Wednesday, April 4, 2018

CHOSEN For The Job

So it was 1980. I was at home with my two young boys and I was trying to teach myself to play the guitar. I thought maybe, because I could sing so well, perhaps playing the guitar would be something I could do to bring finances into my life!
That wasn't happening!
My fingers were so sore, there was no way I could play that thing! I put the guitar down and asked GOD to help me find something I could do to begin a career to help myself financially. I knew I needed to work, but doing what I thought?
It was then I clearly heard the voice of the LORD audibly say to me,
"Pick up the phone, call every Dentist in the phone book until you are hired"!
I didn't even give this a second thought! You see, GOD has always spoken audibly to me throughout my entire life, so, I picked up the phone book and started calling local Dental offices.
I identified myself and said I was wondering if they had any openings in their front offices? I called about 11 numbers in the book and was turned down so far by every one. The 12th number was a Dr. Christian, who was located a few miles from my home. A woman had answered the phone, identified herself as Sheila, she was extremely pleasant and was more than willing to listen to me as I made my verbal introductions.
I said to her what I had said to all 11 other woman who had answered the phone. She asked me after I made my inquisition, "how did you get this number, how did you hear about us"? I went quiet for a moment, pondered my reply and then said, I had prayed and asked GOD for direction for a new job, and he told me to call every Dentist in the phone book until I was hired! She said to me in a stunned voice, "Are you kidding me"?
I replied very matter of factly, "No, Mam, not at all"!
She was quite on the phone for a minute, and then she said, "well, I am 7 months pregnant and I was just today thinking that we would need someone here at the office to take over while I'm away for maternity leave for about three months". She also asked me if  "Did I have any experience working in a Dental office"?  I replied, "no, but I have worked front desks before, and for Honeywell in the past and I am a very quick learner"! With that, Sheila said to me, "I simply have to meet you! "Are you available to come here today, NOW"? I said very excitedly, yes, I am!
So I quickly cleaned myself up, put the children in the car, and headed off to the Dental office to meet Sheila. The children stayed in the car with sandwiches and coloring books and a stern speaking to, too stay in the car and speak to no one! With that I went in the office. Sheila and I spoke for about a half hour and she hired me right there on the spot! I started my training a week later.
This began my career in Dentistry. It was a long very satisfying career. From 1980 to 2009, With a myriad of spiritual experiences in between!
If we all could just tune in to the voice of GOD that we all hear. Think of how simple life could be.
We have to know how to hear HIS voice when HE speaks to us.
Then follow and obey.
All it takes is the art of listening.
Training our ear to hear HIS voice!
I'll say it again, TRUTH is stranger than any written fiction!

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