Saturday, September 24, 2016

Out Of Body Experience

So, I can honestly say, I spent the better half of my life NOT believing in the ability to leave your body. I honestly thought that was something that desperate people said to gain attention.
I thought at one point that all the strange things that happen to us only happen here, on this earth, until one evening when it happened to me!
I had gone to sleep that night just like any other night.
I had curled up in bed with my good book. Read for a while and then off to sleep I went. Nothing special at all that night, just my normal routine.
Sometime in the middle of the night I heard a man call my name.
Yes, a man called my name!
I woke up to hear him call me again. He clearly said "Teri".
I heard him call me a third time and I also heard him say on the third call, "Come". There was a mono tone in his voice. Kind, firm and it was authoritative and certainly male. I didn't question the call at all. I simply obeyed. How I obeyed though I don't recall.
I somehow just exited my body!
I simply was in my body one moment and not in the next! I don't know how. I clearly saw my body lying on the bed, still, pale, odd.
I thought perhaps I was dying?
The male voice assured me, I was not dying. I thought to myself, gee, that's odd he can hear my thoughts, and then I never gave it another thought. Like I already knew that to be true.
I watched myself for a moment lying in bed and then off we both went, he said "Come" once again and I followed somehow. Just like that, we were off!
I went off to another world, or perhaps dimension. It happened quickly. I left from the corner of my bedroom and went right through the roof following him. I don't know how, I just did! It was amazing as the stars went by me. The moonlight, the calm and yet we traveled at an amazing speed. I was so in the moment with my host I didn't question a single thing! I just went as if I'd done this a thousand times. Perhaps I have!
Why am I sharing this now? I want you to know this is truth. This happens! People are visited in the night hours and day hours and taken from their bodies to other worlds and dimensions. These are facts! I never did believe until it happened to me.
Now I not only believe, I know for certain life is not just what meets the eye, it is so much more. So much more wonderful and amazing. Keep your mind open so you can know the oracles of this life! We are not alone at all. We never were and we never will be!