pots lying on the ground. Just then my husband came outside and said "what is going on here"? I explained I tried to wake him when I screamed and then came into the room and tried to wake him so he could see what I was experiencing in the kitchen. He stated he heard nothing!
Not even my screaming!
Our home is not that big, how could he have not heard me?
It makes me wonder if there is a cloak placed around us when these experiences happen that prevent others to see and hear us?
Truly, I believe we are separated somehow. There is no way someone can sleep through all that noise! The roof, my screaming, trees hitting a glass window?
I am ever aware that at any moment this type of thing can happen.
This is why I remain prepared for anything.
This is why I am a demonologist.
We never know when a beautiful moment will turn strangely odd.
Keep looking up and keep the faith!

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Seraphim

It was 1976, I had had many conversations with the LORD. Yes, you read that right. It was natural for me to speak with HIM. It was what I knew from the beginning of knowing HIM. I often shared what HE shared with me with others who were always amazed that I had that wisdom bestowed on me.
Speaking with the KING Of KINGS is no small thing. I didn't realize that back in the 70's. I thought everyone spoke to HIM as I did. I truly thought everyone who believed in HIM had this relationship with HIM that I had. I found out later that wasn't so.
I had read that King David spoke to HIM and Moses and so many others in the Bible both male and female so I assumed HE would continue to speak to me. It made perfect sense.
Thank GOD, HE still does.
The day I met the LORD HE appeared to me and spoke clearly, guiding me to choose what was right for me at that time.
When I shared that originally with others they had a hard time believing me, but eventually they came to understand I had a unique relationship with the LORD and they respected what HE shared with me and what that all entailed. It was always knowledge I personally did not know of and the type of thinking I was unaware of. It was as much a shock to me as it was to those who I  would share my experiences with. It was all always founded in the Word. I wasn't even aware of the Word much in the 70's a was often quoting what I heard from HIM, not what I had read.
I did not think I was special.
I did not think I was unique really. I just understood HE chose me to have this type of life relationship with HIM and I was purely blessed! Words fail me. I am so blessed.
One night The LORD sent an angel to me who entered my room from the ceiling up in the left hand corner of my bedroom. As odd as that may sound I tell you truly this is how this happened.
He called to me and said only this "come"!
He was a messenger Angel.
The Angel then took me to a quaint city. There I had a promise given to me by ELOHIM personally. I did not see HIM, but the Angel spoke for HIM, he made that clear to me. I will not share that here. It is personal and only meant for me.
But while I was there the Angel that brought me asked me to look to my far right as we stood in this small quaint village, and as I did I beheld one of the most wonderful sights I have ever seen other than the LORD HIMSELF!
The glory, the power and the amazement of these beings my eyes beheld was beyond belief.
Two beautiful very large Angels stood in front of two even larger thick wooden doors. As if to protect them. As if to keep anyone out from entering them. It was overwhelmingly amazing.
They were part of what the LORD spoke to me of so I thought perhaps I was to walk through the doors?
As I began to lift my right foot slightly from the ground to head towards the doors, both the Seraphs spread all 6 wings over the doors and covered them entirely!
Imagine my fear! What beauty! Such beautiful serene faces!
What a fantastic experience!
They scared me stiff, literally, and I stopped mid step in my tracks and then I heard the Angels voice who was with me speak to me
again. He cautioned me strongly. The look on the Seraphim's faces changed to a very serious appearance, as if to say with their eyes...STOP right where you are NOW! And I did not move an inch. Oh my I thought, what have I done?
In the LORDS presence it is NOT ABOUT YOU! If HE wants you to react, you do. If HE doesn't YOU DO NOT!
HIS power makes the Angels look like paper cut outs. HE is clearly phenomenal in every aspect! I'm very serious. The GOD I serve is so beyond us and other than us in so many ways. 
He is also unbelievably loving but at the appropriate times.
This was a time for me to listen and receive, not to take my own initiative or desires into my hands. And that was that!
The Seraphs were however more beautiful than any Angel I had seen up to that time. So very large and strong! Wings as white as snow. Just like a birds. Soft and elegant. There hair was longer to the shoulders and there faces were like chiseled perfection in every way. Every way! Just amazing.
Manly but softer. Simply breath taking beautiful. It was all I could do to remain standing in their presence, but I knew not to bow, as they were merely Angels of the LORDs great Army!
And certainly leaders at that!
ELOHIM is so much more than they are!!
Words do HIM no justice. HE is for the eyes and heart only.
The mind can barely find the words to express HIM.
That's an experience for another day.
The Seraphs  wore long white gowns with sashes in the front.
I don't remember if there was more on them, I was so taken so overwhelmed with their size and the wing span and the feathers and their beautiful faces I hardly was able to take it all in.
They were as I said before so different from the Messengers I had seen before and nothing like the Cherubs.  
I will treasure this experience for my entire life. Many other things have happened very similar to this but this was by far special to me as I was given a promise. Most things fail in comparison to this, but then that's not what these experiences are about. They are to be helps and guidance through the journey we each are on in this life. In the land of the living. Our time here is short but yet serious. We hopefully will all awake to this truth before it's too late. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Local Skunk Ape

So, it was the beginning of May 2017 a beautiful summer evening in Florida. My husband and I were sitting on the lanai enjoying a coffee and great conversation together as dusk was falling all around us. Our property runs along the Green Swamp here in Florida in the center of the state. Beautiful thick forest and swampy areas full of Florida's wild life. We just love it here. We could hear in the distance the sounds of the screaming's of the local coyotes. We could hear the cows mooing in the distance as if there was some disturbance.  
We kept on talking and then noticed that the Coyotes were getting closer to the property line. Then there was silence. I heard the loud mooing of a cow several times and asked my husband if we could walk out back to see the cows. They always come to the water in the evening. It's a treat to hear them but I had never actually seen any of them yet.
We held hands and walked out to the back end of our property and there they were. Two huge black cows at the waters edge. We don't know where they come from but they come every night to this same spot. We have lived here over a year and although I hear these animals every night I have never seen them.
I was staring at them as I was amazed at how big these cows were. I heard in the distance the distress cry of a young calf, I have heard the calf before as well, but it was no where in sight.
So as I began to look  around and over to my left to see if I could see anything
I suddenly see a very tall dark black figure standing as high as the tree. He was standing very still looking straight back at me. Imagine my shock! I took a deep breath! It seemed as if it were watching us. How amazing this was! I screamed to my husband to look over there as I pointed in the direction of the creature,  and as I screamed loudly this tall creature covered in dark black hair backed up slowly and retreated into the woods. It backed up one step at a time. It seemed very deliberate. That was odd as well I thought. My husband said, "where, where? What is it?  I kept pointing just as this creature was almost out of sight. I screamed "look over there, over there by the trees in the center of the trees",  my husband caught a very slight glimpse of something dark just before we lost complete sight of it. The trees were so thick it just disappeared into the trees. How odd that was I thought. It didn't make a sound as it watched us.  I wanted to run in it's direction but it was on the other side of the water and there was no way I could get over to it quickly. The distance was just to far. We had nothing to protect us. Would we need protection I wondered? My husband said it's getting to dark to go in that direction without some form of protection.
Both my husband and I stood there until the darkness fell watching to see if it would return. We had hoped to catch another glimpse of it. We had no cameras or a phone. The coyotes were screaming again and we both thought it best to head towards the house.
I was really excited and now a bit scared as well.
As we headed back I said to my husband I was sure that was a Skunk Ape. It was way to big to have been anything else and it was standing on two legs. It was not a bear. It had to be a Skunk Ape!
We are both pleased we had this experience and hope we can catch something on the Cameras we've have placed out back on the trails.
A Skunk Ape sighting was also seen less than 3 miles from our home in the Green Swamp area a few years back. I believe we saw the same one that has been seen before.
You know I will post it if we catch anything.
This is a strange world we live in and truth is still stranger than fiction!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Lost Soul

So, you never know when a dimension will open for you and change your day, or night.
Last week on Wednesday I went to look for a new King size bed for the bedroom. I had feared I would be out all day going from store to store to find what I wanted. But then the miracle happened. I walked into the first store on my list and found not just the bed I wanted to order but the Headboard as well! My favorite Tommy Bahama headboard! I was so excited! It was a used headboard but basically brand new. The store sold new and used items.
Job done already! I was just so excited.
I paid for everything and the order went out to have the bed shipped from Miami to me and the headboard would be delivered the next day at 7:00 a.m.! WOW, dream come true already!
So that night I went home and shared all this with my husband, We both were relieved everything was in order.
That night I climbed into the old Queen bed for close to the last time. I was counting the days!
I really did love that bed, but it was time for the upgrade.
At around 3:00 am that night I rolled over to get out of bed and head to the restroom as I do every night, and as I did I saw a ghostly man standing right next to the bed. He was tall and had a white T-shirt on and a pair of white long men's boxer shorts. He was bending over as if to shoo me aside to get into bed with me.  He seemed to be confused and lonely. I noticed he had short curly hair, seemed to be blonde or perhaps white? I quickly said to him,
 "get away from me, don't bother me"! He simply then, disappeared.
I proceeded to get out of bed and head into the restroom.
While sitting there I thought to myself how tired I was and how I did not want to wake up fully and deal with any paranormal lonely ghost situations right now. I was actually a bit angry and said out loud softly, as not to wake up my husband, "you better not be anywhere near me when I get back into that bed"! Get out of here!
I came back into the room and thank GOD there was nothing there. I climbed back into bed and went fast asleep again.
My husband woke up at 6:00 a.m. to head to work and I never told him about the experience with the male ghost from the early morning hours.
When he got home from work I never mentioned it either, we were so busy preparing for a long weekend.
That next night as we both headed off to bed again I remembered to tell him that the Head board had been delivered that day and was in the garage. I told him I was thinking about painting it another color so I was going to leave it out there until the next night. He said, "that's fine" and off to sleep we went.
The next morning he woke up at 6:00 a.m. and the first thing out of his mouth was, "hey, did you have any strange dreams last night"? I said, yes, but can we talk about it later, I'm to tired right now. He said, "sure", and off to work he went.
That night when he came home from work I had already painted the headboard and had it in the room. I was so excited to get the new bed. He loved it!  Then for some reason I said, I think we better anoint that headboard, and he asked me why I would say that. I said I just felt strange while painting it.  He then said, well, I had a very strange dream I wanted to tell you about last night. I asked to share it with me and he said, "as I slept last night a man was standing over the bed looking down at me with his hands flailing, saying over and over again, "where am I"? "Where is my bed"? "Where is my bed"? "What happened"?
When he finished telling me this I was truly amazed, and then I shared my story with him, and explained it just as it is written above. We both felt very odd at that moment and we knew that the headboard had an attachment to it.
We were going to do the anointing right then but we had a very big weekend planned and started packing for it which took us into the wee hours again, so off to bed we went. It was now Friday and we would be getting up early to go camping the next day.
As it turned out I had the opportunity to have a girlfriend come and stay with me as we had a ton of things to do here to get ready for an upcoming meeting I would soon be holding in Lakeland.
So I decided to stay home and off to the Green swamp my husband went with all his 15 buddies. I had a girls get together at my house that evening.
We girls stayed up until 1:45 a.m. talking our heads off, finally I set up the aerobed for my friend and we both went our separate ways to hunker down. The next morning my girl friend woke up and said to me, "I don't want to alarm you, but right after you went to bed, a man walked from your room to right where the aerobed is I was in, and he stood over me and just stared at me.  
She said he was lost, and seemed very lonely. She said she told him to go to sleep, she would help him later!
I laughed when she told me this. I told her what my husband and I had experienced with this same man, then I went right into my bedroom and got the anointing oil and anointed the house, the headboard and the windows and sent him on his way to the light of GOD!
It just never seems to stop! Spirits want peace and want out of their confusion. Only GOD can do that for them. We are simply vessels HE uses to carry this out! I sleep well knowing this soul is now at peace. I'm so grateful to have been the one who purchased that headboard, look at where it all led.  There is always a good reason for everything. Like I have said a thousand times, we are never truly alone here in this life. So much is going on along side us in other dimensions. I am also grateful for all the corroborating that was able to take place with three separate situations concerning this man. It makes me happy to be a part of this deliverance.