Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Tornadic Experience

So, it was 2007, I was working for a very stuffy corporation, but I was having a blast.  Everyday I came to work the staff and I would have long talks while we worked about spiritual things and GOD and all that was happening in the world. It was so much fun talking and sharing about some of my many experiences, and theirs, that we all looked forward to the time every day when we could chat a bit at our breaks. It always felt like an anointed special time.
As time went on, this gathering was growing, the staff would come to my desk and we just knew this was "Talk time" everyone would have their cup of coffee in hand and they would ask me to share something about my spiritual experiences, PLEASE!!
One day as I was sharing one experience in particular something very strange started to happen. My lovely female boss started crying. She opened up like a flood gate, tears were flowing and shared that she wanted to "Get her life back in spiritual order". She said she had drifted away from what she knew as a young lady and wanted to come back to the faith she once had.
I spent everyday for a month during break times talking with her alone in her office and sharing Bible verses that would help repair the brokenness she felt. It was one of the most beautiful times in my life to see her humbled and lovingly working out her situations one by one. I had only known her from working with her here at the office and yet it was like I had known her all my life. I often said to her, I felt like I was led there to this position by GOD himself!
Each person who worked there slowly came to the same place and they all shared how grateful they were that The LORD had led me there to work with them all.
It was a special two years. Anointed if you will. Charged with energy and spiritual awakening. I couldn't wait to get to work everyday, I wanted to see what the LORD would do next!!
We all felt that way. We all felt the energy, it was like divine appointments were taking place each day.
Somehow I knew this time was limited here, but I wanted to my best for the Kingdom!
One morning as we were having a time of sharing during our fifteen minute break,  my boss called me into her large office privately and said,
"please show me where the scripture is that leads me to repentance".
I headed back to my desk to grab my Bible and my coffee cup, I knew this was a special moment in her life, she was very serious about changing her direction in life, right now, in this moment! 
 I quickly found the verse she was speaking of,
I turned to walk back into her office with the bible in one hand  opened to the requested verse and my coffee in the other hand.
As I turned toward her office it seemed as if time were standing still. This was strange!
A very powerful feeling came over me.
I saw her in her room seated behind her desk looking at me approaching her, I was now walking through the door of her office.
Everything seemed odd.
All of a sudden a huge rush of wind came at me from the left side of the wall in her room, it hit me so hard it threw me towards the ground on the right side of the wall near her desk. This was a very big room, it was a bit of a distance from one wall to the next. Before I hit the ground I tried to steady myself, but the force was so strong. I tried to not hit the chairs directly in front of her desk, I fought against the force, It was strange, very bizarre. I tried to put my coffee down after being hit by balancing my hand to prevent spillage! That wasn't possible, I spilled it all down the front of me but managed to set the cup on her desk without breaking it as I was being hurled, literally thrown by force towards the floor. 
I saw my bosses face as I was being shoved from the left to the right, she was in sheer horror and screaming as she witnessed all this! She was screaming my name over and over as my body was shoved into the wall. Her eyes were wide open and she looked as if she saw a ghost! She was horrified, I could see it in her eyes! She watched me being pushed by this wind sharply towards the wall and the floor! She ran over to me as I was thrown against the wall and tried to help me get up. She said through her tears, "what was that"? What just happened here? How could that strong force come after you from nowhere? How did it get in my office?
How could it throw you like that? I saw what it did to you Teri with my own two eyes, but how?  WHY?
 By now all the ladies were standing at the door of her office glaring inside. They were all terrified as my boss explained to them what she had just witnessed take place through her tears and horror!
One of the women was trembling as she watched it from the back side. She was speechless.
I slowly came to my feet with my bosses help and the room was spinning, just spinning. 
I tried to steady myself. 
 I had been hit so hard from the left side of my body it took my breath away, I was fighting it the whole time. But I couldn't stand against the force that hit me. I smacked my head hard on the wall as I fell to the floor!
It was so strange however, It was wind that hit me. Like a tornado. It didn't hurt me initially it caught me up and spun me, then it just threw me against the wall.
That hurt a bit!
It almost knocked me completely out. My head hit the wall first, I felt as if there were a hand holding me there, and then I just slid down the wall from my neck to my shoulder, HARD and fast.
My boss was crying and shaking from what she had just seen, her hands were shaking so hard she sat down in one of the chairs in front of her desk to gather herself. The ladies at the door were still terrified. They said they heard the boss yelling and it frightened them so. They said it was like sheer horror in her scream.
They all looked to afraid to enter the room!
I became very angry. VERY ANGRY!
 I stood to my feet and said to everyone, that was satan, some demonic force!
He is very unhappy with what is transpiring here.
Obviously my bosses conversion is going to make a huge difference in the lives of many. The impact that it had on the staff alone was already profound.
I knew as I stood there the gates of hell itself cannot stand against the plans of the great and powerful GOD I serve.
It became apparent to me that this was an anointed moment in time I and all these present will never forget.  
The enemy was defeated. I had won this battle, but evil was certainly not happy about it. My boss quickly recited the scripture I came to the room to share with her as her voice trembled. It was done! I assured her we were all fine and this was just a demonic attack.
I am so grateful for that moment in time. GOD'S power was shown to everyone in the office that day and made an amazing impact on all who experienced it. What was meant to scare us all quickly turned into a victory lesson.
GOD is good! What an honor to serve HIM!
TRUTH is always stranger than fiction!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Blacker than Black.

So, it was late 1969, I was looking for an apartment to rent. I was living in St. Petersburg, Florida. I looked for two weeks for something large enough and close enough to my work.  I finally found one on 9th Street North, it was perfect, a huge over the garage apartment that had plenty of space and an open floor plan that I was looking for. Very cool and old! But there was one problem. It had a huge black wall in the main living room. This color wasn't a color I would have ever chosen to paint in a living room, or on any wall for that matter, but I decided to take the apartment anyway.
It struck as me as odd. It made me feel strange somehow. It was unsettling. I couldn't stop glancing at it while I was with the little old lady renting it to me. I didn't want to say anything negative about it, so I just kept quite. Why would someone paint a wall that size black? Why would someone do that? I thought to myself.
I had a few friends stop by after I got settled and moved in. They all loved the wall, to my surprise, they thought it was cool. I still hadn't wanted it there. I thought about painting it as soon as I could get the money together for a good primer and paint! I knew I wouldn't get reimbursed for the cost, so I hesitated.
It seemed that every night as I sat in my living room I would see something moving in the wall. It would catch my peripheral vision. It was blacker than black. It moved from the corner to the center of the wall. It was really weird. Did I see that? Or was my mind playing tricks on me? I know I saw that! It was such a big wall. I choose to ignore it, as I thought to myself, how crazy is that.
There's nothing there, it's just a wall, Painted black.
How wrong I was!
After about two months I had accepted the wall as a necessary evil. I kind of ignored it and found myself in my bedroom more than in the living room so I didn't have to look at it. I didn't want the wall to distract me, or freak me out. It seemed that something was going on in that wall!
I also got a room mate soon after moving in.  She told me one night how she hated the black wall and we needed to paint it. I agreed, but time and money were hard to come by as we were both working long days and doing school as well. Money was limited and we just never got around to making that happen.
One night we decided to have a group of friends over for a party. Sometime during the night while  about eight of us were hanging out, a guy friend shouted out loud, "Hey, I think I just saw something moving on that wall"! I said, "really"? He replied, "I know I did, it went from the corner of the wall to the middle of the wall and stopped"!
I hated to hear this as it confirmed my deepest fear, this is exactly what I had thought I had seen. And my room mate also said, that wall is so creepy it makes me so uneasy. Another friend yelled out, "That's the beer talking dude", and again he said. "No way, I know what I saw, that's really creepy, let's get the hell out of here"! I asked him to show me where it was now, he replied, I cant see it now, but it was there!
I told them all I had seen something there as well, it was blacker than the black wall, and again the friend said, Yes, exactly. It was blacker than the wall!
 We all left. We went out to the beach and talked about the wall all night long.
Well, you can imagine how weird that was for me. I didn't want to go home until it was daylight.
I had hoped if I ignored the wall and what I thought I saw, it would just go away. But deep down inside I had no peace about this apartment.
At that time in my life I didn't know how to cleanse or handle this sort of thing. I was freaked out but just decided I would paint the wall for sure now or just move out immediately.
I decided to move, as the wall seemed to be intimidating me. It took up too much time in my thoughts and I didn't want to waste the money on painting. The landlord would never reimburse me. But what was the real issue here I wondered? Had someone died in this apartment and slumped over on that wall, or worse? Was there angry energy there? Why had the last tenant painted it black? What caused this shadow black figure to repeat it's walking cycle?
I didn't want to know!
I moved out and lost my deposit money on the apartment that week. It was a lot of money to loose for me but my peace of mind was more important than wasting money on painting this rental. I wasn't sure painting that wall was the answer. My room mate left a day before I did. The last night I spent there I had another friend stay with me over night. I had had many incidences in my life thus far with odd happenings and bizarre voices. I just wanted it all to go away from me!
Everyone had a very negative feeling towards that wall. It was good to know for my own peace of mind, it wasn't just me.
Every now and then throughout my life I would drive by that apartment and just stare at it for a moment or two. Remembering what I suffered there.
Then one day I drove past it again, and to my surprise it was being demolished.
The apartment never was the same after what ever energy once lived there.  
Now it was being demolished. I wondered why? Was everyone afraid to be there? This was back in the day before hauntings were hip! I wish I would have found out more about the apartment.
I didn't ask anyone about why the apartment was being demolished as I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy. But now I so wish I would have.
Who was that figure that was blacker than the black wall?
I'll never know. Maybe....

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Possesion

So, it was the school year of 1967. I had a very bad year that year with many emotional changes going on. Sickness as well. I was on the brink of all that life had for me. I had experienced heart ache at this young age and disappointments one after the other that year.
I began to fall ill in the early portion of the year. I was diagnosed with Mononucleosis, then the Doctors thought it was something else, but they were never  able to find out what was actually going on. I fainted once at school and just felt bad all over. I ended up in the late summer being sent to a special natural doctor who was a local man who ended up doing a myriad of tests on me. He was diligent and I was told was one of the best. however he was unable to find out any exact diagnosis on me so the tests continued. I seemed to be at his office more than not on any given week.
I was eventually sent to the hospital under his care. He was there everyday ordering more tests.  I went through so many horrible tests there. I felt like a human pin cushion. It was painful! I missed a lot of school throughout the year from my symptoms. Which I was never sure just what they were! I wondered what the heck is going on with me. I started to feel a bit better finally, but they kept testing me. I was getting may needles throughout the day and night. Steroids and other drugs.
I started wondering "why aren't I normal like everyone else"? What are they looking for? When will they find it? When will the needles stop? I just wanted to get out of this hospital!
I think that's normal thinking for children to think after all the testing and confinement for so long. After all, life was going on outside this hospital room and I wasn't in it with all my friends. I was stuck here. Alone, bored, except for the nurses. They were very nice to me. Go home and be left alone!
I remember one afternoon as I sat looking out the hospital room window, the doctor and my Mom came in to the room together, they had been talking out of the room in the hall for over an hour. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but it didn't sound good. They both stood over my bed now and I was shocked to hear the doctor say to my Mom, "Mary, the only thing I can assume here is that this is a spiritual issue going on in this child". She seems healthy from all the tests we have done but, I have seen this happen once before. Something isn't right. She is experiencing spiritual internal warfare of some sort. Similar to a possession. She goes through strange health issues that are not detectible before hand and then, there just simply gone!
WHAT? I thought to myself! Excuse me, WHAT! I couldn't believe my ears! Possession? What the heck is that! How does that happen?
I had no clue what they were talking about. I actually thought to myself, You must be kidding me! I'm laying here going through all these painful tests, getting shot after shot of prednisone bag after bag of something through I.V. and this is spiritual?
I saw that as my "OUT" of the hospital card!
So I took it! Right then and there, I found my voice! 
I had no idea what all that meant however, but
I said to them both, If there is nothing wrong with me, Why am I here for so long? Why all the medications? What is this all about? I want to go home!
I said to my Mom the minute the doctor left the room, I know you love this doctor and trust and respect him but let me come home today, I'm well,  and I will take it easy at home.
She agreed, gathered up my things and checked me out.
I will admit, The spiritual things that begun to happen that year to me were truly off the charts. I wondered if this happened because of subliminal suggestion from others?
But that would not answer for the experiences that were happening without my control. 
Things I had no knowledge of.
I wish the doctor was alive today as I would love to go back and talk to him about all I was experiencing then. Little did I know then that something spiritual was the right  diagnosis, but no one understood then what truly was happening to me.
It taught me early on that strange things can happen to very normal people and it wasn't fair!
Thus I studied demonology and the wisdom of the Bible.
I actually did get deliverance from something that was attacking me from an evil entity through a church I went to. This was the beginning of my Deliverance understanding and study of Demonology. While everybody else was afraid to face these spiritual battles, I embraced and overcame them through the knowledge of the HOLY SPIRIT!
I hope sharing this will help someone today. This life is so much more than what meets the eye. Our bodies go through changes as our mind is opened to experiences. We see things we cannot un see. We experience things that open our eyes and change us from within. Sometimes those changes are hard to deal with. They don't fit the norm. They are outside of the box if you will. It's hard to understand and accept. But none the less these things happen. Probably to all of us at some point.
This is what was happening to me at this time in m life, combined with a slight illness that I had contracted at school and it was made into a huge financially draining ordeal, but yet I learned the spiritual wakening was also happening at the same time and became a part of the diagnosis. Interesting life we live for sure.
My mind was open to a much bigger picture than most could comprehend then, it was overwhelming at times for me to grasp. But my life took a turn back then, and headed down a path that has become my story. And I keep evolving in the knowledge that comes to me.
We are all walking each other home, only from different perspectives of this life that we all live together in, here and now.
I often heard audible instructions that were positive and protective. I also heard warnings that were accurate. I saw dead people who were giving me messages, some I didn't want, some I did. I saw things young children should never see and I experienced the real world terrors of ungodly people.
If you can relate don't freak out! Pray! GOD never leads us down a path without teaching us something of great value. It's easy to see now that I'm older and I look back at the big picture.
It was hard to see and understand then, but is now history and knowledge.
Life is a journey and we must move forward!

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Late Night Visitor

So, It was 2001, My Mother and her husband had moved up north in 1996.
She called me one night and told me her husband had just passed away. She lived eleven hours North of me in the Hills of Franklin N.C.
I jumped in my car and got there in a record breaking 8 1/2 hours. I only stopped for gas. No eating or anything else. And O.K. I drove a little faster than the speed limit. It was late by the time I arrived.
When I got there she was so relived to have someone there with her after all she had been through the past few days. She had listed her husbands death in the local news paper. She said somehow it made everything so surreal.
 My Mother was simply exhausted and all she wanted to do was to sleep to put the pain and grief from the day behind her.
We talked for an hour or so and she couldn't stay awake any longer.
I decided I would also tuck myself in for the night, I was also extremely exhausted.
All of a sudden as I rose from the kitchen chair I had an awful premonition, just a dreadful feeling that something was very wrong.
I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was really bothering me.
My Mom never locked her doors living high on the mountain as she does but tonight I decided I would lock them all.
 I went to the front door and locked it, but somehow I didn't feel safer. So I went downstairs on the first floor of her two story home and locked that door as well, and check all the windows. I still had a weird feeling I just could not shake. I felt like trouble was all around us. But why?
It really had me very aware of it. I just couldn't put my finger on where it was coming from. I didn't mention it to my Mom as she had enough on her plate to deal with. She didn't need me scaring her with a weird feeling I was having. I decided locking the doors was the right thing to do. After all we were alone in the pitch dark of the heavily wooded mountain.
My Mother never locked her doors at home, ever! She had said once that she knows everyone on the mountain and there all good country people.
I felt weird locking everything up tight.
I stayed up and cleaned a bit in the kitchen and then headed off to bed myself around 1:00 a.m.  Mom had taken a sleeping pill she had gotten that day from her doctor, So I got back up and I checked in on her and then headed back to bed.
It was about 3:00 A.M. in the morning, and I dreamt I was hearing a constant doorbell. I thought gee that sounds so real for a dream. Why doesn't someone answer the darn thing? Then I heard it again, and then again. Now I was awake and I did hear the doorbell. I was really groggy, and the door bell was really ringing, over and over!
I went to the front door, turned on the outside light and was shocked as I and looked out and saw a man standing there. He was a young man probably in his late 20's in a white T-shirt and blue jeans. He yelled in to me and said there was an emergency and he had to use our phone right away. I told him to wait a minute. He pleaded for me to open the door, I said just a minute, I had to gather my thoughts, There was no way I was believing that story for some reason, just a gut feeling again. So I went to wake my Mom to see if she knew this young man. It was hard to wake her from the effects of the sleeping pill. It took a minute or two. That's a long time when someone is at the front door banging on it.
She finally came to I explained what was going on, and she said, just let him in Teri, If it's an emergency then give him the phone.
I said, "no Mother", I'm not opening the door to this young guy, something isn't right. She yelled at me and said what are you talking about, it's an emergency, give him the phone! She was still very groggy, again I said "no". You need to get up and tell me if this is someone you actually know! I didn't understand why I was being so demanding, but it was coming from my gut. I was very leery of this man at the door. I have no idea why? By now it had been 5 minutes that my Mother and I were disputing giving this man the phone. Finally my Mom , tired and upset with me for acting so demanding got up, walked past me to the phone, picked it up from it's base and went towards the front door with it.
I jumped in front of her and took the phone out of her hand and said "wait"!  Please look out there, do you know that man?  She looked at him through the glass window and said , "no", he doesn't look familiar. I said I thought you knew everybody?
Then, giving me a very disapproving look, she went to open the door. I said "wait Mom", she hesitated and again said, "Teri", in an extremely frustrated with me voice. 
 I ran and got the shot gun from the kitchen near the back door, I remembered she always had it there, and then I stood behind her as she opened the front door. I made sure he could see the butt of the gun. I thought to myself, "what the heck am I doing"?  My heart is pounding out of my chest, I'm functioning on pure adrenalin here, My Mother is so trusting and friendly, I'm acting like a cruel idiot, but I can't seem to stop myself! I just trust my gut after all these years!
She handed him the phone and then said to him what emergency do you have? He said something about his girl friend up the mountain. I pushed my Mom aside almost knocking her over and closed the door and dead bolt locked it. My Mom yelled at me, she said "what are you doing"? Let the man make his call for heavens sake!
He picked up the phone as we both watched, but didn't dial anybody. He played with the buttons, but never got through to anybody. Then I heard him say to us "never mind" in a rude voice.
I thought, how clever, he has our only way to call for help.
So I shut the porch light off and yelled. Leave the phone at the bottom of the door when your done with it. He put the phone down and walked away from the door.
I then ran down stairs and made sure all the windows were locked again. I shut off all the lights. I could hear the man walking all around the house on the rock pavement from the driveway.
Ten minutes went by. I didn't hear him any more.
Then all of a sudden I heard him near the garage. I thought, what the heck is this guy doing?  I could just barely make out his white T-shirt in the darkness from all the surrounding trees.
I ran to the front door, looked around, quietly opened the door and grabbed the phone. I knew we were in trouble now. He never used the phone. I felt it was just a scam to get the phone away from us.
What was going on here? 
My heart was still beating so fast, I ran from window to window trying to see what this guy was doing.  
 I asked my Mom if she had ever used the shot gun?
She started laughing and said, "what shot gun"?
I said the one I got from the kitchen!
She said that's not a shot gun, silly, that's a Beebe gun!
 I was to terrified to laugh. I thought to myself, well. O.K. I know that, and she knows that, but hopefully, he doesn't know that!
I picked up the phone and persuaded My Mom to go with me into the bedroom walk in closet so we could call the police.  It was so quite I could hear the man walking around but I wondered if he could hear us as well. YES! It's that quite in the mountains!
I told her If I could hear the  mans footsteps so clearly, maybe he could hear us talking too?
I didn't want him to know the police were being called. I hoped they would catch him walking around the house.
It took the police 2 minutes to answer their phone!
 Two terrifying minutes!
The police officer on the line told us it would take them up to forty five minutes just to get to us.
I gave them the man's description as best I could and our address.
Then I went back and waited, listening and watching where this man might be. I could still hear him walking around outside. His every step gave him away.
It seemed like forever, but I could see the lights from the police car coming up the mountain from Highway 441.
Then I heard the man take off back up the road leading up the mountain.
I ran out to the police car as they pulled up and pointed which way he went.
They assured us they would patrol the area! They said not to worry but make sure everything was locked up!
The dreadful feeling I had had all night finally began to leave me.
I knew we were safe.
We both talked for a moment, and decided to just go back to bed.
My heart was still pounding. But I was exhausted as it was almost four a.m. in the morning.
I closed my eyes and began drifting slowly towards sleep. I could feel the adrenalin leaving me as I succumbed to sleep once again.
The next morning, as we both awoke, I should say late morning, somewhere around 11:30 a.m. my Mom put the news on.
They were reporting about the next couple mountains over from my Mom's. A woman and her two daughters had been beaten, raped and robbed.
I looked at my Mom and said that is exactly why I had such dreadful feelings all night last night. The report was exactly as ours. A man had come to the door claiming an emergency. Called  a pay phone and his friends showed to rob the house and work their plan.
I was so relieved we had recovered our phone and called the police.
I don't think the man at my door the night before felt as if he had control, so he never called for his friends that were waiting for his signal.  He gave up on us. Thank GOD!
Why do I share this story. TRUST your gut. At all cost. These people were targeting victims who had just lost a male loved one. They knew we might be alone. They knew we might have taken something to sleep better because of our grief, which gave them an advantage.
I share this to alert and educate you.
It was horrifying to live through, but the Spirit quickened me to be aware, and thank GOD I listened.
Perhaps it was my Mothers husband who alerted me to the impending doom awaiting us that night?
I'm just grateful I acted as I did.

Monday, January 19, 2015

All in a Day

I often write my blogs as I sit in my home and try to remember all the amazing things I've experienced over the last 55 years.
It's always peaceful here and that helps me to remember. So yesterday 1/2015 I'm sitting here writing my blog and all of a sudden the DVD system on my T.V. turns on by itself. I peered at it over my computer screen and said, out loud. "What is it now"?
It simply did nothing else. The door had opened and the DVD that was in the drawer I took out. The whole unit just came on out of nowhere. Or at least no where I knew of. I certainly didn't turn it on.
I thought O.K. some energy is in this room with me. I waited to hear something, then I got up and cast it out in JESUS name.
An hour or so after I finished my blog I was in the kitchen and I started my Prime Rib dinner, I was placing the meat in my cooking pan and I felt something touch my leg. Like if there were a dog in the house, or a cat. Well, I'm very allergic to cat dander so my cat is an outside cat with her own little cat house in the front yard, and I don't have a dog, so I looked down near my leg and nothing was there.
Again I cast this out of the house.
A simple rebuke and a firm word in JESUS name.
Then later I was doing the dishes, that is often when many odd things will take advantage of the moment. I love doing dishes, it's kind of therapeutic for me.  I always have loved doing dishes, I started this affection for dish washing when I was very young, Around 4 years old.
Today however I felt as if someone were right behind me watching me. I could feel them standing over my shoulder. It was very strong, I could almost feel them breathing on me, so I turned around and there was no one there. I called out to my room mate. He was not even in the house. I had thought perhaps he was going to whisper something to me in my ear?
It happened three times. Why, I thought to myself? What makes today so different? I keep thinking Kevin must have come in from outside, but again, there would be no one there.
I guess some days are more of a challenge than others spiritually. Some days need continual cleansing. Why these dimensional worlds we live in keep crossing each other has always baffled me. The spiritual realm is so close to us always. Literarily a breath away. Such a thin veil separates us. Today, it was constantly coming in close. I tried to understand what the significance would be of these seemingly insignificant happenings surrounding me today could mean?  I really had no answer. Is it that I need to be more in tune with the other dimensions around us? Or was it just something that had gotten through trying to get my attention?
Never give in to fear. Never allow the attacks to frighten you. Give it to GOD and send the situation on it's way.
This is your time to live, this is your space, nothing has the power to overtake you unless you let it.
Be strong and be diligent, give all your cares to GOD who will protect you.
Have a good day!
Happy 2015. The story continues.
We are all a Work In Progress, and nothing is stranger than the truth!

The Swamp Ape

So I was on my first ever exploration to find the elusive
Swamp Ape of Florida.
It was 2013, it was a very warm autumn day. I started the day very early with a team mate from Enigmatic Anomalies, it was 6:00 a.m. or so when we got to the desired location. We were heavy laden with all the best gear available for documentation, collection and proof. We headed through swamps and heavily over grown old Florida growth where a sighting of bigfoot had been reported just a few weeks earlier.  We walked for 3 miles into the dense forest stopping every half hour to check the dense bush with our binoculars for any movement. We also used video cameras to listen for sounds on playback as well as documenting the search.
We decided to take a break as the sun was now very warm and we had been dressed for a much cooler hike.
We found a clearing and a huge tree that had fallen over in the area, we took off all our heavy gear and sat down to have a bit of breakfast as we looked over the map we had to determine if we were in the general vicinity of the recent sighting. There were no roads where we were at all just thick brush.
We determined that we would continue heading East for another mile or so and see where that would take us.
Our hopes were to find a nest and some sort of scat or bedding to indicate where the elusive beast may be.
We got our gear together  again loaded it onto our back packs and headed East.
After walking for about fifteen minutes we stopped to check the brush out for anything moving with the binoculars.  My team mate was searching to the West watching and listening near areas we had just trekked through and I was looking to the North East, when all of a sudden I saw a fluid movement of a huge black hairy something out about 100 yards away. It moved as if it were flying but yet it was to low to the ground to have flight, and it had a deep orange spot on it like a large marking of some kind. I called to my team mate and said look over there, and as he looked he barley saw the creature as the entity was moving so fast along the tree line.
I was trying to imagine what it could be.
Had we found bigfoot!
We both looked at each other and ran in the vicinity of where I saw this thing moving. We were running towards it but saw nothing. We headed in it's direction and still saw nothing. It took off and moved like it was in flight. I saw no wings and heard just slight crunching of foliage. It took us a while to get to where it was as there was thick foliage and it was difficult to get to the tree line that I saw it near. Once we got there we saw that it wasn't as low as I had thought as it had been as high as some of the trees in that area and now that we were closer it was clear it was about 7 feet tall.
We heard nothing to indicate what it could have been for certain.
It moved effortlessly through the heavy brush. We could barely walk through this stuff. We found many prints but the strides were long and hard to make out, like it was running on the ball of it's foot. We took some pictures for documentation but in the thick brush we couldn't find anything specific to make an impression of.
My teammate said I had beginners luck.
He said he had been out hundreds of times and hadn't gotten a good lead like this.
I wondered if perhaps it was a bit more than that.  
I believe that if there is a bigfoot it is an alien hybrid of some kind. Perhaps that's why I saw it today briefly. Being a contactee perhaps it sensed my presence in the woods. I'm sure what I saw was nothing known to man. The colors of this thing were not normal. Black hair with strong vivid orange markings. I have never seen anything like it.
I continue to search for the creature. I have had several other outings. I have heard it and recorded it. It has responded to my calls, but I  have not seen it again.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fear for a Night

So, I was very young and living in Wisconsin. It was a cold evening as I remember. My sister and I had a bedroom in the attic of our new home that we shared. The rest of the family slept on the second floor. We were five years apart my sister and I. She is the older. This upper room was always very quiet. It was also one floor away from the bathroom, so getting around in the dark at night was never any fun. Since it was lights out at 7:00p.m. back then.
I remember waking up one night in the cold winter and in the moonlight from a gable window in our small bedroom, the light from the moon was beaming in. It was so bright! It was so pretty!
I'm pretty sure it was the moon light anyway?
That would have been no big deal, except that the light was illuminating my sister, completely. She was not lying in bed under her covers as I  would have thought her to be, she was actually sitting on the edge of her bed with her feet dangling over the side and starring out the small window into the moonlight with her eyes wide open and with I could see a very scary half smile on her face.
It was as if she were transfixed on something.  She seemed to be in a freeze frame almost, she wasn't even blinking. I was to young to know if she was asleep sitting there or what was happening to her. I remember being overcome with a horrifying fear. Her face scared me being so transfixed so I yelled out to her several times to stop smiling like that, stop it, and lay down and go back to sleep. I remember telling her to "Stop scaring me", stop it right now! After I had said it for the fourth time she blinked. But did not move. Her face expressions never altered as if she were truly frozen like that.
Nothing moved. Not her smile not her hands or her feet. she was just staring out the window in the moonlight.
I was completely creeped out by her behavior. The moon had lit her face up and I was so transfixed looking at her. It was so unlike anything that had ever happened before. It was so scary actually. I could not look away.  She seemed to be communicating with someone, but I couldn't see anyone.
What was she looking at? I was much to afraid to look myself.
I just wanted her to stop smiling like that!
All of a sudden with out any prodding from me, she laid back down and said "goodnight". She was fast asleep and I was left sitting in my bed still watching her, I was absolutely frightened to death.  I was wrapped up in my covers. I remember that I ran over to her bed and shook her because I was crying and afraid and I said stop what your doing your scaring me. She woke up and looked at me as if I were nut's and said, "Teri stop it, get in your bed and get to sleep. Leave me alone. What are you talking about"? Then she said it again to me, Get to bed, leave me alone.
I didn't understand, how could she not remember what she had just taken part in? Didn't she know she was sitting there staring out the window?
Because she was older than me I remember thinking, "she told me twice to leave her alone, maybe I better leave her alone".
With that and being about 4 years old, I climbed back into my bed and laid there crying and afraid and finally fell asleep. I remember not wanting to look at her anymore it was so scary. I was really shaken by what had just happened.
I will never forget that night as  long as I live. I hadn't known fear until that night and it changed everything for me. I didn't know it existed! I have later found out that my sister does not sleep walk. She wasn't sleep sitting that night either. Something entirely different was happening to her. I have shared this story with her but she doesn't remember much of it. We were both so young. It's something that made a profound impression on me.
Spiritual and extraterrestrial happenings don't just all of a sudden happen to us, they have been happening to us since childhood. We usually forget about these things as our lives move on and we grow up. We don't want to remember the fear and we don't want to even talk about it. I know I didn't want to. I wanted to just forget about the whole thing. But I never could! I  have not been able to forget and have a better memory I think because I questioned everything that happened to me as a child.
Today I see clearly what was going on.
It's all part of a lifelong experience.
Extraterrestrials have been in my life for as long as I can remember.
I encourage you to try to remember your early experiences. I'm sure you have suppressed them if you don't remember them.
There is so much more to this life than what meets the eye!
Even on a cold dark night in a attic bedroom!
We are spiritual beings on a human journey.....Remember?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Trip into The Unknown

It was 1978 and I was fast asleep in bed. There was nothing unusual that had occurred the previous day before I went to bed this night. It was a day just like every other normal day. But this night as I slept I had an experience that I had never had before. It opened my eyes to the real reality of this strange and wonderful world we live in.
I was awoken somewhere around 3:00 a.m. in the morning. I heard that familiar voice call my name, the same voice I heard so many times before just like this. "Teri" it said. I sat up in bed and saw a huge white, yellow light hovering up in the north corner of my bed room. I noticed that my husband was sound asleep to my right. He didn't seem to ever hear the voice or see the light that I did. He was like in a freeze frame kind of sleep.
I stared at the light for just a second or two and then heard the voice again say to me, "come".
Before I knew it I was taken up out of my physical body and I went into the light and right up through the corner of my bedroom and up through the roof and out into an awaiting glass like round sphere.
I was just immediately in it and moving very fast. Seriously fast, like Mach speed.
I remember standing at the helm of this round vessel but I was not alone. Front and center, just standing there. I was traveling thousands of miles per hour as I stood in the front of this sphere. I saw the stars shooting past me as silver balls of light that were going at an incredible rate of speed. I remember thinking to myself, why is my hair barely moving when were going so fast? I tried to understand what was happening to me.
I thought I should be feeling immense g-force from this experience, and yet my hair was just lightly tossed by the slight air that was passing around me. I also felt like it was a tad bit cool. I then noticed I was standing there with no clothes on. This didn't even phase me at the time. I knew I wasn't alone on this vessel but I also had no concern that I was naked. That was a surprising thought for me. It didn't even cause concern! It seemed as if somehow I was maneuvering this vessel along with an entity that was standing to my left. Possibly an Angel. I could feel him there but I could not see him as he was just behind a bit to much for me to see his face over my left shoulder. I could see an energy signature coming from his body however. A soft white light. It was just in my peripheral view slightly. I was not afraid at all. This all had me wondering so much. What was going on here?
I could now see the vessel approaching a small city like setting. It was lit up on the horizon as we were coming into it's view. It seemed like where we were headed was a small portion of a larger city beyond. 
The vessel came in for a landing like a soap bubble resting on some odd surface. There was no landing gear or anything like a landing at all. No sound, no bumpy landing. It just  slowed and settled down on the surface of the little city setting. It reminded me of a country strip shopping area from years and years ago, like the 1800's.  The shield like door was then just simply gone. As if I had flown via thought to this place and there was no vessel at all.
I pondered that for a moment.
Then I was distracted by my feet.
I saw that I was standing on cobblestones. Very normal looking large cobblestones, and also in water. I was in front of a beautifully sculptured large three tiered fountain that was overflowing to the cobblestone street I was standing on in this little country setting.  But, I remember thinking why doesn't this water feel like regular water. I had no temperature change from the feeling of the flowing water all over my feet. That was weird. Then I noticed  again that I was naked as I was looking at the water and the cobblestones and me. After again thinking how unaffected I was by my nakedness I heard a voice to my left say to me, in a male voice, "Don't you of the earth when in doubt, reach down and touch this earth"? I contemplated what the voice had suggested, and I said in response, "yes, I guess we do"? So I reached down to touch the water and the cobblestones and to my utter amazement, the water wasn't wet and the cobblestones that were covered in sand, were not gritty! The sand fell through my fingers to the ground and the water trickled down through my fingers as I let the cobblestones fall back to the ground. How strange! I went to brush the sand and water off my hands to find that they were perfectly dry and void of wet sand?
I was in total amazement at this! It wasn't logical.
It made no sense at all to me. How could this be, I thought?
I had never seen water that wasn't wet!
I stood there holding my dry hands out in front of me absolutely fascinated at the experience and then I heard the voice to my left say "Don't you of the earth when in doubt pinch yourself"?
Now that was a strange thought, but I said in response, Yes, we do, well, I have heard that we do that sometimes,  and so I pinched myself, hard, and believe me I felt it! I thought wow, this is so strange. I'm not in my body at this moment as my body is back in bed, somewhere on the earth in Florida and yet this spirit like naked body I'm in can feel a pinch. Very strange, I thought.
Very strange!
It was then that I noticed I was not speaking with my voice. I was using a mental telepathy, as was the voice that was speaking to me. It was all thoughts flowing back and forth between us. But the odd thing was I wasn't looking at the entity that was speaking to me and he wasn't looking at me. Yet, I was fully aware and heard everything he said to me.
I realized I had a gift I didn't use on earth. But it was normal here in this setting. You see the voice that was speaking to me was to my left but standing behind me, beyond my ability to see him. I say him as he had a male voice. Mine was obviously female, it was all so strange.
He then showed me things to personal to share here. I saw parts of my life and he showed me why I was taken there. It was totally amazing to say the least. I saw two Seraph's that were beyond words to describe and they both had amazingly large wings. three sets of wings in all. I'll share that at another time as it was all to much to share here. They were beauty, personified! Chiseled perfection, strong and awesome!
I was walked through the city and told many things. I was given a promise and made aware of the Divine being who had arranged my visit. I knew it was HIM, Elohim.
Then as the time for the visit came to an end. I heard the voice of the entity that had escorted me to this city say, "come", and we were immediately on our way back to my awaiting body. This time there was no bubble sphere that I could see but we must have been in it?  It was he and I and we were moving quickly through time and space again, just like before. I started to plead with the being to please NOT return me to my body. I begged and begged.
But he was dedicated to follow out my return. It was then I realized why he was with me at all. It was to assure my return. I was very angry and started fighting with him as we sped through the cosmos.
He was very strong and clearly in charge. But I was determined to never return!  I literally remember going around and around and standing my ground as I demanded he NOT return me to that hideous carcass I had come to know as my body. Again I begged and pleaded to no avail. Finally I struck him with my elbow very hard  as we hovered over my lifeless body on the bed. I screamed to him as he guided me towards my flesh, He said "Teri, you must return" in a stern voice. I said I don't care, I hate it there and I'm not going back, PLEASE, please, don't make me go back again, please, but again he insisted and again I struggled against his prodding me closer.
I screamed out as a final straw, "I can't go back! I don't even know how to get back in that disgusting thing! He then said to me firmly, Teri, you'll go in the same way you came out! I screamed and said NO, I won't, I don't want to, I don't even know how I came out....... Then he grabbed the back of my head very firmly and said to me,  
You're going back the same way you came out,
And with that his strong, large hand firmly grasped the back of my head and I felt on the back of my head a pushing force towards my body, I was rolled upside down and found myself putting on my body like an old familiar glove, I entered through my open mouth on my human body! I started screaming as I felt my arms go into the flesh arms and my fingers fit into the flesh fingers and then my face and so on. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, NO PLEASE NO,  it all felt so strange putting this flesh back on, but my husband laying next to me in bed didn't hear me! I screamed for the longest time....Nooooooooooooo!
Then quickly I was back into my skin. The fitting was complete.
I had put on my flesh body!
And I stopped screaming immediately once inside, I knew now the fight was over, I was captured like a prisoner. I grabbed the covers now laying over my legs and then I heard the voice of the entity say to me, "Teri, lay down now, and go back to sleep", and just like a child of five years old responding wholly to a loving Mommy or Daddy,  I said to him in a submissive sweet and loving manner, "O.K." and I pulled the covers up to my neck and rolled over and went fast to sleep.
When I awoke the next morning I jumped out of bed as mad as a hornet that I was back in my body.  I had full recollection of what had taken place. I sat at the side of the bed and just wanted to cry. But for what I thought, HE wanted me to come back here in this miserable body for some reason and I was powerless to hold my rebellion against HIS will.
Here I am, sharing this with you.
This is why I had to come back.
It's not all about me. It's all about you.
I can only share the wonderment of being awake. It's for you to see what is meant for you to take from the experience.
What I share is true and life changing.
We have not been told the whole truth yet.
We are spiritual beings on a human journey, believe it! There is so much more to this life than what meets the eyes!
I will continue sharing my experiences and hope you wake up to the whole truth of this life!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The White Aura

It was 1987 and I was on a date in St. Petersburg, FL.
I had thought I had met a really special person who I might just have a lot in common with.  We would talk for hours and always  be on the same wave length. We got along really great!
I met Travis several months before I ever went out on a date with him. It just seemed to be one of those progressive friendships, where every day we would find ourselves talking more and more and then we seemed to always turn up where ever the other person would be, conveniently. 
Travis finally got up the nerve to ask me out on a date. It was really funny. He was so sweet. Nervous, but sweet.
We went to see a movie together for our date night and then went to join friends at a local restaurant. It was odd going from such good friends to dating.
We stayed out pretty late and headed back to my house around 11:30. It had been a wonderful evening out and Travis came in for a cup of coffee before he headed back home, a 20 mile trek or so.
While we were sitting in the living room chatting over coffee
we were laughing and recounting the day and all the fun we had.
We discussed the movie and dinner and friends as well as what we would possibly do together tomorrow?  
I was seated in a chair in the living room near the den and Travis was on a chair straight across from me. I was close to the front door. He was on a couch up against a wall.
We started talking about GOD and the trinity and how amazing the teachings are. I shared my belief and how I felt about GOD and we talked about this for a good hour. Time was just running away from us as it always did. It had to be 2:00 AM by now and Travis just kept sharing how he felt. We seemed to be again on the same wavelength.
All of a sudden while we were in the middle of conversation Travis jumped up and looked as if he had seen a ghost. He was pure white! He was horrified! This really scared me!  It had been such a lovely evening and conversation. He was mumbling something about "all over you" white, all over you, to me, and I was completely confused. He acted as if I had initiated some strange happening out of the blue.  I said to him, "where" all over what? He just kept staring and pointing and I didn't know what to do. His face made it clear he was very much afraid of what he was seeing "all over me", but I had no clue what he was talking about!
I looked down at my body and saw nothing.
I asked him again what he saw, his face changed from concern at that point to that of pure fear, all of a sudden he jumped up, he ran past me and outside into the front yard.
I was shocked! What the heck was happening? What did he see?
 I ran out after him and he was heading for his motorcycle.
I asked him to wait a moment, he said "I've got to go, what the hell was that"? I said I have no idea! You tell me! Travis said he could see something rising up all over me. He was clearly shaking, It was white and it was huge, he said it was getting brighter, so he jumped up and ran! He put his helmet on and again said, goodbye and off he went. I stood there in the street alone, mind boggled.
I didn't know what to think really!
Well needless to say that was our last date. He was so frightened by what he saw he said later he was afraid it would happen again!
What he described is what I have been told by others they have seen. I however have never been able to control this aura. It seems to illuminate itself around me without me understanding how it's happening.  It happens randomly, but always while I'm passionate about what I'm speaking on. Some day I hope to have a better understanding on why it happens. I feel it when I'm singing in the worship band, I can actually feel the strong vibrations of it. To this day I  can truly say I cannot control it.
I'm not sure I'm ever suppose to.
It's O.K. with me that this happens.
I wonder if this happens to others and people can see it on them?
So far in my life I have not seen it on other people.....yet

The Light

So, It was 1979, in early Spring. I had been doing quite a bit of reading and studying the Bible. I wanted to know everything about the truth!
I had had a very strong experience in 1973 that had changed my life and led me to follow a path of study, but this year was very different. It was the year I had an experience with an extraterrestrial and  it's craft. I started to rethink everything. I had tried to share with those new friends I had made at church, but half of them didn't even  really know JESUS and could not relate to what I had just experienced.
I was made to feel as if I were the freak.
I had a very strained and difficult time living alone with my experiences throughout my life. I was encouraged by pastors not to speak of them in church to my friends as they may think I was strange. It could frighten people. I thought that was pretty weird, if you're not the cookie cutter Christian, because of your experiences, you really don't belong in the Christian social club. I didn't know anyone else at that time who could relate to me. It was a time in my life that brought about so many questions.
And a lot of confusion!
On this particular spring day in 1979 that I would like to share, my husband had been taking a nap as he had come home late from an overnight shift where he worked. He was in a back bedroom where it was more quite so the children wouldn't wake him as they played.
I was in the house doing laundry and cleaning, just another normal day in our household. I had been praying and speaking in tongues which was a gift given to me one night as I slept.
 (I woke up one night after prayer at a church service for the gift of speaking in tongues. The sound of my voice speaking actually woke me up that night. It was amazing to wake up with my lips moving and me praying in an unknown language).
I had been praying and sharing with a friend this day after talking for over an hour on the phone and I felt very empowered by the Spirit of GOD.
I could actually feel HIS presence all over me. It was a sense of awareness I had felt before, but this time it was very strong! 
I just kept on cleaning up around the house and folding laundry humming worship songs as I went about by chores.
As I finished my laundry I walked into the room where my husband was sleeping. I had a load of folded laundry in my arms and I was trying to be quite as I slipped into the room to put the clothes on the dresser.
My husband was lying on the bed asleep on his side and facing me. Then he opened his eyes, and upon seeing me in the room he jumped up wide eyed, he jumped to his knees on the bed and stared at me while trying to stand up and back himself into the corner of the room on the bed. I said to him softly, "are you O.K."?, He continued to stare and was trying to speak, he was pointing at me as if I were the reason he was frightened! I said again, "What's wrong with you, stop it, you're scaring me"? The look on his face was one of immense fear! He was staring up over my head! He seemed to be seeing something that had taken his breath away as he looked at me. He was in a shock like state as I watched him try to scream and gasp as he went to back away from me and cower in the corner on the bed. The closer I got towards him the more he screamed for me to stay away! I stopped in my tracks as I entered the room upon seeing him react this way.  It actually scared the heck out of me. I had never seen a reaction from anyone like this before. I didn't know what to think of it. So I pleaded with him, "I'm going to back out of the room now"!
Stop acting like this, stop doing what your doing, you're scaring me! I put the clothes down on the dresser and backed out of the room slowly.
I yelled into the room from the hallway and said again, "Are you O.K."?  He replied to me, "what was that all over you"?
I said, What are you talking about? He replied that when he awoke he saw a ghostly white light surrounding me and it was so thick I was like enveloped in it. He said it terrified him, it looked like I had lightening all over me. It was coming out of the top of my head! He didn't know what to think of it, but he didn't want it on him, so he tried to get away from me!
I told him, I didn't feel or see anything like that. I had no idea what he was talking about. I had just been doing the laundry and worshiping GOD while I was humming, I just wanted to put the clothes in on the dresser in this back bed room!
With that I came back around the corner, again I saw him in the same position on his knees up against the wall on the bed, and he yelled when he saw me, it's gone now!
It's gone!
I asked him why it scared him? He said he didn't know for sure.
But it didn't seem like it was me standing there in the light of the doorway with this intense light all over me.
He said it looked frightening to him.
I have never seen what he saw that day that scared him so in broad daylight. I have heard of Aura's and I had been told once by a psychic my mother knew that she saw something amazing surround me, but to this day I have never seen what others have told me they see occasionally.
This is truly a strange life and I can't say it enough,
truth is stranger than fiction.
I believe I was walking in the SPIRIT when my husband awoke that day and it took him by surprise to see the Light of GOD surrounding me. If you're not accustomed to seeing spiritual things such as this I'm quite sure it would traumatize you the first time.
Maybe I would have acted the same  way if I saw it on him, probably not?
I'll never know.