Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Gift of Tenacity

So, it was 1970. My boyfriend and I were going downtown St. Petersburg, FL to get some papers he needed from Tomlinson adult education center in the Mirror Lake area of St. Pete. He had just purchased a new motorcycle and we were so excited to drive it down town.  It was around 11:00 am, a bright and very hot summer day in July. We pulled up in front of the school parking area, he parked his motorcycle in one of the spots for bikes and we headed into the office to pick up his paperwork.
As we did, I had a strange feeling come over me. Like something was about to happen. I laughed at the thought of me thinking this way and simply literally laughed it off.
We were both in the Tomlinson office for around a half hour or so. We got his paperwork settled and were relived to be heading out the front door so quickly. We walked over to the area where he had parked the bike and it wasn't there? It was simply gone?
We stood there for a moment, just looking at each other. My boyfriend said he was so upset! He hadn't even made two payments on the bike and it was stolen! He was very distraught. I was shocked to see him this way. It hurt to see someone you cared so much for to be so upset and helpless. I remembered feeling strange before going into the office and having laughed it off as if it were nothing. This made me mad, why didn't I question that feeling? What had I missed here? Why was this happening to such a great guy? Oh, and it began to set in that, hey, we were walking 7 miles home at this point!
That didn't sit well with either of us.
 I suggested he call the police and make a report, so we went back into the office where we had just been and he called the police and said he would wait where the bike used to be to make his report to the police. They assured him they would be there in about ten minutes.
We walked back across the street and I felt a very powerful cloaking come over me, as if I were feeling an anointing come on me. It is really hard to put into words. But it was all over me and my hair was standing on end! I was feeling very strong in the spirit!
It was then, all of a sudden I said to my boyfriend, stay here for a moment, and wait for the police I am going to find your bike for you! I was very matter of fact when I said it. It almost shocked me hearing "myself" saying that to him! But somehow I knew I could find it! I just knew it! There was no doubt at all in my mind. I mean NONE! My boyfriend said no, just wait here with me, don't worry, I replied, NO, I'm going to find that bike! I then turned and started walking down the street as if being led by the hand by an unseen powerful presence. I was actually very angry that some creep had done this to my boyfriend! What a horrible thing to do I thought, steal something so valuable from someone! How could some creep do that, we were only gone for a half hour?  I was going for vengeance while I walked towards the buildings in front of me!  I looked in every shop window, I walked around this one two story  apartment building that was right across the street from where we had been. This was it! I just knew this was the place I would find the bike! I prayed, please take me to the bike! Someone led me to the second floor, I knew I was headed in the right direction. It was as if I could smell the dishonest soul that had done this and I was getting closer. Closer still, closer still with every step! It was like nothing I had ever experienced until now. I was focused completely on finding this bike! I walked past more than 10 apartments on the second floor and then...BINGO... the screen door was open to one of the apartments and inside was a very young and I must say, actually very good looking young man  (this shocked me as I had an ugly creep in mind) sitting on the floor of his apartment living room disassembling  my boyfriends motorcycle! He was right there, he had looked up at me as I passed the door just briefly,  I was shocked, there he was, there was the bike! I had found him right there in his apartment living room. I was elated! I had been led right to the very spot I wanted to be! I walked past the door and then stopped once out of his view. After seeing the bike in that room with this young man, I knew I had found the stolen bike! I asked the Lord, what do I do now? Here it is, here I am, I thought and before I even heard back from the Lord,  and with my heart pounding in my chest, I walked back past the door and looked in and said to the man very calmly,  "hey", that's a nice looking bike, why are you disassembling it, as I smiled and acted very flirty? He rose from the floor and said after looking quite shocked,  "I need to get some new parts for it", and he looked at me rather strangely. I asked him if  he would mind if I could come in and use his phone? (where that came from I have no idea?) He said "sure", come on in. We both smiled at each other as he opened the screen door and pointed to the phone on the counter in this very tiny little room. I acted as if I was calling someone and said, gee, the numbers busy, but thanks for letting me use your phone, I then had a sense of almost fear come over me, and knew I had to get out of the apartment immediately, I knew he was very suspicious of me and I could see he was holding a very large craftsman tool in his hand! I smiled at the man very kindly and said, "Thanks, have a good day", maybe I'll see ya around again some time? He smiled at me, but I also noticed a strange look in his eye, like he was beginning to really question this whole interaction so I quickly walked straight to the screen door and headed out to the hallway. Once out the door I made haste to go back downstairs and find my boyfriend!
The police were with him and I said, "I found the bike"! My boyfriend smiled and said, "you're kidding", I said "no", I'm not, so I told the police exactly where to find the bike and they went and handcuffed the young man and that was it! The bike was not ride able so we took the bus home. But I was elated that we were able to locate the bike and get it back. I was so grateful for the tenacious spirit that walked me to the site of the stolen bike!
I never thought twice about not looking for that bike that day, and I had a certain knowing that I would find the bike. It's very interesting to me how the spirit world works. GOD gives us a knowing, we can have complete confidence in HIM when the anointing comes over us, regardless if we feel qualified or not!
Isn't HE good! I will always treasure that day. That was the day that the LORD gave me the gift of tenacity.
I treasure it with all my heart!

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