Friday, December 11, 2015

The Flood

So, it was a very rainy summer here in Florida in 2015. I spent most of the 23 days of straight rain praying for it to stop. Wondering why it hadn't all along the way? After so many people had flooding and loss of finances through horrible conditions due to all the rain, my heart just broke.
Where were the answers? What was going on here?
The steady rain turned everyday people into victims!
The news was so hard to watch as picture after picture on the television showed what devastation came with rivers over flowing and sewer systems backing up due to the wet conditions.
Peoples cars no longer could get them to safety. The waters were much to deep. Roads were coming apart, pot holes were everywhere and driving was now unsafe! Kids couldn't get to school. Power was out in thousands of homes. Animals were having a hard time in the fields staying free from drowning. Fish were swimming on my front street. That was very strange indeed!
 It was starting to hit my neighborhood now just as it had the ones I had watched on T.V.  The over flowing rivers were causing such damage. With one more day of rain, I thought, we won't be getting out of this neighborhood at all without a boat and the house will flood for sure.
 Like so many others we will be prisoners of the rain!
I now understood very clearly how Mother nature had control of the state. After all, Florida is already a peninsular. I wondered if it was going to rearrange itself right here and now?
Day by day I watched the lake we live on (Park Lake) creep closer and closer to the back door. First the deck on the lake was covered with water, then the chairs were under water, then the table was under water, then the entire lawn disappeared from sight. The Fire pit in the back yard was under water. Fish were swimming feet from my back door, the turtles were laying in what small yard I had left. When was it going to end?
I threw myself on the floor and started to pray, Please GOD, help us NOW!
Then the reprieve came. The rain finally stopped!
23 total days here in Pasco county. It had taken it's toll. Why did this have to happen?
I wondered, Why had so many had to loose all they had to the deep waters of 23 days of straight rain?
The meteorologists said it was a freak thing. They hadn't seen this coming. It lasted far too long.
Why is it that when the weather acts this way we never really are prepared for it?
Pasco county found out way to late after the fact that nothing was handled well in the situation. We were ill prepared for this type of weather and NOW we would make many new changes for how to rethink how things should be handled, should we ever have to deal with this again in the future.
Our state was declared a state of emergency!
I wondered about the spiritual aspect of it all.
Is there a connection with the weather and the Powers that be?
Were we all being warned? Was it a wake up call? What were we to see spiritually from all this? 
I happen to believe all things are connected in this life!
Then I was reminded that we have been in an 8 year time of retrogrades and many negative things, teaching us lessons and coming to an end. It all started in 2008. And here we are now gearing up to the end of 2015, making way for the releases and the new hope of 2016! The year of completion.
Perhaps this was actually an ushering out of all the past? A flood of change was on the way. A beginning to a new day. A turn of celestial events!
Then It all made sense.
The universe truly does connect with us spiritually.   
What is to come is clearly now set to move forward. Old things have been cleansed from us, ways of thinking and living and being. (That is if we are awake to it.  Yes, it will happen anyway to all of us as we are all moving in the same direction here on the earth, but we do not all see clearly what is happening to us).  New understandings and spiritual growth are on the way to us.  2015 was beginning to be cleansed from us and 2016 was starting it's way to us. Like we were starting to shed 2015 like an old skin and prepare for the new skin that will take us into 2016.
It's a new day coming, a long awaited for, new day!
Now the rains made sense, it was as if we were seeing what was happening to us all in the spiritual realm. The flood had come and now the new would take shape.
The forecasted influences of the spiritual world we live in but cannot see with our naked eye were making itself known to us. But we had to understand this. This is what is always happening right under our noses and yet if we are not in tune, we do not see.
GOD never leaves us clueless, HE just asks us to pay attention. To ask, seek and knock.
To be in touch with our inner reality.
So as I contemplate all this before me in this life, the life I have been chosen to live, I now see why we go through things we cant control. It's just not all about us individually. It's about all of us as humans and what we walk through while we are here in the land of the living!
Floods will always bring fresh new ground. It's their nature.
Change is always hard, but I do welcome it.
 Goodbye 2015.
Hello 2016, the year of completions.
What might lie ahead?