Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mimicing Voices

So, here we are in October 2016, in our new home already! Time has really flown and we have been so busy painting this and fixing that. The challenges are non ending at this point!
We have spent the better part of everyday doing something to upgrade and make ready this beautiful home we found just a few months ago.
Often times I'm on one end of the home and my son is on the other as we work on our lists of things to be accomplished. I do work closely with my son on a daily basis, so often I'll yell across the rooms to check this or get that, and he is always there in a moment helping me. I consider myself very blessed!

this last week, he has come into the room I'm working in and has said on many occasions, frustrated and upset, "What"?
I look up at him and smile and reply, "what"? why are you asking me that"? He will say, "you were just in the hallway by my bedroom and called me"! What do you want? I answered you and you didn't answer me!
I then say clearly to my son, "I have been right here in this room the entire time", I have not called you!
He has gotten very upset with me and said, Mom! I heard you call me from the hall, I stopped what I was doing to answer you and you never replied to me! How can you say you didn't?
I assured him with no doubts, I have not been on that side of the house, I have been right here working on this project!
He walks away confused and perplexed at the matter. And a bit upset with me. Like I would lie to him!
Twenty minutes will not pass and here he comes again, just as upset as before,
And we replay the same scenario!

Clearly someone is calling his name and mimicking me!
These are spirits that are usually known as poltergeist.
So well is the voice sounding like me, that he swears it is me!
I however,  am not the one calling him.
 When I call him, I follow through with a whole message. This entity is taunting him with only calling his name.
I have had this happen to me before. It's very odd.
He will come to me in the evening as well and say, Mom, did you just call me? Again, I will tell him "NO"!

He has also done this when my fiancé is home, and he has also heard this from my son.
It amazes me sometimes how persistent energies can be. Ghosts, spirits, if you will, they can taunt you if you let them.
I am working with my son to not interact with these spirits that mimic. They can be so frightening. My son must take charge and rebuke these "callings" himself. I am not the one they are dealing with. I'm the one hearing about them, But I am not the one hearing the callings.
Why am I sharing this with you?
Because if you live in a home with someone hearing these types of calls and you are not hearing them yourself, then you need to help and support the person involved. Often, these voices can be heard only by the one being attacked by them. The person isn't crazy, they are simply under attack!
These are either unclean or familiar, or poltergeist spirits. 
What can happen to you, can happen to others as well.
This is when you help the person walk through the moment and be a team! Encourage them to stand against the voice. Call on the LORD JESUS to cast the spirit out of the home or where ever, that is calling in mimic fashion, and be done with it.
Spirits can shape shift and mimic. It is usually very frightening for the one going through this. Also extremely confusing!
Sometimes the other people will have a hard time standing firm against the energies. We all must develop our "Sea Legs" if you will. We need to learn to stand on our own. Each person has a path to walk in this life, and they walk it alone! You cannot walk their path for them, but you can help them.
If you can't, find a qualified person who can.
Or call or contact me.
This is my reason for sharing my paranormal life. To bring answers and peace to you as I suggest and guide you to do the right thing.
GOD's love and Light I pray for you!

The Unfamiliar Voice

So, the other day I was sitting at my desk in the front room of our home. I was busy working on paperwork which I needed to complete. I was just finishing up. I was fully engrossed with putting letters into envelopes to stamp, address and walk to the mail box.
I had noticed what a wonderful breezy morning it was as I glanced out the large front window. It almost made me stop to admire the beautiful palms and Bird of Paradise out the front window swaying in the breeze.
It was then out of nowhere I heard it.
A mans voice almost directly behind me, said very clearly, "hello".
I stopped immediately and turned around fully expecting someone to be there! But who? I don't know that voice I thought in an instant, I've never heard that voice before. It sounded as if it were someone in their 50's perhaps, not young but, not old!
As I turned to look, "no one was there"!
Because the voice sounded so strange to me, I did not reply to answer it. Being a demonologist, I am very careful to whom or what I interact with.  I choose to not respond.
I stood up now and walked into the living room, I could feel a presence but I saw nothing.
I waited a moment as I stood there, feeling the energy in the room. Finally I said out loud, In the name of JESUS leave this home NOW!
I immediately felt the energy leave.
I welcomed the Holy Spirit into the home and asked that HE search out the entire home and cleanse it immediately. I knew what I had heard was not kosher at all. It wasn't anyone here in the land of the living. It had to go immediately!
Why do I share this? What do you need to know of this?
Simply this.
Never speak to an entity that comes upon you suddenly.
There are spiritual energies out there that want your attention. But what you focus on is your business, not theirs!
Always be in charge and in full control when something strange happens to you. Don't let fear over take you. Keep your head about you. Look for obvious answers. Debunk it if you can and if you cannot, MOVE ON! Go to the only one who can help, and is always available instantly ONLY JESUS has the power and authority you need to take hold of the situation. HE is in the spiritual realm, HE has full authority and can deliver you instantly from any form of attack. We simply only need to call on Him! ANY FORM of attack at all! The wonderful news is also, he will give you His peace to walk through the moment. You are truly never alone!
After I called on the Holy Spirit, I simply went back to work.
I didn't give this stranger a moment of my time.
This is our time to live, this is our reality, not theirs!
There are surely spirits about just as there are Angels and other forms of energy, be in control! Take the authority and control of your own life.
Being alone by yourself and having something attack you is never easy, but at least come well equipped to the fight!
Be at peace.