Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Dream Before The Deliverance

 So, I never knew anything about how the dream world works in the spirit realm, when someone is possessed or has an attachment or a familiar spirit hanging around. But in 1973 I embarked on a very strange calling. It was not my desire for this gift, but non the less the gift came to me. I was clearly chosen for it. I received it from the LORD.
The way this gift has always worked with me for Deliverances, possessions, oppressions, cleansings as well as clearings and the like, is that I will go to bed just like I always do every night.
Then, while in the night I will have an extremely vivid dream.  A very clear dream. Sometimes seeing the room or the color of the walls or drapes, recognizing a place, or I will hear a mother speaking to her child. The dream is clear in that way.  Leaving me  certain memories to hold onto once I awake. "Someone" in the dream is usually fighting a fight and they are not able to win the battle. They are also sometimes just crying or complaining to me of their defeat over an enemy or entity. I will watch this scenario in the dream for a few moments and begin to see the powerful entity they are fighting or upset about. The entity is always large and in charge of the person. The dream will usually start with a person or persons whom I do not know. I will have a "Feeling" in the dream that this person needs my help to be free from something attacking them that they cannot deal with any longer.  They want to be free of it finally. I immediately take the issue on in the dream and protect the person in the dream by instructing them to leave the area so I can now take over the fight. It is then that I see the entity more clearly. It is never an easy thing to see it.
As if I am a warrior for the poor soul who could not handle the battle, I know I am to "take it over from here".  I feel the Aura of the LORD anoint me! It's very powerful! I feel much more powerful than that person who was losing the battle. I know I will win this battle against this entity I face now before me. There is never any doubt of this. I assess the situation and then go to the LORD  in the Spirit for HIS instruction. "Like saying, How do you want me to handle this spirit, or demon or entity"?  I will feel the answer immediately. I will know how to proceed. I then begin the battle in the spiritual realm. It is always a very strong enemy I fight. The enemy or entity is an enemy of my very soul, as well as the soul of the person they were fighting. I know which type of entity I am fighting as they always reveal themselves in the battle against me. I don't want to know who they are, I just happen to know it. I am always amazed at how easy it is to fight them, but yet it is usually a long strange process. The gift of tenacity is strong with me while fighting, as this battle can and sometimes last all night long. I do not relent! I am committed to win at any cost. The enemy is always weakened eventually and the victory is the LORDs, and finally mine. It can get very hard at times, and it certainly can take a lot out of me. I often wake up the next day exhausted. Like I didn't even sleep at all, and then throughout the day, I find myself tired and a bit lazy. I need to recharge myself. It effects me for at least one day.
 Once awake from the dream  the next day or through the night and victorious, I then know the battle has been won and I will now get a phone call from someone within a few days who will be "that person" I just fought for all night long.
Yes, that is how it has always happened and still to this day does!
The fight FIRST in the spiritual realm, then the phone call!
I am always careful to mention these fights to my husband or son right away as I wake, as I want verification once the call comes to me. This validation process is very important.
It never fails to come.
I remember being aided by angels a time or two while in the spiritual battle. These are "strong men" or strong "leader type demons" I fight when these angels come to help me. They hit harder and stay in my face longer. It is literally a spiritual battle. I pray in the spirit and rebuke and bind these entity's. The effort I use against them is no small fight. Those are the more difficult possessions or attachments. If the angels come I know the battle will be very difficult. Many spirits only last a few minutes, or hours, however. I walk away amazed. But it isn't always so easy.
The phone calls come from all over the United States. Mostly close to home, but not always. I am always expecting the call once the dream and fight have taken place!
This has happened this way for over 40 years now.
It's no coincidence!
This year for the first time my husband had the dream. I heard him yelling out in his dream this week, Monday night. He woke me up two times. I prayed a short prayer that he would get peace and go back to sleep! The next morning he revealed to me he fought a demon all night long, it was very scary he said and difficult. I told him I heard him in the night and prayed for his peace and sleep to come to him.
He said it was very hard to fight this demon and that there were two spirits who were claiming the souls of those he was fighting for. I said you didn't believe the lies of the entity did you? He said no, but it was all very confusing. I asked him to write it all down and remember as much as he could. He did. He said to me, this time the LORD gave me the battle. I replied to him, "GOOD"! We will now wait for the call!
By Wednesday night the phone rang and it was a young couple having a very frightening happening in their apartment. They needed us to come. We agreed, told them we had the dream and were waiting for a call, and we will be there on Saturday.
Isn't GOD good! They are already free from the attack, we know this! The battle has already been fought and won and they will have victory! I gave them instructions on what to do until we get there to stay safe and free from any harm.
"We" look forward to going to finish the fight!
This is a gift given to me and now my husband, I am so pleased to serve this way. I pray the LORD never retires us from helping those in need!

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