Monday, June 8, 2015

Extraterrestrial Awareness

So, it was 1979, I was on my way home from work late one night. I had left my place of employment at 2:00 a.m. I had about a 20 minute drive to St. Petersburg from Clearwater.  I was headed South on 28th Street North as I was nearing 34th Avenue where I would make my left into my neighborhood. As I was approaching this intersection I could see just past my left turn, straight ahead of me, something hovering over the railroad tracks.
I had no idea what it was. It was certainly not a train of any sort I thought as I approached it, as it was too high off the track and I could see clearly underneath it. What was that I thought out loud?
I was just under 200 feet from the craft now.
I slowed the car down as I passed my turn into the neighborhood and drove closer to the railroad tracks.
I remember the car now just shutting off as if I had turned the key off, but I never touched the key, my hands were still on the steering wheel!
I thought to myself, "Wow, that's odd", but before I could finish much of that thought I looked up through my cars window shield and saw the most amazing, beautiful object. 
This was like a living machine. It was stunning. It looked like one singular piece of metal that shown in the moonlight with a pewter like silver glow. It had a white blue light running along the center of it ever so slowly. It spread out over both lanes of the road, I found out later it was 42 feet in length and about 5 feet high. The blue light on the middle of the craft was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was a soft white pulsating blue glow. It was beautiful! The  craft was hovered, yet silent. No noise at all, no exhaust or emission of any kind. No steam either, how odd I thought. How can it do that?
I thought to myself, I have must have had an accident? Am I dreaming? Did I die? How can this be hovered over the railroad track? I don't believe in other worldly flying saucers. I have always thought they were comic book entertainment. I actually slapped my face hard on both sides to make sure I hadn't crashed and died!
No I felt that slap! Both times. I'm sitting here in the middle of 28th Street North staring south at something I don't believe in that is hovered over the railroad tracks! I was shocked! Truly dumbfounded in every sense of the word.
I was in awe of this amazing sight before my eyes.
I said to myself "whatever you do Teri, DON'T get out of the car!
And just as soon as I said that, I reached for the handle to let myself out of the car!
I started to call on GOD, "what is that GOD"?
How can this be happening to me? I remember saying "LORD, where do I file this in my mind"? How is this real?
Once out of the car I  stood firm holding tightly onto the open door jam of my little Honda Civic. I was truly white knuckle holding on tight to that door jam. I looked to my right and to my left, I looked behind me, there was no one anywhere. Not a sound either, No other cars anywhere. Where was every body? Then I thought to myself, of course no one is out here, it's 2:30 in the morning by now. I'm here all alone! But isn't anyone else around here awake?
Am I the only one seeing this?
I couldn't hear the noise of the city. Everything was perfectly still, as if I were in some protected bubble. Somehow I could see clearly even though it was dark out? Not even the slightest breeze could I see or feel. I could see the lights from businesses down the street and the light kept going from green to red on the corner of 28th Street and 30th Avenue, but there were no sounds. It was surreal.
I continued to stare at the craft hovering over the train tracks.
It was a mesmerizingly beautiful sight. Like nothing I had ever seen or imagined.
I thought to myself, "if GOD has allowed me to see this amazing sight here tonight there must be a reason for it. HE is showing me  there is a lot more to HIS story than what I currently know"!
I felt safe, and calm for some reason but  I was extremely curious.
All of a sudden after what seemed like only a few seconds I saw a huge blue white light shining towards me from my far right. It was the same sort of light that was circling the craft in front of me. 
 I looked into the light and saw a figure standing in the light. It had a huge head and was very thin and tall. It appeared to be whitish. The white blue light shown almost through it, which I thought was really odd. The being was very ugly and I remember looking away from it, thinking Oh GOD, you have to be kidding me, what the hell is that?  I seriously was shocked at this point as I tried to look away from the being. It was very creepy. Like nothing I had ever seen before. But somehow I was not completely afraid. I know that seems hard to believe, but I believe I was in denial a bit at what I was actually seeing. I know I didn't want to look straight at it because it was so ugly and different from anything I had ever seen. It had two of the biggest eyes I had ever seen on any creature in my life. But I wasn't afraid to the point of running. I felt I was again, somehow safe. Like this being was actually calming me somehow. I have no clue how however!
I remember looking down at the pavement to take my eyes off this being for a moment and I saw that I was standing on the road just in front of my car now. How did I get here? When did I let go of the car door jam?  I thought to myself, well, I'm certainly not going over there near that thing! And just as I said that, I saw my feet floating towards the creature in the blue light. I was not walking on the pavement, I was moving closer to the grass where the light and the creature were.  I could barely feel my feet, they seemed very heavy!
(I don't remember much after that until 32 years later, when I had a regression therapy with my then friend "Kathleen Marden". What I remembered in the regression session came to me over the period of her walking me through the process four different times).  Remembrance came slowly and unraveled a bit more with each visit. I was so grateful. I wanted to understand what happened to me that night. I just wanted to understand!
What I remembered with her expert help was being on the craft. In a small, very softly lit room of all white. No seams in the room I noticed, just a soft white glow with a table that I was lying on. The walls seemed to be the light in the room, the whole wall! It was like nothing I ever saw before. The room felt sterile but small. I lifted up my head from the table and saw my legs stretched out in front of me  and my sandals still on my feet. I am 5' 71/2" and I really felt somewhat cramped. I saw my uniform from my job still on me. I saw two different small creatures near my ankles. One on each side. The one on the left side was touching my ankle. I was very concerned! I don't know how I got in here? What are these things in here with me I was thinking? They were not the same as the one I had seen outside this room in the light. But the tall white creature was near my right shoulder and looking down on me. I looked up at it and noticed there was no nose or mouth. Just small slits like. The eyes were dominant. The skin was puffed but smooth and white. He (and I say he, because the voice seemed male), had no ears or hair on his body. He looked at me and said to me through his eyes, which I later found out was mental telepathy,
"We will not hurt you.  We will not take you".
It was just very matter of fact!
I immediately thought to myself "take me where"?
That was all I remember hearing audibly.
The next thing I remembered, I was again in front of my car. Just standing there. Alone in the middle of the street again. I looked around behind me and to both sides. My car door was still wide open. There was still no one else around. The light to my right was now gone. The craft I had seen earlier was still hovered over the railroad tracks in the exact same place it was before. I don't know how long I stood there staring at it, but all of a sudden it flipped vertically 90 degrees to it's right side. And now I beheld it vertically. It happened so fast I don't even recall seeing it flip. It instantaneously just flipped. I watched it there in the vertical position for a few minutes. I'm just not sure how long. Then I said something out loud that shocked me! I said "Please don't leave me here"! Please, don't go! I actually was begging this craft to stay! I thought to myself, what the heck am I saying here? Why am I saying that? That makes no sense at all.
And then I said it all again!
With that the craft took off at an incredible rate of speed towards the south and again came to a dead stop about 500 feet up in the air above me. I could still see the craft clearly. It was still in the vertical position with the belly of the craft to the left side.
All of a sudden, as if this experience weren't enough, I saw a huge ball of fire exit the belly of the craft and pulsate there next to the craft for a few minutes. Again I don't know how long it stayed there with the craft. I wondered what the fireball was going to do?
Again, I yelled out,
Please don't leave me here! Come back! Don't leave me!
Then, all of a sudden the craft and the fireball took off instantly at the same time at an incredible rate of speed to the west, towards the Gulf of Mexico.
I stood all alone now in the dark in the middle of the street and looked up in the sky saying "please, please come back".
I was so very confused by all this. I walked around for a minute or two in the center of the road. I had to try to wrap my mind around all this. What just happened here? Why? I had to talk to someone. I had to tell someone who knew and loved me. I needed to feel safe sharing this amazing experience. I decided right there and then that I would drive over to my Mom's and tell her what had just happened. So I got into my car and headed north back down 28th street to 50th Avenue North, where she lived. It was only about a minutes trip to her house from mine. I knocked on her door and her husband came to the door and said, "Teri, what are you doing here at this time in the morning"? I said, "Marty, Please, I just have to talk to my Mom, He said, "do you know what time it is"? I said, yes, I do, he said, it's 4:00 a.m. in the morning Teri, your mother is sleeping! (I laughed as he said this because I thought to myself, this nut thinks it's 4:00 a.m. in the morning, but it's only around 2:45 a.m. I thought to myself  because I was just was coming home from work, so it can't possibly be 4:00 a.m.) So I said to him again, "please Marty, can you wake her up, I really need to speak to her"?
I had no idea I had just experienced missing time. I didn't know there was such a thing as missing time, so how could it have made any sense to me? I thought Marty was mistaken when he told me what time it actually was.
Just then I saw my Mom come around the corner tying her robe belt and she said, "Marty, who is it there?  He replied to her, it's Teri, and my Mom said well for heavens sake Mart, let her in! I apologized to my Mom and Marty and said "I'm so sorry to come over so late at night, but I have just experienced something so bizarre I don't know what to think about it and I had to talk to someone who knows and loves me.
I relayed the entire night to her at that point.
And she listened quietly. She never questioned or interrupted me.
After I had finished explaining it all as it had happened, she looked me right in the eyes and said calmly and softly,
"Teri, don't worry about this, I have seen them too"!
I was beyond shocked when she said that!
There is so much more to this experience. But this is all I will share here. We are truly NOT alone on this planet. And again I will say,
Truth is stranger than any fiction!