Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Demoniac

It was 1986. I was on my way to work at 8:00 a.m. on a beautiful Wednesday morning. It was just a gorgeous day and I was only a block from work when I noticed I was driving on fumes!
I thought to myself I better stop in here at the neighborhood convenience store to get gas so I can make it home tonight.
I was really low on gas and I didn't want to risk the car not starting after work.
I pulled into the station and got out of the car to pump my gas. I was in a crochet white dress and was trying to be careful not to get it dirty.
As I was standing pumping my gas,
I heard a man say to me in a raspy dark voice, move over lady and let me pump your gas for you so you don't get your pretty little white dress all dirty.
I smiled at him and said, "No thank you sir, I've got this"!
Then he came over to where I was standing and tried to take the pump hose right out of my hand he was aggressive about it as well. This was really bizarre!
I said to him loudly, "hand's off buddy, I told you, I have this"!
I was firm but thought maybe he was just trying to be nice.
He all of a sudden started cursing at me. He yelled out loud, very loud I might add, "you bitch", his face was all contorted. His voice was like that of a drunk, he went on to say, "I was just trying to help you, you bitches are all the same"!
I could smell heavy alcohol on his breath now, and I had a very bad feeling just looking into his empty eyes! 
He seemed possessed. Really possessed. Something was very wrong with this man. He was up to something.
 I said back to him, "I said, No thank you sir" looking directly into his empty eyes.
He said again in an ugly almost growling tone, "all you bitches are the same"! F___k You!
Then he said a few more ugly things about me and walked over to my passenger door and tried to get in my car! No kidding!
That absolutely shocked me! I could not believe what I was seeing!
What kind of a nut am I dealing with here I wondered?
 He found that the door was locked so he kicked my door really hard with the heel of his foot in his anger. I was watching him as I was pumping my gas, so I stopped pumping immediately and said, "Hey get away from my car mister", what the hell is wrong with you?  I was very firm. I hung the pump up and  locked my drivers side door and ran into the station to pay for my gas and report this creepy weird man. I was in disbelief of what had just transpired!
When I got into the store I asked at the girl behind the counter to please call the police as there was a strange man at the pump outside who was harassing me and I told her he kicked in my passenger side car door. I also mentioned  to her I was concerned for other patrons that he might cause them trouble as well.
(Little did I know, it was all just starting to get very strange!)
I swear, it was like living in the twilight zone!
The odd young looking woman behind the counter just ignored me. She glanced up at me like saying "Don't bother me lady".  She was busy selling cigarettes and coffee for the working men who were in the store in line in front of me. A rather long line I might add. I could see that, I know she was busy but this was serious, I needed help NOW!
I thought to myself, what the heck is this?
The  real twilight zone for God's sake?  
No one here seems to care what is happening to me!
People literally ignored me. They were completely unconcerned!
I felt so alone and singled out! Tears were coming down my cheeks, I was beyond frustrated!
I pleaded with her once again to please call the police. I was really shaken by what had happened, I told her I was late for work and I had to get going.
The woman behind the counter glanced out to where my car was but the man was not near it at that moment, she said in a very nonchalant way, "what man"? She was still checking out other patrons who seemed oblivious to what I had just dealt with so I said the guy out there in the dark T-shirt. I said please help me out  here, he's really creepy!
The clerk acted still as if I were the problem here!
I went back to the car after I put my ten dollars down on the counter for my gas and I went to get back to my car to head off to work.
When I got to my car the man was now standing in front of my car door, like he owned it! I asked him to step away from my car. He said in a mean and very ugly voice, almost a growl, "Noooo"!
I told him I had asked the clerk to call the police, so get away from my car, he spit at me, and he got right up in my face as he seemed very upset with me and started cursing obscenities at me again. That was very frightening! Never had anyone ever spoken like that to me. It was a demonic growl.
 I said again, "get away from my car buddy and leave me alone"!
I held tight on to my purse and went to move him away from the door, he shoved me back away. I could hardly believe this guy, first he spit at me, which was horrifying and now he was pushing me!
 I was beyond mad! This man would not let me get into my own car. He was trying to get in it himself!  I could see he was acting as if it were his!
Thank GOD I had locked it before I went into the store.
 I ran back into the store, I said to the clerk again, please call the police NOW, this weird man spit at me and will not let me get into my own car!
 With that the man came into the store behind me and said loudly so everyone could hear, "Aww, come on honey, I know your mad at me but come on now, let's leave these people alone here".
SHOCKED, I prayed right then, GOD help me!
I was completely flabbergasted! I thought to myself, what the hell is he talking about. I said "LOOK MISTER" I don't know who you are, get away from me and stay away from my car, you're absolutely crazy!
 Leave me alone!
The lady behind the counter acted as if I were the one who was acting nut's! I was so confused and mad I could hardly contain my anger! How dare this jerk pull this crap on me I thought! What are these people thinking? What else had he said to make me look crazy? I looked at the girl behind the counter again and said CALL THE POLICE! PLEASE! My face was red with anger, I could feel my blood boiling.  I'm sure she started to wonder what "WAS" really going on!! I yelled at her again, I don't know this crazy man and I'm late for work!
I immediately headed back out to my car got in quickly and locked the door. I started the engine and went to pull out of the gas station onto 54th Ave North, as I tried to make a right the cars that were slowing for the stop light would not let me out of the station. 
 The traffic was backed up from the light on the corner and I was delayed pulling out onto the street. As I waited for the cars to let me in so I could turn right, the man came running from the convenience store and tried to open my passenger door again. He banged on the window hard and kicked my door really hard again with his heel! I heard the door make a strange sound.
I knew he had made a dent in my door. I started to cry!
(This is my only car and I worked so hard to keep it nice, this really made me angry!)
 I was able to pull out onto the street now, but before I could get through the light it turned red. Again I was stopped in front of the convenience store and gas station. To my utter surprise the man came running again up to my car and came to my driver side window this time and tried to hit it really hard to break it. Over and over again he pounded on my window. He still had that demonic look on his face like he was crazed. He was literally foaming at the mouth spitting and screaming obscenities at me the entire time.
I rebuked him in the name of JESUS and begged GOD to help me!
I was crying and screaming at the man to leave me alone!
With that he jumped on the hood of my car and pulled the windshield wipers straight up and bent them down. I tried to move the car forward with the light having changed to green, but he would not get off the hood of the car, The obscenities were absurd! He was actually licking the front windshield making crazed faces and spitting all over it!
This is utter madness I thought, what has possessed this man to attack me? Why aren't any of the people around me helping me? It was so confusing. It was like I was in hell!
  I stopped the car (as I didn't want to have him fall off the car and roll over him), shut it off and grabbed my key and got out of the car, pushed the lock down and slammed the door closed and screamed at him to "get off my car" and leave me alone! (He had just ruined my wiper blades! I was horrified!)
 I ran to the Semi truck that had stopped behind me at the light and said Sir, Sir, Please help me, this man is ruining my car and has attacked me! I don't even know him! Please help me sir! I was crying and begging the man for help. I was desperate. I will never forget how I felt at that moment, I was grasping for hope! He looked down from his high window and said in a unconcerned voice, "lady I'm on the clock", I can't help you, I'm in a hurry could you please pull your vehicle out of the middle of the road!
Again I was shocked! Stunned! No one was helping me. Am I in America? I was suffering this mad man all alone. WHY?
With that I ran to get back into my car. The weird man was on the grass in front of the gas station now, he saw the trucker was not going to help me and he headed for my car again, but I got there first. Jumped in and locked the door. My heart was pounding as he made his way towards my car again. He then kicked my car again, and I kept on screaming at him from the inside of my car to leave me alone!
It was about a minute later I saw the police car lights approaching, there were two cars, they pulled into the gas station and walked over to the crazy man. Thank GOD I thought, help is FINALLY here! They talked with him for a minute or two. Then one officer motioned for me to get out of my car and walk over to him. I got out and locked my car and left it right where it was in the intersection at the light. He motioned for me to move my car out of the intersection to the side of the gas station. So I did.
 The officer then asked me what the fighting was all about?
 I said, "are you kidding me"?
 I only came here to get gas this morning and this mad man attacked me, I told him I didn't need his help and he went berserk! Spit at me and kicked my car door in, shoved me and has not stopped cursing at me with the foulest of obscenities! Ruined my wiper blades and has screamed obscenities at me the whole time.  The Officer then said to me, is he your husband? I said, WHAT? "NO absolutely not",
 I have no idea who he is! I'm single!
He asked me again, Do you know him? I said "Hell No"! Why do you think I know him? Then he asked me what his name was? I could hardly believe this, help was here and now even they are questioning me! So I said to the cop, you have to be kidding me, I have no clue what his name is? 
He then asked me, "does he know your name"?
 I replied "No"!  I honestly have no idea who the idiot is! The cop did not seem to know who to believe, the crazy man or me.
How bizarre was that!
I had no idea what the store clerk told the police officer, so I was truly upset with this whole situation.
I again cried out to GOD, Please help me!
All of a sudden out of no where a little old thin white haired man with an extremely kind face came up to the cop and said, The woman here is telling the truth. I watched what she went through from this store over at the end of the strip and I know she has no idea who that man is. He was here long before she pulled in. He approached her as she was getting gas.
I was so grateful for the old man coming forward. I burst into tears!
Thank GOD! Finally someone is helping me! It was like the spell from this demoniac was instantly lifted and HOPE abounded!
The cop then asked me to show him my drivers license, so I got it from my purse in the car. He said O.K. I see your name is Teri, is that right, I said "yes", that is right. So then the officer walked over to the weird man and said so, you claim this is your wife huh?
The man said to the officer, "Yes, it is, she's just mad at me"!
Then the officer said, well then if this is your wife, what's her name? The man went silent and said "well I call her Susie".  The cop said, O.K. but what is Susie's real name?  The man was silent again for a minute and in a muffled voice said, Linda. The Cop said what's her last name, The man said I don't know. The cop said to the man, turn around..... He then hand cuffed the man.
 He walked back over to me and handed me back my drivers license. He asked me if I wanted to press charges on the man for what he did to my car. I said No, I don't ever want to see this idiot or  have to deal with him again ever. I was now one hour late for work! Exhausted and angry, I was released by the police officer.
I drove away from that intersection knowing that I had come face to face with a demonic entity that had possession of this strange man. I learned a lot from the experience but wish I hadn't had to endure it!
Be careful ladies, you never know what can happen to you even in broad daylight with many people in plain sight! Demonic possession can happen to people as this experience taught me.
It seemed like time had stood still there that beautiful morning.
Possessed people only have the upper hand until divine appointments take over. I am grateful to GOD for HIS help and deliverance from that poor possessed man. He went to the officers car spitting and growling. Thank GOD it wasn't my problem any longer.
I composed myself and headed off to work.
GOD had answered my prayers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Night of the Feathers

So, it was the winter of 2014, I was living on the Lake in New Port Richey, FL, and had been enjoying a monthly magazine edition I always read from front to back when it comes in.
I had sat down somewhere around 4:00 p.m. and started reading when I had gotten the magazine in the mail and now it was late in the evening and very cold outside.
  I could hear the wind blowing through the trees and howling at the windows.  I laid my magazine down and started getting ready for bed.
I was intrigued by an article in the magazine I had read that spoke of paranormal happenings,
 such as "how you know" when a loved one who has passed is near.
I read this article with a raised eyebrow as I thought, I wonder if any of this has ever actually "Really" ever been proven?
One way the article mentioned you know when someone is near, is that you'll see pennies often lying around. I thought to myself, "well gee" I see pennies all the time and I pick them up too, so what could that mean?
Another way to tell if your loved ones who have crossed over are near is that you'll smell their perfume or hear their favorite song. I again thought, well, I hear old songs all the time, does that mean people who have passed are always near me because of the songs I hear?
Another was that you'll see feathers. I laughed when I read that one as I said, Oh Please, feathers, really?
How silly is that? I hardly ever see feathers! Just once in a blue moon maybe. I never hear of anyone seeing feathers. I just laughed it off as a crazy magazine article, but this was just too much, feathers, "really"! 
It was getting late and I needed to get ready for bed. So I got up to brush my teeth and retire for the evening and I laid the magazine back down again. I laughed and said out loud in the bathroom as I started brushing my teeth, well, Mom, let's see if you can muster up a feather or two for me tonight.
I just laughed and headed in to bed. How ridiculous! My Mom had passed 7 years earlier, I wondered if she would show up and sprinkle a feather or two around for me!
Sometime after 3:00 in the morning my room mate came into the room and pulled my covers up for me as the heat had gone off and he was making sure I stayed warm throughout the night. It had really gotten cold this night and another cold front was on it's way.
 That night as I slept soundly I awoke for some reason, so I got up around 3:30 a.m. to use the rest room. The house was dark, cold and quite. I didn't want to wake anyone in the house so I kept the lights off.  I glanced at myself in the mirror in the bathroom, It was really dark but I thought I saw something white in my hair but I was so tired, I didn't want to turn the light on, so I was in and out of the bathroom in less than a minute. I wanted to go right back into my warm bed and go back to sleep.
The next morning  I awoke around 7:00 a.m. and as I opened my eyes I saw a sea of white! 
To my utter surprise I was covered in feathers. They were all over my bed, in my hair, all over the pillow and even on the floor everywhere!
I could not believe my eyes!
Little white feathers.
I called out to my room mate and said come and see these feathers! I hadn't told him about the article I had read the night before. I hadn't mentioned my conversation with my Mother either.
What happened here?
This was extremely strange.
My room mate then said, last night as I pulled the comforter up over your shoulders I must have ripped the down open. I laughed and said, what are the odds that I had read that particular article about the feathers and then asked my Mom to muster a couple up for me? How strange was that coincidence? I am not really a believer in coincidences but this really had my attention.
I just laughed and shook my head. Had my Mom enrolled my room mate to help her cover me in feathers? What is one to believe?
I'll leave that up to you to decide. What are the odds on that very night out of a million that I would ask for a sign of feathers?
We live in a strange world with many odd happenings. This is just another one of mine.