Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Odor

So, I woke up yesterday, Wednesday, July 29th, just as I do everyday (Thank GOD!) and I headed out into the kitchen to start my coffee.
We had a little visitor stay with us over night and I wanted to get some breakfast ready for her.
It was then I noticed a strange smell in the house.
I stopped in my tracks and tried to identify it.
It was hard to describe really. It smelled like it was someone else's house I was standing in! It was as if while I slept last night this house reverted back to the previous owners house, or at least the smell of their house.
I know this sounds strange, but I have a very sensitive and keen sense of smell. Have you ever gone into your neighbors home who has a dog or cat and noticed that their house does not smell the same as yours, It's their unique smell?
How about going into a home where they use moth balls? You really do notice these things momentarily as you enter other peoples homes.
Well, here I stood in the middle of the living room with this look on my face like what the heck is this all about!
I stood there for a moment and realized that this was the smell of the house when I first entered it 3 years ago before much of the house was repaired and updated. I recognized it now!
Kind of musty and old. There were old drapes originally and miss matched furniture, old carpets and unpainted cabinets that were out of date. The walls needed painting and floors needed updating as well as bathrooms renewed, it was just old.
So as I stood there I realized that someone from the previous owners was with me in the room.
But why? I was all of a sudden very aware of their presence.
So I said out loud, "Oh no, in the name of JESUS you have to go, "now",
your time here is over, this is my time to live here"!
It was then I heard Kevin's mother say to me. "Thank you".
I thought to myself, What?  For what?
I felt her say again, "thank you for polishing my silver and loving my home, for caring so deeply for this space, my home.
I said out loud to her "you're very welcome and now you must leave"!
With that the smell was gone! Instantly, gone.
I now smelled the fresh clean home I had grown to love these past 3 years, the smell of fragrance candles and clean floors, my leather couches and other things we worked hard to acquire that all contributed to the familiar smells of this present home.
I continued on my way into the kitchen and made the French press coffee I love so much.
As the day went on I mentioned briefly to my little visitor while we were chatting, what had happened earlier today and what I experienced. I shared that I thought it was her grandmother who was here with me in the early morning hours while she slept. She smiled and said she remembered the smell when her grandmother lived here in the house. She said it was musty and old because of her grandmothers illness she was unable to keep the home clean and it made an impression on her also as a child.
With that we gathered our things and headed out of the house and off to a movie and enjoyed the rest of the day together.
Later that evening when Kevin came home from work his daughter mentioned to him what had happened here in the house to me earlier this morning.
He inquired of me as to what happened. I was standing in the kitchen cooking dinner when he asked me about the happening and I walked into the living room to answer his question.  I started telling him about how I woke up to a strange smell in the house  and then I heard his mother speak to me. That's as far as I got!
Just as I said that to him all the power in the kitchen and the living room shut off, EXCEPT the stove in the kitchen and the flat screen T.V. in the living room. This was odd because had a fuse blown the entire rooms power would go down! Not just a part of it. My chicken was still cooking in the kitchen on the stove and yet the entire kitchen was dark. The T.V. on the wall was still on but the rest of the room was dark. All the bedrooms and the rest of the house were fine!
All the lights were on.
His daughter jumped up off the couch and ran to her daddy's side.
I wasted no time and again I said out loud, "In JESUS name you must leave NOW"!
Kevin said, "do we have to send my mom out"? I said "absolutely"!
While it's wonderful to have these moments that connect us to the relationships we shared here, we must understand, it isn't healthy to allow these moments to last more than a second. This is not where the departed should reside any longer. And who is to say, they may allow other subjects to enter the home as well?
With that Kevin checked the breakers and all the lights came back on.
Other dimensional visitors do have some power and can turn electrical things on and off. Just don't allow them to stay. Some can be adamant about visiting and revisiting. We here are in control however, in JESUS name ONLY.
Give it over to JESUS, these situations belong to HIM and HE will be victorious where we cannot be. Spirits do not listen to us, but they have to listen to HIM!
It was a nice visit, I'm glad it's over!
And again "You're welcome Anna, It's my pleasure"!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


It's just so strange what can happen in one day that makes it so different from the one before or after. I woke up on July 20th, 2015 just as I do every day. This day just like all the rest as I was headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth I saw what appeared to be a penny on the floor right in front of me. It was round and copper but strange. I thought it looked odd somehow. Almost like it was a bit to thin or maybe not the whole penny laying there. Like the shadow of a penny, but it was in fact a penny. I've seen enough of them to know what they look like. Just different is all I can say. I stared at it a second or two. So anyway, I bent down to pick it up as not to step on it with my bare feet. By the time my hand touched the floor to pick it up I couldn't see the penny anymore! It wasn't there!  It was gone! I kept feeling around, Behind my foot, next to the rug, then by my other foot! Where the heck is the thing I wondered? It was gone. Just gone! I figured, O.K. I'm half asleep, I must have overshot my bending over. So I stood straight up and looked behind me, I looked exactly where I first saw it, "there was no penny anywhere"? Was it a penny? What was that? Where is it I wondered? Why didn't I just kick it aside, I thought to myself, I'm still to sleepy for all this to be going on! It was round, it was copper, and it was gone!
I looked for that penny all over the hallway floor. I thought out loud. O.K., look, this isn't a large hallway, where are you? Where the heck did you go?
Once again I glanced all around and then I said out loud as well,
"I know what I saw, where did you go"?
I continued on into the bathroom pretty frustrated to finally brush my teeth, that darn penny was haunting me though!
So I shrugged my shoulders and said, Oh well, I'm not giving it a another thought!
I got dressed and decided to go to my favorite coffee shop to get a coffee. I figured I'd get a change of scenery.
I threw my purse on my shoulder and I hadn't moved an inch yet and all of a sudden my home alarm system started loudly beeping, I mean it was going off like a freight train!
That really startled me!
I didn't have my glasses on, so as I walked up to the base of the system on the wall, I couldn't read what it was saying, so I quickly rambled through my purse to get my glasses. As I stood there reading the base message, I was shocked to see what I read, it was the "Away" function beeping loudly.
In other words, I had like 10 more seconds to get out of the house before the extremely loud alarm would start screeching!
Oh my word, I thought, what is going on today?
How did this happen?
 Why did the alarm start to engage out of nowhere?
I quickly thought of the alarm code and entered it.
Whew! Just in the nick of time, I was able to stop the alarm from going off!
I stood in the middle of the room again.
First I saw the penny, that wasn't there, now the alarm set itself off. Really? Hmmmmm. What's going on here?
I'm obviously not alone here today.
I quickly took authority in the name of JESUS against whatever was causing the unbalancing of events and continued out to get my coffee.
I still have no idea what the penny or the alarm were trying to tell me.
You really never know when a change of balance will occur around you. But you can always be prepared and ready to set things straight again. It's a lot like an accident. You just don't plan for this kind of stuff, it just all of a sudden happens.
Never loose faith, always be prepared.
Most people would have been full of fear from seeing a disappearing penny and a loud shrieking alarm turning itself on. Don't let fear ever overtake you. Yes, strange things happen from one day to another but it's usually not something that will harm you. Something wanted my attention and I don't ever play into this kind of thing. I ignore strange happenings. Spirits like to "play". I don't play back, I rebuked the atmosphere in the home in JESUS name, and commanded anything ungodly out of the home.
We are truly never alone!
Strange things always seem to reach out after me. It's as if they try to test me, or taunt me. Knowing I won't tolerate them, I do wonder why these situations happen.
And truth is always stranger than fiction!
I went off to the coffee shop and continued on with my day.
Not everything is demonic, not everything is bad, but it's all weird to me. I always prepare for the worst and I'm set. Why show up at a gun fight with a rubber sword? That's my take on all of these happenings.
If it were someone trying to connect with me, seeing the penny, then they missed their mark.  I'm grateful none of these happenings have the power to hurt us. Shake us up for a moment, but never hurt us. We are never alone. I always have GOD with me!
Penny for your thoughts!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Choice

So, what are the secrets to the universe?
Why are we here?
What's it all about?
Many people have moments in their life when they ask these same questions.
I'll bet you've asked yourself these questions many times over in your life. Or maybe you haven't yet.
They have made movies about these questions. They have songs as well. So, it must be a question worth asking yourself, right?
I know I've asked more than once in my lifetime. I've pondered this subject at great length!
Why are there bad things that happen to good people?
Why is there war?
Why isn't it ever fair?
Why can't everybody just tell the truth?
It's really a simple but painful answer. One that seems too easy....
Yes, choice. The big reason you're here is all about the choices you make while you're here.
Believe it or not, you won't be here forever.
So the choices you make now will have eternal consequences!
No one gets out of life alive. We will all pass through that "Veil".
Really stop and think about that.
Have you ever allowed yourself to have this conversation with yourself?
A day is coming and "no one" knows that day. They never have and they never will know "that day" until it arrives.  History proves this. (that alone should get your attention) It is as sure as the sun rising and setting on a daily basis. You well know however, it is ever before you, until that day arrives.
When it does, that's the day we are free from making choices as we know them because then we  will face the sum of our choices thus far.
We are quickly becoming what we will always be in eternity!
While we wear the identifiable skin here that binds us to the earth there are many decisions we face daily.
How to, where to, why to, when to....choose our choices.
We are spiritual beings on a human dimensional journey.
We are wonderfully made.
The choices we make prepare us for the next step. The one beyond. The one every one wonders about from time to time in this life.
Everybody has their own belief about it. You have yours, I have mine., it's just another choice we have all already made.
So, when things happen here in this life, how we choose to entertain the happening is how we come to our belief structure.
Do we complain? Do we accept? Do we learn? Do WE change?
Do we understand?
It's all a matter of choice.
We are free will agents here to choose as we will.
Let me add here, we must choose wisely.
The day's for making choices are numbered like the hairs on your head are numbered!
Because we know there is more, we understand that, we know once we die we move on into the next spiritual realm.
Or maybe you don't know that?
That's a choice you'll have to make. Or not.
Ask yourself this, why are you here? What do you think this is all about?
There is Love, hate, paranormal, spiritual, extraterrestrial and truth
in this life.
You are here to find this to be so.
You are hear to find love and understand it.
You are here to experience hate and learn from it.
You are here to see all that there is here.
And then to make your choice.
We are all here to know the truth, but we will not all find it.
Whom will you serve in your conquest while you are here?
Love or hate?
The choice is yours.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Test

So, it was 1978, I was a busy Mom raising two amazing young boy's. I couldn't have loved these boy's more. They were so precious. So well behaved. Such a joy to watch over. I often said I was the most blessed woman alive to be the mother of these boy's. Not only were they wonderful but they were both so handsome. Just adorable. The oldest was 5 at this time and the youngest was 3. They were to put it very simply
"My life".
I'm sure all mothers feel this way about their children. I was just very verbal about my love for them.
One very cold night in December in St. Petersburg, FL I had put the furnace up pretty high to keep the rooms warm but the boy's room was always oddly cold. 
After tucking them in this particular night, I decided it was to cool in the room for them and gathered up their little blankets and pillows and moved them into our bedroom and made a soft
bed for them next to my side of the bed for the night.
It was much warmer in our room and I knew if I had left them in their room, they would have kicked off their covers through the night and been very cold.
We all fell asleep shortly after I made the "move" and we were all snug like bugs in a rug.
It was around 3:00 a.m. in the morning when I heard someone call my name "loudly", "Teri".
I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes as I tried to see who it was.
Who could that be I thought to myself?
I didn't see anyone. I thought maybe I dreamt that?
Then I laid back down because I was so tired I didn't fully wake up.
My name was called a second time. "Teri"
Again, I sat straight up.
This time I was wide awake!
I was sure I wasn't dreaming this time.
I heard that! For the second time!
It wasn't my husband calling me as he was sound asleep still. There was a small dim night light on in the room and I looked over the side of my bed and there were my two son's sleeping like angels.
So, who called my name?
I sat there a moment longer and I heard a very clear, firm male voice say to me, very matter of fact "are you ready"?
I instantly somehow knew what this meant.
I also know knew who was speaking to me!
I was being asked if I was ready to leave this life!
To come away.
To leave everything I had come to love, My husband and children and our safe little home. My family and friends and the wonder of this earth. I seemed to sense this was "that time" I've heard of, when we die and leave this planet.
I was more than wide awake now,  I was so taken by surprise!
I hadn't thought it would come to me so soon, and I wasn't even sick!
I looked back down at my two amazing babies sleeping so peacefully. This was a true heartache, I didn't want to leave them. Their beautiful faces are etched in my mind just as they were at that moment that night. It was as if time stood still for a me. I remember every minute detail of their soft innocent little faces. I drank in their angelic little forms knowing this was my final goodbye for this life.
I had made my decision. I would go with GOD towards home on the other side of the veil as "HE" beckoned me to.
I glanced over at my husband and then I looked up and saw a white illumination in the room with me. It was so comforting.
The voice seemed to allow me to take in all my thoughts without prodding me to hurry.
Then I slowly brought my knees up to my chest as I sat in bed and held them tightly to me. I whispered to the light,
"is this going to hurt"?
Then without waiting for an answer, I closed my eyes tightly and said, "Yes, I'm ready, please make this fast"!
I sat there on the bed for a whole minute in this position. My eyes still closed tightly. I was just waiting for the end to come!
It was then I heard the voice speak again to me and say,
"Teri, lie down, go back to sleep".
And like a little trusting child responding to her daddy, I said out loud,
"O.K.", and I laid back down and immediately fell fast asleep.
I woke up the next morning and sat straight up in the bed.
I had full remembrance of what happened through the night!
The children were already up. I sat there going over what happened through the night. I was completely stumped!
What was that all about? What happened? Why had the LORD come to take me, but then didn't?
What did I do wrong?
My mind was full of questions. Then as if answering me, I was reminded of a verse in the Bible where  Abraham went to sacrifice his son Isaac, and the LORD prevented it. It was much the same thing, I understood, except I was the one leaving in this case.
I have spoken to the LORD many times of this incident and am resolved to simply trust HIM in what HE does in my life.
Some people would attribute this incident to a paranormal happening. But I give the glory to GOD.
HE never ceases to amaze me.
This is a strange world we are in which HE made, and many things happen that we may never understand until we get fully on the other side of the veil.
I choose to simply trust HIM!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Cold Night

It was the fall of 1980. My family and I, two young sons and my husband had been downtown  at  Williams Park in St. Petersburg . We had been there all day for a concert I was singing in. It was a  Christian celebration to celebrate, worship and entertain with other local bands and do a little advertising for all the different Christian groups in the city that were available to the down trodden and  homeless in our city. We were passing out business cards for a study that met in our home on Tuesday nights. 
The day went as planned and was simply wonderful.
The weather was beautiful, the food was scrumptious and everyone had such a great time. We had invited a lot of people to our study and had some really interesting conversations with around 100 people that day.
As the sun set we all packed our stuff up from the band shell and headed home.
The night was uneventful. We enjoyed a nice simple dinner and headed to bed around 10.00 p.m.
I tucked the children in and prayed for protection through the night, a prayer similar to every nights prayers. After being downtown however I also prayed for the many people on the streets to be safe as well. All those people who didn't have clean, soft beds to sleep in. The children also prayed their fervent prayers for those less fortunate than us.
The prayer brought me to tears. The boys were so precious as they prayed for others to be protected from harm.
After kisses and hugs I turned out the lights and headed down the hall to my room.
Before we jumped into bed both my husband and I
checked the doors to make sure they were all locked, as was the every night routine and then we shut off all the lights throughout the house.
We did that without even thinking it was so common place.
Then we both jumped into bed.
I drifted off to sleep as did my husband in less than ten minutes as the day had worn us both out.
I woke up first the next morning. And as always in my normal everyday routine I headed for the kitchen to start the coffee.
The house however felt oddly cool.  I didn't think much of it. I thought maybe I would turn up the heat, but it was just a passing thought.
I then headed toward the living room to go out  front and get the  newspaper that is always on the sidewalk just out the front door.
But today I stopped dead in my tracks before I got to the front door.
The window curtains were lying on the floor and the wind was blowing the other curtains throughout the room.. My tall indoor palm tree was lying on it's side with all the dirt spread across the tile floor. There were shoe marks on my leather couch, in dirt! The window was open and the screen was sitting up against the wall  near the window but clearly bent badly.
I was cold standing there in my bare feet in this filthy room. 
I gasped.
Then as I stood there taking all this in I thought what is happening here? Have we been robbed?
Oh my GOD I thought next, The children!
 I then turned and ran into the children's bedroom and pushed the door open. I was afraid of what I might see but that didn't stop me.
I had to know what happened last night. Were my children safe?
Please GOD I thought, let them be safe!
As I opened the door I saw my two young son's sound asleep in their beds. Everything looked in place. Nothing was out of order.
Except the house was very cold!
I watched them for a moment as I tried to understand what had taken place in the house last night. I was so grateful to know the boy's were OK, it was all that mattered to me at that moment! 
So why was this mess in the living room?
What happened?
I heard nothing last night nor did my husband. We never woke up!
I'm really a light sleeper, how could this be?
I now woke my husband up and told him to hurry into the living room to see what I had discovered when I woke up.
He stood there in amazement that with all this mess we never heard anything last night.  We both just stood there in amazement. This  had to have made a lot of noise!
I went to call the police to report the break in.
When the police arrived, they asked us to check and see where my purse and my husbands wallet were. We checked. They were in plain sight both of them. My purse with cash and credit cards was sitting on the dining room table. Nothing missing from it. My husbands wallet with over $300.00 in cash was sitting on the top of his dresser along with his wedding ring.  Many other expensive items in the room were all accounted for.
 The doors in the living room had still been locked from the inside!
Our night visitor came in and went out the living room window.
But why? Who was it that came in this manner?
 They didn't rob us! They didn't harm us!
What was going on?
It was then I remembered the prayer the night before with the children. Asking GOD to protect us.
I saw the faces of the boy's praying with their eyes tightly closed and hands clasped in prayer.
Someone was clearly in the house. Finger prints were taken, the police report had been made, the police thought perhaps a rape was what the perpetrator was after?  Thank GOD that didn't happen either!
I know some day after this life is through and I am on the other side of the Veil, the LORD will run the tapes and show me what he protected us all from that cold night.
HE kept us all safe, just as we had prayed.
What was meant to be evil against us was turned into a blessing!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Sixth Sense

So, for me strange things started happening when I was very young. I always had an active sixth sense I guess. I always wondered why odd things were happening to me and yet no one was discussing these things when friends and family would hang out.
They talked about every other subject on earth, but nothing about all the odd things that seem to happen in this world.
Like the things that I would just seem to know or understand.
I wasn't sure how to approach the subject with others.
How could I have known without a doubt about something or someone? I could read intentions, but how and why?
I was often afraid about what would happen if I started asking questions.
I felt strange and weird. Why weren't others talking about all their strange experiences?
Weren't they having them? Didn't they see the "things", didn't they hear the audible voices? Were all their dreams wonderful and peaceful? Did they have night visions? Didn't they see the shadow people? Couldn't they hear the voices?
I was to shy and embarrassed as a young girl to ask anyone because it was all so frightening. I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy.  It was so normal for me. 
So where does this come from? The voices, the images, the happenings. The knowing? How is it one minute they were there and then they weren't!?
I finally got a little older and did ask a few questions. Others in my circles were not having similar experiences or at least they weren't telling me if they were. I wondered if they felt as odd in their private life as I did about it all and didn't want me to think they were crazy! I pondered it all for many years.
Then one year around my 28th birthday I had an experience that opened my eyes completely.
I had already seen by then an unidentified flying object along with a tall white alien being  and small grey aliens in an odd off world blue white haze. I had been on a ship that was not from this earth. I had also had many apparitions from another realm appear to me. Angels, demons, spirits and whatever else the black shadows were?  I had also heard my name called often and been instructed to do this or that, always leading to my protection, enlightenment or betterment somehow. 
I had also worked closely with a ministry that taught me about deliverance and demonology. I knew GOD through a personal relationship and followed HIS teachings.
What more could there be here on this planet?
There "was" actually more. And it was all from within!
This particular experience started as just a normal day,  (for whatever that's worth, Is there really a normal day in this life)?
My husband and I and our two young sons were headed for a theme park for the weekend in Florida. My husband had worked all day and I shopped and packed the luggage and car as we had planned to be leaving sometime after dinner. We ended up leaving late that evening around 11:00 p.m. as there were stops to make and things to pick up and so on.
We headed out of town taking the Interstate and were on the Howard Frankland bridge heading East towards Orlando. We were oddly the only car on the Interstate that night. It was a long drive over the bridge and we were all already tired, we were getting such a late start, the boys fell asleep quickly.  It was just all so exciting to be off for a wonderful fun packed well deserved weekend getaway!
When all of a sudden I got a very clear "sixth sense" message to be on the outside left lane of the interstate. Why? We had been riding along in the center of the bridge and for some reason I felt a strong desire to tell my husband to move to the outside lane. It seemed like a really silly request. I told my husband to get into the far left lane. He didn't even question me. But just before he moved over from the center lane he said to me, "do you see those police cruisers on the other side of the bridge coming right at us"?
I looked over and to my great horror I saw 3 police cars with lights flashing, traveling at a very high rate of speed coming towards us on same side of the bridge that we were on. I also thought I saw another fast moving vehicle that they seemed to be chasing! They were all heading right towards us, heading West as we were heading East on the same side of the bridge!
I felt a shaking fear come over me. Death seemed right at the door. I felt sick to my stomach. My husband looked white as a ghost! It became very clear to us we were in "grave danger".
WHICH lane should we be in?
The speeding cars were coming at us any minute!
But where will they come over the top of the bridge?
What could happen in a few seconds became very horrifying as we continued to blindly climb to the top of the bridge. We could no longer see the cars racing towards us. We wanted to stop and pull over but where? I screamed at my husband, "get in the far left lane"  We were now climbing up the highest point of the bridge when all of a sudden in the middle lane a car doing 100 miles per hour with it's lights off shot up over the top center lane of the bridge just two lanes over from us. 
 My husband then saw 3 police cars coming at us as well. They were literally 5 seconds behind the car they were all chasing in our direct path! They were all in the two center lanes! 
Had we not been in the far left lane our entire family would have been killed instantly on the top of the bridge at that very moment!
I turned around and stared in the back seat at my two beautiful sleeping babies and thought to myself, without the divine intervention of GOD speaking to me in the sixth sense of my mind we would all be dead. I started crying and so did my husband, We could not believe the great favor given to us at that very moment!
 It was overwhelming to say the least.  We were both shaking!
I wondered to myself how many accidents had happened in a similar manner but there were no divine interactions. My heart broke and rejoiced all in the same moment. We were blessed. The sixth sense is very real and I am grateful to this day that I am awake and aware of it. It's a gift and we all should open our minds and except it.