Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Glowing Ball of Light

It has been a wonderfully strange weekend so far. Lot's of truth and questions being answered. An unexpected visit from my grand daughter presented and her need to stay the weekend for a much needed visit.
So, this entire day and evening I was having a wonderful time talking with my grand daughter. We had spent a lovely time together so far, going over a few heavy subjects and some painful situations that happened to her thus far in her life.
We both wanted to lighten the conversation and get some sun before it got too late, so we jumped in the pool and were floating in sheer bliss for a few hours and on into the evening.  Dusk was beginning to set in around us, but it was still light out. A small storm was off to the north of us and I was chatting and watching the northern skies as I floated along in the pool, as I often do. When suddenly a huge round glowing white orb or ball "perfectly round" appeared out of nowhere in the center of a dark cloud I happened to be looking at! It was so surreal! Not natural at all! I watched it for a moment as I was surprised by the size of it. I sat up in my float, It seemed to be close and yet the size of the Moon! It was truly an amazing site to see.  I pointed it out to my grand daughter and said, "hey, look at that big bright circle over there" she had been facing south and could not see it as we spoke. I was still in the pool as I pointed this large Orb out to her. She turned to look at it and just as she did it simply vanished! Just like that. I could not believe she didn't get a chance to see it. That was extremely odd and disappointing to me. 
It had been in the sky for all of one minute before I called it to her attention, as she was turning her head to view it, when it just disappeared!
I immediately knew I was looking at another dimension.  Something wanted me to know it was here, but what was that? I've never before seen anything like that. It was NOT the moon, it was not a planet, so what was it?
I am hoping it comes back tonight so I might understand what I saw.
The frustrating thing about seeing something momentarily is that  we are not always sure of what we are seeing. Perhaps there will be vivid dreams tonight? I am always open minded to what is happening around me. I pray for clarity, and understanding tonight. There is always a reason why odd things happen, sometimes we just need to dig a bit deeper to find out!
I know it was spiritual, So I trust It will come to me.
It always does eventually.

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