Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Connecting After Death

It was 2001, I was at home in my living room and reading the local news paper. The St. Petersburg Times.
I was just paging quickly through and then something strange happened.
Some unseen hands held my face and turned my head to the right. I felt the hands holding my head and I didn't resist them. It was so odd feeling it made me focus on what was transpiring. These gentle hands moved my head into a position and then stopped. I was unable to change the position. But I really didn't want to. I was wondering what was happening. I wasn't afraid, but it was certainly odd. This had never happened before to me.
Then as if to reach inside my head, the hands took hold of my eyes and caused me to move them to the center of the page and then to the inside column. It was completely bizarre.
I had been manipulated to look at a vey specific point on the page I was now looking at.
I started to focus on the notice I found myself reading that I had been directed to, and to my surprise and utter amazement, I began to absorb what it was I was reading.
These hands that held my head and directed me to this particular point on the page had led me to an obituary. It was more than surreal. It was miraculous!
I gasped as I read the name of one of my dearest and oldest friends who  had just passed away. I read that she had been killed on 49th Street not far from where I lived. I read that she was the victim of a careless driver that was on her laptop in her car while driving. The woman who killed my friend was a real estate person speeding through a red light while on her computer and T-boned my friends van, causing it to roll several times and in the process my friend broke her neck.
My friend was on her way back home from picking up food from a "Hope Kitchen" to serve unfortunate families with children and also bring them gifts.
 She had just picked up the food for the children and was on her way back home to get things ready.
I was shocked. I was in disbelief, and then I heard her voice speak to me as if she were standing right there in the room. I heard her say in the most reassuring tone, "It's O.K. Teri, don't worry for me. I'm fine, I'm happy, I'm home".
She said it so softly and I could feel her right there with me.
The bond of deep friendship we had in this life has carried over to the next.
My friend and I went to the same church 25 years earlier and were close and special friends. She was different. We had a certain connection. We were like family instantly when we met and respected one another deeply.
I was at her house one year in the 90's during a horrible storm to check on her while she was pregnant and alone. I was getting ready to leave after a day of visiting and something told me to stay a bit longer, so I did. She began to go into labor right after I had decided to stay. I will never forget it. She was so grateful I stayed.
 It was I who delivered her baby that night. Just she and I in the house. The storm that came that night was so strong it prevented the mid wife getting to her from over the bridge in Tampa. I had been sent there that day to visit and to be with her to help her deliver her daughter that night.
I had never delivered a baby before. But it all came to me as I assisted her and it was all so natural.
 I believe she wanted me to know she had passed on.
It occurred to me that I was led to sit down and read the paper that day. I never really read the newspaper much back then. I was always a "Live News at 6:00 pm", with dinner kind of girl so I didn't bother reading the paper that much.
This was special and she wanted me to know she was now gone.
I called her husband and confirmed all I had read. I shared with him how this all happened and what I had heard. He said she had been saying she wanted to get in touch with me just a week before the accident.
She kept that promise.
I believe the true friends we make here will be our friends throughout eternity.
See you again sweet Jay!

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Answer

It was 2009. A warm summer night. It was 3:00 a.m. in the morning and I was awoken from my sleep and felt very troubled.
I started praying and I really poured my heart out to GOD. It was no simple prayer. I prayed and prayed in the Spirit. I wrestled with a question and I needed answers for.
I must have been praying for 30 minutes just asking for HIS guidance and council on a few very specific topics. I was so restless.  I cried and tossed and turned trying to be quite as my husband was sleeping next to me. Just after that 30 minutes, I had a great comforting peace come over me and I fell fast asleep again.
At exactly 5:00 a.m. I woke up again. I looked at the clock and was really puzzled. I thought to myself, O.K. this is really bizarre. I don't usually just wake up without some reason. I hadn't heard anything. But I just woke up! I had a strong urge to turn the computer on. Again, that's not something I ever do either throughout the night. I didn't want to wake my husband up, so I very carefully lifted the covers off me and headed out to the computer in our living room on the desk.
I turned on my e-mail and noticed one single e-mail that had come in since I'd gone to bed that night. It was from a friend I hadn't heard from in years! I was so surprised to see her name in my inbox. I then noticed that her e-mail came in to my in box at exactly 3:00 a.m. "O.K. that was weird"! I don't believe in coincidences. But I really didn't think that much of it until I opened the e-mail.
This friend, who I hadn't seen or spoken to in years, was moved to send me this little message in the middle of the night. Not just any message, but a message that was an answer to the very prayer I had gotten up and prayed so desperately about to GOD at exactly 3:00 a.m. that very morning! NOT a coincidence at all!
What are the chances of that?
I Love when that happens!
Just as I am in great need, praying and wrestling with my thoughts, and at the exact same moment, GOD wakes someone else up unbeknown  to me and sends me the exact answer to what I needed to hear!
I sat at the computer in my living room and cried for a half hour.
I was so elated that the LORD answered my prayer. And just the fact that HE heard me again was overwhelming to me!
Never underestimate what GOD can do.
That was a miracle to me. I needed that answer and reassurance.
Every time I think of this happening, it leaves me amazed.
GOD is so Good! And YES, HE hears and answers our prayers!

Invitation to Eternal LIFE

I am often woken up at night by a male voice calling my name.
 HE never has to call me more than once. I hear my name,
and I immediately wake up. HE has my full attention as HE does each and every time HE calls me.
I am always amazed that HE never calls me by my full name, or legal name or even a nick name. HE always speaks to me as a dear and loved friend. HE always speaks what only needs to be said.
HIS second word to me is always the same as well.
 "Come" ,
And then I am off, engulfed by HIS light to wherever HE leads me. Be it here on earth or a place HE has chosen for me to visit or just view.
All of my experiences with HIM are started this same way
every time.
HIS great light enters the room, I see the powerful light, It's warm, trusting and so inviting. It envelopes me and HE calls my name. I don't see HIS face, I only see the amazing light.
I feel HIS presence. It is that of pure love! It's undeniable.
It is wholly amazing!
NEVER do I question HIS authority over me. NEVER do I deny HIM my attention. HE is all consuming, All knowing and ALL Love. I do not ever consider questioning HIM.
I have always been safe with HIM, HE teaches me and takes me to places I can barley describe.
My experiences are HIS choosing for me. I never ask for anything. I never make requests. I just listen and obey.
In HIS immense presence there is no place for questions. I stand before HIM in awe of HIS Majesty!  HE is all consuming and  HE commands your every cell to HIS attention!
I submit willingly and wonderfully I bow to HIM!
Why am I sharing this you might ask? Because there is nothing special about me. You've seen my pictures. You have read my experiences. I'm just like you.
Perhaps if there is a difference, then the only difference could be this, I choose to believe that HE is exactly who HE says HE is! I choose to relish in the fact that HE loves me, and I HIM.
Who am I speaking of you ask?
I am speaking of GOD Himself!
He comes to me in the personage of the HOLY SPIRIT.
The comforter HE promised to send through JESUS..
He kept HIS promise.
My life has been enriched and blessed because of the decision I made to simply believe.
Believe in HIM.
I didn't ask HIM to choose me, but HE did. I am chosen to share this very word with you, and NOW more specifically.
At this time of year, May HIS love find you believing in who HE is. May your heart be set free, may you live forever in knowing HIS tender mercies for you.
HE is what the world needs desperately in 2015 and beyond. I pray you come to know HIM as I have.
He is willing to have this personal relationship with all of us as HE has with me. Will you then be perfect?, No. Will you change overnight?, yes and no. You will live forever with HIM when you believe and accept HIM. Yes, you really will. But your journey will be different from any other journey, because it will be ONLY yours.
Merry Christmas! Please except this gift!
HE will make your New Year ahead and all that follow Good  for YOU!

The Whistler

So, the year was 2012, and I was at home in my bedroom on my Laptop computer. Nothing odd about this day at all. No crazy feelings or strange noises. I was just sitting in bed and doing a bit of work on a very warm summer day.
I was very much engrossed in whatever it was I was writing until I heard someone whistling in my hallway. It was clearly a mans whistle. It was soft and low. Easy going if you will. Seemed kind? Someone was trying to get my attention! I stopped what I was doing immediately and called out to my husband thinking perhaps he had come home from work unannounced and was somewhere in the hall? But I found that odd because after being married to him for 23 years he has never whistled before! Not even once!
I waited a second or two for his response and then I got out of bed and headed down the hallway. There was no one there. There was no one in the house with me and the front door was locked. I checked the front again to see if I could see his Black Titan  truck parked out front. It was not there. I went to the back garage door and looked there. Still no sign of him.
I walked back to the bedroom and got back on the computer thinking O.K. I know I heard that whistle But I can't find anything to substantiate what I heard. All my windows were closed as the air-conditioner runs almost 24/7 here in Florida.
I knew the whistle came from the hall clearly. It wasn't from outside, it was very clear, but I was looking for logical explanation.
That wasn't to be found this day.
I was only on the computer ten minutes when again, I heard the same male whistler again. It was as if he was just whistling some sort of tune. Nothing I had ever heard before. It was slow and soft. It was kind of eerie. I didn't know anyone who whistled like that.
Not many people whistle anymore really.
At least none that I know. 
I got up again and stood in the long hallway. I did not hear it again. For some reason once I got up to investigate it, it just stopped.
O.K. I thought, who is this and why is this happening now?
I went back to my computer a second time. I sat there in my bedroom. I waited to hear it again. 20 minutes passed. Nothing.
So I went back to work and forgot about it. I knew what I heard but I didn't know what to attribute it to.
Then again after about an hour I heard it again. I stopped what I was doing this time, as I was rather angry about it now. It seems to be a game going on here, and I said out loud, "get out of my house NOW in the name of JESUS"! Either leave immediately or I will cast you into the Lake, and I know you don't want that.
Leave NOW!
I was so upset that this whistler was hovering around me, waiting for me to be engrossed in my work and then start to taunt me again.
I gave my energy back to the LORD and said, let's have that stop!
With that I went back to my computer. I have never again heard the whistler. It seemed to be a one time happening.
I never know why these types of incidences happen. Perhaps to keep me sharp? To keep me open and aware. So I never forget they are so close to our world these spirits we share this life with. I just know, I don't appreciate the interruptions and I don't tolerate them either.
If there is no reason for the interruptions I want nothing to do with them.
The only spirit I serve is the HOLY SPIRIT! I don't believe in playing games with lower spirits and I don't believe in communicating with the lessor realm. That is not my calling.
My calling is from above, and I am on a mission if you will, truly a mission from GOD himself. I'm not alone here. There are millions of us.
Only one life, twill soon be past, ONLY what's done for CHRIST will last. <3
Believe it!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holding The Hand Beyond

It was 2003, I had a very ill older friend who had just been hospitalized. She had been a good friend for at least 18 years. She and I spend dinner after dinner talking about life and our faith. We spent hours on the phone talking just about everything under the sun. My friend was alone in this life with no other siblings and her husband and parents had passed away long before. She was a bit of a worry wart and was suffering from an ulcer which was very serious. I visited her every other day in the hospital, as I worked every day and tried to be there for her as often as I could. She and I had become more like family than friends over the years.
One evening when I went into the hospital to visit my friend the hospital staff told me they would be moving her to a rehab facility soon  as she seemed to be getting better. I was so excited. I thought this was her turning point from this dreaded illness to better health.
I walked down the long sterile corridor to my friends room.
I knocked softly on the door, I could hear her talking to someone, I hesitated going in for a moment.
When I finally entered the room I noticed the lights had been turned off and the room had an orphic feel to it.  The shades were pulled closed on the windows. My friend  was lying in her bed alone with her hand up in the air and talking with someone as if she were holding their hand.
It really looked like there was a hand in her hand, from the position she held her hand in. She was holding it tightly. I walked over to the window and opened the drapes a bit to let a little sun in. As I got closer to her I  said "how are you feeling today"?
She replied with a cheery and enthusiastic, "OH, I'm so glad you're finally here, I want you to meet my Mother"! I said O.K., with a slight laugh in my voice. She then grabbed my hand as I got closer to the bed and said, "Mother, this is my good friend Teri that I have told you so much about", Teri, this is my Mother, and she then said her name.
It was all so normal, and yet extremely paranormal.
I saw no one. My friend kept looking over at her Mother and talking the whole time to her as she held both our hands squeezing them both as she talked. Then she would look at me and speak to me just as normal as she always had.
I looked up again at my friends hand, then I looked at her holding my hand. It looked as if there was a hand she was holding although there was no one there. I  then said, "Hello, it's so nice to meet you". I felt something very powerful in the room, but yet  I still saw nothing.
My friend then said she and her Mother were talking about many things together. She wanted me to grab a  piece of paper on the desk and write some things down. I did as she asked.
It was amazing what she told me. She spoke as if her Mother were right there and they were both speaking together very naturally.
It was a lot for me to take in.
Her Mother was right there. Less than three feet away from me.
My friend  was holding onto two dimensions and she was able in her failing frail state to interact with us both.
I kept looking across the bed hoping to see someone. From the placement of her hand and mine it was literally exact. I studied how her hand moved as she spoke to her Mother. I was really in disbelief. I had never had something like this happen before. I spoke to her and her Mother as if I could see her Mother so as to keep the flow of communication open. It was surreal. 
After about 30 minutes of this going on she said goodbye to her Mother and said she was going to spend some time talking with Teri for a while. She kissed her Mothers cheek and said goodbye. She let go of her Mothers hand. We visited for another hour.
I sang to her and prayed with her and then headed for home.
My friend passed away the next day.
Even though the doctors had said she was improving and could go to a nursing home for rehabilitation. My friend told me while I was in the room with her and her Mother that previous day that she was ready to leave this life and go on to meet her husband again and be with her  parents beyond the veil. She was so excited to see her husband again. She was really looking forward to it.
I never heard anyone make so much sense while existing in two worlds at once. It was an experience I hold dear.
I have held the hand of someone from beyond. What an adventure that was. I was privileged to meet someone from the other side.
My friend told me her Mother was so happy to meet me.
That will always mean a lot to me. I look forward to seeing both my friend and her mother again some day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Indentation

So, it was 1984, My days were filled with cleaning ,cooking and raising two boys. I was always doing laundry. Seemed like the minute the washing machine stopped running I was piling more into it for the next load.  
I loved being a mother and keeping a house, it was so rewarding. It was also a full time job!
One afternoon while attending to my chores I decided I would watch T.V. while folding a fresh load of laundry I had just taken out of the dryer. I put the laundry basket on the floor next to my bed. I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and I came back to the bedroom to turn the T.V. on and get to task.
When I walked past the bed toward the T.V. I was shocked to see right before my very eyes my comforter sink in about 3 inches or so. I stopped dead in my tracks and starred at the indentation.
Someone or something just sat down on my bed right before my very eyes! How does that happen in broad daylight? I wanted to run but I stood my ground! I just kept starring to see if it was going to move. I felt mesmerized actually by this incident.
I watched this indentation happen. How was that possible? I was in the home alone. I just kept starring as I backed away from the T.V.
I walked back over to the bed and put my hand into the indentation and ran my hand back and forth. I thought to myself, someone is sitting there and yet I have my hand on the bed. I thought again to myself, can they see me? Who is it?
The hair on the back of my neck was standing up and I was thinking to myself, I wonder if this is going to make this entity mad? I'm not sure I want this thing or person to visualize. I became a bit more frightened at that point. I backed away from the bed and continued to stare at the indentation.
All of a sudden the indentation rose up from the bed and I was dumbfounded! Where did this person go? Are they in the room with me.
 Where are they, who are they? I commanded them out in the name of Jesus, I was shaking a bit when I said it, then I ran out of the room. I ran out the front door to the porch and stood in the sunlight wondering what I should do next.
I wanted to scream! That was a very frightening experience.
I kept asking over and over again, Why?  Who was that?
What was that?
I stayed outside on the porch for about 20 minutes praying and mustering up my strength. I walked back into the house. I never wanted these odd experiences to overtake me in fear. Even though they were really scary. And why did it always have to happen when I was alone? That made me mad! Like I was being taken advantage of. I would think, "Really LORD, Why me"?
I never got an answer to that question, it was like I was just suppose to stay open and learn. It always did increase my faith when I was tested in these experiences.
I went back into the bedroom and turned the T.V. on.  I wanted to hear real voices. Somehow that was comforting at that moment. I continued to fold my basket of clothes. I called my Mom just to hear her voice. I shared with her what had happened. She would always say the same thing when I shared things that were happening to me. She said, "it's a good thing you are so strong in the Lord Teri. That's unnerving"! She would also share odd things that had happened to her over her life time. I was always comforted just hearing another voice after going through something like this. 
She would say she had no idea why, but she was always there for me. She didn't have experiences much any more.
The rest of my day went along just as normal as if that experience hadn't even happened.
I have said this a thousand times if I've said it once, Truth is so much stranger than fiction!
We are here to learn, and I feel as if I have been in the school of life to learn that we are not alone here. We are never alone.
There is always another dimension right next to us, open and watching or interacting with us.
We just have to learn to understand it. 
Even the Bible say's there are Angels all around us, watching us and giving thanks when we choose the right path!
This life is an interesting school, Love and understanding are the rewards we take to the next level when we pass into the next life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Huge Ball of Light

So, It was 1979. Of all the strange things that have happened to me I will always think this is one of the strangest! I was living in St. Petersburg, FL. It was about 3 a.m. in the morning. It was a warm night with a pleasant soft breeze. It was a night like so many here in Florida. I can't remember why I woke up this night but
I woke up from my sleep and felt called to go out in the front yard.
Somehow that didn't seem odd to me this night. I quietly made my way out the front door from my bedroom. I was the only one up in the house I remember. It was quiet and still. I went to the front door and then out on the front porch. I walked down the walk way to the edge of my curb, it felt like the right thing to do, as if I were prompted to be there for some reason. I didn't question anything.   It was almost like I was in a trance, yet I wasn't! I was wide awake and I was bare foot and I thought to myself then for the first time, why am I out in the front yard? Just standing here? I can feel the coolness of the pavement on my bare feet. What is my purpose for being here?
The next thing that happened was completely unexpected. I felt as if I should look down the street to my right  toward the end of the street (this would be looking towards the West). As I did, I saw a huge ball of flaming light, an actual Orb, a very large ball of light at least 40 feet in diameter, and 40 feet high, coming down 23rd Street North just in my view. It was coming up to the end of my block on the corner, on 32nd Ave North. It was moving very slowly, just hovering over the street coming towards my corner very close to the stop sign. It wasn't touching the pavement at all. It was literally floating! Wow, I thought! That's just beautiful! As I watched it come more and more close to the end of my street it just stopped all of a sudden. I noticed now there were other neighbors coming out at the edge of their sidewalks near the street the same as myself. We all were standing at the edge of the walkway. I waived to my neighbor Betty as she made her way to the end of her walkway. I know she saw me as she glanced my way but she didn't wave back. That was odd. I saw the older woman who lived across the street now on the south side of the street just standing there in her night gown and her hair all disheveled just staring at the big orb of warm radiating orange light. She was very close to the Orb.  I didn't even wave at her, she seemed transfixed on the light coming from it. None of us were afraid of the light at all.
We all came willing to see it, it seemed.
It resembled the sun in a way, it was glowing but it wasn't hot. It made no sound  at all. It moved very slowly and I know it had some form of intelligent life to it. Or in it. I felt it! I also felt as if it clearly saw me and the others standing there. It was somehow communicating with us all. We were all there to see this light. It had called us all there. It had woken this entire section of our street in our neighborhood up! Only certain ones of us. We were all standing now at the edge of our driveways. I saw Catherine next door to my right  on the north side of the street come out and stand at the curb. She is a very elderly lady who usually barely walked without a cane. She had no cane tonight as she stood watching the light.  She was looking straight at the orb. Betty and one of her three daughters who lived next to Catherine on the North side of the street were standing there next, her husband was standing just behind her (their other children were not there). Then the elderly lady at the end of my street as well came out, she was the closest to the ball as her home was on the corner.
Directly across the street was another older woman standing there at the edge of her driveway close to the ball of light as well, then I saw both Mr. & Mrs. R. (I won't mention their names here for privacy) directly across the street from me. They were the last to join us at the edge of their curb, they stood between the large Porto carpus bushes. They stood between their tall hedges. I waived at Mr. R. He waved back. His wife smiled at me. Then we all starred to the right, towards the West at the big bright lighted Orb.
I noticed we were all in our night clothes.
I did receive something from that evening coming from the orb.
It came and delivered something to us all for a certain purpose.  
Strangely though I just can't seem to remember what!
All of a sudden this ball of orange glowing light lifted and took off  very slowly. Right in the center of the edge of the street. It rose above the trees and then was gone. We all watched it for just a moment or so, then we all turned and went back in our homes. I watched the neighbors I could see walking back towards their front doors. It was as if we were being controlled like robots. No one spoke to each other, I was the only one more awake it seemed! Looking back on that night I admit that was very strange! No one spoke at all throughout the entire experience. I was the only one who seemed more awake as I waved to a few that night and seemed to want to communicate, but I never did other than a wave or a smile.  It was very strange. Like I knew not too?
I went straight to bed once back in the house, as if I had been told to do so. I didn't wake anybody in the house up. I don't remember locking the door when I came back in. That's odd!
I woke up the next morning and thought to myself, I remember something happening last night. What happened last night? I'm going to ask the neighbors about what happened to us last night.
However, I never had that conversation with any of them that day!
I simply put the matter out of my mind somehow.
How did that happen I wondered later?
I have no explanation for why I didn't follow through with the asking about what had happened to us?  I would remember it again and then, just ignore the thought? It was as if I just forgot about it! How can you forget about something like that? I would try to follow through, but never did!
About 4 years later, I all of a sudden remembered the night again, what had happened to us all, and I got right up and ran to Betty's house. I did ask Betty this time. She said she thought she had had a dream about something like that, something that was very similar, but she didn't remember anything about it much. She wasn't sure if it was real, she said she could not remember, she then changed the subject, just like that! And it was ok with me somehow.
Perhaps the extraterrestrial life that initiated the orb that evening didn't want us all discussing what had taken place?
I still to this day don't know why I didn't follow through more on this bizarre experience. Everyone that stood there with me has passed away save three people out of the nine. That's very strange.
They were all so much closer to the Orb than I was. I was the one farthest away on the North side of the street.
Perhaps this is why I'm still here? I have no idea really. Maybe chronologically it just happened that way. I was younger than most out there that night.
I have mentioned this evening to a regression therapist but at this point have not been regressed to remember.
 I find that odd as well, it's not like me to keep putting this off?

Our extraterrestrial neighbors are an enigma most of the time. I hope to continue my quest and understanding of them in my life time, they have been with me for so long.
Some individuals who experience contact never discuss the experience at all. They simply don't recall what happened to them.
This phenomenon is very interesting to me.
What do they do to us that makes it so hard to remember the incident?
This night happened, we all were there, but we simply never spoke of it!
I want the truth, and I want it exposed!
I feel certain the day will come when I know exactly what took place that night. I hope that day comes soon!
For all of us, to know what the agenda is!

The Wall People

So, it was 1973. It was early August. A very hot day in Clearwater, FL. I was living in a town house while I was awaiting the birth of my first son. I was alone in the home and had been doing a lot of cleaning and baking this day.  I remember going to the grocery store and all of a sudden feeling as if I were so tired. When I finally got home I felt that if I didn't take a nap I was going to collapse. I was 9 months pregnant and exhausted from my busy day. At least I guess that was what was happening? I went upstairs to my bedroom  to take a nap. I just felt as if I could not keep my eyes open another minute. I didn't usually take naps, but, now it seemed like if I didn't, I was going to fall asleep standing up!
I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I remember thinking, why am I so tired? What did I do differently today  that made me this tired?
I was only 21 years old, I shouldn't be this tired, but I simply had to lay down.
It was as if I were meant to take that nap. Right then and there!
I slept very hard.
I woke up about an hour later. My eyes were fully opened and I sat up in bed. What I saw was unlike anything I had ever seen before!
There were people in the room starring at me. There had to be 50 people in the room. Up close to the bed,circling around the room and some near the bed, Just standing there looking at me! The bedroom was packed with faces peering at me over each others shoulders as I slept? I could tell by the look on the faces they were observing me for some unknown reason! It was so bizarre!
Older people, young people, girls, boys, men and women. Black, White, Korean and Japanese, Indian etc. From all walks of life. I saw them just as if they had been invited in through the front door! They were all dressed differently from each other. Just like on any street in any city, but they were all here, in MY bedroom!
What was happening I thought to myself? I was so freaked out, but I wanted to understand what was going on!
I then heard them all talking lowly. One said, "Oh look, she's fully awake". I heard a man say, "Come on now, we have to leave".
They all simultaneously began to back into the wall. Literally, they were disappearing as I watched them! They didn't walk backwards, they just sort of moved back, like they floated back toward the wall. My eyes were darting around the room quickly. I was starring at the faces. I wanted to remember this moment! Some were easy to remember. Others were not as easy to remember. In particular was one heavy younger woman with a flat round kind of face. Not really pretty. It's the only way I could describe her. She was odd. Dark short hair, kind of wiry hair. Brown eyes, dressed like she was poor. I was looking through the crowd of people trying to memorize a few faces. They were disappearing into the wall so quickly now. They kept going more and more into the wall. I could hear them talking about me. They were making comments. Simple, obvious comments.
 "She woke up so fast", "She see's us",  "I think she knows we're here". I kept watching until they all disappeared!
I now stood up and walked towards the wall. I ran my hands over the hard, cold concrete walls. I remember saying, "Who are you all"? Where did you go? Then I felt very strange and scared.
What just happened here? Why were these people here?
I heard nothing now. The room was quite. The sunlight was streaming in through the windows.  It was only around three O'clock in the afternoon.
I went downstairs and sat in the living room alone. I could not believe what had just happened.
The even more odd thing was I seemed to remember this happening before.  How strange this all is!
I just sat there. Taking it all in. Who were those people? There were so many of them? What did they want?
It wasn't until a few years later that I started to remember again the day this had happened to me. I was actually talking with a woman in my neighborhood that I had met, and I noticed it was the same woman I saw standing in the room years earlier with the flat head. The odd one, I remember her! I wondered how could this be. It was truly her. No doubting it at all. Same hair and eyes. same face. She came in my life as a friend.
She ended up being a very untrustworthy person. She was a negative and very deceptive personality. Many people had issues with her. She was known as a manipulator. I was surprised at how I had seen her before and here she was, living only a few doors down from me! This really negative personality. Right down the street from me. What was this real live person who had been in my room years earlier doing in my life now?
Had I seen the future so many years ago? Had I seen people who would later be a part of my life? Was I being warned?
The answer is clearly, YES!
I was being warned that those who come as friends, will not be friends. Those who come into my life will not be who they seem to be. I then remembered a few other faces that seemed so familiar to me, they had been in my room also!
It was a lesson given to me by wisdom. I didn't understand it at the time. It took me years to connect some of the faces I saw that day. But at this writing I have seen a few that I can recall.
This life is not what only meets the eyes, It's so much more, and then some. I am still learning every day about this strange happening called life.
Truth is simply stranger than fiction!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Miraculous Trip

It was 1968. My oldest sister was living in Gainesville Florida while managing a department store there.
I was there checking out the college and looking for work along with her. We were room mates for the time being. It was wonderful. She came home one evening to tell me she had been transferred to Tampa Florida and had already begun the transition to Tampa.
I decided to head back to St. Petersburg, looks like the sister time was going to end abruptly. The trip from Gainesville to St. Petersburg is about 170 miles. So, I mentally prepared myself for the move. 
My sister had already packed up her belongings and headed to Tampa the week before I left.
I stayed in the apartment for a week or so while she got things together in Tampa.
It was late the night I gathered my belongings, closed up the apartment and headed out to Interstate 75 heading South.
I had no money in my wallet and I glanced down at the gas tank and noticed I was on empty.
I thought to myself, this isn't good. I'm already 20 miles down the road and I just now check for gas? What am I doing?
I guess with all the things going on with moving and packing I forgot to check the most important thing, the gas tank!
So, I started to pray!
I wasn't "good " at praying. I didn't do it much in those days, but I thought I'd give it a try tonight. I was alone, I was afraid, and I needed help! There were not many cars on the highway. I felt so alone. I was fearful of running out of gas and being stuck alone on the side of the road in the dark. But I kept praying, "PLEASE, if you're up there GOD, PLEASE help me now".
I wondered with each exit I passed if this would be the one I should pull into and call for help? I kept thinking, But I've prayed, I've asked for help so maybe GOD will come through for me, maybe I should just have a little faith? Wouldn't pulling over mean giving up? I didn't know for sure how "HE" would take me serious if I stopped the car. I Just decided I  wouldn't doubt, so I kept on driving, it was a long, lonely drive.
Please GOD get me home!
I remember thinking I hope HE hears me. I hope HE knows how afraid I am! The miles kept passing, the exits were going by one by one and my trusty Dodge Dart just kept plugging along. It hadn't even sputtered or missed a beat.
The trip took so long though. I didn't remember it taking so long before coming into Gainesville. Why was going back  home taking so long?
I passed so many exit's. It seemed like forever!
The moon was full and it was just beautiful. It made such an impression on me that night. I kept looking up at it as I drove! It comforted me because it was so bright it was almost surreal. Like a big comforting spot light in the night sky.
I must admit though, I still did feel a bit nervous wondering
when I would finally get close to home. I felt as if the night were almost magical. I had cried on and off  wondering how my car was still flying down the road on empty! This was just miraculous! How could I have gotten this far? Why hadn't I run out of gas yet? It truly was a miracle.
I couldn't remember when the last time was I had put gas in that tank? I thought it had been awhile.
I tried to remember going over and over it again in my mind, as I kept on flying down the road but it seemed like it had been a week or so before I left Gainesville.
How was this possible?
It was now about twelve midnight.  I'd been on the road for over an hour. My gas tank still read "EMPTY".  I had never had a problem with my gas meter before. It wasn't a mistake. I was on empty! I was clearly in a conundrum here.  I kept staring at it thanking GOD for getting me this far! I started singing little songs to HIM and blessing HIM for keeping me safe. I laughed and felt really stupid. I kept talking to HIM as if HE were right there in the car with me.  Over an hour had past.
Finally I saw the sign to exit for Tampa ahead. I was so relieved! Finally a sign I actually recognized. I hadn't travelled the state that much. And hardly ever alone, so I really didn't know where I was. I only recognized the cities closer to my home. I felt a bit safer just seeing that Tampa sign. But I wasn't safe yet! Driving at night just made everything a bit more challenging as well.
I was so sick of all the advertisements I had seen all along the way thus far. Peanuts for sale, Gas stations and Motels, stop here, go there, all the beaches had advertised and Gator Land, and Coco Beach? It was so far away I thought, why advertise way over here?   Ron Jon surf shop, Geeze, they just never stopped. They were all just cluttering the highway back in those days, it was like a color assault! Signs were everywhere. I hadn't ever noticed that until this night!  And all the cob webs covering all the signs I could see from the lights surrounding them  made me extra fearful, had I gotten stranded, I wondered if the bugs would eat me alive before someone came for help!
I was now entering into the city of Tampa. All the bright lights made me feel safe somehow.
I found myself driving over the Gandy Bridge and then into my city! I could hardly believe my eyes! I was so close to my Mom's home.
I kept thinking, if worse came to worse I could almost walk home from here. I was so relieved.
(It would have been a really long walk).
I only had to stop at a few lights. I was getting closer, closer, Please GOD get me home I prayed!
Then that magical moment. I pulled into my Mom's driveway after being on the long road home and you cannot imagine what happened next. Before I had a chance to shut the engine off, the car simply sputtered several times and shut off itself!
I was out of GAS!
You ask me If I believe in GOD? My answer, Oh YES!
I believe in GOD and I also believe in Miracles!
This is one of them!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Night of Terror and Spiritual Education

It was 1979, late at night. It was another cool evening for the Florida winter. My youngest son Joshua was asleep in the house as was everyone else.
Because it was a cool night, I had the hall heater on, and we were all snuggled up in our beds. Joshua and his brother shared a room together down the hall from my husband and myself. The house was very quite. I could hear the heater making it's warming sounds. creaking and knocking, it wooed us to sleep.
I was awoken suddenly by the sounds of Joshua crying. He was distinguishable from his older brother when he cried. Tonight he sounded as if in a panic!
Before I could get up to go to him, little Joshua came bursting through our bedroom door, I was a very light sleeper and I heard him coming down the hall whimpering. I sat up in bed as he came to my side of the bed crying his little eyes out.
"Mommy, Mommy there's a man in my bedroom standing by my bed. I held Joshua close. He then said, he's staring at me". My son was shaking and at his young age this was alarming. I knew he was to young to have been making any of this up and his shaking was my proof he was truly frightened by something.
He was only 4 years old. 
I asked him where his brother was? He said "sleeping". He said, through his tears, "Mommy, I tried to wake him up" With that, I jumped up and headed down the hall with Joshua in my arms. 
I was very angry! I was also afraid for Jason being alone in the room with something or someone in there! But what was in there? I was going to find what this was and get it out of the house NOW!
I don't really understand to this day why, but my husband never got out of bed for these things. I believe he knew I would take care of whatever it was, or perhaps he wasn't able to wake from his sleep, so he never really helped me as I fought these spiritual battles!
 (The marriage only lasted 12 years.)
I went into the boys dark bedroom, I saw nothing, so I threw on the lights and stood there. It felt different in the room from the hall and my bedroom.  
However, I saw nothing!
Jason was sound asleep lying on his bed and seemed very peaceful.
He had not been woken up by Joshua's crying and prodding. I was grateful for that,  but also angry that he was alone in the room with this entity or spirit or demon, while Joshua had come into my room for help. It was just a creepy thought!
I asked Joshua where the man was standing, and he pointed to the area between his bed and the window. I asked him what the man looked like? Why did he scare you?
He said the man was all white and he could see through him. He said he had a scary smile and he starred at him.
It was as if this was a ghostly entity of some kind he had described to me. He was much to young to make this up. 
Joshua was so afraid. He didn't want to be back in this room. I could see the fear in his eyes. His eyes were darting around the room as if this fearful entity was going to come back.
I assured Joshua, he would not come back.
He was holding on to me so tight. I was sure he wasn't going to sleep in that room again for the evening, and I didn't want him to! 
 I had him hold onto my pajama as I picked up his brother and walked them both back into my bedroom. I laid both boy's in the bed with my husband, covered them up in the blankets, and told them to stay there.
I was ready to face this entity, NOW!
Why had it come? Why would it attack my baby?
I was beyond angry!
I went back into the bedroom and commanded the entity to leave in the name of JESUS, even though I couldn't see anything I felt something alright. And I wanted it out! Sometimes feelings are all I'll get in an experience, even if I don't see what the victim sees. The hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up! I did this as I prayed in the Spirit and cleansed the room. I felt the power come over me as I felt the entity leave.
Everything felt immediately better. It was gone. I was sure.
I had had a lot of trouble with this area of the home. It seemed there was a very strong spiritual connection in the area of this back bedroom. I didn't understand at the time why it was there?
But I could feel it.
I would often walk into the room and feel the energy. Because I didn't have another room big enough in the house for the two boys to sleep in I was forced to make this work. It was concerning, and always in the back of my mind. Something must have happened in the house in this room. Both the owners were dead, so I was unable to find anything out about the home. I believe the husband may have died in this room. There was a strange spiritual attachment to this house here in this room that presented a constant battle. I knew the wife did not die here as she died 6 months after I purchased the home from her. I cleansed the room frequently, as the spiritual battle would come and go.
I was a demonologist, not by choice, but by necessity.
When your children are being attacked, you learn quickly how to cleanse a room.
In the past through an experience I had had an entity had gone into the boys room from my bedroom and slammed their bedroom door! LOUDLY!
It was one of the most frightening experiences I had ever had!
It's never easy dealing with a power that moves objects and has the where with all to slam doors, shape shift and scare you frozen in fear, but that's what I have grown up with.
Now these entity's were showing themselves to my baby. It had already shown itself to my older son and myself!
You either get mad and get educated or move out of the house!
Demonic attacks are frustrating to deal with, and it looks as if my children are going to be demonologists as well!
My anger was off the charts that night. How could this be? Why did it continue to return and taunt us? What had we done?
It was obviously a strong entity!
Each time I would take control of the negative energy, but it did seem to return again after 6 months or so. I know understand more than I did then. Demons are on the hunt for souls.
I realized that this is a battle! A spiritual battle! Not just a one time quick freak out and fix. It's ongoing throughout our lives to some degree or another. Strange things just don't stop happening!
I stood my ground and fought against this entity and others.  I was not going to give in or let it have control over any of us or our home. I continued to pray! It always brought peace.
Unfortunately my husband didn't understand what was happening at all and didn't give it much thought. I was fighting alone. It was a good learning experience for me, but I often thought perhaps the fight would be sooner won if I had someone helping me fight!
Through all of my experiences I found that although the entities would return, there is only so much they can actually do. 
We have authority over them in the Spirit.
They appear in a certain place in a home because of the energy that is or was there at one time or another, OR they are trying to enter to take possession of someone or something.
The only way to overcome the issue is
tenacity, consistency, Faith and Prayer!
I did get the victory over these harassing spirits eventually.
I have learned to never give up, and I never let my guard down either!
To this day I do not allow any of these entity's a moment to speak or have any authority at all. If you entertain them, you give them a foothold. And that's exactly what the want. These are the schemes of the wicked ones. I am zero tolerance minded of their antics.  I don't entertain them or try to gather information from them.
 I deliver people from the harassing spirits and cleanse homes. For the cost of my gas and a cup of coffee I am available pretty much everywhere!
Spirits are not who or what you think they are. They are deceptive, manipulative and some can shape shift. YES, they can shape shift, and do reek havoc on weaker or unprepared, uneducated and fearful individuals.
We live in a very strange world. Nothing is as it seems.
And Truth is always so much stranger than fiction.
If you need my help, I am here for you!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Joshua's Healing

It was 1975. I had just had my son Joshua. He was so fragile. I was told by the staff at the hospital that he had a membrane issue in his lungs and he needed to be in an incubator immediately. I was confused? He was named by GOD, literally, and now he was ill? I was really confused about the health issue he was experiencing. I trusted the doctors in the hospital. I agreed to let him stay in the incubator. I asked many times if I could hold him. The doctors said "Oh no, he has to be kept alone" in the incubator to heal.
I watched him lay there, all hooked up to monitors and lines going in him and lights burning his little tender skin. He lay naked in the incubator. It was really hard to watch. I continued to trust the doctors. On the 5th day I sat and watched him. He looked more and more frail and unhealthy. I asked to hold him, the doctors said  "Oh no" he is to sick. Then I was sent home from the hospital, My Insurance was not going to pay for my extended stay. Only Joshua's. I went home without my little bundle of joy! I asked if perhaps I could hold him before I left, The doctors said "NO". It was a very hard thing to do to leave him in this huge institution alone and in a small acrylic hot box. I went down to the car and looked back at this huge building. Sirens were blowing, lights flashing as the emergency entrance lit up with another sadness for another family. I drove away in tears.
I was home for two day's. I had visited the hospital every day as they would allow me. I came crying and left crying.
On the eight day I got a call from the hospital, saying Joshua was dying. He was not expected to make through the night. I panicked.
I ran to the hospital and said to the doctors, "Let me hold my baby"! they said ", no,once again". He was to ill. I said to them, well, If he's going to die anyway, what difference does it make if I hold him? The doctors were pretty adamant about me not having contact with him. I was very upset! The doctors left. I pleaded with serious tears to the charge nurse to let me hold him. I would say nothing to the doctors.
 PLEASE, He is mine! Let me hold my son or I will demand his release now!
She had tears in her own eye's. She wrapped him in a tiny blanket and handed this small frail baby to me. She said to me, "Just for a bit" O.K., I said YES! Then I held him while my tears just flowed. I held and kissed the little tender cheeks of my son. I told him how much I loved him. I asked him to hold on and be strong. I told him he was named by GOD and he should look for GOD'S help to recover. I held him up to the sky and said "LORD, if it is your will to take him home, I accept your will for us, BUT, if it is not your will, please, heal this child you gave to me! I kissed him and sang to him. I whispered how I loved him over and over in his ear.  The nurse came back in the room. She said I should put him back in the incubator. I did not want to let him go. But I reluctantly kept promise to her.
The next morning I was getting ready to go to the hospital. I had hardly slept. My heart was so heavy. I had HOPE however that GOD would hear my prayer. I knelt at the side of my bed and prayed with my husband that Joshua would recover.
Just as we were praying the phone rang. It was the hospital, It was the main doctor in charge. He said,
 "this is hard to say to you, I want you to know something happened here last night with your son".
His signs all took a turn for the better and through the night he has gotten better and better. Today he is like another boy, he is showing significant improvement. If this continues throughout the day, you may be able to take him home this afternoon.  He is showing all sings of a healthy newborn.
I was smiling from ear to ear. I knew GOD had heard that prayer and healed Joshua. Holding him made all the difference. I went straight away to the hospital. There were several doctors in the room with the incubator. Each one looking puzzled. But positive.
The main doctor came to me and said, I see no reason why you can't take him home now.
With that I unpacked his little white and blue knitted outfit I gotten him, gave it to the nurse. She dressed him and moved him to a little rolling acrylic bed, just like all the other babies in the ward had.
That evening, Joshua came home with me from the hospital.
I looked back again at that huge institution, I saw the emergency room lights as I did once before. I wondered why this odd circle of life and peril continued in the world. 
I saw the nurse that let me hold my son. We briefly made eye contact. She looked away, but had a smile on her face as she nodded and walked on.
I kissed my boy and got in the car. We drove home singing to Joshua and kissing him all over his tiny face.  
The LORD gives and takes away.
Today HE gave.