Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It Came To Me Again Today

I remember being very young. Under two years old. A time when I spoke with my mind. I used my eyes to communicate. It was effortless. But not many understood this.
Maybe just for a moment they would focus on me. They would seem to understand. Then they would move on. As if they had awoken from sleep state. I didn't understand.
I was here. I had a mission. It was known to me then.
I understood that!
I spoke with one who always answered me clearly. I knew the voice well. Very well. The voice was male. It was my total comfort.
When I questioned things HE guided me. HE was always with me. Always close. The things HE shared with me were simple.
I felt as I grew HE would show me this and that. HE never left me alone for a moment. I could feel HIS presence. As if we were in communion. A sacred and special place, a time of learning to be here. Every touch, smell and taste, everything I would feel even at that young age, I was making decisions.
I clearly remember one morning. This remembrance was more keen to me than any of the others I experienced in my life. As if I could go back to this one point in time in my life and know for sure I truly experienced all of this! I had experienced chocolate custard for the first time. It was an amazing taste to me. A custard that was cold and yet smooth and wonderfully pleasing. I was still very young at this point.
I said to HIM then, well, now, this is it then isn't it?
I have experienced all there is now.
Nothing could be better than this?
I felt HIS warm understanding as I spoke.
HE answered me. "No, Teri, there is so much more"!
I replied to HIM, but I don't want to stay any longer now. And how could there be more I thought? More than this? More than all I have already come to know? I have known love of Mother, Father, brothers and sisters. Food, drink, all the sweet tastes over this time here. Tears of pain and joy. Smells, colors and feelings. I restated to HIM, "I am done now". I'm ready to leave! Again, HE said, very firmly "no, This is another beginning".
This is a beginning, I questioned? I didn't want more, HE kindly demanded in his tone I should know more. Suddenly, trusting HIS authority I no longer questioned HIM.  
Gradually, the remembrance of these conversations and anointed times faded somewhat.
Years passed, and I would revisit these moments of complete awareness of HIM and our wonderful moments of truth and knowing. Words were never spoken. It was all through thought.
I didn't question it. It was familiar and normal for me. Comforting and encouraging.
Then life would continue and it seemed I would simply "forget" these times. But each time HE came back and awareness was with me again, It was as it always had been. Like nothing had changed. Even though it truly had.
I used to try to write my thoughts about all this, but things would happen so bizarre here on this side of knowing that I would lose heart.
I find such gratefulness in knowing and being here. It is a privilege. There is much here to know and accomplish yet many are not given to study and learning. Distractions are many and they are made specifically to distract us. 
We are on a spiritual journey. It seems to be disguised as "Life". But there is a reason each of us are here.
I have found the answer. Have you?
It's more than being awake and aware. So much more.
There is only one way. I hope you remember. I hope you find HIM. You already know HIM. HE's waiting for you to remember.
Your story is not much different than mine. We are all truly walking each other home! Home to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Key Thief

So, we just recently moved into our new home. It truly is my life long dream home. It's been a hard move though as we have had so much from our lives accumulated that we had to take a really hard look at everything and start weaving through it all. What to keep, what to let go. Can you relate?
So this home is massive and has big huge heavy doors. Large and spacious areas all through the home. It's just beautiful!
We spent all week moving in. Two large truck loads and many trips in and out. Far too many to count.
I think moving is always a bitter sweet time in our lives.
So much to do and so much to look forward too.
I will however never do it alone with family help. I'll hire experts next time, if there is a next time that is!
The story of this new home is quite sad however. It has had many painful days in it's past and hardships. Death has been a part of the sadness. Previous residents had unfortunate circumstances that left energies throughout the home. It was very clear that there was a sadness here that could actually be felt. It was one of the things that I loved about the home the first time I came to view it.  I knew there would eventually be a confrontation.
At the closing of the home we had several sets of keys given to us. Around ten keys to be exact. Usually there are just two. So this was a real interesting happening.
So, since there are many doors leading in and out, I left keys in all the doors to lock and unlock for the first day while moving in.
I was careful to take them off the key ring one at a time. Counting them as I went along.
In the evening before setting the alarms on the first night, I went to each room to collect the keys and put them back on the key ring.  I only could locate six keys however? Where were the other four? I asked my fiancĂ© about this. He was unaware that I had left any keys in the doors, he said he didn't notice. I then asked my son.  He said he hadn't had time to look for keys as they were both working alone unloading the trucks. Believe me, they were both very busy, and working very hard all day and late into the night! So where were the keys? Who or what could have taken them? I immediately prayed for wisdom and protection. I could not focus on what was going on. We were all so exhausted from the move we simply had to get some sleep!
The next day, my fiancĂ© went off to work early as usual. My son and I were home alone. My son who has some challenges works well with constant supervision. So he is pretty much with me all the time. He and I were in my Library and we were hanging a cross over one of the doors when all of a sudden one of the big doors in the room closed. All by itself! No breeze in the home. No fans turned on. No air conditioner was running anywhere in the home.  
No reason for this large door to all of a sudden just close!
These are not small, thin, light doors! Was it the cross that offended something or some one?
I stopped what I was doing and cleansed the home immediately.
My son just stood and watched me. I asked him if he had seen anything. He was a bit frightened at that moment, but said, "no, I saw nothing"!
I had been noticing in my peripheral view something moving from time to time throughout the house. Being a Demonologist I tend to ignore many small insignificant things until I have reason to think they can be harmful.
This happens frequently actually. I could be binding and rebuking constantly if I wasn't discerning spirits as much as I do. 
However once the entity moved the door, it had my full attention!
The keys were still bothering me as I wondered how these entities could physically move items, and to where?
The minute I came against this entity the entire home feeling changed.  It's sad to say, we were so busy moving in we didn't have time to do a walkthrough cleansing and anointing.
When heavy negative and strange things happen in any place residual energies can exist and spirits can be a part of these energies. They aren't always, but they can be.  It appears negative energies have been here in this home for some time. I wondered about that before we moved in. I had been feeling something and now it was clear there was something to be concerned about. The day went on as normal for the most part after the prayer and cleansing.
We woke up the next day and I noticed that all the missing keys were accounted for. The ring with the four keys was found in the kitchen by myself as I went to make coffee. They weren't there last night!  How they got there none of us had a clue. It truly does no good to waste time on all the possibilities. I've been down that road before. We were just happy to have them back. I put them in a safe place and showed Kevin where I put them. So now we both have eyes on the keys.
I must say I do get tired of having to constantly be on my spiritual toes with demonic or spiritual warfare of sorts, but it sure is rewarding each time I am able to take authority over these energies in JESUS name and get a good victory over these odd circumstances that  always seem to happen to me in this life!
If you're having issues with anything such as this, or greater, please
 contact me. I can help you.