Monday, April 20, 2015

Paranormal Intervention and Protection.

It was 1969 and I was living with my Mother and her boyfriend. I had come home from school after a very hot, long day in a High School with no air conditioning. It was around 94 degrees in the shade. I was thinking I would cool down out in the back yard in the pool and at least get a good Florida tan if I had to sweat to death for the rest of the day.
So, like all kids coming home from school I did my chores, a few dishes and a load of laundry, then I took my history book outside with me to read as I sat in the chaise lounge. After about an hour or so of enjoying the Florida afternoon I came in the house to get a drink of Iced tea.
I remember walking into the house to see that my Mom's boyfriend was home early from work. I never liked being around him. He always made me uncomfortable. I could never put my finger on why I didn't like being around him, but this I know, no matter how hard I tried to accept him for my mothers sake I could not loose the creepy feeling I always had in his presence. Today he would confirm my reasons for feeling this way.
I had said hello to him when I saw him in the kitchen, and then made my way down the hall to my room. He was in my way and acted as if he wasn't going to let me pass him at first. I thought that odd but just went around him. He was always acting strange, I thought.
Coming out of my room now, I headed towards the kitchen to get my ice tea. I had to pass him again. I dreaded being within one foot of this creep.  Although I had tried to be nice he always made me feel so uncomfortable. I got as far as the closet door in the living room and all of a sudden for no reason he lunged towards me and threw me up against the wall. He was very strong and I tried to fight him off of me. He tried to rip my top off as he held me by the neck against the closet door with one hand. I was so shocked and stunned by what he was doing I started to scream at the top of my lungs. He then tried to rip my pants off me. He hit my face with his free hand and told me to shut up!
All of a sudden the strangest thing happened! Right before my very eyes he turned white! Like he saw a ghost! He was just staring at me. He literally froze! His eyes were full of fear! He didn't move a muscle. He took his hand off my neck for a split second and I heard someone say to me "RUN". And I did! Right to the front door and out into the front yard.
I then ran to a neighbors house and called my Mom at work.
I told her what had just happened.
Both my Mother and I were sure that it was GOD himself who protected me from her boy friends abuse, GOD told me to run!
Out of a very horrible scenario the Almighty Protected me and made a way out for me to safety. I am eternally grateful!
Life has many lessons to teach us, we're all on a different course but headed to the same destination. It's comforting to know that we really are never alone.
And I take great peace in knowing
GOD is for me!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Reptilian

So, it was March of 2015.
I was sound asleep and having a horrible experience while I slept.
I wasn't dreaming and I knew it. This was more than a dream.
I was able to come out of the experience at 3:54 a.m. and sat straight up in bed.
I was tempted to wake my husband up and discuss what I had been experiencing, but decided I would be unable to communicate what had just happened. It was so bizarre!
Most people would think it was only a dream. How can I communicate that this was no dream! It was a conundrum that became clear to me as I sat there in bed.
However the processes or experiences happen to us, they happen in such a way that you appear to be dreaming.
 But you're clearly not!
We are manipulated somehow in our sleep.

The experience was so bizarre even after all I have been through, that I wondered how I would share this. How can I communicate this properly? It was so completely frightening!
Upon full waking, or shall I say realization,
My memories were always previously blocked from me somehow.  Previously when I had my experiences upon my waking I would remember nothing. But this time I remembered everything.
 I hadn't been deprogrammed to forget what took place while I was under. I didn’t want to forget what had happened or have it erased. My problem was how can I communicate that this wasn't a dream? How can I share that I woke up before the deprogramming took place?
How do they do that to experiencers?

While I was under I heard the woman say, she is waking up, quick attend to her she is waking up! The women in the room were all around me, about three of them in white gown type suits, trying to give me some strange anesthesia.
What happened to me was as follows:

 I was approached by a tall thin man wearing blue jean, a white shirt and a straw hat. I found myself in a strange cave like area that he had brought me to.
It was very, very cold.
I realized I was in an underground catacomb that was very dimly lit and I remembered I had been taken there several times before. It was actually quite familiar. The smell the dampness and the darkness of it was so unique. Not something you could easily forget. It was a place I had clearly remembered being to at least three times before.

Living in Florida I'm not accustomed to this deep, wet cold that I felt but somehow I knew I would be OK.

The man led me to a place where I would converse with a being that is in captivity there. The man explained that I would be OK but I was very uneasy.
 I somehow understood I was going to see an extraterrestrial being.
The ET lived here in the catacombs.
I was asked to say very little to the entity and wait for the entity to address me first. I was told by the man in the straw hat that he was large and very frightening, yet I was in no real danger. He assured me he would stay close to me while I was in the catacomb cage.

As we walked down towards the cage I found myself feeling very curious, cautious and was severely shaking.
Everything in me wanted to run in the other direction.
My insides were shaking terribly! I was so afraid of the unknown I hadn’t interacted with an extraterrestrial in the catacombs before. It was so overwhelming!
To this moment I don't know why I didn't turn and run.
I was compelled to go towards this entity.
Something in me kept right on walking fearlessly forward!
That made no sense to me at all. Like I was on autopilot.

Was I under some kind of control? Was it mind control I wondered? Why was I a part of all of this any way?  Why me?  I'm no one special, I thought to myself!

We kept walking a long way deeper into the catacomb and I was told the cage was coming up ahead on the right. I tried to prepare myself for what my eyes would now see.
However, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw!
As I walked forward now the stone dirt floor was uneven, hard to walk on and even more dimly lit.
It added to my unstable feeling.
Then we finally arrived.

The cage was extremely large. I wanted to look away and run in the other direction. I was still shaking and I could see "him" clearly in the back of the cage standing very tall. Then he slowly began to approach the front of his cage area. I was led inside the gate area by the handler with the straw hat. My insides were trembling and made me feel like the shaking was a constant vibration.
It was cold in the cage and very damp. He walked towards me on two very strong looking legs. I looked down, I didn't want to look up. I was too afraid.
His legs were very muscular. Frighteningly large!

He is a reptilian.

Odd shades of green and grey I could see in the dim lighting with actual scales as thin as fish scales. It was at least 8 feet tall and extremely frightening to look at.
Over powering in every sense of the word. He is very much a living lizard like creature. His eyes are large I could feel his gaze fixed on me for the moment. He is clearly in charge here!  His face isn't long like a lizard's, it's much shorter. There are only three digits on his hands and feet that I could see. His size was more frightening than his face to me. Not a normal nose tip, it was closed with no nostrils, and the area that would have a mouth did not have one. This creature isn't like anything I had ever heard of, or seen, or even imagined before.
I trembled with fear.
Initially beyond frightened, I was frozen for the moment. I was trying to focus away from him.
I could feel my fear rising in me. Since his cage was so large I felt as if I could at least move away from him if anything went wrong. I was glad it was the size it was.
I wanted to back away, but didn't. The handler left the bars wide open on the cage after I entered.
I was very grateful for that.
In the entity’s presence I could hear his thoughts.
I wondered if he was a demonic force of some kind?
I was hoping that thinking that would not anger him.
 I was afraid to even think anything but I knew that it knew that I was afraid.
It didn't smell good in the cage and didn’t want to know what was causing the nasty odor.

Neither of us moved very much at the onset.
I remained lowly in posture and quiet and he initiated the conversation.
The truth is I was so frightened I couldn't think straight!
I do remember speaking to him through telepathy.
 We didn't look at each other as we spoke. But we telepathically were having a full conversation. 
This was really odd to me, as he didn't even need to make eye contact with me to hear his thoughts!
I was really horrified by his sight and I knew that he knew that.
 I looked over to my right as he stood close to me. I could see him out of my peripheral view and that was enough for me.  I understood it was for my comfort.

I say "he" as his voice was a very low male sounding voice that shook me like a woofer speaker.
A few times he came very close to me but I didn't try to look this entity in the face. I was thinking, "He's the size of a grizzly bear" and I certainly wouldn't look a grizzly in the face. He had a strong, overpowering presence. He was so other worldly.
 Perhaps my cowering position was more peaceful I thought? Less intimidating to him?
I didn't dare move quickly.
I didn't want to cause any attention to myself at all!

I thought, I wonder what I look like to him.
If I'm scaring him as much as he's scaring me?
I doubted it but I could feel that he understood my frightened feelings.

I have heard so much about aggressive reptilian creatures, I was hoping there would be no confrontation here! He knew I was afraid of him. It took everything in me not to turn and run! I mean everything! He knew that too!

The man with the hat stood outside the cage area very still. He was always in view. He had a high ranking I somehow understood, I don't know if the Reptilian told me that or not, but he was like a handler of this being. Assigned to him. I didn't understand why the man in the hat was dressed down. The straw hat threw me.
Maybe it was suppose to?
I'm still not sure why?

I had a conversation with this entity for about a half hour it seemed, and was then guided back out of the cage.
The man in the straw hat closed the cage.
We went back out the same way we came in.

I was now in a large room with many windows, like a normal well lit hospital room, where there were military type people all around, male and female and I heard a woman say, she can't wake up this time. We will begin the process now.
But I was already awake!
I escaped their efforts to keep me under!

No sooner had she said it, I completely woke up!
I found myself sitting in my own bed.

I woke up my husband after giving it all some thought.
I immediately told him what had happened.
He was extremely quite as I shared all this.
I tried to relay how we are manipulated to forget the process we are put under while we have experiences.
How they make it come off as a dream, so much so as to confuse us. Who is "they" I wondered? I don't know!
The military? The ET’s?

This I do know however....
I think we are controlled at times somehow. We experience more than what we remember. We’re not allowed to remember some things. Why? We’re given information within us, not meant for all eyes and ears.
But for our understanding for a future need.
I hope sharing this will help someone else remember their experience.
Truth is truly so much stranger than fiction.
And not everything that happens to us is known to even us

The Uninvited LOUD Music

So, I was cleaning the house this morning, Tuesday April 7th, 2015 at 8:40am, and after I had put a load of clothes in the washer and one in the dryer I started to head to the kitchen to wash my dishes. 
I had woken up this morning with a horrible stabbing behind my right eye. It really hurt and it kept throbbing as I was doing my house work. I was trying to ignore it as much as I could but it was really beginning to be bothersome.
I thought, oh well, I better get these few dishes done so I can go put my head on the pillow for a moment and rest my eye.
It always takes a moment for the water to get hot, so I started  wiping down the counter waiting for the water to heat up in the sink. GOD forbid I should waste a moment, right! 
I was unaware that the next few moments would be epic in my day.
I was standing in front of the window in the kitchen and I was watching the birds on a neighbors dock as I started to wash the popcorn bowls in the now hot water, from the night before. I finished the first one and laid it in the drainer and as I picked up the second bowl, I heard music playing in the house. I heard a very loud song being played in my living room, which is directly behind me as I stood in the kitchen. The song was getting louder, so loud it sounded as though it was coming from a huge speaker.
I thought to myself, we don't have a huge speaker in the living room, so where is that coming from? 
I knew my phone was in the bedroom, so I knew something was wrong here. The T.V. was off and the lap top was closed!
Where is this music coming from?
I had never heard this song before and I was trying to place it from something or somewhere, but with no luck. It wasn't the type of music I would ever choose to listen to. It had words but I was baffled at the loudness of it and I didn't pay much attention to what the words were.
It got louder still and it frightened me, it got so loud it was unreal!
 I dropped the popcorn bowl in the sink and finally spun around to see where this loud music was coming from!
As I turned to confront the music, I shut the water off in the sink and instantly the music stopped. I approached the front room and I looked out the front window to see if it could have been a car stereo going by, but there was no car. If there would have been a car I would still hear the music after shutting off the water!
But the music stopped at the exact moment I shut the water off!
I walked into the living room and stood there for a moment.
The hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up and I felt as if there was a lighting bolt going through me.
I felt electrified somehow.  
I spoke openly and said out loud in the living room,
Lord JESUS, what was that?  
I just stood still. Waiting for a reply. I heard no reply.
I felt a bit of fear, so I quickly rebuked the feeling and went to the bedroom to get my phone to call my room mate and explain what was happening in case something more began to happen.
After I shared what had just taken place I hung the phone up.
I went back into the living room and waited a moment more.
 Still nothing. My eye hurt so bad I thought I would have to go lay down and close it immediately. It was just pounding.
What was happening here?
I instantly went back to the kitchen to do the dishes.
There was no music.
I'm not sure what had caused the loud music. It was a country type of tune. Very odd. Nothing I had ever heard before and in a man's voice. The words were superfluous. They didn't mean anything to me of what I could remember. But now I cannot for the life of me even remember one word I heard. It was so sudden and strange.
Often odd things happen, but why? That's always my question.
Perhaps it will come to me in another form or situation.
Or is it that I need to literally "Face the music" about something?
I'm in prayer for an answer.
Our GOD is the GOD of humor actually!