Friday, July 6, 2018

The Guest Validation

So, it was June of 2018. I was conducting a Mutual UFO Network meeting in Lakeland Florida as I usually do. We had flown in from up north a very popular T.V. personality to stay with us and some friends while he was here.  After he spoke at our meeting he came to stay with us from the other host home. We had a wonderful bedroom set up for him in our studio/office. He loved the set up and we all had a great time doing interviews and visiting with good friends while he was here. He wanted to be in the studio as he was going to be on his LIVE Pod cast that next night, and he wanted to be in the studio to use it for that reason.
Everything was going just fine.
We never shared much about our home and how many odd & strange things had occurred here.
That night as he slept in the studio he thought he had seen my little dog, Lovey (a small chihuahua 6 lbs. or less)  in the room with him. He saw this a few times. He said something was running around the room low to the ground along the floor boards, but he could not see it clearly and it didn't make any sound. He also said as he lay in bed that night, he felt someone laying right next to him and breath in his face.  He reported that, "that incident" really frightened him. He quickly rose up and grabbed his phone and turned it on to use it as a night light. There was no one there. He was sure there was another human in the room with him, but where had they gone? No dog in the room was ever seen again either? He said he calmed himself down as he didn't want to wake us all up at that time in the morning, and he finally fell back off to sleep.
The next morning he woke up and told us of this happening. He was really anxious about it.
We all stood amazed at what he had just shared with us as we had the dog (Lovey) in the kennel all night long. She was not in his room, the door where her kennel is, remains always closed while she is sleeping. And our guest's door was also closed. It was impossible for him to have seen our dog. It was physically impossible for our dog to be in the room with him.
We also have a very tiny tea cup chihuahua named Wolfgang Tucker who was also in his kennel sleeping all night in our bedroom on the other side of the house with our door shut as well.
Whatever he saw was NOT a LIVE dog.
What our guest did not know, was that I had seen on several occasions in my home over the last few months, the exact same thing! I had shared with several people who our guest did not talk to about me seeing the same thing. What I thought was my dog, in the house, was actually a brown, low to the ground spirit which moved like a small dog quickly from place to place.  Stopping and then quickly moving again and again. It was always seen through the peripheral vision, I thought that very odd. But none the less it was clearly seen, time and again. It was very alarming as I kept seeing it. When I saw this on two occasions I had yelled at my son to please put the dog out as she was running through the house and I was afraid she may pee in the house acting as crazy as she was. My son then walked into the room I was yelling from and said to me, Mom, the dog is outside laying in her bed sleeping!
I got up to see that what my son told me was in fact accurate. I saw our Lovey sound asleep in her bed on the pool deck. I told him what I saw and he said the same thing had happened to him a week earlier. My son said he didn't mention it to me then as he thought he maybe could have imagined it, because it was not our dog!
My husband who was not home while my son and I discussed this incident told us he had seen the exact same thing one evening. We then shared with him what we had both seen as well.
Having our guest see this was very alarming. We had rebuked the small entity and thought it was gone. Obviously it wasn't. It had come back.
So again we bound the entity in the name of JESUS, and prayed it would not remain , or return to our home.
We have not seen it again to this date.
As for the breathing our guest felt in his room while laying in bed,  we have had many reoccurring issues in our studio with strange happenings. 
A young girl who used to live in this home was killed in a strange way before we bought the home. As sad as that is, there have been sightings of her and voices and strange sounds throughout the house.
Because we are demonologists we are often attacked by forces from other dimensions when we are working with people to set them free from hauntings, possessions and poltergeist activity.
We felt our guest unknowingly validated what we already knew.
We prayed for him and were glad he had no further issues.
He said he "Loved" being here in our home!
I hope we can get him to return again at the end of the year to be a guest here locally once again.
Truth is always stranger than fiction.