Friday, July 6, 2018

The Guest Validation

So, it was June of 2018. I was conducting a Mutual UFO Network meeting in Lakeland Florida as I usually do. We had flown in from up north a very popular T.V. personality to stay with us and some friends while he was here.  After he spoke at our meeting he came to stay with us from the other host home. We had a wonderful bedroom set up for him in our studio/office. He loved the set up and we all had a great time doing interviews and visiting with good friends while he was here. He wanted to be in the studio as he was going to be on his LIVE Pod cast that next night, and he wanted to be in the studio to use it for that reason.
Everything was going just fine.
We never shared much about our home and how many odd & strange things had occurred here.
That night as he slept in the studio he thought he had seen my little dog, Lovey (a small chihuahua 6 lbs. or less)  in the room with him. He saw this a few times. He said something was running around the room low to the ground along the floor boards, but he could not see it clearly and it didn't make any sound. He also said as he lay in bed that night, he felt someone laying right next to him and breath in his face.  He reported that, "that incident" really frightened him. He quickly rose up and grabbed his phone and turned it on to use it as a night light. There was no one there. He was sure there was another human in the room with him, but where had they gone? No dog in the room was ever seen again either? He said he calmed himself down as he didn't want to wake us all up at that time in the morning, and he finally fell back off to sleep.
The next morning he woke up and told us of this happening. He was really anxious about it.
We all stood amazed at what he had just shared with us as we had the dog (Lovey) in the kennel all night long. She was not in his room, the door where her kennel is, remains always closed while she is sleeping. And our guest's door was also closed. It was impossible for him to have seen our dog. It was physically impossible for our dog to be in the room with him.
We also have a very tiny tea cup chihuahua named Wolfgang Tucker who was also in his kennel sleeping all night in our bedroom on the other side of the house with our door shut as well.
Whatever he saw was NOT a LIVE dog.
What our guest did not know, was that I had seen on several occasions in my home over the last few months, the exact same thing! I had shared with several people who our guest did not talk to about me seeing the same thing. What I thought was my dog, in the house, was actually a brown, low to the ground spirit which moved like a small dog quickly from place to place.  Stopping and then quickly moving again and again. It was always seen through the peripheral vision, I thought that very odd. But none the less it was clearly seen, time and again. It was very alarming as I kept seeing it. When I saw this on two occasions I had yelled at my son to please put the dog out as she was running through the house and I was afraid she may pee in the house acting as crazy as she was. My son then walked into the room I was yelling from and said to me, Mom, the dog is outside laying in her bed sleeping!
I got up to see that what my son told me was in fact accurate. I saw our Lovey sound asleep in her bed on the pool deck. I told him what I saw and he said the same thing had happened to him a week earlier. My son said he didn't mention it to me then as he thought he maybe could have imagined it, because it was not our dog!
My husband who was not home while my son and I discussed this incident told us he had seen the exact same thing one evening. We then shared with him what we had both seen as well.
Having our guest see this was very alarming. We had rebuked the small entity and thought it was gone. Obviously it wasn't. It had come back.
So again we bound the entity in the name of JESUS, and prayed it would not remain , or return to our home.
We have not seen it again to this date.
As for the breathing our guest felt in his room while laying in bed,  we have had many reoccurring issues in our studio with strange happenings. 
A young girl who used to live in this home was killed in a strange way before we bought the home. As sad as that is, there have been sightings of her and voices and strange sounds throughout the house.
Because we are demonologists we are often attacked by forces from other dimensions when we are working with people to set them free from hauntings, possessions and poltergeist activity.
We felt our guest unknowingly validated what we already knew.
We prayed for him and were glad he had no further issues.
He said he "Loved" being here in our home!
I hope we can get him to return again at the end of the year to be a guest here locally once again.
Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Glowing Ball of Light

It has been a wonderfully strange weekend so far. Lot's of truth and questions being answered. An unexpected visit from my grand daughter presented and her need to stay the weekend for a much needed visit.
So, this entire day and evening I was having a wonderful time talking with my grand daughter. We had spent a lovely time together so far, going over a few heavy subjects and some painful situations that happened to her thus far in her life.
We both wanted to lighten the conversation and get some sun before it got too late, so we jumped in the pool and were floating in sheer bliss for a few hours and on into the evening.  Dusk was beginning to set in around us, but it was still light out. A small storm was off to the north of us and I was chatting and watching the northern skies as I floated along in the pool, as I often do. When suddenly a huge round glowing white orb or ball "perfectly round" appeared out of nowhere in the center of a dark cloud I happened to be looking at! It was so surreal! Not natural at all! I watched it for a moment as I was surprised by the size of it. I sat up in my float, It seemed to be close and yet the size of the Moon! It was truly an amazing site to see.  I pointed it out to my grand daughter and said, "hey, look at that big bright circle over there" she had been facing south and could not see it as we spoke. I was still in the pool as I pointed this large Orb out to her. She turned to look at it and just as she did it simply vanished! Just like that. I could not believe she didn't get a chance to see it. That was extremely odd and disappointing to me. 
It had been in the sky for all of one minute before I called it to her attention, as she was turning her head to view it, when it just disappeared!
I immediately knew I was looking at another dimension.  Something wanted me to know it was here, but what was that? I've never before seen anything like that. It was NOT the moon, it was not a planet, so what was it?
I am hoping it comes back tonight so I might understand what I saw.
The frustrating thing about seeing something momentarily is that  we are not always sure of what we are seeing. Perhaps there will be vivid dreams tonight? I am always open minded to what is happening around me. I pray for clarity, and understanding tonight. There is always a reason why odd things happen, sometimes we just need to dig a bit deeper to find out!
I know it was spiritual, So I trust It will come to me.
It always does eventually.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Homecoming

So, we're finally home from our long trip to California. The flight there was 6 hours and we had a delay because of weather. The meetings I attended were elongated as we stayed up way past our bedtimes to visit and get to know friends better. Never forgetting we were 3 hours ahead for the time changes from Florida!
Sure makes you tired just thinking about it.
Once there in California, our hotel room was robbed. We reported the robbery to the front desk, and then the next night the stolen article was mysteriously returned in a very obvious spot in the room.
It's always so obvious.
The flight home was even worse as we had a two hour layover, and then an extended flight from where we were layed over.
Then once home, we found the train to our parking garage was broken (even though it was brand new) and there was no way prepared to take us back to the car for over one hour. When it rains it pours...Did I mention we were dead tired?
Before we left for California I kept hearing voices and noises from around the house. I didn't think much of it, as it's almost become common place for me. I tend to ignore these slight intrusions anymore.  I just rebuke them and move on.
My son had been here holding down the fort at our home and watching our two wonderful, loving fur babies, Wolfgang Tucker, and Lovey.
The first night home while playing with the dogs,
I was sitting out on the lanai around 11:00pm at night, enjoying the cool night air and talking with my son and husband about how things went while we were gone. My son replied, there was nothing to speak of. No voices or noises or anything else funky while we were away.
As we sat in the chairs looking towards the house enjoying the peacefulness of the evening, the back pool bathroom light all of a sudden lite up! The lights came on! Then the lights in the Studio came on! We all said, what is going on? Is someone in the house. My husband jumped up and went inside for a look. He went straight for the pool bath. There was no one there at all. He rushed into the studio, and there was no one there either! The light was on, but no one was in the house!
He  came back out to the lanai and said, well, there is no one home but the local ghosts.
We all laughed and agreed.
We all settled back into our lounge chairs on the lanai and kept chatting.
After maybe 20 minutes the bathroom light went out, all by itself. The studio light remained on. I rebuked the whole situation in the name of JESUS, and we all decided with that we would all head off to bed.
Some homecoming!
Nothing odd happened or was in the house the whole time we were gone. Once back home and in the saddle (so to speak) and here come the attacks.
It's all simply laughable anymore. How strange that the strange and bizarre can be normal!
Truth is always stranger than fiction.
We are never really alone on this planet.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

CHOSEN For The Job

So it was 1980. I was at home with my two young boys and I was trying to teach myself to play the guitar. I thought maybe, because I could sing so well, perhaps playing the guitar would be something I could do to bring finances into my life!
That wasn't happening!
My fingers were so sore, there was no way I could play that thing! I put the guitar down and asked GOD to help me find something I could do to begin a career to help myself financially. I knew I needed to work, but doing what I thought?
It was then I clearly heard the voice of the LORD audibly say to me,
"Pick up the phone, call every Dentist in the phone book until you are hired"!
I didn't even give this a second thought! You see, GOD has always spoken audibly to me throughout my entire life, so, I picked up the phone book and started calling local Dental offices.
I identified myself and said I was wondering if they had any openings in their front offices? I called about 11 numbers in the book and was turned down so far by every one. The 12th number was a Dr. Christian, who was located a few miles from my home. A woman had answered the phone, identified herself as Sheila, she was extremely pleasant and was more than willing to listen to me as I made my verbal introductions.
I said to her what I had said to all 11 other woman who had answered the phone. She asked me after I made my inquisition, "how did you get this number, how did you hear about us"? I went quiet for a moment, pondered my reply and then said, I had prayed and asked GOD for direction for a new job, and he told me to call every Dentist in the phone book until I was hired! She said to me in a stunned voice, "Are you kidding me"?
I replied very matter of factly, "No, Mam, not at all"!
She was quite on the phone for a minute, and then she said, "well, I am 7 months pregnant and I was just today thinking that we would need someone here at the office to take over while I'm away for maternity leave for about three months". She also asked me if  "Did I have any experience working in a Dental office"?  I replied, "no, but I have worked front desks before, and for Honeywell in the past and I am a very quick learner"! With that, Sheila said to me, "I simply have to meet you! "Are you available to come here today, NOW"? I said very excitedly, yes, I am!
So I quickly cleaned myself up, put the children in the car, and headed off to the Dental office to meet Sheila. The children stayed in the car with sandwiches and coloring books and a stern speaking to, too stay in the car and speak to no one! With that I went in the office. Sheila and I spoke for about a half hour and she hired me right there on the spot! I started my training a week later.
This began my career in Dentistry. It was a long very satisfying career. From 1980 to 2009, With a myriad of spiritual experiences in between!
If we all could just tune in to the voice of GOD that we all hear. Think of how simple life could be.
We have to know how to hear HIS voice when HE speaks to us.
Then follow and obey.
All it takes is the art of listening.
Training our ear to hear HIS voice!
I'll say it again, TRUTH is stranger than any written fiction!

The Exposed Evening

So, it was a late evening in 1979 and I was at work.
I was working in Clearwater Florida about 40 miles from my home in St. Petersburg. I had chosen to work a night shift job so my husband could work a daytime job, so we could get ahead financially. It was an easy, fun position I worked at and I really enjoyed it. Being so young with two children it allowed me a bit of  freedom I still longed for as well. To get away a bit.
I was very good at my job  and was moved into a training position early on for all the new people we hired. It was more money and responsibility and I loved it.
I had considered going into management at this point with this company but thought to myself, this isn't what I want to do for my life work. So I was making decisions about what I really wanted to do with myself later in a career.
I had been there for about two years at this point and was thinking it may be time for a career change.
Often in my life the LORD had come to me to speak to me. Sometimes audibly and sometimes through very strong impressions on my heart.
So, on this particular night, as I was working early on in my shift, I kept hearing the LORD speak to me. It was a very strong impression I was receiving. More than once I heard him call my name. I stopped each time I heard HIS voice but wasn't sure why I was hearing it. Each time I heard HIM call me, there was then silence. HE (GOD) had never spoken to me in a work place situation before and I wondered if I was really hearing HIM or was it my imagination? (Later on in my life HE would speak to me again at work, but this was the first time, at this point)
Did HE (GOD) want me to go to an area where I was alone and sit and listen I wondered? So, I excused myself from my position and went into the main office area where there was no one around.
I locked the door and sat and waited on GOD.
I said to the LORD, "Yes, I know I heard you"! Then it happened, right there at work! HE spoke to me clearly, as if HE were standing right in front of me! I heard HIS voice.
I felt he was telling me to "GO HOME NOW". I wondered for a moment, really? Go home now? I felt as if HE also was implying  to leave this place permanently, literally at that very moment.  
My shift wasn't over for 6 hours yet. But again I felt HIM say to me strongly, "LEAVE HERE NOW, GO HOME"! With that, I laid down on the floor, Hands out in front of me, in a prayerful and worshipping kind of way and said to HIM, "OK, I'll quit and go home right now as you request"! I repented then for questioning HIM in this and thought to myself, something must be going on at home, The LORD wants me to leave this all behind, NOW!
I have to leave right now!
With that, I stood up, walked over to the box that held my time card and punched out. I went into the lobby where my boss was and handed him my apron and badge and said, "I'm leaving tonight permanently, right now actually, for good.  I'll be back at the end of the week to collect my paycheck".  My boss was floored! He said to me, "you can't leave here now, you have a shift to finish, I'm depending on you, your my best worker Teri"! I smiled at him and explained this conversation wasn't up for discussion. I thanked him for the position and all his kindness towards me, and I turned and headed to the parking lot and to my car. It was really kind of sad in a way! But I had to do as I felt the LORD instructed me, that was paramount!
Once in my car, I felt so strange, I asked GOD, why had HE  requested this of me? What is happening at home? Why now?
It didn't really matter though, If GOD say's to go home, I am going home! HE did not answer me, I was simply feeling the need now more than before to continue home.
I started my trek home praying all the way.
When I got a block from my home I literally heard the LORD say out loud, "SHUT YOUR LIGHTS OFF"!
"Really, I replied"?
OK, I said out loud, and I did just that. I shut the car lights off! That was weird, I know suspected something horrible was going on! I was kind of shaking, what was I going to find?
I pulled up in front of the house, and the house looked dark inside. I shut the car off, walked up to the house and opened the front door.
There on the couch to my great surprise, in my living room, in the dark ,was my neighbor friend and my husband. 
My neighbor was a sweet  girlfriend of mine!
I was absolutely shocked!
I had no idea at all what I was going to find! This girlfriend was such a sweet girl! I had always liked her so much.
"What is going on here I asked"?
She jumped up and apologized profusely over and over to me for being there alone with my husband in the dark, she begged me to forgive her, over and over, and she then ran out the front door crying. I was speechless.
The LORD wanted me to know what was happening.
It was the beginning of the end of my first marriage.
The next day, I told my husband that the LORD had spoken to me  when I was at work and demanded I come home, quit my job and go home now! I told him I knew nothing about this friend of mine and him. My husband knew that was true, it all had just started, there was no way I could have known.
He was freaked out, to say the least, as he knew that the LORD had often spoken to me many times in my life and was dumbfounded that the LORD literally exposed his and her behavior to me.
I had no idea that this affair was going on, none at all!
It made for an easy transition out of the marriage. It was hard on me and the children but it was somehow OK too.
The LORD later spoke to me audibly and said to me,
"I have removed your lover and friend", I found that amazing. HE did not call my husband at the time, "my husband", but just simply, my lover and friend. Oddly, that is always how I actually felt about my first husband. Like we were just great friends that took our relationship farther than it should have gone.
This was very perplexing to me. It went against everything I had believed in. Had I been taught wrong?
My point here in sharing this sad, true portion of my life is this, GOD will do what HE desires to do in our lives. If HE wants the truth to be seen, HE will expose it. Sometimes HE does it this way for us, sometimes HE doesn't. I am grateful for what HE has led me through in my life. Even if it was hard!
I am not a perfect person. Dear reader please don't think I'm painting myself out to be a saint, the LORD disciplines me as I need it too. I have made many mistakes along the way myself.
This I know, truth in the spiritual realm is stranger than any fiction that could ever be written.
GOD will do what is right for our lives, if we like or not!
We are here to learn and grow! 
 I'm forever grateful for my lessons.
This night was just a drop in the bucket of life for me.
My experiences have always been bizarre by most standards. Sometimes when you think "a little birdie" told someone what you have done or what someone else has done to you.....Think again...It may not be a bird at all, it could be GOD himself exposing us, for our own good!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ectoplasm Type Apparition

So, it was a strange day for me!
Things were a bit off. I was with two good guy friends and we all had a pretty good day, but I was being pressured most of the day (Peer pressured) into something I was not interested in doing. My best friends wanted me to smoke a joint with them and I was dead set against it! I don't smoke cigarettes and I hate the smell of them, and I'm not a fan of the smell of pot either, not to mention it was illegal at the time. I just had no interest in smoking anything!
I was holding my own in this peer pressure issue all day!
On this night we would all experience something we had each never seen or imagined before, not in our wildest dreams! The bizarre happenings of life had come my way a few times before this day, but never like this, never so bizarre!
I was young and had no real beliefs about anything, other than I knew somehow GOD was real.  I wasn't strongly connected to any of this yet, having been raised religious by my parents, I hadn't made any progress in my own thinking about it at all yet in my life.
That was soon to change! This night would teach me about the truth of living in this anomalous world!
However, no one could have prepared me for what was about to become a new reality for me on this odd evening.
Around 11:00 pm or so I went to my friends apartment, with my other friend, which was a new experience for me. We all drove over separately. I had never been there before. So I was excited to see where my friend lived. It was an old upstairs apartment, in a 4 apartment building located behind and kind of catty corner to an old hospital in St. Petersburg, FL, St. Anthony's. These friends were really great guys and I trusted them both completely. We parked our cars out in the front street. We had known each other for a few years by now. We then walked up the left side of the building on an old steel staircase. (A lot of apartments in Florida were built this way with outside staircases) It was a nice place for the most part, the typical old Florida building, heavily painted wood frames and old sinks and kitchen appliances. Clean enough but not that big. There was a sofa and a couple of chairs in the dimly lit apartment living room, across from a table and two chairs, it was a one room kitchen and living room kind of arrangement. I say dimly lit because there was a candle my friend had lit, there were no lights on. It was sitting on the coffee table closest to me to my right.
Both guys were teasing me about being such a goof because I wouldn't have one toke of their joint. They were both enjoying themselves and laughing at me. After at least another hour, I finally said OK, OK, ONE TOKE, and then please knock off the peer pressure!
I had spent 8 hours fighting these two about this issue, I thought to myself, Geeze, shut up already you two, I figured, heck it won't kill me, I'll take one hit!
As my one friend passed me the joint, I put it up to my lips to take a hit of it and oddly enough out of my left peripheral vision I saw a strange smoke coming from near the kitchen sink area which was to my left. I turned to look in that direction. I noticed that both friends were looking at it also. We weren't saying anything at all to each other at this point. We were in shock! Just watching in disbelief, and here I am holding this dam joint, we were all thinking what is that ? It clearly wasn't a fire. It wasn't smoke. Nothing like I'd ever seen before. What the hell is that? I'm sure that's what we were all thinking? It was rising from the floor up to the first drawer of the cupboard. It was moving quickly. It looked like some kind of weird smoke.
Then all of a sudden, it grew to at least 5 feet 10 inches tall, and as if something became alive in the smoke, it formed a face, a frightening, ghostly white face, strange hair, the eyes were horrifying, like big empty holes, they had a frightening look to them, that was more horrifying than anything I had ever seen. The face was long and came to almost a point at the chin, the mouth had long pointed teeth in it, and the mouth was open, then the face began to move! The face was fixed on me! Then the body began to float towards us!  Both my friends screamed at the top of their lungs! Loud and full of terror! I was frozen in fear! Literally frozen! They both got up and ran for the stairs that led down to the yard in front of the apartment. I was unable to move for a moment. In that moment the entire apparition flew instantly into my face and I thought I was going to die. I lost it! I had no idea what had just happened to me! I think I lost time, I was so numb and afraid I had no sense of time at all, I just remembered finally standing up and running down the stairs somehow as fast as I could! I don't really remember much, I was so afraid. I can only recall what I finally was able to do. Get the hell out of that apartment!
Both of my friends were standing in the front yard scared out of their minds! They were so afraid. I said what did you see? What happened up there? What the hell was that?
We all talked about it for a minute. We all agreed we saw the same white horrifying apparition!
They didn't have a clue how it all happened anymore than I did!  They were so afraid. They both decided to leave. I was shocked!  I had just experienced the single most frightening thing that had ever happened to me at that point in my life and now they were going to leave!
Life is a strange trip sometimes.
I did not know it at that time, but I had come face to face with a demonic apparition. It was beyond frightening in every sense of the word. And literally Face to Face! It flew right through me in an instant. I have no idea where it went! Once it had gone threw me, I got up and ran for my life!
I knew there was real demonic activity at this point, and it was attacking my life! It just came calling for me. WHY? I have to wonder why at that very moment it decided to appear to us. It was no coincidence! It came right towards me. How I wish it wouldn't have. However, This was the beginning of my spiritual battles. A door opened in that apartment that night. A portal if you will, that took me years to learn how to close.
This is why today I am a demonologist.
It is also why I am a strong believer in the GOD that saved from all of this horror! 
My life  experiences are proof that truth is stranger than any fiction!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


So, it was 1978. The LORD had  guided me to help a young mother and her sister through some tuff times for them. The Husband of the sister worked in a chemical company that produced famous brand Shampoos and Body lotions and the like.
A few miracles had taken place while we all walked a very difficult road together for a season and The husband wanted to do something for me to repay their gratitude. How silly I thought, I hadn't done anything but pray for them. The husband and his wife had come to my attention through the young mother and we all experienced the GRACE of GOD in miraculous ways over a four year period. It had nothing whatsoever to do with me. It was the LORD! I was just the blessed human who experienced the miracles along side these folks.
The husband would not take no for an answer from me! He offered money, gifts, and the like and I said no, firmly no! No favor, PLEASE!
He was so determined to do something for me, he was really very sweet and thankful.
So being that he worked in management for a major chemical company he choose to do something for us in a practical manner. He drove by my home very early one day and left two, one gallon bottles of the company's most famous shampoo and conditioner on the door step. I saw something and looked quickly out the window as he dropped off "something". I then watched the him  get into his car, close the door, and then Drive away,  I got up from the kitchen table and went to the door wondering what had just happened here? I saw the two gallon jugs sitting there on the bricks with a note and curly colored confetti attached to them. The note read "please except SOMETHING for our gratitude", we love you! After I read the note, I laughed and said to myself, "well now this is a great gift", we can surly all use this! 
With that I closed the door and went into the house and put the shampoo and conditioner in the shower and didn't think of it again!
It just left my thoughts.
We used the "gift" every night with every shower, my husband and my two boys and myself. I marveled at how having a gallon of this stuff really made a difference as it seemed to never run out.
I thought to myself, from now on, I'm always buying in this bulk size!  It lasts forever! And again I forgot about it.
Life went on and showers happened every night!
A year later I was at the store and I was going over my grocery list. I thought to myself, gee, I'm so sick of that gallon of shampoo, perhaps I should get something new? I was sick of looking at the big jug on the shelf in the bathroom! But then I thought, "well, it's more frugal to wait until it runs out I guess, were not millionaires, I won't spend the grocery money on shampoo if I still have some left, It does smell really good and heck, we have hardly used any of the conditioner"!
So with that I again just forgot about it.
A year later, YES, a year later, I looked at that large jug of shampoo and conditioner and said, "HEY, wait a minute here, this is still half full"! "How can that be"? "What's going on here"? I asked my boys and husband if they remembered the kind husband two years ago that dropped this off to us as a gift? They all said, "yes", I said, hey guy's, that was two years ago! We still have shampoo and conditioner left! This is a miracle! There is no other way to explain it. My oldest son Jason said "Mom, I use that every night" I said as do I, and I use it on your brother, and my husband said I have also only used that stuff! We all sat there quietly for a moment and then just burst into laughter! Why? Shampoo? Really?
YES, really! It was an anointed gift. GOD showed us great favor.
We to this day still talk about the miraculous shampoo incident.
Miracles happen every day, we don't always recognize them but none the less they happen!
I'm grateful, very grateful to see how GOD cares for us in ways we would never expect!
Truth my friend is always stranger than fiction!

A Battle Won

So, it was the summer of 1977. I was in my first home in Florida .
I had been praying and asking the LORD to speak to me as how I could serve HIM.  I was the Mother of two young boys which was a full time job and yet I wanted to  do more, If I could.
I had been helping a young mother and her 3 children rehabilitate their lives and finally there was relief after a year, so I felt I was ready for what was next to come.
While speaking that day with Hilary, (the woman I was helping with her children) I found, she had a sister that was pregnant from a one night stand a few months earlier with a co-worker, and was heading off to an abortion clinic the next day to terminate the baby.
When I heard of this I asked her to please let me speak to her sister before she went for the abortion! She said her sister was the sort of girl who was very head strong and she didn't think she would welcome me or my thoughts. I said OK, but just let me try, Please!
She called her sister, Jennifer, and said she had someone who had been helping her and her kids for the last year, and wondered if she would allow her friend "Teri" to talk to her. Jennifer said,
"no way, I don't need anybody or their pressures on me now at this time"!
She told Hilary she wanted to end the pregnancy and get on with her life. She said this was just a momentary set back, embarrassing and unwanted, unfortunate and she was going to ask the "one night stand guy at work, Brian", to help with the money for the abortion. 
Hilary asked her to "just come and pick me up" the next day so she could go with her to get the abortion. Hilary was still staying in my home at that time with her 3 children, so she gave Jennifer my address and said she would see her in the morning.
I was babysitting Hilary's girls for her as they went to the clinic together.
The next day when Jennifer arrived to pick up Hilary, Hilary waited for Jennifer to come to the door. I had asked her to do this so I could meet Jennifer and possibly speak with her.
I was committed to helping her change her mind about the abortion!
The plan worked, and Jennifer made her way to the front door.
I asked her in and told her Hilary was getting ready.
As I spoke to Jennifer alone, I felt the LORD say to me audibly and very clearly, "help her change her mind". With that I knew now what to do. I spoke to Jennifer and told her that I was willing to pay for all hospital and doctor bills for the birth of this baby and also allow her to move into my home so I could help her save money to begin her new life once the baby was born, no strings attached, she could move on with her life, and keep all her money! I also told her I would fully support her, food, clothes and all.
Jennifer thanked me and said she didn't think so. I could see her tears, but she was determined to abort. She said she didn't want to be a mother! She had spoken to "Brian" and he was going to give her the money for the abortion. He agreed he didn't want anyone to know about the baby at work and he was willing to help her "deal with it".  He was meeting them at the clinic later to pay for the surgery.
With that, Jennifer and Hilary walked out the door and headed to the clinic.
I fell on my face before the LORD as soon as I closed the front door, and cried out to GOD! I said "LORD, hear me now! I did all I could for that child, everything humanly possible to save him, but I ask again to change her mind, just miraculously change her mind"! It was no small prayer"! I was shocked that as I cried out I felt this was a baby boy I was fighting for! Being the Mother of two young boys I could not bear the thought of murdering a baby boy!
I knew Jennifer was desperate, I understood her pain, but still I wanted to change her thinking. I was not judging her, I only wanted to save the life of this child!
That night, Jennifer and Hilary ended up back at my home. Jennifer had not had the abortion! She said my offer caused her to rethink the whole thing! She said someone at the clinic showed her what abortion looked like in a pamphlet, and it scared her!  So, she moved into my back bedroom in my small home and we were on! She had some Insurance from work we found she could utilize for a pregnancy. This was a huge blessing for me! I thought I was going to have to put a second mortgage on my home!  She remained with me for three months. Brian, "the one night stand" from work, began changing his mind about Jennifer the longer she was pregnant with his child and they actually started dating! That was a shock! Jennifer and I began praying together every day. He asked her to move into his apartment with him, and she gladly accepted this!
WOW, now she was 6 months pregnant, and there was talk of marriage! I was so blessed I could only shout "Thank GOD" over and over again. This was the MIRACLE I had hoped for!
The rest of the story is so beautiful, three months later Jennifer and Brian welcomed a new baby BOY, they named Bradley, into their lives. I still cry when I think of what might have happened!
I am so grateful, I went out on a limb for Bradley and GOD showed me PRAYER works!
There is so many more miraculous things that happened in this story but this is all I will share here.
Truth is stranger than fiction, and believe me,
Prayer does really work! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


So, it was 1987. It was a very warm summer evening.
I had gone to bed that night later than normal, but except for that, just like I did every other night. Nothing special had gone on.
This night however, was unfolding very differently from those other nights.
I woke up around 3:00am in the morning and tried to move. I was unable to. I thought to myself, "get up silly, you need to use the restroom"! I didn't seem alarmed that I could not move. I always drink so much coffee before I go to bed every night, that I rarely make it through the night before I have to get up.
This night was no exception.
But I couldn't get up!
So I concentrated on moving a bit, my arms were frozen to my sides. I kept on trying to move, not really thinking to much about it, as I was in a fog from being so sound asleep.
I don't ever sleep on my back however, I am a side sleeper and  I did think it odd I was on my back, but I didn't dwell on it at that moment. Nothing was making sense. I wasn't overly concerned.
Again I said to myself, "get up"!
I am a very tenacious soul however and since I wasn't moving, I said one more time, "get up"! With that my body sat up in bed and I was able to move a bit. I rubbed my eyes, my arms felt very heavy, and threw my legs over the side of the bed.
I thought to myself, ok, here we go!
As I went to stand up, I fell on the floor, by hitting the side of my bed and bouncing straight down to the carpet!
My legs were like jelly. I had no use of them at all!
What was this?
I was now fully sprawled out on the floor and unable to move at all! I thought to myself, "what the heck is going on here"?
My arm hit the dresser, but just barley as I fell to the ground.
I tried to move my arms again, they would not move!
Now, I was afraid! Very afraid! AND MAD!
What the heck is going on here? What is causing this? This has never happened before and I am not drunk so, how does this happen to someone? Why me?
My eyes were opened and I could clearly see myself laying on the floor! I could not seem to speak though, all my commands to myself were coming from my thoughts!
I lay there on the floor for I don't remember how long, getting more upset about all this, feeling all alone and concerned! Then I said to myself again, in a strong and somewhat angry voice via telepathy "get up"!
I was wedged a bit between the bed and my nearby dresser. My arm had hit the dresser as I went down to the floor, but I didn't seem to be hurt, this was awkward, but I didn't feel any pain anywhere. Knowing I was basically ok,
I said again, "Teri, get up"!
And with that, my arm control came immediately back. I pushed my upper body up off the floor. I was able to rise to a full standing position instantly! I carefully took one step forward, then another. Testing out my legs as I moved. I felt a tad bit shaky but for the most part, I was moving forward with no issue.
I headed out of my bedroom and to the restroom.
I appeared to be one hundred percent normal again.
I headed back to bed and before I lay back down, I stood there for a moment, in the dark, wondering if I wanted to get back into bed again? Would I be able to get back out?
My voice was back and I said out loud now, what the heck is this all about?
I am used to having strange things happen to me, but never like this! I'm not a drinker and I don't use drugs, so how did this happen I wondered? Was it an abduction I was paralyzed from? Was it a spiritual battle I had been fighting? Was something there just before I woke up that had caused this to happen to me?
I still to this day do not know exactly what happened, but I can say with all honesty, it has never happened again! Not before that day, and not since.
We live in such a strange world with so many different dimensions, I believe, somehow, I woke before my experience was over that night. I awoke and took a mind over matter approach to standing up, and it worked.
The take away here is our minds are so much stronger than we understand. We hold amazing powers within us.
Truth is stranger than all fiction!
Be careful what you say when you talk to yourself, your whole body is listening!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

In Tune

So, I am simply amazed as I write this post tonight. I can hardly believe what has happened myself. As I contemplate all the vibrations on this planet, I must say I am blessed and utterly blown away at how intricately everything is connected.
If we look for it!
I have a little bracelet I wear every day, all the time and even to bed. I looked at it as I was in my office working, thinking to myself, I just love this little bracelet. I've worn it for years. I was amazed at how it glistened and blessed me. Such a sweet little trinket. Not expensive, but so loved.
So, I was sitting in my office that same day, about a week ago, when all of a sudden I thought very clearly of my youngest son.
Well, you may think, what's so strange about that?
Well, my youngest son and I have had many issues over the years and we don't talk much. I am a firm disciplinarian and he is a firm rebellious child, youngster, teenager, man.
No one could love him more than I, however we agree to disagree about many things. So we don't talk much.
So here I am, feverishly working away at my desk a week ago and out of the seemingly blue, his name comes to mind.
I whisper up a prayer for him as I'm sure, he's probably going to be calling me soon, and may need my help. It feels odd though.
Really odd.
Sure enough, to the day a week later, I get a text and a picture sent to me. He is very ill. So ill, that he has already been to the hospital, been on medication and is now wondering what his next step will be. I plan to see him the next day and spend time going over what has taken place, and what he should perhaps do next.
I had planned in the evening of this day, the day that all the news came to me about my son, to go to a friends birthday dinner party. So my husband and I went to dinner with the Birthday group and had a wonderful time, even though I was very prayerful throughout the evening for my son.
I was seated next to a woman who grabbed my arm at the party and said to me, "what a lovely bracelet, it's so sweet and glistens so"! I thanked her and agreed with her and told her it was my absolute favorite bracelet.
It was at that very minute the thought came to me that I would not have this bracelet much longer. I laughed to myself and thought, how ridiculous is that? Why would that silly thought come to me now? I ran my hand over the beads and smiled. I've had this little treasure for such a long time! I just love it!
Then I put the thought away from me, and laughed at myself for thinking it.
We stayed at the party much later than we should have, and headed home, dead tired!
As I lay in bed that night, before I went to see my son, I heard the LORD remind me of many things through the years that I have shared with my son. Things he did not want to hear. Hard things for me to share with him. Things I knew he needed to hear. I was concerned for him deeply and prayed in the SPIRIT that the LORD would grant him favor and healing. It was no small prayer!
The LORD prepared me that night for what I was to do, what I was to say and what to bring along with me as I visited, as I would have some alone time with him.
I woke that morning and did as I was instructed by the LORD.
I gathered the things together to take to him and I jump in the car to head out.
I head out to see him, a sixty mile drive one way to his home, praying all the way there, asking for wisdom and guidance.
Praying I am in tune with what the LORD wants me to do!
I find once I get there that I am immediately in tune with his needs and in fact have already met them!
GOD is so good!
It was as if what the LORD showed me the night before was clearly what was needed. I had a wonderful visit and talk with my son and felt we would be seeing a lot more of each other now.
It was so good to see him. I was receiving a lot of incoming information from the LORD as I sat and spoke with my son and watched him as we laughed and had a good visit.
It just blessed me.
I made the long trip home from my son's house and contemplated all that had taken place.
After more prayer and pondering I was very tired and ready for bed! I was grateful for such a wonderful day.
That night, as I got ready to go to bed, I threw the covers back to jump in the sac and I see all these glistening beads all over the sheets. I thought to myself, what the heck is this? I quickly look at my arm and I see that as I slept the night before wrestling with what I was going to do and say, talking with the LORD, my bracelet of all these years, broke! I hadn't even been aware of it all day! It had broken through the night and all the little beads were everywhere on the sheets!
I remembered how this silly little bracelet was a part of this whole process with my son. How it all started from me admiring it. Then the thought of my son came to me, then the text, then the prayers, then the healing, then the woman at the party and now, just as I thought, I don't have my little bracelet any longer!
How strange is this life?
It never ceases to amaze me.
The lesson here, the take away. Is all about my son.
Forgiving and letting go so that life can take it's own path.
The glistening gems of life and how GOD is in all the details.
He gives and takes away. ONLY HE can.
I am blown away. There are lessons everywhere, if we will just pay attention to the small things.